The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones Nightclub '78

Found with at least two different stamps:

Rolling Stones Nightclub '78 II

Rolling Stones Nightclub '78 disc

This font and minimal design is found on all their releases that had a label.

Rolling Stones Nightclub 78 RE

Cover of a black vinyl re-pressing.

USA: ca. 2nd half of 1978/beginning of ’79

Source: One of several copies of the then sensational OUT ON BAIL LP + 7″ release on LURCH records. Except, there was no added 45 and “Jumping Jack Flash”, the next to last track on OUT ON BAIL seems to have been cut and “Sweet Little 16” from the A-side of the 45 added. Sensational, as soundboard recordings were still a rarity in these days. Soundboard recording from the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ, recorded 14 June 1978 – only the third gig of the tour.

It should be no surprise that the Stones were bootlegged at the Capitol Theater – everyone else playing there was too after all – the venue’s wikipedia page specifically mentions this. The audio feed of their video system producing rather thin sounding recordings with the vocals pushed up high in the mix, which is what we can hear on these releases as well.

More information on this original release and it’s second part IN AGAIN OUT AGAIN can be found in this earlier post.



Rolling Stones Chantilly Lace XL

Rolling Stones Chantilly Lace XL b

My guess is that it’s called Chantilly Lace on the spine, as we’ve seen before (with UD) where that was the only place the title was mentioned.


Japan: 1983

XL 1514 A: Under My Thumb [03:26]* / Going to a Go-Go [03:19]** /You Can’t Always Get What You Want [01:45] ** / When The Whip Comes Down [04:55] / Let’s Spend the Night Together [04:24]
XL 1514 B: Shattered [04:42] / Neighbours [04:24] / Black Limousine [04:09]  
XL 1515 A: Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) [08:39] / Twenty Flight Rock [02:04] / Going to a Go-Go [03:37] / Chantilly Lace [04:02]
XL 1515 B: Time Is on My Side [03:28] / Beast of Burden    [07:01] / Let It Bleed [06:08]  
XL 1516 A: You Can’t Always Get What You Want [09:20] / Band intro [00:12] / She’s So Cold [03:25] / Hang Fire [03:15]
XL 1516 B:  Miss You [07:21] / Honky Tonk Women [03:11] / Brown Sugar [03:17] / Start Me Up [03:59] 

Sources: Disc 1, track 1 (*): Wembley Stadium, 25 June 1982; disc 1, tracks 2 and 3 (**): Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton, VA, 18 December 1981. All the rest: Berlin Waldbühne, 8 June 1982, incomplete very good stereo audience recording.

Matrix: XL 1514 A/B , XL 1515 A/B, XL 1516 A/B 111 * W

A copy recently sold for just 17 UK Pounds/23 Euros or just over $25.


Rolling Stones Berlin 82 ticket

Rolling Stones Berlin 82

Rolling Stones Never Too Old To RnR

Rolling Stones Never Too Old To RnR b

Rolling Stones Never Too Old To RnR lbl

Japan: 1982 – dbboots has this as 1986 but when looking at the UD releases in sequence, this cannot be correct.

Source: Very good stereo audience recording from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum shows. “Although there are several bigmouths by the recorder who plague this tape making moronic statements and singing out-of-tune, it’s balanced out by the benefits of hearing the reaction entire audience.  Almost like a wave, there is a liveliness that sometimes rises from the back of the crowd which can send chills down one’s spine.  ” []

8583A:  Intro: Take the A Train    [01:28] / Under My Thumb [03:50] / When The Whip Comes Down [05:17] / Let’s Spend the Night Together [03:52] / Shattered [05:34]
8583B:  Neighbours [03:56] / Black Limousine [03:52] / Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) [06:19] / Twenty Flight Rock [02:08] / Let Me Go [03:53]
8584A:  Time Is on My Side [03:42] / Beast of Burden [06:42] / Waiting On A Friend [04:08] / Let It Bleed [06:39]
8584B: You Can’t Always Get What You Want [07:53] / Band intro [00:58] / Little T&A [02:50] / Tumbling Dice [03:50] / All Down The Line [03:44] / Hang Fire [02:42]
8485A:  Star Star [03:39] / Miss You [05:35] / Start Me Up [04:40] / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [06:38] / Honky Tonk Women [03:43] / Brown Sugar [03:32]
8485A: Jumping Jack Flash [07:30] / Street Fighting Man [05:24]


The set list is in order and complete, with the exception of ‘She’s So Cold’, which was played between ‘Tumbling Dice’ and ‘All Down the Line’. dbboots states that ‘Start Me Up’ comes from the second show on the 11th but reading collectorsmusicreviews description of the CD version of The Rolling Stones Live At LA Memorial Coliseum ’81 (no label) indicates that ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ was from the 11th.


A while later, perhaps as late as September 1985, as listed in dbboots. someone in Japan mixed up the tracks in random order and reissued the same material spread across a double and a single album on these ‘no label’ titles.

The double LP:

Rolling Stonea ALAMC 81 detRolling Stones LaLAMC 81

I have found no matrix # for this release.

LP 1:
Side A: Under My Thumb [03:58] / When The Whip Comes Down [05:33] / Neighbours [04:03] / Black Limousine [03:43]
Side B: Hang Fire [03:00] / Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) [06:27] / Twenty Flight Rock [02:14] / Time Is on My Side [03:46] / Beast of Burden [06:53] / Waiting On A Friend [04:17]
LP 2:
Side C: Let It Bleed [06:59] / You Can’t Always Get What You Want [07:37] / Band intro [00:55] / Little T&A [03:59] / Start Me Up [04:44]
Side D: Miss You [05:57] / Street Fighting Man [05:45] / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [06:56]


The single LP:

Rolling Stones LA 81 digest

Matrix: A-A / B-C

Side A:  Intro: Take the A Train    [00:15] /Shattered [04:09] / Let Me Go [03:57] / Tumbling Dice [03:59] / All Down The Line [03:46] / Star Star [03:48]
Side B:  Let’s Spend the Night Together [04:30] / Start Me Up [04:27] / Honky Tonk Women    [03:49] / Brown Sugar [03:36] /Jumping Jack Flash [07:44] 


Finally, what appears to be created out of the need to accommodate left over discs, this insert cover title was created (I assume insert releases were the exception and seen as less desirable).  

Rolling Stones boimitation

Japan: ca. 1985/6

Matrix: A-A / B-C

Combining the single disc LIVE IN LA DIGEST ’81 and LP 2 of LIVE AT LA MEMORIAL COLISEUM ’81 

A soundboard recording appeared later on CD.

“All of the 1981 soundboards are very good, but the audience tapes capture the weight of the events and the interactions between band and audience.  Although there are several bigmouths by the recorder who plague this tape making moronic statements and singing out-of-tune, it’s balanced out by the benefits of hearing the reaction entire audience.  Almost like a wave, there is a liveliness that sometimes rises from the back of the crowd which can send chills down one’s spine.

Bill Graham introduces the band before “Under My Thumb.”  The guitars cut out twice during the second number “When The Whip Comes Down” (“Los Angeles, it’s beautiful to be here even if we have no electricity. I have electricity in my brain” Jagger ad-libs during the track) “Can you keep the electricity on, Showco?’ he asked afterwards. The volume in the microphone becomes lower and Mick asks if he can be heard before “Shattered”.

He also gives the first of several exhortations for the front of the crowd to move back. “Los Angeles, city of the shoes” he says, an obvious reference to the July 24th, 1978 Anaheim show when the band were inundated with footwear of various kinds.  “Please don’t throw bottles at me because they hurt when they hit me” he says before “Black Limousine.”

“Time Is On My Side” is introduced as some “sweetness” and seems to calm the crowd down a bit and is followed by several more relatively more mellow songs “Beast Of Burden”, “Waiting On A Friend”, “Let It Bleed” and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.

The versions of the latter track by this point in the tour were terrific with Ernie Watts’ saxophone solo replacing Ron Wood’s guitar solo from previous tours. He had just joined the band the previous show in San Diego and plays a great jazzy riff which is unfortunately buried too far in the mix to be enjoyed. The show picks up again with “Little T & A” and someone actually throws a gift to Mick on stage. “What’s this? Grass, pills, acid, my goodness everything in one package” before “Tumbling Dice”.

Afterwards Mick is ready for “Hang Fire” but the band launch into “She’s So Cold” instead, a moment of either pure spontaneity or miscommunication. Again Mick wants “Hang Fire” but gets “All Down The Line” instead. “Starfucker” contains amended lyrics with Jagger singing: “Jimmy Page, not quite her age / I never knew the reason why” (which might be a reference to Page’s girlfriend Lori Maddox).

“Miss You” is for some reason very sloppy on this tour and this show is no exception. “Start Me Up” was the big hit at this time and is played flawlessly. The band is able to finish the set with the classics without further incidents.

Like the original vinyl, the October 11th encore “Satisfaction” is included as a bonus track.  It was played that night in lieu of “Street Fighting Man” and offers a bit more comprehensive record of The Stones’ visit to Los Angeles. “


Rolling Stones LA 81 ti



Rolling Stones Brit Ven 76

Rolling Stones Brit Ven 76 b

Rolling Stones Brit Ven 76 detail

Rolling Stones Brit Ven 76 lbl

Rolling Stones Brit Ven 76 lbl II

Japan: second half of 1976. Among the four earliest Japanese Rolling Stones bootlegs (see comment section).

Source: Very good stereo audience recording from the fifth of eight shows at London’s Earl’s Court on 23 May 1976. There are certainly more popular ’76 RS live recordings than this one.

Side 1: Honky Tonk Women [03:55] / Hand Of Fate [03:58] / Hey Negrita [05:18] / Ain’t Too Proud to Beg [04:25] / Fool to Cry [05:15] / Hot Stuff [05:16]
Side 2: Band intro [01:55] / Happy [03:05] / Tumbling Dice [04:18] / Nothing From Nothing [03:22] / It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) [04:35] / Brown Sugar [03:33] / Jumping Jack Flash [03:20] / Street Fighting Man [06:20] 

Matrix: RS-76071-1 (A)/2B

Almost 30 minutes of music per side, pushing the limits of how much music is too much on a record.


The back cover art inspiration:

MM 22 May 76 Stones

Rolling Stones Earl's Court '76 ticket80p more compared to seeing the stones at Wembley three years prior. That sounds very reasonable.

Rolling Stones Earl's Court '76 osRolling Stones Earl's Court '76 MBRolling Stones Earl's Court '76NME 26 May 76

Rolling Stones Comeback tE V 1Image from a 2005 auction, in which the final result reached almost $600

Japan: 1974the same year Contraband released From the empire pool wembley stadium – LONDON NOVEMBER 1973 although this is not a copy of that album

Audience recording from Wembley, Empire Pool – 8 (2nd show) & 9 September 1973 – is this correct?

What throws me a little bit is the information found under this link (looking at the two top entries), where “Dancing with Mr, D”, which is supposed to be on this LP is not listed under the CD version:

Your help is appreciated.


MATRIX: OG 787 A 1D // OG 787 B 1D

Side One: Brown Sugar / Gimme Shelter / Happy / Tumbling Dice (Ain’t Security Version!)
Side Two: Dancing With Mr. D (Complete!) / Heartbreaker / Midnight Rambler


Rolling Stones Wembley 73the-rolling-stones-8-9-1973



I was not able to find an image or detailed information on this release. All I can find is the European bootleg of the same name on Altintas Records.

Rolling Stones Live Hidepark xlRolling Stones Live Hidepark b1

That is not tiny Japanese writing bottom left – I magnified it to check.

Rolling Stones Live Hidepark lbl 1Rolling Stones Live Hidepark lbl 2

MATRIX: (machine stamped): OG 504 A J // OG 504 B J

Source: Soundtrack of the Granada TV broadcast of the Stone’s Hyde park free concert 5 July 1969

Side 1. Midnight Rambler [04:36]  / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [04:22] / I’m Free [02:46] / Eulogy For Brian (Adonais) [03:00] / I’m Yours And I’m Hers [02:44] / Jumping Jack Flash [03:34]
Side 2. Honky Tonk Women [03:26] / Love In Vain [04:56] / Sympathy For The Devil [10:36] 


The track list matches what was later officially released on VHS but this release is from the early 1970’s (1972/3); my best guess is that this came from a dub of a video of one of the TV broadcasts. Contraband released their audience tape in mid-1973 as # 3689, so OG might have been faster and released a much superior sounding version.

Rolling Stones Hyde Park July 1969

OG 504 is/was not that rare, surprisingly, and to support that, this is the only OG bootleg I have actually held in my hands when I was in Tokyo last year. While it sold in 2005 for an impressive $250, time has not been kind to what has to be considered the first OG release, due to how easy it became to obtain the source material on CD (and later on DVD). 


Lots to read here:

The complete concert is easily available on YouTube.


Rolling Stones Southern Quotations

Rolling Stones Southern Quotations b

Most copies found are either two red, one red/one blue or two blue discs but just like with the L’Ange Gabriel release,

Genesis L'Ange Gab mcv

which most likely was produced around the same time and at the very end of Smilin’ Ears’ existence in late 1978/early 1979, there were a number of variations:

Rolling Stones Southern Quotations d redRolling Stones Southern Quotations blu orRolling Stones Southern Quotations greeRolling Stones Southern Quotations blu ttRolling Stones Southern Quotations mcv 2Rolling Stones Southern Quotations mcv 1Rolling Stones Southern Quotations mcv 3

Subsequently, the ‘two-tone’ copies realized significantly higher eBay prices than the others. No all black copies seem to exist, unlike the Genesis title.

Side 1. Honky Tonk Women [04:06] / Star Star 05:04] / When The Whip Comes Down [07:15] / Miss You [09:37]
Side 2: Lies [05:30] / Beast of Burden [07:18] / Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) [05:57] / Respectable [03:36]
Side 3: Far Away Eyes [07:22] / Love In Vain [07:59] / Shattered [05:16] / Tumbling Dice [04:47]
Side 4: Happy [03:22] / Sweet Little Sixteen [03:52] / Brown Sugar [03:55] / Jumping Jack Flash [05:48]

Source: Greensboro NC, War Memorial Coliseum – 26 June 1978, the 9th stop on the tour that is either called “one of the band’s greatest” or “mediocre” as below. 

“Greensboro North Carolina, was released on the vinyl boot Southern Quotations (Smilin’ Ears SE 27722).  The master cassette is lost […].

The sound quality is fair since it is distant from the stage and contains noticeable distortion in louder passages the sound quality improves a bit with “Shattered” to the end.  It is listenable and, once one gets past the limitations, can be appreciated.  The first two songs of the show, “Let It Rock” and “All Down The Line,” are missing and “Just My Imagination” fades out in the end.

Some argue that Greensboro is the worst show on a generally mediocre tour.  While there could be some merit to the argument, listening to this tape doesn’t really support that.  It is a briskly paced show with very little interaction from Jagger and the audience.  The opening five songs on the first disc go by very quick, slowing down for a languid “Beast Of Burden” (which Jagger pronounces “beast of buuuuuuuuuuuuurden.”)

“It’s great to be back in the south” Jagger says before “Far Away Eyes.”  “It gives us an excuse to do a country number.”  His intonation suggests extreme sarcasm as he sings the song.  On “Love In Vain” Wood plays the solo with a heavy vibrato.

“Shattered” was the most popular song from the album in Greensboro judging by the amount of requests made within earshot of the recorder, and they react loudly when it comes up in the set.  The show ends with the double shot of “Brown Sugar” and “Jumping Jack Flash” which is most common for this tour.” []


So, Smilin’ Ears starts and ends with a Rolling Stones title:


THE BEATLES AND the ROLLING STONES ‘Sing This all Together’ 2 LP – SE 7700   available from Jan. ’78


The Beatles ‘TWICKENHAM JAMS’ – SE 7702

Joni Mitchell & James Taylor ‘IN PERFECT HARMONY / TAKES TWO TO TANGO’ – SE 7703

Beatles ’66 – SE 7704

Sex Pistols ‘THE FILTH AND THE FURY’ – SE 7706

The New York Dolls ‘DOLLS LIVE: DALLAS ’74′ – SE 7707


Patti Smith ‘Live in London’ 2 LP – SE 2-7720

Fleetwood Mac 2LP – SE-2-7721

ROLLING STONES ‘Southern Quotations’ – SE 2-7722    early ’79?

Genesis ‘L’Ange Gabriel’ – S-E 1000     late ’78/early ’79

LED ZEPPELIN ‘THE DESTROYER’ 4 LP Box – SE 77-300   available by late ’78

Grateful DEAD ‘ GOOD LOVIN’ ‘ 4 LP box – SE 77-401   available by late ’78


I used to believe the following: “I suspect that the reissue of the very first Smilin’ Ears release on red PVC happened around the same time as Southern Quotations and L’Ange Gabriel.”

However, this is not true. These were made in Germany in the 1980’s. I did think, when I originally wrote this that the vinyl color used here did not look “Smilin’Ears-like” but it’s sometimes hard to tell in the auction images and very depending on the lighting and how they were photographed.


Rolling Stones STAT cv



Perhaps this reissue of Tales From The Who was a secret Smilin’ Ears release? In the end, I doubt it – not that I have proof though.

Tales from The Who cv lblTales from The Who cv 2Tales from The Who cv 5

Shown here on top of the back cover,


Tales from The Who cv 3

Tales from The Who cv 4

And with many other colors. Matrix markings: U-560 A / B / C / D


Tales From The Who cv