Stewart, Al

A unique way of numbering found on on the covers and in the matrix of the following titles indicates that they were probably produced within the same time frame:

Al Stewart – The Tour Of The Cat – AS 1500

The Eagles – Motel Six – TE 300 (A/B)

Jethro Tull – A Sackful Of Trousersnakes – JT 200 (ABCD)

Stewart A TTotCat

Al Stewart touring behind his breakthrough album Year Of The Cat. I can still remember how huge it was as 1976 – that hot European summer! – crept along. Radio broadcast source, possibly recorded at the Paramount Theater. I believe the year might actually be 1976.

Some confirmed concert dates based on ticket stubs:

Al Stewart – Houston Music Hall (Houston, TX) – December 16, 1976
Al Stewart & Joan Armatrading – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (Santa Monica, CA) – January 13, 1977
Al Stewart with Wendy Waldman – Uptown Theatre (Kansas City, MO) – January 31, 1977
Al Stewart with Wendy Waldman? – Uptown Theatre (Kansas City, MO) – February 8, 1977
Al Stewart – Avery Fisher Hall (New York, NY) – February 11, 1977
Al Stewart with Wendy Waldman – Tower Theatre (Upper Darby, PA) – February 18, 1977
Al Stewart – Civic Center Auditorium (Atlanta, GA) – April 9, 1977
Al Stewart – DAR Constitution Hall (Washington, DC) – April 27, 1977

On this vinyl source there are speed problems found throughout all of the tracks. Notes from a remastering project done by ‘Doinker’: “I found out that the speed problems vary from track to track. Each track, while constant is off a differing amount from the track before and the track after it.  What a great show this is! Mr. Stewart was touring “Year Of The Cat”, and is in top form. The tracks on this LP are probably out of concert sequence.”

On The Border
Broadway Hotel
Roads To Moscow
Oh, Carol
Year Of The Cat
If It Doesn’t Come Naturally, Leave It


Jethro Tull ASFoTS large

Jethro Tull ASFoTS b

Jethro Tull ASFoTS Duck

Also with blank and Ruthless Rhymes labels.

Jethro Tull ASFoTS SL D

01 Wondring Aloud 2:45
02 (Intro) Skating 0:33
03 Skating Away 3:55
04 (Intro) Jack 0:42
05 Jack in the Green 3:10
06 (Intro) Thick 0:22
07 Thick as a Brick 13:13
08 (Intro) Songs 1:52
09 Songs From the Wood 5:16
10 (Intro) Velvet 1:21
11 Velvet Green 6:33
12 (Intro) A Hunting 0:45
13 A Hunting Girl 5:22
*****(there is an obvious cut here that is present on the vinyl)
14 (Intro) TOTRNR 0:24
15 Too Old to Rock to Rock and Roll 3:56

TIME 50:09

01 Beethovens Ninth 3:24
02 Minstrel in the Gallery 5:38
03 Cross Eyed Mary 3:42
04 Aqualung 8:09
05 Guitar Solo 3:18 06 Wind Up 4:54
07 Back Door Angels 5:04
08 Wind Up reprise 3:03
09 Locomotive Breath 7:31
10 Back Door Angels reprise 1:21

TIME 46:04

Comments from the needle drop creator and record owner (my comments in [])                “Ruthless Rhymes Records
1971 Made in Germany [This is meant to apply to the Ruthless Rhymes label not the actual disc/pressing but is still wrong, of course], An Original First Pressing  [This is probably not correct]
Matrix on the runoff track is JT-200

Hot Wacks lists this as being on Rodan Records with the same matrix number.
I did get this very soon after the show so I’m guessing that this MAY be the first release
and that the Rodan version is a subsequent release.

The Collecting Tull web site
has this to offer:
Rodan Records JT200 (Green coloured cover insert with All Black Label) Rodan Records JT200
(Blue/Red coloured cover insert with Yellow German Label)

My color insert is yellow and red with 1 LP having a b/w label, and the other a yellow and black label.
The Rodan version had a fold-over insert that listed song titles on the back.
The Ruthless Rhymes version had a single (non-fold-over) insert with NO song titles. [A clear sign that the Ruthless Rhymes version was a reissue]

A fan’s review plus another fan’s comment:

5. “A Sackful of Trousersnakes” April 1977 Anaheim Convention Center, LA.
This is by far the most off the hook recording of the Songs From the Wood tour. It was a beautifully crafted set of songs they ever did, starting off with 4 or 5 acoustic songs and the intensity just kept rising to another fantastic head splitting encore. This was BIG Tull at it’s most refined.They didn’t get much better.
As a matter of fact, because of this boot, Bursting Out was a disappointment!

Darin, could not agree more with you about Sackful. This was my very first Tull bootleg, which I purchased in a used record store on vinyl in the late 70’s. This has great Ian banter/jokes, and the audience is totally into the band! One of the “chill bumps” moments for me on this particular tour, has always been when Ian plays Thick as a Brick, and he gets to the flute part, which is the first time he’s played the flute during this show. The crowd goes nuts!! Martin’s solo is fantastic! I used to work third shift, and could bring in cassette tapes to play over the store’s loud speakers. One night I brought in Sackful. I started it with Martin’s solo, and someone asked me if it was Hendrix! True story.

TAKRL says: “This album was never issued. It was conceived of during the hectic final days and the art work and tapes were basically ignored until it was too late to retrace our steps. It was recorded at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

Side one contained Apple Cider Re-constitution / The Dark and Rolling Sea / One Stage Before / Soho (Needless to Say) / On the Border / Carol.

Side two had Broadway Hotel / Roads to Moscow / Sirens of Titan / If It Doesn’t Come Naturally, Leave It / Year of the Cat. Maybe someday it’ll show up.” [I guess so far it hasn’t.]