Bolan, Marc

On this blog we have come across Japanese bootleggers naming an LP after an article in the UK music press at that time (see SOUPED UP RORY on Marc and THE STING OF EL FERANTI on the cartoon label) and here we have another example:“SON OF MAGICAL POUTING PANACHE” was the title of an interview by Paul Morley that appeared in the New Musical Express edition dated 19 March 1977.



The inner sleeve:
TRex SoMPP b


TRex SoMPP inner

TRex SoMPP detail

T Rex SoMPP inner II

Printed inner sleeves on a bootleg – pretty fancy. No coincidence that in a culture where presentation is celebrated, we will find this on yet another Japanese vinyl bootleg LP from the late 1970’s – the previous example having been the Bay City Roller’s KA-GA-YA-KE!

TRex SoMPP lbl aTRex SoMPP lbl b

Japan: 197? Technically, it would have been possible to have this compilation finished at the time of Marc’s death on 16 September ’77 but perhaps this album was released posthumously or maybe at the start of the 1980’s?

Review from the Bolan site:
“Although the outer cover shows images from the Dandy period this very rare album mainly features material from 1976 along with four live tracks from the 1977 Rainbow concert and a song from the Manchester concert.

Also featured on the album is the set from the TV special ‘Rollin’ Bolan’ (which was recorded in July 1976 and broadcast in August 1976 though the cover incorrectly states November 1976). The cover also lists a set of songs from ‘Sunderland Pavillion Hall 8/2/1976’, in fact this was Sunderland Empire Theatre and the songs are from the concert on the 15th February 1976.

Whoever produced this bootleg has gone to some lengths to create an aesthetically pleasing cover. The title, ‘Son Of Magical Pouting Panache’, was taken from the title of an interview with Bolan by Paul Morley which was published in the New Musical Express (19th March 1977) and the front cover image of Marc was simply taken from the full page advert for the ‘Dandy In The Underworld’ single. The attention to detail follows through to the labels where the T Rex branding and ‘Bolan’ diamond are reproduced with the album given a matrix number of BLN 7677 (a nice touch of humour!).

T REX DitUW ad

This ad came with an annotation stating “11/6/1977, pg 7”. I read this as the European way of the date and the month as June (and I doubt the text would have said the same so shortly after his death), making it less likely that this bootleg was released while Marc was still alive.

T Rex Damned

T Rex Rainbow ticket

Material from this concert was officially released in 1997 on LIVE 1977 , padded with material from other 1977 and 1974 concerts.

T Rex Damned. Tee


Marc Bolan’s last ever live performance: Stockholm, 24 May 1977

Bolan Stockholm 77

Bolan Stockholm 77 II

Bowie MRS dfl

Bowie MRS dfl 2


Bowie MRS Crash R

Narrow insert

Bowie MRS RR

Bowie MRS Canyon Recs f

Half-sized insert on a re-issue on Canyon Records

Bowie MRS Canyon Recs

Side 1:  Ziggy Stardust  (Sounds of the Seventies 11th or 18th January 1972) / Waiting For The Man (Sounds of the Seventies 11th or 18th January 1972) / The Supermen (Bob Harris show September 1971 ?) / Queen Bitch / (Sounds of the Seventies 11th or 18th January 1972) / Suffragette City – Top Gear May 1972

Side 2: White Light White Heat – Top Gear May 1972 / Hang Onto Yourself (Sounds of the Seventies 11th January 1972 or Top Gear May 1972) / Hang Onto Yourself / Moonage Daydream / Watch That Man [last 3 tracks Aladdin Sane Tour live at Long Beach Arena, 10 March 1973]

All the BBC tracks probably released on the official Bowie At The Beep.

It is relatively easy to date My Radio Sweetheart due to the dedication to Marc Bolan, who died on 17 September 1977. Note that the name of the record label is “tastefully” listed as “Crash Records”.



The live tracks were left overs from a mediocre sounding audience tape supplied by future bootlegger John Wizardo that he had lent out in 1973 to TMoQ, which released the following album from it in July of that year (I wonder if this was around the time that Take Linda Surfing and Miracle Muffler were made on Wizardo’s behalf by TMoQ?). It should be noted that by this time, TMoQ’s last contemporary release had been Bowie’s In America among a glut of releases presenting concerts/outtakes recorded at least two years ago or more. I can see Dub welcoming this new tape to satisfy buyers looking for something other than older Grateful Dead/Deep Purple or Hendrix. … Fast forward to late 1977 and Vicky Vinyl had some time to fill on her latest Bowie release and her old friend suggests the tracks that didn’t make it onto the TMoQ disc way back then…

Bowie TAAB insert

Bowie TAAB big pig

Bowie TAAB green lbl

This album still has held up well in value and still goes for a good price, even if the cover is Vg-, stained etc . I will eventually review the TMoQs but it needs some pre-studying unlike these other labels.


The following was taken from a reconstruction job of the Long Beach material available on both vinyl bootlegs:

David Bowie
Long Beach Arena
Long Beach California
March 10 1973 REMASTERED

Lineage: Vinyl LP’s “All American Bowie” & “My Radio Sweetheart Dual

This parial show is compiled from 2 lps of various quality.  I do not know the reasoning behind the packaging of these lps. Most of My Radio Sweetheart is from a Sound of The Seventies broadcast with the exception of the 3 tracks plus Ode To Joy from LB. The sound is different between the 2 sources

Flaws of All American Bowie
1. running order of tracks all over the map
2. fade ins
3. various sound quality
4. Aladin Sane picks up on Garsons solo

Flaws of My Radio Sweetheart
1. Speed problem
2. A lot of high end, bad eq job

The set list is probably not in order, it is presented this way without having to switch back and forth between sources as much.There is a lot of hiss on these sources, … .

Performance is fantastic. Rono as usual is on fire and Garson’s solo in Aladin Sane is insane.

Tracklisting: *from My Radio Sweetheart
01 ‘Ode To Joy’ Intro
02 Hang On To Yourself
03 Ziggy Stardust
04 Changes
05 Moonage Daydream
06 Watch That Man
07 Panic In Detroit
08 Five Years
09 Aladin Sane (comes in on Garson’s solo)
10 My Death
11 Width Of A Circle
12 Time
13 Suffragette City


Bowie Ziggy 2 II

Bowie ziggy 2 dfly

Bowie Ziggy 2 half

Bowie Ziggy 2 II

On 3rd of June 1971, David and his band, Mick Ronson, Trevor Bolder, Mick Woodmansey, Mark Carr Pritchett plus George Underwood, Dana Gillespie and Geoffrey Alexander (aka Geoffrey MacCormack) went into the BBC’s Paris Studio in Lower Regent Street, London, to record an episode for David Peel’s In Concert radio show. It was first broadcast on 20th June 1971 on Radio One from 7PM – 8PM and repeated three days later.

The recorded songs were: Queen Bitch / Bombers / The Supermen / Looking For A Friend / Almost Grown (lead vocals Geoffrey Alexander) / Kooks / Song For Bob Dylan (lead vocals George Underwood) / Andy Warhol (lead vocals Dana Gillespie) and It Ain’t Easy (lead vocals David Bowie, Geoffrey Alexander and George Underwood)

Other Info: The rehearsal and recording started at 15:30 and ended at 24:00 on 3rd June 1971. For ‘It Ain’t Easy’ David Bowie sings the first verse, Geoffrey Alexander sings the second and George Underwood sings the third. ‘Oh! You Pretty Things’ was also recorded but dropped from the broadcast due to time restrictions. The original master tape to this session has been lost or wiped.

Four tracks ‘Bombers’, ‘Looking For A Friend’, ‘Almost Grown’ and ‘Kooks’ also appeared on the 1988 ‘Bowie At The Beeb’ (Cat. No. CN 5155/S) set of three BBC Transcription Services discs backed with three sides of ‘Bolan At The Beeb’. [All of this info taken from

Ziggy 2 is rounded out by David’s short musical appearance on the last episode of Bolan’s TV show Marc, filmed on 7 September 1977, but not broadcast until after Bolan’s funeral on (20 September 1977), which was also attended by David Bowie.

COMMENTS: “A funny gig from BBC’s “In Concert” series, with Bowie and a couple of friends singing their favourite songs as well as songs from the coming album HUNKY DORY. A very interesting version is ANDY WARHOL sung by Dana Gillespie! The sound quality isn’t very good, and QUEEN BITCH is not complete. The last song is from the TV show Marc, and is very short.”