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From the blazemonger website: “According to the liner notes, it was “recorded on stage in October 1975 at the newly refurbished Anytown Aquarium Of The People at the corner of Telephone and Telephone.” (Some copies say “Telephone and Telephony.”)

The recording was made at the White Plains Music Hall, White Plains, New York, on October 3, 1975, not in Baltimore MD as is sometimes claimed [still incorrect, see notes below].

Owner report: “The sound quality on this rare release is incredible. Close up and personal Giant, in front of only a couple hundred people. The audience laughs a bit when they start breaking the glass. Its one of those records, like the Genesis boots, with a pink and black or yellow and black picture, and details below the picture in weird scribble-y typeface. I paid $25 (US) for this, and it would be worth twice that.”

The cover image was allegedly taken from the June 6, 1975 issue of Rolling Stone [incorrect, it’s actually 1974, issue # 162], where the picture accompanied an article called “One Foot in St. Petersburg.” The article is supposedly about the plight of retirees who can’t survive on Social Security — hence the government check on the man’s chest. (Thanks to Biffy the Elephant Shrew for this trivia.) The photograph was probably taken by the famous Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn [We can rule that out. He was only 18 years old at that time and didn’t even start taking pictures at concerts in his native Holland until ’75]

The TAKRL LP has an interesting LP label, which claims to be from “Worlds Records” and lists five songs on each side, with cliche titles like “I’m So Happy”, “Night People” and “Looking Back.” ”

Track List:

Cogs in Cogs
Funny Ways
The Runaway / Experience
So Sincere
Free Hand
Just The Same


Update on the real source from a torrent posted in 2007: “Forget about the lines that say this show was recorded in White Plains or in Baltimore. It came from WLIR FM in Garden City, New York. They were fond of taping concerts at the nearby Calderone Concert Hall and at Ultrasonic Studios, and this was one of them.

Oct. 7 In Hempstead, New York at Ultrasonic Recording Studio, Giant performed in front of a studio audience. The concert was broadcast live over New York City’s WLIR radio, as part of that station’s regular series of broadcasts from Ultrasonic Studio. On July 14, 1976, a portion of this concert was broadcast in England on the BBC Rock Hour radio program.”

TAKRL says:

“The first Gentle Giant underground. Later Gentle Giant named their official live album after this TAKRL one and we couldn’t have been more excited. Thanks guys.”

“From the blazemonger website: “The recording quality is not great — it sounds over-compressed. However, the (live) performances apparently crackle with energy. Some are really better than on the official Playing The Fool. The record is marred by some ill-advised and clumsy edits.

Of particular interest:

Mister Class And Quality? – an excellent version of a song not on the any official live album. Unfortunately its edited from towards the end of the instrumental section into the studio version of The Power and the Glory.

Funny Ways – MUCH stronger version than on the official live album. Instead of Kerry’s organ solo there is a guitar solo from Gary. As if this song didn’t involve enough instrument juggling already.

The Advent Of Panurge – contains a longer version of the recorder trio than on Playing The Fool. The addition is a wild, polyphonic version of “Yankee Doodle.”

The notes at the bottom of the album cover read: “Recorded on stage in January 1975 at the Utland Communicable Concourse/The Power and The Glory is from the studio/Edited by Deek himself/for him, sincerely/stereo/Takrl 1943.”
Track List

A1         Proclamation     5:04     
A2         Funny Ways     7:52     
A3         Experience     5:27   

B1         So Sincere     9:50     
B2         The Advent Of Panurge     5:47     
B3         Mister Class And Quality? / The Power And The Glory  (studio)   5:56    

Source: Academy of Music, NY – January 18 1975


Gentle Giant PTFiWonderland

Perhaps one of the reasons to issue this album by Wizardo Records, containing the same tracks as the TAKRL edition, was to have a laugh at the expense of GG fans by selling a track the bootleggers had recorded themselves, as a GG outtake. This fake track, ‘March of the Trolls’, was added to side 1. It would later appear as track # 5 on WRMB 373: The B. Toff Band ’21 Golden Greats’.