Paul McCartney & Wings

JPG + R In The 1970s

JPG + R In The 1970s b

USA: 2ns half of 1980

Another basically pirate release following the similar in concept Down And Out?

Side 1:

  • Interview / Bip Bop / Lucille (excerpts only) – Wings’ rehearsal before their first ever tour, Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, early February ’72. Taken from the Wings Over The World TV special, broadcast 16 March 1979
    Lucille is from the first Wings rehearsal at the Institute Of Contemporary Arts, London in February 1972.
  • Little Woman Love – B-side of Mary Had A Little Lamb
  • John Lennon interview about New York – ?
  • Angel Baby – from the withdrawn Roots album
  • Bangla Desh Press Conference / Speech / If Not For You (Rehearsal) – the first few minutes of the Concert For Bangla Desh film
  • Deep Blue – B-side of the Bangla Desh 45
  • Ringo interview about the Nashville recording sessions 1970
  • Coochy Coochy – B-side of the Beaucoups Of Blues 45
  • Interview Paul McCartney about touring Europe in 1972
  • The Mess – B-side of the My Love 45
  • “Good Bye Joel” – described as a “very weird montage of sounds (and pretty funny!)”, another Melvin message aimed at (“Paul-is-dead” theorist) Joel Glazier

Side 2:

  • Interview – Blow Away with George voice-over, discussing the Beatles
  • Miss O’Dell – B-side of the Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) 45
  • Grammy Awards John Lennon, Andy Williams, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel on Grammy Awards Show, L.A., March 1, 1975  [finally something new (and not copied from an official or TV source!)]
  • Move Over Ms. L. – B-side of JL’s Stand By Me 45
  • Give Ireland Back To The Irish / Interview – rehearsal in the McCartney home filmed by ABC News, 7 March 1972. Excerpts from this were also used on a late night US TV special hosted by David Frost:  A Salute To The Beatles: Once Upon A Time – which aired May 21st, 1975, which became Melvin Records’ source.

  • Oh Woman, Oh Why – the promo version pirated (has crackle and some skips), despite what the back cover states, the amount of gun shots is exactly the same compared with the official version: seven.
  • Ringo interview about the Blindman movie
  • Blindman – B-side of the Back Off Boogaloo 45
  • Now Hear This – The third piano intro from Paul’s Brung To Ewe By promo LP for the Ram album
  • Zoo Gang – B-side of Band On The Run and theme of a British television show by the same name about a band of French resistance fighters, This track would not see an official US release until 1988.
  • John interview about a possible Beatles reunion – ?
  • Be My Baby – from the withdrawn Roots album


I do remember when I owned this album that side 2 ended with the sped up recording of Melvin Records denying they had anything with the Wings Over Wembley double album.

Wings ATLShown here with a Melvin Records flyer featuring their first two releases.


Matrix: MM 03 A / B 340  (hand written)

USA: 1976, “500 pressed” as stated in HOTWACKS

Source: The Atlanta Omni, 19 May 1976

Side One: Venus & Mars / Rock Show / Jet / Let Me Roll It / The Long And Winding Road / Live And Let Die
Side Two: Yesterday / Silly Love Songs / Beware My Love / Soily

Sound quality was rated “acceptable” in Madinger & Easter’s book. Definitely an item for those that had to have it all only.







Japan: 1985

Source: Mining the Live Aid radio broadcast from July 13th ’85 for two double sets. Selected were the performances by David Bowie, Bryan Ferry with David Gilmour), the Wembley Finale, Paul McCartney, F.Mercury & B.May, the Power Station and Duran Duran.

ETS 2588 A: TVC 15 / Rebel Rebel / Modern Love / Heroes / Sensation / Boys and Girls / Slave To Love / Jealous Guy
ETS 2588 B: Do They Know It’s Christmas / Is This The World We Created?
ETS 2589 A: Let It Be / ? / ? / ? / Murderess / Get It On (Bang a Gong)
ETS 2589 B: A View to a Kill / Union of the Snake / Save A Prayer / The Reflex

[Not an accurate track list, I just tried to piece it together from various sources.]


Volume 2 presents Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin (with Phil Collins), The Who, Black Sabbath, Mick Jagger (w. Hall&Oates, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin and Tina Turner), Bob Dylan (w. Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood) and the finale in Philadelphia.

ETS 2590 A: White Room / Rock & Roll / Whole Lotta Love / Stairway To Heaven
ETS 2590 B: My Generation / Love Reign On Me / Won’t Get Fooled Again / Paranoid
ETS 2591 A: Lonely At The Top / Just Another Night / Miss You / State of Shock / It’s Only Rock & Roll
ETS 2591 B: Ballad Of Hollis Brown / Ship Comes In / Blowing In The Wind / We Are The World




Meanwhile, someone in Europe went “the whole hog”and issued everything on a 12 LP box (ca. late ’85/86):






Peter Blake art work


Wings Zoo Gang blu

Wings Zoo Gang tan


Wings Zoo Gang lbl 1

Wings Zoo Gang lbl 2

Japan: 1977/8, made to appear like product released by Vicky Vinyl on the Idle Mind label in the U.S.


Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
Lady Madonna
The Long And Winding Road
(Los Angeles, CA, Inglewood Forum, June, 23,1976 – taken from the Idle Mind 3 LP box WINGS FROM THE WINGS  IMP 1117-9)

Live And Let Die
Picasso’s Last Words
(Inglewood Forum, June, 21,1976 – taken from the Wizardo LP LASER BEAMS  WRMB 382)

You Gave Me The Answer
(Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA, June, 14, 1976 – taken from the Wizardo LP WINGS OVER FRISCO  WRMB 503)

Magnito And Titanium Man
Go Now
(Inglewood Forum, June, 21,1976 – taken from the Wizardo LP LASER BEAMS  WRMB 382)


My Love
Let ‘Em In
Silly Love Songs
Beware My Love
(Cow Palace, San Francisco June, 14, 1976 – taken from the Wizardo LP WINGS OVER FRISCO  WRMB 503)

(Inglewood Forum, June, 23,1976 – taken from the Idle Mind 3 LP box WINGS FROM THE WINGS  IMP 1117-9)

Zoo Gang (pirate of the 45 B-side of ‘Band On The Run’


An entirely forgettable release copied from Wizardo’s and Vicky Vinyl’s original bootlegs in degraded sound.

531 Beatles THE E.M.I. OUTTAKES
532 Paul McCartney in scotland
533 Beatles RENAISSANCE MINSTRELS volume 1
534 Beatles Cinelogue: LET IT BE
536 Led Zeppelin ON STAGE IN EUROPE 1975
537 Deep Purple LIVE IN LONDON
538 Deep Purple PERKS AND TIT



Beatles EMI Outtakes JL 531EMI Outtakes lblCopied World Records label above.

Original U.S. ZAP Records label below (the fake track list never changed):

Harrison Clapton Dead Stick lbl


JL 532: PAUL McCARTNEY – in scotland


Wings Live i Scotl JLWings LiScot lblCopy vs. original Wizardo label

Beatles Orig. Audition Tape ca 1962 lbl

For more information regarding the original release, click here.



Beatle Renaissance M v 1Beatle Renaissance M v 1 lbl





Beatles Cinelogue 1 J 534

Beatles Cinelogue I fake dragon

Above: The JL copy of a King Kong label

Below: An original version:

beatles Cinelogue I real dragon

For more information regarding the original release, click here.




<image needed>




Led Zep JL 536

For more information regarding the original release, click here.



JL 537: Deep Purple – LIVE IN LONDON

<image needed>

JL 538: Deep Purple – PERKS AND TIT

<image needed>


<image needed>

JL 511 Pink Floyd Europe 74
JL 512 Beatles / Rolling Stones BATTLE
JL 513 Paul McCartney James Paul McCartney
514 Beatles Live in Europe & US TV Casts
JL 515 Beatles Live in Vancouver Canada



Pink Floyd JL 511

This copy shown sold for 16,000+ Yen in Japan in April of 2015, confirming a trend we already saw in the OG PF copies.

This title helps us significantly in dating the whole JL series, as it can be traced back to the two previous originals. First, there was THE SCREAMING ABDAB , Wizardo’s first PF title, released in the fall of 1975.

Pink Floyd Screaming Abdab

Then, Contraband wasted little time and copied this LP relatively shortly afterwards as:

Pink Floyd Europe 74

This means that JL 511 was pressed in 1976 at the earliest.


JL 512 (as the matrices say) orJL 522 (according to the cover #) The BEATLES / ROLLING STONES – BATTLE

B RS Battle 512

B RS Battle 512 lbl 1

B RS Battle 512 matrix

B RS Battle 512 lbl 2

B RS Battle 512 matrix b


The original:

B RS Battle orig

B RS Battle orig lbl

Released in 1971. An early example of a “hybrid bootleg”. The track list on the insert is incorrect. While the excellent sounding Rolling Stones tracks are just in the wrong order, the Beatles side underwent a complete change that must have come too late for the “Art Department”.

Side 1: Looking Tired (2:15 – (06 September, 1965 at RCA Studios-Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA) / Tell Me Baby (1:54) (11 June 1964 + all following tracks: At Chess Studios, Chicago, IL) / Down in The Bottom (2:43) / Stewed And Keefed (4:09) / Hi-Heel Sneakers (2:59)

The Vg quality Beatles side lists the songs performed on their 1965 Ed Sullivan Show appearance from the 14 August ’65 but is actually a partial copy of side one of the LAST LIVE SHOW LP, starting with “Twist And Shout”.

Beatles Last Live S



McCartney JPM JL 513

I had written previously in this post that this was a copy of the CBM version – I hope that this is really the case as the cover joins the TMOQ ‘smoking pig’ version from 1974 with the added CBM logo, and unless one listens to the actual JL version record, it is not confirmed (CBM simply copied TMOQ’s insert text, despite changing the track list).

McCartney JPM 513 2v

With and without ‘JL’ prefix.


JL 514:  THE BEATLES – live in europe & us tv casts

Beatles LiEur USTV JL 514

Beatles LiEur USTV 2v



Beatles Live Vancouver Canada IA

Has any band been more lucky when it came to touring Japan than Wings? Two sold out tours and not a single gig played! With now three cancelled Japan Tours to his name, Paul must hold the record.

Second place probably goes to the Animal’s Japan tour in November of 1968: “…after a few successful shows at major venues, the group was expected to put on two shows a night for Japanese gangsters for two weeks.  Eric and the band rebelled, and had to bribe their way out, so they abruptly left Japan without their equipment. ” []

Wings Japan Tour 75

Prior to the start of their Australian tour, arrangements had been made to film and record the first night in Melbourne on 16-track tape (show # 8 of the tour) at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl (that is is the complete name of the venue) – for use in TV- and radio specials.

The Australian FM broadcast was bootlegged in 1976 as disc one of the Wizardo bootleg FLY SOUTH minus the announcer’s comments.

Wings Fly South mcv

The material was also broadcast in Japan on JO2R but with several differences compared to the Australian version:

– Two extra songs, “Band on the Run” and “Hi Hi Hi” were included plus  the introduction to “Venus and Mars”

– However, the musical introduction (“Batman”) to “Band on the Run” can only be found on FLY SOUTH

– The Japanese broadcast was also treated to some post-production work via “audience reaction” bits meant to mask edit points. In the YT video at the bottom, listen to one of these very noticeable overdubs at 14:00 minutes.

MARC Records released the Japanese broadcast tape in 1976:

Side 1: Venus And Mars/ Rock Show/ Jet/ Let Me Roll It/ Maybe I’m Amazed/ I’ve Just Seen A Face/ Blackbird/ Yesterday
Side 2: Listen To What The Man Said/ Call Me Back Again/ Letting Go/ Band On The Run/ Hi Hi Hi/ Radio Announcement* Bluebird* (JO2R radio ad)

Matrix: TW-76011 A/B

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp 2

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp b

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp lbl

Wings Rock Show '75 MARC


Later in 1976, when John Wizardo compiled his WINGS triple LP box {505}, he decided to include some of the Melbourne tracks and selected “Venus And Mars”, “Rock Show”, “Jet” and “I’ve Just Seen A Face” – but not from the source tape he had used before on FLY SOUTH but from the MARC LP.

In my opinion, what could have been a great box set – with all the ’76 source tapes only Wizardo had: Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco – was watered down by the inclusion of tracks that had been available before. Did he listen to Rock Show ’75 and realize this was the same performance as FLY SOUTH? Then why not include “Band on the Run” and “Hi Hi Hi”, the new tracks? Or did he find the audience enhancements and minor differences worthy enough to warrant inclusion?

The same goes for the UK 1973 tracks, which I assume came from Edinburgh, 23 May 1973 (2nd show), as released by Wizardo himself as one of his first titles in the 300 series in 1975: Paul McCartney in scotland (302) and by Contraband as scotland – 73 (Instant Analysis 1030). Unfortunately, the Eight Arms To Hold You  book does not comment on this.

Wings 505

This is the video special produced in Japan:

Beatles LS Bb 1

Beatles LS Bb disc


LS Bbee 45 back

The small text to the right says: “Fab Four 101 is the first of a series of limited edition 45’s intended for collectors only. Sound Quality: A-/B+ Front cover illus. by Scott”  

Matrix: FF 101-A/B

Surprisingly perhaps, not that many copies were pressed and this title is rather rare.

It does sound as if Lou had planned to issue more Beatles 7″ titles and I wonder if this release came out in 1977, following the Joe Pope debut offer of a colored Deccagone single in April of that year.

‘What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party’ had first been presented to the world in November of 1972 on Contraband’s The Never Released Mary Jane LP and Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s 1967 45 ‘L.S. Bumble Bee’ pirated and wrongly attributed to the Beatles on the same label a few months later. Dub had also included ‘Mary Jane’ on his title by the same name (more commonly referred to as SPICY BEATLES SONGS – TMOQ 71076) and both titles appeared on Wizardo’s DR. ROBERT…? pirate album in 1976.



H.A.R. 169:

Wings Oriental NightfishMcCartney & Wings Oriental Nightfish 2

A companion piece to Wizardo’s releases # 500 – LIVE IN HANOVER – and 505 as material from the Offenbach, Germany 1972 and the San Diego 1976 was spread over two of these titles for each concert.

The Offenbach concert was discussed in detail here

Side 3 has ‘Jet’, ‘Magneto and Titanium Man’, ‘My Love’, ‘Beware My Love’ and ‘Soily’ from the 16 June concert at the San Diego Sports Arena. The Wizardo 3 LP box shown below has ‘Live And Let Die’, ‘Time To Hide’ and ‘Beware my Love’, the last one sounding better on the Wizardo box.


Wings Hanover 1972 500Wings box

There is a small error in the solo Beatles reference book EIGHT ARMS TO HOLD YOU  where it says “[‘Oriental Nightfish’] was one of the first Linda tracks to make it out to the collecting world, via its appearance on the 1978 Beatles bootleg Indian Rope Trick.” when it really was 1976 and Lou’s double album of the same name, where it closes side 1.

The preceding five tracks were the first time anything from Wing’s August 1972 European dates became available – in this case the concert in Groningen, the Netherlands, on 19 August ’72, unfortunately, this is the worst sounding audience recording Lou would ever press onto vinyl. The tape Lou had to work with must have suffered from some substantial azimuth misalignment and have been a very high generation copy. Presented here is about half of the first set in rearranged order and the opening song of the second one, ‘Best Friend’.

“But collectors will recognize the performance, or at least, part of it. Sections of it appeared on the rare Oriental Nightfish vinyl bootleg [‘Eat At Home,’ ‘Mumbo,’ ‘Best Friend,’ ‘1882,’ and ‘I Would Only Smile’ on Oriental Nightfish (Hoffman Avenue HAR 169)], and a longer segment has changed hands on tape. In both cases, the show was identified as ‘Sweden.’ Actually, it appears to be neither Sweden nor Paris, although we cannot be entirely sure exactly what it is. McCartney makes no location references during the show, but us heard saying dank u – thank you, in Dutch. We have (at least) extractions from most of the 1972 Dutch shows, and the performances here do not match those. ” [Darth Disc liner notes for their Live In Groningen CD]

Wings Nederl 72

HAR 169 1

Matrix etchings on the ‘Groningen 1972’ side, spelling out “Lou”.


HAR 169 3

And “Sean” on the ‘San Diego ’76’ side. The remaining sides have “Char” and “Mark” just like the Dylan double “Hold The Fort For What It’s Worth”. It seems that this title was only pressed in this ‘yellow with black streaks’ pattern.

Collector’s opinions on this compilation:

It Is worth for the MINE FOR ME song alone, which is sung by Linda, Paul & Rod Stewart.Bare in mind that It can only be found here.Those were the times that despite the bad quality sometimes you’ve stumbled accross some gems like these….-:)

Well the yellow specaled [sic] vinyl is cool. The San Diego concert songs are decent sound. Side one will remind the “Older” folks just what the golden age of boots really were. Side 2 slightly better. I like the disclaimer, “like there’s only so much an equaliser can do!”

never get tired of listening to this bootleg!
A very fine one! (many core tracks!)
Side one is in quite terrible quality but the folks that made this record were kind enough to warn the collector (!) of the bad quality with a little note on the back cover!!
Side two is also not the best quality but still very enjoyable! Too funny to hear Paul speaking german! (“Wir machen eine Ausweiskontrolle – alle Jugendlichen unter 18 Jahren müssen das Lokal verlassen” 🙂
Side three is really a quite good recording of a great concert!! And on
Side four we get a nice compilation of still rare songs, especially “Mine For Me”, although it lasts less than a minute, is a delightful gem! (I believe it originally appeared on one of Joe Pope’s SFF fanclub flexis.) The pirated b-sides ‘Zoo Gang’, ‘Country Dreamer’ and ‘I Lie Around’ are always nice to hear just like the J.P.M. songs.
All in all: A fine bootleg (above all for its age!) which you won’t listen to only once…



H.A.R. 170:

Lennon Plop Plp Fizz Fizz mc blu 2

Lennon Plop Plp Fizz Fizz lbl

Lennon PPFFizz LP

Lennon PPFFizz b detail

Released almost a year and a half after Wizardo’s first official offering ‘One – One Concert + More’ and surpassed by the official release of the 1972 Madison Square Garden material, the beautiful colored discs are now the main attraction here. The two “Salute To Sir Lew”TV special  tracks made their bootleg debut on this release.


Lennon PPFFizz green

Lennon PPFFizz green lbl

Repressed in green


Lennon Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

Lennon PPFFizz Drag

A third pressing was on black PVC with Dragonfly labels.



Lennon AGAJ PPFF b

Repackaged in Japan together with Vicky Vinyl’s 10 inch A Guitar’s All Right John… after John’s murder created a renewed interest in his unreleased material.



Yet another repacking job from Japan coupled the material with Melvin Record’s In The 1970’s and took the liberty of renaming it Last Live Show

Lennin It1970s LLS b

Lennin It1970s LLS

It’s October 1st – I am back and I hope everyone’s had a good September. To my amusement, the blog has had more visitors lately than before my break when I posted regularly. Hmm, what does it mean? … Anyway, this post will present two of my vacation purchases and ask a question.


Bowie 74 LIVE ss

The Bowie Wizardo EP WR 201. My question is, were they sold like this – is this still sealed from way back in 1975 (obviously, the insert had to be held in place by something, so this must have come shrink wrapped)? Ignore the inventory sticker, which was added much later .


Back view.


And just to show off:

WINGS 505 box

Wizardo WINGS 3 LP box # 505, the only Wizardo release that used the word “limited” on the insert, and this one likely the last sealed copy on the planet (with corner rip).

The seller has another 10 sealed boots of various titles on eBay. I asked where these came from but “I am selling these for someone else” was all he could offer. Someone must have bought from the source pretty early.


Plus a new addition – probably the finest copy there is left:


In the words of a 35+ year long bootleg collector: “These Wizardo sets are at the end of the wrmb catalogue, and John pressed no more than 200 copies each; then he pressed the ‘BOSS’ series and finally the ‘DEATH’ and ‘IMPORTANT’ (personal copies of the ‘K&S’) series.” Maybe it really was only 200 or 500 – as a current eBay seller of WRMB 501 claims – the total number is still incredibly low, they often included unique material and they were never copied by another label or did not seem to have gone through several re-pressings. The hardest one to find, according to my research, is WRMB 504: The Beach Boys Anaheim ’76.

Wings Hanover 1972 500

Wings wrmb 500

The first Wizardo bootleg with a quality warning on the insert.

Source: Germany, Offenbach Stadthalle – 19 July 1972. 

With perhaps the exception of Paul and his band and Pink Floyd, who played there in February of 1971, the Offenbach Stadthalle was and is the must play venue for everyone who is anyone on the B list (and below) in the Rhein-Main area of Germany ‘(B list’ is not a judgement on the music but 2,500 tickets are much easier to sell than 12,000 or more). I saw Thin Lizzy here in March of 1981 from the safety of the raised seats in the back.

Set list:

Bip Bop+
Smile Away+
Give Ireland Back To The Irish+
    I Would Only Smile
    Blue Moon Of Kentucky
The Mess+

Best Friend
I Am Your Singer
Henry’s Blue (titled by Linda as “Take me on home Momma, cause I’m runnin’ home tonight”)
Say You Don’t Mind
Seaside Woman
Wild Life
My Love
Mary Had A Little Lamb+
Maybe I’m Amazed
Hi Hi Hi
Long Tall Sally


Not wanting to make this a double LP John gave five additional songs (marked ‘+’ above) to his friend Lou Cohan, head of Hoffman Avenue Records, and credit was duly given on the back of the 2 LP set.

McCartney & Wings Oriental Nightfish 2

A good audience tape exists among collectors but is missing ‘Mumbo’, ‘My Love’, ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’, ‘Hi Hi Hi’ and ‘Long Tall Sally’. It looks like there is only one source tape as Wizardo did/could not use any of these tracks either.


An English language review of the show can be found here:

It turns out while in other cities poor ticket sales led to cancellations (Lyons in France, Breda in the Netherlands) in Offenbach they had to turn people away.

Wings Offenbach 72 ticket

Wings 1972 Tour Program

Page from the official tour program sold at the Europe 1972 concerts.

Wings Offenbach 72

Photo taken at the Offenbach gig.