Rolling Stones on Dittolino: ‘STONE LIVE’ + ‘in concert’ + the strangest Dittolino insert ever

Rolling Stones Stone LiveRolling Stones Stone Live A

Finally, a copy found with the rarely seen ‘A’ label, first found on for the Pink Floyd title. Does this mean these two releases might have been among the first Dittolino releases? Another opinion just came in, placing this label significantly later: ca. 1975.

A lbl

MATRIX: S-2110 // S-2111

Released in late 1970 or 1971 (see comment below last image in this post).

Source: Oakland Coliseum, 9 November 1969 – 2nd show

01. intro
02. Jumping Jack Flash
03. Carol  3:47 [3:30]
04. Sympathy for the Devil  6:20  [6:02]
05. Stray Cat Blues
06. Prodigal Son
07. You Gotta Move
08. Love in Vain  5:35 [4:47]
09. I’m Free  5:45  [5:07]
10. Under My Thumb
11. Midnight Rambler  7:52  [7:20]
12. Live with Me  3:11  [2:58]
13. Gimme Shelter  4:02  [3:43]
14. Little Queenie  5:03  [3:52]
15. Satisfaction
16. Honky Tonk Women  4:23  [3:50]
17. Street Fighting Man  4:19  [3:48]

Song order was changed on the bootleg. Times in brackets given for the Dittolino release. It could mean that it runs faster or just that the Lurch Records track lengths include part of the in-between song ambiance.

Likely a copy of Dub & Ken’s second ever release or another of the many early “LiveR” clones.

Rolling Stones Liver blu st


It seems when it came to their two Rolling Stones titles the “Art Department” at Dittolino Discs didn’t exactly break out into a sweat.

Rolling Stones In Concert 70 insert

Rolling Stones In Concert 70

Rolling Stones In Concert 70 lbl

Matrix: 6970-A s2370 / 6971-A s2372 / 6971 -B s-2371 3 / 6970-B S-2371

Released in 1971

Source: Essen, Grugahalle – 7 October 1970

Side 1:  Jumping Jack Flash [03:55] / Roll Over Beethoven [02:25] / Sympathy For The Devil [07:34]             Side 2:  Stray Cat Blues  [04:14] / Love In Vain  [05:23] / Dead Flowers  [04:03]                                              Side 3:  Midnight Rambler [10:22] / Live With Me  [04:36]                                                                              Side 4:  Let It Rock [03:19] / Little Queenie [04:19] / Brown Sugar [03:22]             

Rolling Stones  on tour 2

An original DD insert and not homemade using “just Mick” from the commonly found group composition art work. I wish a better image was available to read all the writing.        


Likely a straight copy of this Rubber Dubber 2 LP release:

Rolling Stones Euro Tour Live 1970 red lbl     


Other cover variations – I am not saying that all of these were used by Dittolino:

Rolling Stones In ConcertRolling Stones Stoned in Europe

The last one shown comes with silver labels:

Rolling Stones Stoned in Europe lbl 1Rolling Stones Stoned in Europe lbl 2Rolling Stones Stoned in Europe lbl 3Rolling Stones Stoned in Europe lbl 4***

RS GYYYO poster

Promo poster for Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! The Rolling Stones in Concert

Since that album was only released in early September of 1970, this would help us date the bootlegs.

  1. John said:

    when i bought this titles from a guy from the states..called himself ‘a hippy from the good old days’, the package were he send me the records in were smelling like the 70’s. Bought a lot of Dittolino’s and Rubber Dubber ‘s in more than exellent state. Also he included in the parcel a tour book from the Stones, bought at that particulair show, and it’s cover shows the insert from the Ditto release. He told me he remembered that a couple of days after the show the album was available on the underground market.

  2. John said:

    incense….is that the right word for that smell?…the sticks with some flavour when you light up those…

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