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Costello E Big Opportunity

Two different stamps, as seems to be the norm for this label:

Costello BO st 2


or no stamp:

Costello E Big Opportunity 2

Costello BO b

Costello E Big Opportunity disc 2

USA: 1979

Matrix / Runout (Side 1 [Etched]): 79-116M W10 SIDE 1 / 79-116M W10 SIDE 2

Source: Audience recording from Seattle’s Paramount Theatre on 6 February 1979.

Side 1: Big Opportunity / Moods For Moderns / Green Shirt / Party Girl / Girls Talk (Listed As Girlschool) / Accidents Will Happen
Side 2: Big Boys / Goon Squad / Oliver’s Army / (Whats So Funny About) Peace Love And Understanding / Radio Radio

Quality comments:

“Decent audio quality considering when it was made. Apparently lifted straight from the master, judging by the lack of any tape flaws or hiss. Vinyl is surprisingly high quality, with one exception; an apparently mono recording seems to wobble along the stereo channels. (Not noticeable if you listen in mono.) Also, no banding, so don’t expect to be able to tell where the songs are. A bit “distant”, as if the recording was made a bit far back and there’s some house reverb. Still, instrument definition is pretty good and there’s no distortion. The only real crowd noise issue is between songs and one guy clapping along through a few songs. Considering when and how this was made, it’s pretty nice.

“Poor quality audience recording, dominated by crowd noise”; HOTWACKS seemed to agree, only awarding this album a “Gm” rating.


You do have to wonder if it was “big opportunity” or real love for Costello to become the only artist this label ever revisited – and for an audience recording that was not exactly a stellar capture to boot (OK, I’ll stop now with the puns).

Costello Seattle 79

Onstage at the Paramount, photographer: Bill Hanse

This was their first US show that year.

Springsteen B FIRE 3

Springsteen Fire

Springsteen Fire b 2

Below: Stamp variation, “FIRE VINYL”

Springsteen B FIRE

Springsteen Fire b

Springsteen Fire disc

USA: 1979

Source: FM broadcast from San Francisco’s Winterland on 15 December 1978 but with only half the concert presented here.

“Superb vinyl. No labels (look at the photo to know what I mean). Red/yellow insert as cover. Repressed in normal coloured vinyl with labels (custom). Since the material recorded on the discs is fairly common, the repress is absolutely less attractive.” [source:]

The question at this point is, if this came out before or after Slipped Disc’s LIVE IN THE PROMISED LAND box.

If it came out later, this would mark the first time that the 78/79-1XX label had issued something already out on another label. For some reason, their standard matrix markings of 79-1XX M were left off this release.


DEVO Tigerwax

DEVO Tigerwax b

Most stamps found look like this one above, without a gap between the ‘R’ and the ‘W’, however the first example has it. I have not found this on black PVC and since the stamp also serves as the title, what would one call a stamp-less copy?

USA: 1979

Source: Apart from saying that it looks like a 1978 until Japan Tour (May of ’79) set list, I have no idea. If you know more, please leave a comment.


Here’s a flyer found in an auctioned copy. The concert advertised here took place in ’78. I would guess that a past owner added it after acquiring this bootleg. This could be an indicator that the releases by this label were mostly sold in the Seattle area.

Tubes RnR Hospital red


Below, the black PVC version sans stamp.

Tubes RnR Hospital

Tubes RnR Hospital b

Tubes RnR Hospital disc.JPG

USA: 1979

The Tubes’ second bootleg following TAKRL’s Darted In my Own Armchair a couple of years earlier.

Source: KSAN San Francisco broadcast from the Record Plant in Sausalito, 2 June 1974.

You can listen to it here:

Hendrix WoaE 3

Hendrix WoaE b

Hendrix WoaE lg

Hendrix WoaE st

I have never seen this pressed in another color but black. There is also a copy with the matrix number HEN 5000 C/D, which looks almost identical to the original:

Hendrix WoaE HEN copy

Finally, a picture disc version was also released.

Hendrix WoaE pic d

USA: 1979

Source: Audience recording from Jimi’s last concert at Fehmarn Festival, Germany on 6 September 1970, 12 days before he passed away. Quite the attention-magnet and coup for such a small bootleg label, it must have been their biggest seller.


An alternate and complete source with improved source was acquired by Dagger Records, the home of official Hendrix bootleg recordings and released as The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At The Isle Of Fehmarn in 2005. The label gave the following background information about its source: “Unbeknownst to Hendrix, the promoters captured the group’s entire performance by feeding two overhead stage microphones into a consumer grade Revox reel-to-reel tape machine located off to the side of the stage. The resulting document, rough hewn and unmixed, is clear and not unlike the amateur audience recording featured on the initial Dagger offering Live At The Oakland Coliseum.”

Hendrix LatIoF

Hendrix LatIoF b


It sounded like a great idea at the time, riding the coattails of the Woodstock movie and album, recreate the festival experience in Germany in an almost “weather-proof” location ‘Isle of Wight-style’ on an island. Three young guys with no prior experience got together and started organizing and bills were accumulated totaling 500,000 Marks while at the same time only 10,000 tickets at 28 Marks had been sold (in the end about 25,000 tickets were sold, falling well short of the expected 60,000 patrons).

ticket FEHM

Friday, September 4th came and it was pouring with rain. The first bands struggled through their sets on stage or had to abandon it (Renaissance, for example), while some did not appear (Cactus never traveled to the festival site). The next day was drier but cold and windy. MC Alexis Korner had the unfortunate task to inform the crowd that Procol Harum and Ten Years After would not appear. At least, Mungo Jerry, Canned Heat and Sly & The Family Stone did. Jimi arrived that day from playing the Berlin Super Concert 70 and it was decided to move his performance to Sunday.

Sunday started sunny and clear if cool and Jimi finally took the stage just before 1PM to some booing from the audience for the delay, to which he replied along the lines of: “I don’t care if you boo, as long as you do it in tune”.

Hendrix Fehmarn

Hendrix Fehmarn 2

Hendrix Fehmarn 3


Hendrix Fehmarn amps

Rain again during “Red House”:



Hendrix WoaE Cox

signed by bass player Billy Cox




Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop

Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop b2

Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop bla

The reissue on black & label-free – or is this a black paper label? – PVC.

USA: Early ’79? The question is if the first two numbers refer to the year in which the bootleggers released this or when they thought the material was actually recorded?

Source: ? – input needed as I currently have no idea. The fact that this starts with an interview suggests another radio broadcast. The first side could potentially be from the Rock Tavern in Aberdeen, WA, recorded 5 March 1977, as the songs match – but not side two. The Aberdeen recording had first appeared on sides 3 & 4 of the Dragonfly title At Your Birthday Party

Rundgren tdornr

Rundgren tdornr det

Rundgren tdornr b

Could “You Tried Love” be “You cried wolf” and other song titles also misheard by the bootleggers? The song selection otherwise does look as if it could come from his 1978 tour.

Rundgren tdornr disc

USA: Ca. late ’78 or early ’79

Source: ? Please leave a comment if you know. This LP was completely unknown to me before I had looked at this label and the real source(s) still is.

Costello E Live c v

Wide stamp

Costello E WAAC cv

narrow stamp

Costello E WAAC

or no stamp at all (black PVC? HOTWACKS mentions this reissue). This title is usually found on clear vinyl:

Costello E Live c v disc

USA: Late ’78 or early ’79

Source: KISW FM broadcast from the Paramount Theater in Seattle on 10 February 1978, missing the last five songs. Despite the cover claim, the recording is in mono here.

The EC wiki states “Same as Elvis Costello Live! and Unknown Places…”. Elvis Costello Live! is just another name for this very same 78 – 163/4 release and I was not able to confirm that an EC vinyl bootleg called Unknown Places exists.

Quality comment: “The sound though is excellent, maybe a little “muddled / muffled” at times. 7-out of-10.”


Notes from the original broadcast:

February 10, 1978
Paramount Northwest Theater
Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Source: KISW FM broadcast

01. [2:25] Mystery Dance
02. [4:40] Waiting For The End Of The World
03. [2:31] Night Rally
04. [2:13] No Action
05. [3:46] Less Than Zero (Dallas Version)
06. [3:37] The Beat
07. [4:58] (I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea
08. [4:18] This Year’s Girl
09. [3:24] Little Triggers
10. [2:29] Radio, Radio
11. [2:08] You Belong To Me
12. [6:18] Lipstick Vogue
13. [6:32] Watching The Detectives
14. [3:33] Pump It Up


Very good FM recording of EC & Attractions on the eleventh date (of 27) on their second US tour.


A concert review is here:,_March_10,_1978

Heart Double Live Gold

Heart DLG!

Heart DLG! bl

USA: Late 1978/early 1979

Source: Sides 1 – 4 (tr.1 only) KZOK Seattle FM Broadcast “OK 102.5 Seattle In Concert” FM recording from the Aquarius Tavern in Seattle (formerly known as Parker’s Ballroom), summer of 1975 (the date was usually stated as June 1st – update: Based on an ad in the Seattle Times, the actual date was likely July 18, ’75). The venue has been confirmed due to the inclusion of two tracks – “Mother Earth Blues”and their cover of Kiki Dee’s “I’ve Got The Music In Me” – on their official MAGAZINE album in 1978. It appears that multi-track recordings were made that night and the bootleg sounds excellent.

The source for tracks 2 & 3 on side 4 “Devil Delight” and “Battle of Evermore” is unknown at this time. Please leave a comment if you know more.

Heart’s debut album Dreamboat Annie was released in Canada in the summer of 1975 but would not see a US release until the coming year and the band was playing showcases in certain markets to drum up radio interest.