Hall And Oates



Japan: 1985

Source: Mining the Live Aid radio broadcast from July 13th ’85 for two double sets. Selected were the performances by David Bowie, Bryan Ferry with David Gilmour), the Wembley Finale, Paul McCartney, F.Mercury & B.May, the Power Station and Duran Duran.

ETS 2588 A: TVC 15 / Rebel Rebel / Modern Love / Heroes / Sensation / Boys and Girls / Slave To Love / Jealous Guy
ETS 2588 B: Do They Know It’s Christmas / Is This The World We Created?
ETS 2589 A: Let It Be / ? / ? / ? / Murderess / Get It On (Bang a Gong)
ETS 2589 B: A View to a Kill / Union of the Snake / Save A Prayer / The Reflex

[Not an accurate track list, I just tried to piece it together from various sources.]


Volume 2 presents Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin (with Phil Collins), The Who, Black Sabbath, Mick Jagger (w. Hall&Oates, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin and Tina Turner), Bob Dylan (w. Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood) and the finale in Philadelphia.

ETS 2590 A: White Room / Rock & Roll / Whole Lotta Love / Stairway To Heaven
ETS 2590 B: My Generation / Love Reign On Me / Won’t Get Fooled Again / Paranoid
ETS 2591 A: Lonely At The Top / Just Another Night / Miss You / State of Shock / It’s Only Rock & Roll
ETS 2591 B: Ballad Of Hollis Brown / Ship Comes In / Blowing In The Wind / We Are The World




Meanwhile, someone in Europe went “the whole hog”and issued everything on a 12 LP box (ca. late ’85/86):






Peter Blake art work





and the “inspirations” for the front and back cover art:


Japan: 1984

Source: Supposedly recorded in Los Angeles at the Universal Amphitheater on 25 April 1983 but this date may be off by a couple of days (see tour schedule below).

2539 A: Did It In A Minute / How Does It Feel / Diddy Doo Wop (I Hear the Voices) / Mano A Mano
2539 B: Rich Girl / She’s Gone / Kiss On My List / Maneater
2540 A: Mickey’s Monkey / Caravan / Everybody Needs Somebody / Sara Smiles
2540 B: Wait For Me / I Can’t Go For That / Private Lives / You’ve Lost That Loving feeling
2541 A: You Make My Dreams / Family Man

(Please note that only the track list for the first side is correct.)

The Japanese blog I took these images from made the observation that this recording would have fit on a double album. For the first time, we also have some pricing information for these ET releases: “At that time, there were two sets of 4980 yen and three sets of 5980 yen, but 6980 yen was the market price.” Meaning doubles were 5,000, triples 6,000 (but also) 7,000 …?


Hall And Oates partial tour schedule focusing on the ’83 L.A. and Japanese dates:

04/24/1983     Sioux Falls Arena     Sioux Falls     SD     USA     
04/27/1983     Universal Amphitheatre     Los Angeles     CA     USA     
04/28/1983     Universal Amphitheatre     Los Angeles     CA     USA     
04/29/1983     Universal Amphitheatre     Los Angeles     CA     USA     
04/30/1983     Universal Amphitheatre     Los Angeles     CA     USA


02/12/1984     Fukuoka Inter. Center     Fukuoka           Japan
02/13/1984     Kousei Nenkin Hall     Osaka           Japan
02/15/1984     Miyagi Sports Center     Sendai           Japan     
02/16/1984     Budokan     Tokyo           Japan     
02/17/1984     Budokan     Tokyo           Japan     
02/18/1984     Yokohama Bunka Gym     Yokohama           Japan     
02/20/1984     Aichi Gym     Nagoya           Japan     
02/23/1984     Osaka Castle Hall     Osaka           Japan     
02/24/1984     Budokan     Tokyo           Japan