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Jan Hammer Jeff Beck 511

Hammer Beck J 511

Derringer R Live Angel Stadium 2

Wizardo’s art department going for a minimalist approach… makes you really appreciate William Stout’s drawings for TMoQ.

The date given on the cover of the first release is wrong. This was September 12th 1976, Aerosmith headlining the last date of the first North American leg on their Rocks Tour, with appearances by the Jan Hammer Group with Jeff Beck, Rick Derringer and Starz.

Jeff Beck- guitar
Jan Hammer- keyboards
Steven Kindler- violin
Fernando Saunders- bass
Tony Smith- drums

This is a sample set list included for comparison and song title correction purposes:

Jeff Beck and The Jan Hammer Group
Cape Cod Coliseum
Cape Cod, MA
27 August 1976

01 Oh Yeah?
02 Sister Andrea (Mahavishnu Orchestra)
03 Country Eastern Music
04 Darkness ~ Earth in search of a Sun (entrance of Beck)
05 Earth (Still Our Only Home)
06 Freeway Jam
07 Scatterbrain (spliced)
08 Diamond Dust
09 Full Moon Boogie
10 You Know What I Mean
11 E1: Blue Wind
12 Train Kept A Rollin’
13 E2: Led Boots

Hot Wacks lists “Exs” for the Hammer/Beck album and “Vgs” for Rick Derringer. The ‘B’ grade listed below is probably closest to what most collectors of live recordings would assign.

In addition to the Jan Hammer Group / Jeff Beck tracks listed on the slip sheet the following exists:

Aerosmith w/Jeff Beck
Angel Stadium
Anaheim, CA
September 12, 1976

Quality: B

Train Kept A Rollin (cut)
I Ain’t Got You

“Notes: The famed jam with Aerosmith and Jeff Beck, who opened for the band at this show. Anyone else on the bill as well? Maybe someone here who went can clarify. While the Beck set circulates, this is all I have seen of the Aero set leading me to believe the Beck taper only turned his deck back on to capture Beck come out for this encore. After they finish “I Ain’t Got You” Tyler thanks Beck and then says “That Ain’t all..” But it was for the taper who apparently stopped taping.

One more comment from the sound man (?):

“But maybe [forum member] Nitebob will chime in. He mixed Aerosmith on the Beck/Aerosmith tour in the mid 70’s. I remember him telling me about when Beck joined them on stage to play Train Kept A Rollin. He said Beck & Perry were busy trying to outdo each other in trying to make their guitars sound like car horns while Brad just played wonderfully and blew them off the stage. Its a great story and he has some details I’m forgetting here. I think Jeff asked NB himself if they’d mind and he said your Jeff Beck just walk up there. Something like that.
“I was on the 1975 dates with Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck, and Aerosmith. In 1976 Jeff Beck was special guest on the Aerosmith stadium dates. Jeff told me Aerosmith played the crappiest version of Train Kept a Rollin he had ever heard. Elissa tried for weeks to get Jeff to sit in. he kept refusing until Anaheim. Brad buried Joe and Jeff…….  nitebob”


Rick Derringer Guitar, Vocals
Kenny Aaronson Bass
Vinny Appice Drums
Danny Johnson Guitar:

Side 1: Let Me In/ Teenage Love Affair/ Sailor/ Beyond The Universe
Side 2: Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo/ Roll With Me


I guess it is safe to say that Wizardo was not a fan of Aerosmith, who were really big in the summer of 1976, placing # 1 in a poll in Creem magazine, on the cover of Rolling Stone, etc.