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Japan: Late 1985 / early 1986

Source: Audience recording (a soundboard recording exists as well) from Costa Mesa, CA, the Pacific Amphitheatre on 16 March, 1985

Corrected track list (may still not be 100% accurate):

1619 A: Closer / City Sirens / Make Up Or Break / Morning After The Night Before / Together / Cadillac
1619 B: Prelude / Money Can’t Buy / Radioactive / Live In Peace / Midnight Moonlight
1620 A: Midnight Moonlight (cont.) / You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling / The Chase / Just Wanna Make Love To You
1620 B: Full Circle / Someone To Love / Cut Loose (Paul Rodgers track)/ Boogie Mama / Everybody Needs Someone To Love

Quality rating: “Vgs” in HOTWACKS


The Firm – such a promising project that ended up not fully living up to its potential. Jimmy and Paul Rodgers met in 1983 after agreeing to take part in Eric Clapton’s ARMS London and subsequent short US tour. He needed a vocalist for his mini-set and Steve Winwood whom he had used in London was not available for the US dates, so Paul was in. Completing the line up was Manfred Mann’s Earth Band drummer Chris Slade (those not born in the 60’s – or earlier – probably remember him for having been a member of AC/DC) and Tony Franklin.

While first pre-album shows in the UK were a sell out, their debut album had few memorable tracks. A US tour was well received but when they returned to the UK, their appearance at Wembley Arena was “vastly under subscribed”. A second album Mean Business was released in 1986 to lukewarm response, they toured the US again, returned home and that was the end of that project. Jimmy would record his solo album Outrider in ’87 and tour very successfully in ’88 (digging up and dusting off the Led Zeppelin numbers the Firm concert goers had likely hoped to hear years earlier.






Japan: Late 1985/early 1986

Bon Jovi toured Japan in April of 1985

Source: unknown, it is from a 1985 tour date, that much we know. “Not sure where its from, the back cover talks about the tour of the UK, so this may be from england. ” (from an auction text). As far as I could see, all Japan concerts ended with ‘Get Ready’, so if the final two songs are from the same source, then this was not recorded during the Japan tour.

UK tour recordings for comparison reasons and to help identify the source:


May 21st 1985
Odeon Theatre, Birmingham, UK

“Notes: After kicking off the 7800 Fahrenheit World Tour with 9 headlining shows in Japan at the end of April, Bon Jovi hit Europe in May for a 14-date co-headlining tour with Lee Aaron. From June till December they would only play short sets in support of Ratt in North-America, but Japan and Europe got a full 80+ minutes show. ‘She Don’t Know Me’ is dropped after the Japan dates, but fortunately the rest of the set (including ‘King Of The Mountain’) is intact. I got this on cassette from someone who obviously bought it from one of those market stalls where they used to sell bootleg tapes back in the days, it has a ‘professional’ inlay, so it’s probably a very low gen. It ran slightly slow so I corrected that, but apart from that this is in my opinion one of the best sounding full ’85 shows around, and the best sounding version of this show I’ve heard so far.”


01. Tokyo Road
02. Roulette
03. Breakout
04. Only Lonely
05. Bang Bang
06. Shot Through The Heart
07. Silent Night
08. Hardest Part Is The Night
09. Guitar Solo
10. In And Out Of Love
11. King Of The Mountain
12. Runaway
12. Get Ready
13. I Don’t Wanna Go Home
13. Burning For Love



May 23rd 1985
Dominion Theatre, London, UK

“Notes: This one came with the preceding show on the 21st in Birmingham. It has the same backstory and similar quality. This is the infamous first headlining show in London marred by technical difficulties. In my opinion it’s all been gravely exaggerated, the P.A. blows out twice during ‘Roulette’, other than that the show goes off without a hitch. Identical setlist, outstanding quality again for a tape of this age, a bit trickier to edit because it ran slightly fast and then even faster at the end. The volume also fluctuates a bit, mainly because of the problems with the P.A. This tape sounds significantly better than any version I’ve heard of this show. Enjoy an almost 90 minute headlining show by Bon Jovi with a setlist and gusta we can now only dream of !”


01. Tokyo Road
02. Roulette
03. Breakout
04. Only Lonely
05. Bang Bang
06. Shot Through The Heart
07. Silent Night
08. Hardest Part Is The Night
09. Guitar Solo
10. In And Out Of Love
11. King Of The Mountain
12. Runaway
13. Get Ready
14. I Don’t Wanna Go Home
16. Burning For Love



If anyone can confirm the source without a doubt, please leave a comment.






Japan: Late 1985/early ’86

Value: It recently sold for $60 but that was a lucky bid for the seller, as I have seen it sell for as low as $23. Night Ranger just are not that collectible.

Source: Back cover states this was recorded at Long Beach Arena – Japanese bootleggers favorite US venue – in June of 1985. They toured Japan in April and May of 1985 just prior to the release of Seven Wishes album, which are emphasized on the back cover, which makes me think that this is really a ‘Live in Japan’ recording.


1615 A: Touch of Madness / Rumors in the Air / Eddie’s comin’ out Tonight                          1615 B: Seven Wishes / Sentimental Street / Faces / This Boy needs to Rock                          1616 A: Call my Name / Sing me Away / Close your Eyes / Night Ranger                                  1616 B: You can still Rock in America / Sister Christian / Don’t tell me you love me


If you have any further information regarding this release, please leave a comment.




Japan: 2nd half of 1985; prices have ranged from $40 – $150

ACCEPT, the other, much less famous German Heavy Metal Export and the band that replaced AC?DC as the first band in HOTWACKS. ACCEPT toured Japan for the first time in September of ’85, most likely this led to the conception of this bootleg.

Source: I have found no correcting information that this did not come from the Hammersmith Odeon on 15 March 1985 – the final European date of their Metal Heart tour. If you can confirm this once and for all, please leave a comment.

1613 A: Theme For Accept / Metal Heart / Breaker / Lovechild / Turn Me On     
1613 B: London Leather Boys  / Wrong Is Right / Princess Of The Dawn / Head Over Wheels   
1614 A:  Winter Dreams / Guitar Solo / Midnight Mover / Screaming For A Love-Bite / Too High To Get It Right / Living For Tonite     
1614 A:  Up To The Limit / Burning / Balls To The Wall




KISS KitP 11B.jpg

Japan: 2nd half of 1985

Value: Kiss vinyl bootlegs count among the ones achieving and keeping a high value but the sky is not the limit. Recently, this title was offered at set sale for a rather over optimistic $550 and has now been changed to auction with a starting bid of $199; past auction results show it having achieved between just over $100 and $400 (not counting the autographed copy; shown as the 1st image).

Source: The Animalize tour stop at Long Beach Arena, 1st night. Another recording from this venue released by XL, makes you wonder if XL had a close contact in Southern California supplying them with tapes. However, on the 17 of February ’85 and not the 22nd as stated on the back cover (as corrected by the kissbootlegged website). Definitely not a Japanese concert in disguise as Kiss was in the middle of a 10 year Japan tour abstinence in ’85.

1611 A: Detroit Rock City / Cold Gin / Creatures Of The Night / Fits Like A Glove
1611 B: Heaven’s On Fire / Paul Stanley guitar solo – Under The Gun / War Machine / Eric Carr drum solo
1612 A: Young And Wasted / Gene Simmons bass solo / I Love It Loud / I Still Love You
1613 B: Paul talking / Love Gun / Black Diamond (incl. Oh Susanna) / Lick It Up [ fades out ]

This is the actual corrected set list. The back cover smuggled in such nowhere to be found mystery tracks as “I’VE HAD ENOUGH (INTO THE FIRE)” (end of side 1), “BURN BITCH BURN” (on side 2 – see the title label above, could have been a quote from Paul Stanley’s onstage banter). “TRAD” on side 4, refers to “Oh Suzanna”. 74 minutes

Quality rating: ‘Very good +’ on kissbootlegged







Japan: 2nd half of 1985

The Perfect Stranger Tour, heavily mined by bootleggers in Europe, US and Japan stopped in Japan in May of 1985

Matrix (Side A): Z G V 〄Ⓑ XL-1609A 111+D – (Side B): Z XL-1609B 111+
(Side C): Z V 〄Ⓑ XL-1610A 111+D – (Side D): Z XL-1610B 111+

Source: I have found no website refuting that this is in fact not as stated on the back cover, the first night at Long Beach Arena on 01 February 1985. The only mystery here being mystery track “Who Do We Think We Are” on side one. So, until we have proof that this is incorrect, we are going with that.

1609 A: Highway Star / Nobody’s Home / Strange Kind Of Woman / Who Do We Think We Are / Blues / A Gypsy’s Kiss     
1609 B: Perfect Strangers / Under The Gun / Lazy / Child In Time Pt. 1     
1610 A: Child In Time Pt. 2 / Knocking At Your Back Door / Difficult To Cure / Space Truckin’ Pt. 1     
1610 B: Space Truckin’ Pt. 2 / Woman From Tokyo / Speed King / Smoke On The Water

Quality ratings: “Although the sound is distant feeling, it lacks a little force” – Ëxs” in HOTWACKS


Deep Purple
February 1, 1985
Long Beach Arena
Long Beach, California, USA
Tour: Perfect Strangers

Recording type: Audience
Total running time: 116:49

Track listing:
Highway Star
Nobody’s Home
Strange Kind Of Woman
A Gypsy’s Kiss
Perfect Strangers
Under The Gun
Lazy (w/Ian Paice Drum Solo)
Child In Time
Knocking At Your Back Door
Difficult To Cure (w/Jon Lord Keyboard Solo)
Space Truckin’
Woman From Tokyo
Speed King
Smoke On The Water

Show comments:
Great show and recording from the Perfect Strangers tour. The recording is excellent but it does have a few flaws but nothing major.





Japan: 2nd half of 1985 – value around $35 – $70

Twisted Sister played a very short tour of Japan – just two stops – at the very beginning of March 1985.

Source: Supposedly recorded at NYC’s Palladium in December of 1984 but an online source for their ’84 live dates show no such date at this venue (

1607 A: Stay Hungry / The Kids Are Back / Under The Blade / The Beast     
1607 B: Like A Knife In The Back / You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll / Shoot ‘Em Down / We’re Gonna Make It     
1608 A: Burn In Hell / We’re Not Gonna Take It     
1608 B: I Wanna Rock / The Price / S.M.F / I Am “I’m Me”


If you have more information regarding this title (and better quality images), please leave a comment.