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Beatles PoM TaranT

From the latest bootleg news: “… a version of an old TMOQ LP “Peace Of Mind” – complete with a booklet, picture disk and era styled sleeve. It contains nothing new but the best available version of this old LP for collectors.”

The LP was issued by Contraband, of course. A rather curious package but maybe the booklet is fantastically executed and worth the price?

The original CBM LP can be revisited here


ACR 16

Cheap Trick 78 CM

Also available with blank white labels but mostly found with a white and a yellow label with side markings. A large number must have been pressed as the bootleg is very easy to find up to this day, even sealed copies.

Cheap Trick CM

Cheap Trick 78 CM b

Sides 1 – 3: WBCN broadcast of an edited performance from the Paradise in Boston on 10 June 1978; side 4: KBFH broadcast of an excerpt from the Palladium in New York on 22 September 1978 – mislabeled as coming from the Bottom Line in NY

Side 1:  Hello There – Come On, Come On (4:00)  / Stiff Competition  (4:21) / On Top Of The World (5:50)  / Guitar Solo  (2:29)  / Big Eyes  (3:04) / High Roller  (4:54)                                                         Side 2:    Clock Strikes Ten  (4:48) / Need Your Love  (8:13) /  Southern Girls  (3:49)                       Side 3:    Surrender  (5:59)  /  California Man  (4:02)  /  Goodnight Now  – Bun E. Carlos drum solo (3:23) / Auf Wiedersehen  (4:45) 

Quality: Muddy sounding FM broadcast, perhaps 3rd generation or higher, perhaps not well recorded in the first place. The only alternative source I have ever found was torrented on dime in August of 2007.

Side 4:  Hello There (1:44) / Southern Girls  (3:33)  / Need Your Love  (10:13)  / California Man  (4:13)  / Goodnight Now  (2:12)    

Quality: Excellent stereo recording, mix favors drums and Robin Zander’s rhythm guitar and is somewhat heavy on the treble and bass deficient. Nice overall room ambiance and audience mix Overall, I like this almost better than the Budokan mix. Love the drum sound and certain details like the ‘pick hitting strings sound’ at the start of “California Man”. For decades I had hopes that we would get a complete recording but it seems that will never happen as the master was not kept after the edit was assembled.

CT Paradise Boston '78 released the tape source with two additional songs (“Big Eyes” & “Clock Strikes Ten”) but labeled it at first as being from 1977. The following shows how the correct date and venue was found:

  • simonc | Sunday, November 01, 2009 | 6:47 am

must be just about the only ct concert edit that doesn’t have either surrender or iwytwm. still great though.

  • spinalcrackerbox | Sunday, November 01, 2009 | 11:00 am

simonc, this is because these are only excerpts and not the whole show. This first appeared on side 4 of the vinyl boot ‘California Man ’78’ and I loved it back then and wished we’d get the whole show one day. 30 years later, we got 2 more songs :-). At this rate I have to live a really long life, lol. Funnily, this is the only band on this website where we are always promised a new recording – this is the second time now, and we are always given the one we’ve already had. At least it’s a great one. The Bottom Line had 400 seats. For those who doubt this was recorded there, all shows that were recorded there have a similar ambiance. Check them out. Compare this, for example, to the two Peter Gabriel shows recorded a few months later on October 4th and you will agree that this is indeed the same venue.

  • spinalcrackerbox | Sunday, November 01, 2009 | 1:38 pm

And since I’m feeling like a detail freak tonight, I found the setlist for the NY, Palladium, 11/12/77 show – in case the Vault finds it after all: 1. HELLO THERE 2.COME ON, COME ON 3. ELO KIDDIES 4. SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE 5. BIG EYES 6. SOUTHERN GIRLS 7. DOWNED 8. MRS. HENRY 9. GOONIGHT NOW 10. CLOCK STRIKES TEN

  • spinalcrackerbox | Tuesday, November 03, 2009 | 11:46 am

Dear Wolfgangsvault, the correct venue is: The Bottom Line, New York & the correct date is still June 12, 1978

  • Dopeburger | Wednesday, November 04, 2009 | 11:26 am

Hey spinalcrackerbox, thanks for the input. We originally listed this show under the date/venue you suggest but, based on the audio, we decided this show could not have been recorded at the Bottom Line…the crowd noise, announcer, and Zander’s mic all indicate otherwise. Also, I believe we found out why this set was often mislabeled as the BL — it was broadcast with a BL Rockpile show and was so mistakenly assumed to have also been recorded there. Because they thank NYC, we narrowed it down to the Palladium in 77 or 78 and, thanks to recent help pinpointing this set as taking place in ’78, we’ve updated the date from ’77. It’s been a long, strange trip, but we’re pretty confident we’ve gotten to the bottom of this. thanks, pete

  • spinalcrackerbox | Sunday, November 22, 2009 | 2:59 am

Hi Pete, thanks for the message. I had always assumed that the original venue and date was correct and really hear a similar room feel compared to other BL recordings but I stand corrected. Have you ever found the rest of this show as obviously we have only selection of the full set here with many songs missing in between?
This is perhaps my favourite ever live recording, despite a lack of bass.

  • spinalcrackerbox | Sunday, November 22, 2009 | 4:05 am

Just to round out things, here’s the setlist for their Passaic, NJ show recorded in early December of ’78 (mostly listed as the 8th, also as the 5th – we only know for sure that CT played Calderone Hall in Hempstead, NY on the 9th as there is a ticket stub for this): 01 Hello There
02. Come On Come On
03. Stiff Competition
04. On Top Of The World
05. Guitar Solo
06. Big Eyes
07. Ain’t That A Shame
08. Southern Girls
09. Need Your Love
10. I Want You To Want Me
11. California Man
12. Surrender
13. Goodnight Now
14. Heaven Tonight.
15. Auf Wiedersehen
16. Clock Strikes Ten

  • Anonymous | Monday, November 23, 2009 | 11:01 am


Is it possible CT only played seven songs that night since thye were opening for The Cars? The Cars have a full show from the Palladium that same night. Seven songs still seems like a paltry set, but I just thought I’d throw that out there.

  • spinalcrackerbox | Sunday, December 13, 2009 | 5:51 am

Regarding CT only playing 7 songs and The Cars actually headlining: a.) I hear cuts between some songs: between 1. and 2. and 2. into 3. at least. b.) the ticket stub says:
Cheap Trick with The Cars – The Palladium (New York, NY) – September 22, 1978
So either it was a double bill or The Cars opened for CT but not the other way around.

  • spinalcrackerbox | Sunday, December 13, 2009 | 7:05 am

One more point to support my claim that this is not the complete show. CT’s setlist didn’t change much and in those early years “Come On, Come On” ALWAYS followed “Hello There”. They were more like a medley than two separate songs.

Footage from the after show party at the Palladium.


78 California Man was produced at the same time in 1979 as the Springsteen title Bruce Springsteen ’78 ACR 61. Copies of the CT title went out that contained one disc from the Springsteen set. I know, as I was one of the unlucky recipients of just such a set, ordered via the Pied Piper Catalog from Chapel Hill, NC. They did recall and exchange the sets though. Their next catalog talked about how they had left the running of the business to someone else, who hadn’t done such a good job, but now the real Pied Piper was back. Hmm, were they assembling albums as well? …  Funny that I still remember that but have forgotten infinitely more important details of my past life.


ACR 25

Bowie Live in Stockholm

DAVID BOWIE not in Stockholm and not in 1979: Gothenburg, Sweden 4 June, 1978

Unfortunately incomplete but with excellent audio quality, another great Bowie bootleg from Vickie Vinyl. “Warszawa” mislabeled as “Secret Life of Arabia” and “Sense of Doubt” present but not listed and neither listed nor present are the encores of the last three songs.

Complete concert set:

01. Warszawa
02. Heroes
03. What In The World
04. Be My Wife
05. The Jean Genie
06. Blackout
07. Sense Of Doubt
08. Speed Of Life
09. Breaking Glass
10. Fame
11. Beauty And The Beast
12. Five Years
13. Soul Love
14. Star
15. Hang On To Yourself
16. Ziggy Stardust
17. Suffragette City
18. Art Decade
19. Alabama Song
20. Station To Station
21. Stay
22. TVC 15
23. Rebel Rebel


Bowie Stockholm 79 b

Overstock copies of disc 1 supposedly exist with an insert called Live In Gothenburg but I did not find another image for this other than the small thumb nail on Bassmann’s Bowie bootlegs page.

In 1983, the 1980’s GLC label reissued this title with a corrected date:

Bowie Stockholm 78


ACR 52

Cars 78Cars 78 b

I do believe that the same venue mis-identification issue applies here that we saw on 78 CALIFORNIA MAN : The Bottom line tracks are actually from the New York Palladium, 22 September 1978 (this recording is also available at wolfgangsvault and with even more tracks than the CT recording (12)). The bad news is that the sound is not good on either side of this album. The worst part of 1970’s bootlegging was the general lack of care applied to the mastering part, to release mediocre and azimuth misaligned material when that was not really necessary.

Side 1 (NY Palladium):

The Good Times Roll / My Best Friends Girl  / Since I Held You  / Just What I Needed  / You’re All I’ve Got Tonight   

Compare here:

If you were interested in this show, you had made a much better choice picking up 59 STUDE’ (THE BACKSEAT ) on Excitable Recordworks, which had more songs and sounded much better too.

Side 2: (Boston Paradise Theater, 01 July 1978 – Suicide & The Cars, broadcast on WBCN):

Bye Bye Love  / The Nights Fast  / I’m In Touch with Your World  / Moving In Stereo  / All Mixed Up

Original set list:

01 intro 2:00
02 Let the Good Times Roll 3:48
03 Bye Bye Love 4:30
04 Night Spots 4:27 (announced as a “new one”)
05 My Best Friend’s Girl 4:00
06 Moving In Stereo 5:04
07 In Touch With Your World 4:00
08 Take What You Want 4:32
09 They Won’t See You [?] 4:26
10 You’re All I’ve Got Tonight 4:16
11 Just What I Needed 3:46
encore break 1:14
12 Doncha Stop 3:26
13 encore break 0:49
14 Hotel Queenie 3:16

total time: 53:42

This bootleg has it’s own in depth review page here:


ACR 61

Springsteen 78 xSpringsteen 78 b

Live broadcast from the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ – 19 September 1978. Misidentified city on the back cover – was this done intentionally to create an apparently different product from the Piece De Resistance box?

This is a new master, not just two of the Piece De Resistance discs sold in a new sleeve. I wonder which of the two came out first? Unfortunately there are no dates given on the site.

Side 1: Badlands / Streets Of Fire / Independence Day / Promised Land
Side 2: Racing In The Streets / Thunder Road / Meeting Across The River / Because The Night
Side 3: Kitty’s Back / Not Fade Away – She’s The One
Side 4: Backstreets / Rosalita

Springsteen 78 lbls

More individualized Ruthless Rhymes labels but who is Bruce “Sprinsteen”?


Two different pressings may be spotted looking at the matrix on the records:
Some have ACR 16 CHEAP-A // ACR 16-B // ARC 61-C Bruce // ACR 61-D
Others have ACR 61-A // ACR 61-B BRUCE // ARC 61-C BRUCE // ACR 61-D

Springsteen 78

Rolling Stones Stereo BabyFirst pressing on yellow/gold vinyl.

Rolling Stones Stereo Baby orange

Source: Madison Square Garden, New York – 27 June 1975 – last night of a six night sold out run at MSG. “June 27th was the final night of the six night run of shows at the Garden in the middle of the Tour Of The Americas.  Wanting to impress the New York crowd, the band invested these shows with tremendous amount of energy and each of the nights included the special encore of “Sympathy For The Devil.”  The strain from the week shows with Jagger’s raspy vocals and subdued theatrics.” []

Side 1:  Star Star [04:35] / Gimme Shelter [06:53] / Ain’t Too Proud to Beg [03:54] / Rip This Joint [03:33] / Cherry Oh Baby [05:55]
Side 2:  Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) [04:22] / Angie [05:13] / Wild Horses [06:28] / Sympathy For The Devil [06:20] 

Quality: Rated “Exs” & “Vgs”, audience recording

Rolling Stones Stereo Baby black

This LP was part of the Cherrie Oh Baby box set as well, which was mentioned in the previous R.S.V.P. 006 post.


Rolling Stones Stereo Baby RE

A recent re-issue on mcv


In 1980/1, more from this date appeared on these two single albums:

Rolling Stones Preserve F Future

Rolling Stones Preserve F Future red disc

Rolling Stones Preserve F Future red b

Side 1: intro [01:14] / Honky Tonk Women [05:36] / All Down The Line [03:51] / If You Can’t Rock Me [03:46] / Get Off Of My Cloud [03:53] / Star Star [05:06]
Side 2: Gimme Shelter [06:35] / Ain’t Too Proud to Beg [04:57] / You Gotta Move [04:30] / You Can’t Always Get What You Want [12:02]  

Rolling Stones Discover NY

Northern Records 1502 – Matrix: NORTHERN 1502/A GREAT,ISN’T IT?   1502/B WATCH FOR PART III!

Side 1:  Happy [03:24] / Tumbling Dice [05:11] / It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) [06:37] / Band intro [02:36] / Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) [04:13]
Side 2: Fingerprint File [09:11] / Cherry Oh Baby [07:26] / Angie [06:16] 

The tape cuts in right at the beginning of the “Fanfare For The Common Man” introduction leading into “Honky Tonk Women.”  Of course the audience cheers loudly at the mention of New York City.  “This one’s good.  If you can’t rock me…” Jagger says before “If You Can’t Rock Me/ Get Off Of My Cloud” and again the transition from the new song to the older one is flawless and a point of tremendous excitement.  Jagger introduces ”Star Star” by saying, “Welcome to the Garden and to New York.  We’re gonna do this song about a girl from New York.”

The audience become very rowdy during “It’s Only Rock And Roll” with several firecrackers exploding by the stage.  Before introducing the band a nervous sounding Jagger says, “Watch out with the cherry bombs, lads.  We had two girl’s asses get burned off with cherry bombs last night so don’t throw cherry bombs at girls asses, okay?”  Keith interjects by saying, “If you got to fuck them, fuck them.”  After excellent versions of “Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo” and “Fingerprint File” the band become adventurous and introduce a new song that hadn’t been recorded yet.   “Does anybody like reggae music?  I mean do you really like it?  Because if you do we’ll do some.  If you don’t like it we won’t do it.  Keith wrote this song that we do which we’d like to do, we’ll do it for you if you want.  It’s got a laid down and laid back feeling  and it’s really nice if we get it together.  We don’t know how to end it, so forgive the ending part.  You can end it yourself.”  This is only the second and final performance of the Black And Blue track on this tour.

The new song is followed by the “sad song” set and is followed by Billy Preston bringing down the house.  The intensity builds with one of the more diabolical versions of “Midnight Rambler” on record.  At about nine minutes into the track Jagger lets out a blood curdling scream which bounces off the walls of the Garden.  He didn’t usually use machines to help him perform vocal tricks (like Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant did in the seventies) so it could be a genuine effect.  Regardless, in this excellent sounding recording it has a powerful effect on the audience.  There is a giant explosion at the beginning of “Rip This Joint” which seems to distract the singer since he misses his opening cue.  Finally Carlos Santana joins the Stones and the Steel Association for a raucous version of “Sympathy For The Devil.”

This version is much tighter than the first night in New York with Eric Clapton and instead of offering a duplicate of the studio solo Santana plays riffs that blend nicely with the steel drums. ” []

Ron Wood Carlos S 75


Rolling Stones Hold On Tight 3 LP


Rolling Stones Hold On Tight 3 LP label

Rolling Stones Hold On Tight 3 LP back

Rolling Stones Hold On Tight 3 LP inner

1984 Concert Series Records
Matrix Numbers: CS-MSG75-1/2/3/4/5/6

Comments & Details:

The Original Hold On Tight [CD release] contains the first tape source that has only been available on vinyl.  It is almost complete with very clear, excellent sound quality.  It sounds as if it were taped very close to the stage and captures all of the dynamics of the performance.  The Billy Preston songs “That’s Life” and “Outa Space,” ”Brown Sugar,” “Midnight Rambler” from 4:30 to 4:37, and “Jumping Jack Flash” come from the second tape source available on the other compact disc releases.”

“… utilizing the original 3LP source which is a much brighter source to the Vinyl Gang tape source leveraged for their CD version, along with an alternate tape for the two BILLY PRESTON tracks towards the ending set…”

From a Japanese blog:
“hold on tight front hold on tight disc
Hold On Tight (CS-MSG-75) 3CDR transferred from 3LP
It is clear sound quality, but the pitch is fast, there is a hiss. Song order is changed, That’s Life, RipThis Joint, JJF is unreleased, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Midnight Rambler, Brown
There is a missing Sugar. Rip This Joint is supplemented from MSG performance June 24.

The Rolling Stones
June 27, 1975
Madison Square Garden. New York City, NY

audience audio (source #2)

main source: “Hold On Tight” 3 LP set > CD-R(1) > .wav (EAC, secure mode) > .flac (FLAC Frontend, level 6)
*: alt. source: “Hold On Tight” (VGP-255) original CD > CD-R

Disc 1:
1. Intro (Fanfare For The Common Man)
2. Honky Tonk Women
3. All Down The Line
4. If You Can’t Rock Me/Get Off My Cloud
5. Starfucker
6. Gimme Shelter
7. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
8. You Gotta Move
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Disc 2:
1. Happy
2. Tumbling Dice
3. It’s Only Rock n’Roll (But I Like It)
4. Band Introductions
5. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
6. Fingerprint File
7. Cherry Oh Baby
8. Angie
9. Wild Horses

Disc 3:
1. That’s Life (Billy Preston & The Rolling Stones) *
2. Outta Space (Billy Preston & The Rolling Stones) *
3. Brown Sugar *
4. Midnight Rambler
5. Rip This Joint
6. Street Fighting Man
7. Jumpin’ Jack Flash *
8. Sympathy For The Devil (featuring Carlos Santana)

The main source comes from the rare “Hold On Tight” 3 LP set. This source is different from the “Hold On Tight” VGP 3 CD set and uses a MUCH BETTER source recording. Sound quality is very good/excellent: upfront, crystal clear, well balanced and very little audience noise. At times this sounds more like a soundboard. This is one of the very best 70s audience recordings I”ve ever heard IMHO and I”m sure you”ll enjoy this one, not only because of the sound quality but also because of the band”s performance.
The only drawback is that two Stones songs are missing from the vinyl source (“Brown Sugar” and “Jumpin” Jack Flash”). These, as well as the two Billy Preston songs have been included from the alternate CD source to complete the set.
This is the last show of a multi-night stand at Madison Square Garden (6 shows in a row, June 22 through 27) and the fatigue is showing (Jagger sounds pretty hoarse) but they still manage to put on a great set which includes a nice version of “Cherry Oh Baby” which was only played twice during the “75 tour.


A bootleg based review of the 1975 North American Tour can be found here:


The original Rolling Stones article about the East Coast and New York shows can be read here:

Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour clear

Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour 2

Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour orange

First pressing on orange PVC and the infamous Von Grossenshush label, previously featured here.

Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour orange disc

Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour 4

The above German copy was either available on its own or as part of this 5 LP box set:

Rolling Stones Cherrie oh Baby boxrr

ROLLING STONES Cherrie oh baby Vol.1 The very best of the Glimmer Twins In Concert 1972-1976 3 LP BOX SET with 36 page booklet, on black or mcv + black vinyl.

Record 1 : Madison Square garden 1972
Record 2 : European Tour 1973
Record 3 : European Tour 1973
Record 4 : Madison Square garden 1975
Record 5 : Paris 1976

Rolling Stones Cherrie oB d 1Rolling Stones Cherrie oB d 2Rolling Stones CoB cv


Copied insert with added skull & cross bones:

Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour skull


A companion piece to the very first R.S.V.P. release RSVP 001: ROLLING STONES ”MICK TAYLOR … WE MISS YOU!”

Side 1  Sweet Virginia [04:43]# / Happy [02:54]$ / Love In Vain [06:17]# / Brown Sugar [03:23]% / Jumping Jack Flash [03:10]#
Side 2  Band intro [01:05]^ / Bye Bye Johnny [03:04]^ / You Can’t Always Get What You Want [07:27]# / Midnight Rambler [11:33]*  


# 24 June 1972 Tarrant County Convention Center (1st show), Fort Worth, TX
$ 21 July 1972 Spectrum Sports Arena (1st show), Philadelphia, PA
% 20 July 1972 Spectrum Sports Arena, Philadelphia, PA
^ 21 July 1972 Spectrum Sports Arena (2nd show), Philadelphia, PA
* 24 June 1972 Tarrant County Convention Center (2nd show), Fort Worth, TX


Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour alt

RS 4 July 72 JD

Jack Daniels on tour indeed (on top of the amp). Charlie and Keith on stage at Washington DC’s RFK Stadium on 4 July 1972 (image taken from this blog which has more quality shots:

Rolling Stones route '76 insert

Rolling Stones route '76 green 2

First pressing on green PVC.

Rolling Stones route '76 orange

Source: Knebworth Festival 21 August 1976; last Rolling Stones concert until 1978.            MATRIX: RSVP 005 A/B

Read all about it here:

Side 1: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [04:54] / Around And Around [03:54] / Little Red Rooster [04:34] / Let’s Spend the Night Together [04:57] / Dead Flowers [04:07]
Side 2: Route 66 [02:57] / Wild Horses [06:12] / Hand Of Fate [03:46] / Hot Stuff [05:00] / Fool to Cry [05:17] 

Quality: Good mono audience recording

Complete set list was:

1. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [05:03]
2. Ain’t Too Proud to Beg [04:24]
3. If You Can’t Rock Me [02:18]
3. Get Off Of My Cloud [04:25]
4. Hand Of Fate [04:11]
5. Around And Around [04:08]
6. Little Red Rooster [05:08]
7. Stray Cat Blues [05:11]
8. Hey Negrita [06:21]
9. Hot Stuff [05:39]
10. Fool to Cry [05:40]
11. Star Star [04:09]
12. Let’s Spend the Night Together [05:06]
13. You Gotta Move [04:31]
14. You Can’t Always Get What You Want [11:07]
15. Dead Flowers [04:31]
16. Route 66 [03:48]
17. Wild Horses [06:03]
18. Honky Tonk Women [03:17]
19. Country Honk [00:35]
20. Tumbling Dice [04:31]
21. Happy [03:51]
22. Nothing From Nothing [02:47]
23. Outa Space [03:55]
24. Midnight Rambler [13:43]
25. It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) [04:42]
26. Brown Sugar [03:43]
27. Rip This Joint [02:09]
28. Jumping Jack Flash [04:10]
29. Street Fighting Man [08:14]


Rolling Stones Knebworth Fair 2

It was then reissued under this title and on black vinyl only.



ca. 1979 saw the second Knebworth ’76 title:

Rolling Stones Tour Mop UP!

Rolling Stones Tour Mop UP! b

Rolling Stones Tour Mop UP! lbl

Allied Productions [082]
A 11082-A/B/C/D
Good Stereo Audience recording – is this a different audience source compared to the R.S.V.P. title?

Side 1   Honky Tonk Women [03:30] / Country Honk [00:23] / Tumbling Dice [04:25] / Nothing From Nothing [02:42] / Outa Space [04:24] / Midnight Rambler [13:19]
Side 2   (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [05:14] / Ain’t Too Proud to Beg [04:29] / If You Can’t Rock Me [02:17] / Get Off Of My Cloud [04:16] / Hand Of Fate [04:31] / Around And Around [03:48]
Side 3   Little Red Rooster [05:40] / Stray Cat Blues [05:11] / Hey Negrita [05:39] / Hot Stuff [05:10]
Side 4   It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) [01:40] / Brown Sugar [04:04] / Rip This Joint [02:04] / Jumping Jack Flash [04:16] / Street Fighting Man [06:17]  




Rolling Stones Stoned StonesRolling Stones Stoned Stones b

First edition on olive Chet Mar labels and black PVC – made in the US:

Rolling Stones Stoned Stones Chet Mar

Rolling Stones Stoned Stones Chet Mar lbl

Re-released in 1986 on blue & green PVC – European reissue, probably Italy and related to the SS matrix releases I had listed at the end of the RSVP 001: ROLLING STONES ”MICK TAYLOR … WE MISS YOU!” post:

Rolling Stones Stoned Stones blu gree

Apollo Record Co. [LP-786]
MATRIX: LP 786 A / B / C / D
Incorrect dates on back-cover for LP side D
Good to Very good Audience recording

Side 1  Around And Around [04:00] / Little Red Rooster [05:16] / Stray Cat Blues [05:01] / Let’s Spend the Night Together [05:13]
Side 2  Dead Flowers [05:13] / Route 66 [02:51] / Wild Horses [02:51] / Honky Tonk Women [03:24] / Happy [03:39] 

Side 4 [Soundboard recordings]

Hound Dog [02:14]            28 June 1978: Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN
Bye Bye Johnny [03:07]    26 July 1972: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY
Angie [04:37]                      17 October 1973: Forest Nationale (1st show), Brussels, Belgium
Let It Rock [02:38]              13 March 1971: University Of Leeds, Leeds, UK
Prodigal Son [02:46]         22 April 1979: Civic Auditorium (2nd show), Oshawa, Canada
Gimme Shelter [05:50]     09 September 1973: Empire Pool Wembley, London, England


1984 saw the appearance of this US made single LP:

Rolling Stones everybody's got to go

Also available with an alternative “check mark” promo insert, I’ve been told.

Rolling Stones everybody's got to go 2

everybody’s got to go (1 LP)
Great Live Concerts [RR-786]
MATRIX: RR-786-A // RR-786-B
Very Good to Excellent Stereo Audience recording

Side 1  Little Red Rooster [05:02] / Stray Cat Blues [05:11] / Route 66 [02:53] / Honky Tonk Women [03:16] / Happy [03:34]
Side 2  It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) [05:00] / Brown Sugar [03:12] / Rip This Joint [02:05] / Jumping Jack Flash [04:07] / Street Fighting Man [06:01] 


1985 saw a re-release of sides 2 & 3 of STONES TOUR MOP UP! (2 LP) Allied Productions [082] on this made in Germany bootleg:

Rolling Stones Look At My Face

Rolling Stones Look At My Face b

Track list is incorrect.

No Label [-]
MATRIX: R3-A / R-3-B
First released 1985 in black wax.
Same as side 2 &3 of “Stones Tour Mop Up!” (2LP) on Allied Productions

Side 1  (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [04:53] / Ain’t Too Proud to Beg [04:18] / If You Can’t Rock Me [02:33] / Get Off Of My Cloud [03:37] / Hand Of Fate [04:26] / Around And Around [04:05]
Side 2  Little Red Rooster [05:13] / Stray Cat Blues [05:15] / Hey Negrita [05:32] / Hot Stuff [05:18] 

First edition was on black PVC and a re-pressing on white and yellow PVC:

Rolling Stones Look At My Face white

Rolling Stones Look At My Face yel


dboots quotes a 1995 release date, while I have now been told this partial soundboard source made its debut in June of 1985 on this German release:

Rolling Stones Hot August Night orange + blu

Blue & white cover on  orange & blue and (dirty) white wax.

Rolling Stones Hot August Night white

Rolling Stones Hot August Night purple

The color cover version with purple & black and mcv

Rolling Stones Hot August Night mcv

Rolling Stones Hot August Night b

Hot August Night (2 LP)
The Amazing Kornyphone Rebirth Label [TAKRL KNEB 876]
Matrix: KNEB 876 – A Satisfaction Guaranteed ! // KNEB 876 – B Let The Good Times Roll ! // KNEB 876 – C It’s Hot ! // KNEB 876 – D You’ll surely get Satisfaction
Excellent soundboard quality in Stereo

Side 1  (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [04:53] / Ain’t Too Proud to Beg [04:12] / If You Can’t Rock Me [02:10] / Get Off Of My Cloud [04:15] / Hand Of Fate [03:45]
Side 2  Around And Around [04:22] / Little Red Rooster [04:00] / Hey Negrita [06:14] / Hot Stuff [05:08]
Side 3  Fool to Cry [06:01] / Star Star [04:09] / Let’s Spend the Night Together [05:13] / Route 66 [03:09]
Side 4  You Gotta Move [04:24] / You Can’t Always Get What You Want [11:11] / Dead Flowers [04:00] / Wild Horses [05:53]

Rolling Stones Hot August Night RE

A reissue



Dated 2009: “[Hot August Night vinyl] is supposed to have better sound then any of the CD releases of this historic show. I haven’t compared the sound but if midnrambler says it’s better, I believe him.
I especially like Hey Negrita from this show. It’s such a beautiful mess!

“The audience tapes are available on several LPs ranging from lousy to fairly good. Frustratingly the soundboard recording is incomplete, and the best version is on a rare German LP which also runs too fast [could that be everybody’s got to go ?]. Neither of the 2 videos is close to complete either. To get the entire 2.5 hour show you must obtain about 3 LPs/CDs, as everyone is missing something.”

Knebworth 76 Flyer

Rolling Stones HP&WP

Rolling Stones HP&WP 2

The originals pressed on at least these two color variations. Release date? 1976/77 I would say.

Source: Cologne, Sporthalle, Germany – Second (9 PM) show – 2 June 1976 – the 27th show on the tour. First, there was Welcome to Frankfurt now it’s “Welcome to Cologne”.

LP 1:
A1. Honky Tonk Women [03:40]
A2. If You Can’t Rock Me [02:14]
A3. Get Off Of My Cloud [03:24]
A4. Hand Of Fate [04:05]
A4. Hey Negrita [04:58]
B6. Ain’t Too Proud to Beg [04:09]
B7. Fool to Cry [05:34]
B8. Hot Stuff [05:07]
B9. Star Star [04:10]
B10. You Gotta Move [04:16]
LP 2:
A11. You Can’t Always Get What You Want [09:20]
A12. Band intro [01:25]
A13. Happy [03:06]
A14. Tumbling Dice [04:18]
A15. Nothing From Nothing [02:57]
A16. Outa Space [03:13]
B17. Midnight Rambler [11:05]
B18. It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) [04:46]
B19. Brown Sugar [03:43]
B20. Jumping Jack Flash + Jagger talking – both incomplete [02:03]

Quality rated “Vgm”

Comments: “Quality is quite a lot better than the VGP 2CD release, with the same title. But the VGP release includes “Jumpin Jack Flash” and “Street Fighting Man”, …”

While the 1st Cologne show is one of the best concerts of 1976, this 2nd show is…..well; it’s one of the worst, IMO. And it’s mostly due to Jagger. Sounds like he would have liked to be anywhere in the world, apart from being on the stage, singing Rolling Stones songs. Especially in the 1st half of the show. “If You Can’t Rock Me” for instance; used to be one of the highlights of 1975 and 1976. But this must be the worst version they ever delivered…..before 2002, that is.
But, the fact that Jagger is extremely bored also makes it a very interesting listen.”


Later re-issued as this title, which is much more common compared to the original editions:

Rolling Stones Happy Birthday Charlie 4

Rolling Stones Happy Birthday Charlie 2

Rolling Stones Happy Birthday Charlie 3

Rolling Stones Happy Birthday Charlie 3 lbl a

Rolling Stones Happy Birthday Charlie 3 lbl b

Also available with Ruthless Rhymes labels.


The first show was released on two vinyl boots in 1984/5:

The Rolling Stones
“Germany 76”

Cologne, Sporthalle
June 2, 1976 – 1st show – entire show

One of the absolute best shows of the (poor) European Tour 1976

Taken from 2 different vinyl releases of Cologne 1976 (1st show) – and somewhat BETTER sounding than the CD-releases of this show.
It’s a HOT show, by 1976 standards – and worth seeking out.

RS 020676 – limited edition of 200 copies on black & blue vinyl, released July 1985

Rolling Stones Germany 76

Rolling Stones Germany 76 b

Rolling Stones Germany 76 disc

Rolling Stones Germany 76 detail

Side 1:  Honky Tonk Women / If You Can’t Rock Me – Get Off Of My Cloud  / Hand Of Fate / Hey Negrita / Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
Side 2: Fool To Cry / Hot stuff / Star Star / You Gotta Move / Introduction / Happy Birthday Charlie / Happy
Side 3: Nothing From Nothing / Outta Space / Midnight Rambler
Side 4: It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll / Brown Sugar / Jumpin’ Jack Flash / Street Fighting Man


The Rolling Stones
“Eau de Cologne”

Cologne, Sporthalle
June 2, 1976 – 1st show

ATR 004, limited to 500 copies / first 50 copies are on colored Vinyl; released July 1984

Rolling Stones Eau de Cologne

Rolling Stones Eau de Cologne b
Side 1  Band intro [01:21]  / Happy [03:11]  / Nothing From Nothing [03:18]  / Outa Space [03:30] / Midnight Rambler [12:07] 
Side 2  It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) [04:48]  / Brown Sugar [04:12]  / Jumping Jack Flash [03:37]  / Street Fighting Man [06:14] 


RS Cologne 1st show ticketRS Cologne 1st show ticket b

RS Cologne 76 poster

First show added due to sufficient demand, causing Charlie to have to perform twice on his birthday.

RS Cologne 2nd show ticket

Ticket for the second performance still showing the originally planned show date.

Rolling Stones R ot Vaults

Gravestones 002

RSVP – 002 – A/B ; first issue on clear PVC

Side 1:

1. Ain’t That Loving You Baby [02:01]   8 Oct. 1964 ‘Rhythm And Blues’  BBC radio
2. Mona [02:13]
3. Don’t Ya Lie To Me [01:47]   (2&3) 3 Feb. 1964  ‘Saturday Club’, BBC radio
4. If You Need Me [02:02]   17 July 1964  ‘The Joe Loss Pop Show’
5. Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’) [01:46]   20 Aug. 1965  “Yeh Yeh!” BBC TV appearance
6. It’s All Over Now [03:00]   (same source as track 4.)
7. Little Red Rooster [01:44]
8. The Last Time [03:19]  (7&8) 2 May 1965  ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ CBS TV Studio, New York City, TV appearance

Side 2:
09. It Should Be You [01:21]   20 Nov. 1963  Regent Sound Studios, London, Studio Session*
10. Play with Fire [02:11]   20 May 1965  SHINDIG, Los Angeles, TV appearance
11. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love [02:13]   2 May 1965  ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ CBS TV Studio, New York City, TV appearance
12. You Better Move On [02:26]
13. Bye Bye Johnny [01:54]   (12&13) 3 Feb. 1964  ‘Saturday Club’, BBC radio
14. Beautiful Delilah [02:26]   8 Mach 1964  ‘Saturday Club’, BBC radio
15. Craw-Dad [05:25]   18 April 1965  L’Olympia, Paris, France

Comments: * ‘It Should Be You’, version 1 (in fact this track was nowhere else to be found other then on the ‘Black Album’ itself – all other available versions are versions 2 with different harmonies and a more ‘moderate’ vocal [This would have to apply to Rape Of The Vaults too then]

The other thing is that the ‘Black Album’ has a lot of ‘unique’ edits; basically songs ‘cut short’.



Rape of the Vaults 003

First pressing on green PVC

Side 1:

1. All Down The Line [04:37]  17 Oct. 1969  Elektra Studios, Los Angeles  (ac. guitar version)
2. Melody [03:37]   21 Jan. 1975  RS Mobile Record Studio, Rotterdam, Holland
3. Cocksucker Blues [03:19]   9 May 1970  RS Mobile Recording Studio, Stargroves, Newbury
4. Brown Sugar [03:58]   18 Dec. 1970  Olympic Sound Studios, London (w. Eric Clapton)
5. Slave (Black&Blue Jam) [01:53]  (see track 2.)                                                                                          6. Too Many Cooks

Side 2:
07. Exile On Main St. Blues [01:30]   28 March 1972  Sunset Sound Studios, Los Angeles
08. Silver Train [03:36]   25 Nov. 1972  Dynamic Sound Studios, Kingston, Jamaica (ac. guitar outtake)
09. Parachute Woman [02:25]
10. You Can’t Always Get What You Want [04:19]   (9&10) 10 Dec. 1968 Intertel Studios, London, (Rehearsal for Rock’n Roll Circus)
11. Cherry Oh Baby [03:38]  7 Dec. 1974  Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany
12. Ruby Tuesday [03:10]   8 Nov. 1966  Olympic Sound Studios, London (outtake)
14. Sure The one you need [04:53]   6 June 1975  Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO (poor)


Both albums were then combined as a double:

Rolling Stones RotV+ Gravest

Mostly found on black PVC with Dragonfly, Ruthless Rhymes or these labels:



Idle Mind also produced their own re-releases of the classic TMoQ title Beautiful Delilah:

1. on multi-colored vinyl:

Rolling Stones Beautiful Delilah mcv

This same speckled pressing was also used in one of the versions of Black Box (see below).

2. New personalized insert with monkey logo and on black PVC:

Rolling Stones Beautif Del el monkey

Rolling Stones Beautif Del el monkey lbl

If this was number 5 in a series, what were the other releases?


Finally, combined with TMoQ’s Beautiful Delilah (71021) and sold as the Black Box around 1978:

The “Black Box” title – the working title for the project that ended up being released as the Metamorphosis album, as recounted in the 1976 book “The Rolling Stones an illustrated record by Roy Carr”.

LP 1: 1835 A/B & RS-A/B These are the matrix numbers for TMoQ’s “Beautiful Delilah”
S1 – Memphis Tennessee / Roll Over Beethoven / Down In The Bottom / You Can Make It If You Try / Route 66 / Confessin’ The Blues / Down The Road Apiece / High Heeled Sneakers / Beautiful Delilah
S2 – Carol / I Just Wanna Make Love To You / The Spider And The Fly / Cry To Me / Fanny Mae / Walking The Dog / Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Promo Video Version)

LPs 2 & 3 – Rape Of The Vaults & Gravestones

Rolling Stones Black Box sealed

Rolling Stones Black Box sealed 2

Above: Sealed boxes


Rolling Stones Black Box card

The first numbered pressing ran to at least 300 numbered copies. It looks as if a later re-pressing included one colored disc:

Rolling Stones Black Box red

Rolling Stones Black Box b b mcv

Rolling Stones Black Box goodies

Rolling Stones Black Album

Later European repressing made in Italy, part of the SS series mentioned at the end of the Mick Taylor We Miss You R.S.V.P. 001 post: Black Album SS 7

Rolling Stones Mick Taylor We Miss You 2

Contrary to what dbboots writes, not a European release from the Netherlands.

Vicky Vinyl loved the Stones – and putting out Stones titles – so much, that she created her own side label, entirely dedicated to them: Rolling Stones Vinyl Product (RSVP) (It should be noted that Welcome To Frankfurt is also listed as RSVP 1/2 – as in 0.5).

Rolling Stones MTWMY NFC Ed

The “Norwegian Fan Club” edition on red wax and with printed cover is actually the first pressing.

Matrix: RSVP – 001 – A/B

Insert versions were released with at least five different labels:

A. Custom

Rolling Stones Mick Taylor We Miss You lbl

B. Dragonfly

Rolling Stones MTWMY dragonfly

C. Ruthless Rhymes; D. blank; E. EEC

Side 1: Brown Sugar [03:25]  / Bitch [03:59]  / Don’t You Lie To Me [02:19] ^ / Rip This Joint [02:10] ^/ Rocks Off [03:49]  / Gimme Shelter [05:29] 

All unmarked songs recorded live at the first show at the Philadelphia Spectrum, 21 July 1972, except for the songs marked ^, recorded at the Tarrant County Convention Center (2nd show) in Fort Worth, TX, 24 July 1972.


Side 2: All Down The Line [04:07]  / Tumbling Dice [04:19]  / Street Fighting Man [03:57]  / Uptight – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [05:33] (w. Stevie Wonder)

The first song is from the first show at the Philadelphia Spectrum, 21 July 1972 as well; the next two are again from Tarrant County Convention Center (2nd show) in Fort Worth, TX, 24 July 1972 and the final song from the second show at the Philly Spectrum on 21 July 1972.

Mick Jagger and Stevie Wonder Singing

Image by © Bettmann/Corbis


Rolling Stones MTWMY RE

A later reissue made in Italy with Heawy Sound Records labels. Matrix: SS9 A/B; Songs listed on the back cover are the same as on the RSVP original.


SS matrix numbers can be found on several Stones, Dylan and Springsteen re-pressings from Italy made in the 1980s:

Springsteen Hallenstadion Zürich SS 3
Springsteen Demo Tapes (copy) SS 5
Black Album SS 7
Stones Mundialito ’82 SS 11
Springsteen New York Palladium SS 12
Springsteen Live In Philadelphia Vol. 2 SS 13
Springsteen Luther SS 19
Springsteen Boston Breaker SS 30


Young & Old 2Young & OldYoung The-Last-Album GLCOriginally released in late 1974/early 1975 with these two front and back inserts.


Young N GLC Bakersfield

A reissue of the following titles: The Last Record Album (TAKRL 1917) and Contrabands‘s Neil Young & Crazy Horse (CBM 3940)


Since we are on the topic of Neil Young bootleg vinyl, I believe Vicky Vinyl can be credited for at least re-pressing this one as well (it seems that it still is not entirely clear who was responsible for the GLC titles – I always assumed it was Ken – GLC certainly did a lot of reissues):

Young N young and old

Young N young n old

Young N young n old RR

Side 1: Sugar Mountain / Sweet Joni / Look Out Joe / Time Fades Away / Don’t Be Denied         
Side 2: New Mama / Last Dance / Southern Man         
Side 3: Down By The River / Broken Arrow / The Loner         
Side 4: Introductions / Downtown / I’m Wondering / It Might Have Been / Sugar Mountain / Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere / Winter Long