Saturated Recordworks

Rolling Stones Lacerated

Side 1:
1. Let It Rock [02:25]*
2. All Down The Line [04:17]+
3. Honky Tonk Women [03:48]+
4. Miss You [08:14]*

Side 2:
1. Respectable [03:29]+
2. Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) [07:20]*
3. Shattered [05:01]^
4. Happy [03:10]*

Side 3:
1. Love In Vain [06:07]*
2. Tumbling Dice [05:53]*
3. When The Whip Comes Down [05:19]*

Side 4:
1. Brown Sugar [04:04]+
2. Beast of Burden [06:38]+
3. Hound Dog [02:15]^
4. Jumping Jack Flash [06:24]+  

* Detroit, MI, Masonic Temple Auditorium, July 6, 1978
+ Houston, TX, Sam Houston Coliseum, July 19, 1978
^ Memphis, TN, Mid-South Coliseum, June 28, 1978

[11 songs from Memphis and 16 from the Detroit show can be listened to on the website.]

“Excellent Stereo Soundboard recording. Some tracks with amazing Stereo separation.
Re-released as “A Summer Romance With The Rolling Stones” (Saturated Recordworks 25-706).

Rolling Stones Lacerated b

The re-release on Saturated Recordworks using the same color cover as the Slipped Disc title that had tracks from Memphis and Passaic, NJ:

Rolling Stones A Summer Romance w t

Rolling Stones A Summer Romance w t. b

Rolling Stones A Summer Romance w. t. lbl

Slipped Disc RS 1100:

Rolling Stones A Summer Romance

Side 1: Let It Rock/ All Down The Line/ Honky Tonk Women/ Starfucker*/ Miss You
Side 2: Just My Imagination/ Lies*/ Shattered/ Sweet Little Sixteen*/ Hound Dog/ Respectable
Side 3: Beast Of Burden/ When The Whip Comes Down/ Love In Vain
Side 4: Tumbling Dice/ Happy/ Brown Sugar/ Jumping Jack Flash

Memphis, TN, June 28 1978; Exs
* Passaic. NJ, June 14 1978; Exm

Only 400 reported to exist as the rest of the run was seized.

[A bit of a low point for ZAP cover design imho.]

It was then reissued as part of the 900 series (omitting the last track on side 1 on the cover list):

And one more time on Saturated Recordworks under this new title:

From a torrent description:

1976-03-20 [see comment below]
Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA
liberated bootleg “Alien”, Saturated Recordworks

02-Bloody Well Right
03-Sister Moonshine
04-Ain’t Nobody But Me
07-A Soap Box Opera

VG+/EX sound on this. Sounds like soundboard to me. Nothing was done to edit,
equalize, or else tamper with this sound. It comes directly from the vinyl LP
“Alien”. Some clicks and surface vinyl noise remain. The cover says “recorded
on the 1976 tour of the United States”, but I did some searching and found the
above date listed for this bootleg and I assume it’s correct.

Regarding the date, March 20 ’76 is usually quoted, even on the breakfastinspain Supertramp aficionados website, however, I believe that this date is wrong and I present exhibit A:

Either March 31 or April 1 1976 seems to be the correct date. This is not from a KBFH broadcast.

I would often see this European LP in the summer of 1978 when I started to develop a keen interest in the bootleg vinyl dealer that showed up at the local Saturday flea market. Hot Wacks states that this was copied from the ZAP title (in a poetic justice reversal of the usual events):