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Beatles LiveinGermany Marc EP

Beatles LiGermany Marc EP b

Beatles LiGermany lbl

As far as I know, this was the only EP MARC Records ever produced.

With the exception of “Baby’s in Black”, which was probably left off for space reasons, the track list is identical with side 1 of the 1972 Contraband bootleg live in europe & us tv casts (named “Germany 1966” on the title label) (CBM 3571) and side 2 of the 1976 ZAP release MUNICH AT LEAST  (ZAP 7870)

All three bootlegs likely used various generations of  the same off-line source, recorded off a TV speaker on 5 July 1966, the original broadcast date on German TV. Since this material has now been available from the soundboard source for decades already, an A/B comparison would be a superfluous exercise examining various degrees of distortion and hiss, probably.

The vinylegs website has a comment linking this EP with the Welcome The Beatles Marc release, however, this is incorrect and the EP cover art lists the correct date and location.

As I wrote in this previous post that gave some background information, the broadcast included performances from the afternoon and the evening show.

Listen to the crude edit between “She’s a Woman” & “Baby’s in Black” – why did they leave this short bit?


Michigan native Suzan Kay “Suzi” Quatro joined her sister’s band The Pleasure Seekers in 1964, formed after watching the Beatles on TV. She owes her rock star compatible name to her Italian grandfather and the immigration officers, who shortened it from “Quattrocchi”. She moved to England in 1971, where producer Mickie Most was looking for another female rock artist to follow the recently departed Janis Joplin. Her second single in May of 1973, the Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn composition “Can The Can” became a big hit in Europe, Australia and Japan.

Quatro’s legacy and lasting impact on later female rockers, such as Chrissie Hynde, The Runaways & especially Joan Jett and Talking Head’s Tina Weymouth is undisputed, far transcending the “fairground smash” character of her greatest hits. To this day, when I see a woman in leather, I think “Suzi Qatro”.

Suzi spent spring and summer of 1975 touring the US, opening for Alice Cooper on his Welcome To My Nightmare tour and embarked on her first Japan tour in October.

Quatro S Japan Tour 75

Her last date in Tokyo was recorded and pressed as Marc Record’s first release in 1976.

Quatro CAfSuzi! 3

Quatro CAfSuzi! detail

Quatro CAfSuzi! b detail

Quatro CAfSuzi! lbl detail

Vicki Vinyl copied Marc’s title in 1977 with a “sexed up” cover and title, that in retrospect has to be one of the best ever (see below) and pressed its first issue on red, blue and yellow PVC. This would remain the only the only Suzi Quatro vinyl bootleg.

Quatro NUL yel
Quatro S Naked Under Leather blue
Quatro S NUL b

Quatro S NUL red
Quatro S Naked Under Leather bl


The bootleg’s title was later chosen by former Runaway’s member Victory Tischler-Blue for her 2005 documentary:

SUZI QUATRO – COME ALIVE FOR SUZI 75111 rec. 19 Oct ’75


QUEEN – KIMONO MY PLACE LIVE! 75122 rec. 1 May ’75

WINGS – ROCK SHOW ’75 TW-76011 rec. 13 November ’75

QUEEN – LAZING ON A SUNDAY EVENING 76042 rec. 4 April ’76

DEEP PURPLE – GET IT WHILE IT TASTES 76045 rec. 15 Dec ’75



RORY GALLAGHER – SOUPED UP RORY! 76056 rec. 2 March ’76

BEATLES – WELCOME THE BEATLES  76057   previously presented here

QUEEN – INVITE YOU TO A NIGHT AT THE BUDOKAN 76059 rec. 31 March/ 1 April ’76


DAVID BOWIE – DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL 76072 rec. 7 May ’76

CAMEL – LUNACY IN THE MAD MOONLIGHT 76074 rec. 2 April ’76


MARC Records appeared in early 1976 just as OG had closed up shop. MARC took advantage of the current Japan tours by popular Western artists, as well as UK performances in early ’76 and really managed to shorten the time between recording and finished product in a way that previously only Contraband in the US had managed. With appealing cover art and decent sound quality, many of their releases remain desirable to collectors until this day.

Deep Purple Live In Concert II

Deep Purple Live In Concert

Likely the first Japanese Deep Purple bootleg and one of the first Japanese bootlegs made.

From the auction texts:


“Without doubt, rarest Deep Purple live LP from Japan. Released in early ”70s

 in very limited edition, this is first Deep Purple private pressing live LP from Japan (older than Back To Rock OG press)…Plain white cover, small title/song listing sticker on front. Black fake “Kustom Rekords” label. Matrix number: machine typing ASC001.

Ultra rare vintage Japanese original pressing live LP. Released in early ’70s in micro quantity (100 or less) , very obscure LP even in here.  

Plain white cover + small title sticker paste on. Black/silver printed KUSTOM REKORDS/H BOMB on label.

Machine typing ASC-001 matrix on dead wax.
Sold over $200 in the past, […].”



About the original – the very first release on the Kustom Records label:
– DEEP PURPLE H-BOMB – # ASC-001; matrix numbers on vinyl: side1: 2001-A/B

“This is the original LP pressing from 1970-1971. It has a picture sleeve which has a plain white back. It comes with its original plain paper inner sleeve. The record is pressed on thick vinyl & has grooved labels.”

“The second pressing [of the European bootleg Space Vol. 1/2] was called “H-Bomb”, which a more professionally produced single album which lacked “Mandrake Root” and also had slight edits to the other songs. “

Side 1: Black Night / Paint it Black

Side 2: Wring That Neck (edited)

Source: Live in Aachen, 11 July 1970, soundboard


deep-purple h-bombdeep-purple h-bomb b

DeepPurple H Bomb KDeep Purple HB stamp Kust

More info on the different Aachen vinyl releases can be found here.

Led Zep Live@Budokan NOG 72Led Zep Live@Budokan NOG 72 lbl

Japan, discogs has this listed as 1976 but I have a feeling this was made later, maybe as late as 1979.

I am not claiming that this was produced by the same people that produced the original OG releases, as this seems to have been made several years after OG decided to call it quits in 1975, this may just be a homage.


NEW OG 1149-50 A-B
Recording: Very good stereo audience. Comments: Same material as LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN (Remember N5518) but in a different order plus “The Rain Song”. Comes with an article about the concert from a Japanese magazine.

Led Zep Live@Budokan 72 ins
Matrix: (Side A machine stamped): OG 1149 A 〄 a 19223 (A) 1H
            (Side B machine stamped): OG 1149 B 〄 a 19224 (B) 1H
            (Side C machine stamped): OG 1150 A 〄 a 19225 (A) 1H
            (Side D machine stamped): OG 1150 B 〄 a 19226 (B) 2J


Monday, 2nd of October 1972 – Tokyo Budokan

Source # 1: “Band Announcements, Rock And Roll [ 3:37 ], Over The Hills And Far Away [ 5:22 ], Out On The Tiles Intro [ 0:12 ] >> Black Dog [ 4:41 ], [ cut ], Misty Mountain Hop [ 4:32 ] >> Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 7:07 ], Dancing Days [ 3:20 ], Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp [ 4:23 ], The Song Remains The Same [ 5:14 ] >> The Rain Song [ 7:11 ], [ cut ], Dazed And Confused (<< The Crunge..) [ 20:55 ], [ cut ], Stairway To Heaven [ 8:59 ], [ cut ], Whole Lotta Love (<< Just A Little Bit, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Boogie Chillun, My Baby Left Me, Killing Floor, I Can’t Quit You Baby..) [ 21:17 ], [ cut ], Heartbreaker (<< Bouree..) [ 6:00 ], [ cut ], Immigrant Song [ 3:46 ] >> Communication Breakdown [ 4:17 ], [ cut ], Band Announcements [ cut ].
Source: Almost complete very good to excellent 1st audience recording. 126 minutes.
Details: The tape contains rather little hiss and is recorded very close to the stage with all the instruments well balanced and with genuine clarity. The only drawback of this source is the bass line, which sounds a bit mushed.”

Bootleg LP Reference(s) source 1: The Final Option (Rock Solid Records & The Swingin’ Pig Records), Live At The Budokan (Remember), Live At Budokan 72 (New OG), Live In Tokyo 10/2/72 (Amazing Stork & Toasted Records), & Live In Tokyo Oct. 2-3 1972 Budokan Big Hall (LLX 1233-4-5-6)


Remember version (Japan):

Led Zep Budokan RemLed Zep Budokan Rem bLed Zep Budokan Rem lbl

Also exists with red labels.


LLX version (Japan – supposedly, every copy had its own unique cover):

Led Zep Live in Tokyo LLXLed Zep Live in Tokyo LLX b


 Toasted Records & Amazing Stork versions:

Led Zep Tokyo white backLed Zep Tokyo

Led Zep Tokyo Amaz StLed Zep Tokyo Amaz St b


The Final Option (mother of all bootleg 70 LP) box:

Led Zep TFO



And this was our visit of Japan’s first identifiable bootleg label. Hats off to the Japanese pioneers. Next up is Marc Records.

Led Zeppelin LIVE Osaka IILed Zeppelin LIVE Osaka bside.oneLZ live lbl 1side.twoLZ live lbl 2

Japan: 1975. Listed as an OG release by the Japanese collector I had quoted under the LZ OG double album and I do agree with this, despite no OG – or any other number – being used on the label or cover.

The majority of this release comes from the second Osaka concert on Monday, the 9th of October 1972

Source # 1: Recording Includes: [ supposed to be not recorded: Band Announcements ] Rock And Roll [ 3:38 ], Out On The Tiles Intro [ 0:13 ] >> Black Dog [ 5:01 ], Over The Hills And Far Away [ 5:49 ], Misty Mountain Hop [ 4:35 ] >> Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 7:23 ], Dancing Days [ 3:26 ], The Song Remains The Same [ 5:15 ] >> The Rain Song [ 7:24 ], [ cut ], Dazed And Confused (<< Down By The River, The Crunge..) [ 26:57 ], Stairway To Heaven [ 9:23 ], Moby Dick [ 15:43 ], [ cut ], Whole Lotta Love (<< Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Something’s Got A Hold On Me, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Leave My Woman Alone, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, Heartbreak Hotel, Wear My Ring Around Your Neck, Going Down Slow, The Shape I’m In..) [ 28:57 – cut ], [ cut ], Stand By Me [ 6:14 ], Immigrant Song [ 3:36 ].
Source: Incomplete very good 1st audience recording. 143 minutes.
Details: Clear recording. Page’s guitar is fairly prominent in this source but it doesn’t overwhelm the other instruments. There is some hiss though. [all detailed comments taken from]

Bootleg LP Reference(s) source 1: Dedicated To John Henry Bonham (no label), LIVE (no label), & My Brain Hurts (Idle Mind Productions, Jester Productions & LXXXIV Series)

“Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” was taken from the first Osaka concert on the 4th, I suspect the following might apply here: “1st source, taped by Yoshiaki Sumitomo (speed issues in few places – he also recorded Osaka October 4th, 1972 1st source)”


This release was copied by Vicky Vinyl ca. ’76/’77 as MY BRAIN HURTS (with a wrong month in the sub-title):

Led Zep My Brain Hurts red

More information and images can be found here.


Led Zep Crunge pic sleeve

1973 Japan 45

Queen ABA LQueen Aprilfool OG 860Queen Now I'm here OG-877

49 mins and 41 seconds of Queen’s very first concert in Japan

Side 1 has: Procession; Now I’m Here / White Queen / Doing All Right / In The Lap Of The Gods / Killer Queen / The March Of The Black Queen / Bring Back That Leroy Brown

Side 2: Stone Cold Crazy / In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited / Big Spender / Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll / Jailhouse Rock / See What A Fool I’ve Been / God Save The Queen

I assume “Modern Times Rock’n Roll” was omitted due to an oversight on the side 2 label of the reissue but is actually present on the LP.

From, confirming the micro-quantities pressed by OG: “This was released in 1975 not long after the show. It was the first Queen bootleg released in Japan, and is one of the most valuable Queen bootlegs of them all.

Less than 100 copies of the “Aprilfool” version exist, and under 30 copies of the “Now I’m Here” version exist.

This recording captures a fair chunk of the show, with a few seamless edits between songs. The quality improves on side B, beginning with Stone Cold Crazy.”


Two audio sources for this concert exist and they have been merged by collectors to create the best-sounding recording possible.

 * Source 1 – “A Beautiful Album” > WAV (GoldWave pitch/speed correction on side A)
** Source 2 -: AUD -> Master cassette (Columbia C120SP low noise cassette tape)

Set list:

01. Procession [cut] **/*
02. Now I’m Here *
03. Ogre Battle **
04. Father To Son **/*
05. White Queen */**
06. Flick Of The Wrist **/*
07. Doing All Right *
08. In The Lap Of The Gods *
09. Killer Queen *
10. The March Of The Black Queen *
11. Bring Back That Leroy Brown */**
12. Son And Daughter [tape flip] **
13. Band Introduction **
14. Keep Yourself Alive **
15. Seven Seas Of Rhye **
16. Stone Cold Crazy *
17. Liar **
18. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited *
19. Call for an encore **
20. Big Spender *
21. Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll *
21. Jailhouse Rock *
22. Call for an encore **
23. See What A Fool I’ve Been *
24. God Save The Queen *


1975-04-19 TokyoQueen75tix11975 Japan Tour program



Well. not really as I don’t want to bore you with the details that have nothing to do with this blog’s topic. Just reporting back that there are very few vinyl stores in Malaysia and Singapore and no vinyl bootlegs to be found (not that I expected that). I came across the only record store on the island of Penang (it’s in the Pacific Mall next to Komtar) in Georgetown. They even had a record cleaning machine imported from Germany, which cost a fortune. I was informed that a used record cost 120 MYR – an incredible 30 Euros / US$ 33 based on today’s exchange rate!

Singapore has a few vinyl places. The first one was in the mall  next to the food stalls up from Joo Chiat complex (bus # 24 from the airport takes you there). Records averaged a whooping S$60 or US$44. Many Japanese pressings, as expected and a few local ones. While browsing there I was informed about another store, Red Point Record Warehouse, which is only two MRT stops away. A most unusual store located on the top floor of a former factory building, not easy to find. They were cheaper but the focus is more on Asian records. Huge 70’s speakers producing excellent sound reminding me of the evolution in IT from room-filling mainframes to today’s much more compact servers. While there, I was given the card to a store near Kuala Lumpur: Teenage Head Records in Selangor. Unfortunately, I was headed way East away from Singapore. Another store that carries vinyl in Sin city remains to be explored next time (they are closed Mondays, which thankfully I found out via Google maps): Zenn Records in the Bedok part of town (the proprietor developed his own record cleaning machine using centrifugal power to remove the fluid and collected gunk and claims it stacks up with the best of them – I would love to see that).

Finally, I don’t like to gloat but I managed to catch the great Andy Summers doing a Q & A following the screening of his new documentary “Can’t Stand Losing You – Surviving The Police” in Manhattan. A really nice guy, hard to believe his 72 now (plenty of young kids in the mufti-plex staring and trying to figure out who this guy was we were all queueing up to meet). Was just a short while ago he headlined Dodger Stadium & Tokyo Dome, etc with Stuart & Sting. I didn’t ask him about Police bootlegs, don’t think that is a great conversation starter in most cases and bootlegs didn’t really play such a dominant role in their careers, imho.

For me, it was a reminder of what an influential guitarist he is and personally how much music meant to me 35 years ago and still does, I guess, as the blog shows.


Andy Summers 03 21 15