The San Francisco All Stars



FC 005 and 012, released some time apart, ca. 1980/81, also possibly released as a double set. Reportedly, 300 copies pressed per volume, which is what I would suspect was Flying Horses’ pressing size for their lesser known artists and explains why these are so hard to find now.

Cover states: Pastime Pub, Amityville, NY, 20 May 1979

Vol. 1:

Side 1:  Baby I’m Amazed (8:00) / When The Night is Young (7:00) / Carmelita (3:00)
Side 2:  Fever Dream (5:30) / Love Has Strange Ways (6:40) / Back in My Baby’s Arms (3:35) / How I’m Gonna Love You (5:05)

Vol 2:

Side 1:  Back In The Moonlight (4:00) / Family Reunion (7:00) / What You Gonna Do (8:05)
Side 2:  All Worth the Price You Pay (11:10) / Crazy Mama (8:50)

For set lists, see here:

 “They have no official release but two Italian vinyl bootlegs exist – recorded live at the Pastime, Amityville, N.Y., May 20, 1979. […] Although the album’s sound quality is not always the best it is a lot of fun to hear these guys play live.”

John Cipollina    Lead Guitar, vocals
Mario Cipollina    Bass
Buddy Cage    Pedal Steel
Joey Covington    Drums
Steve Lowe    Guitar, vocals