Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young

CSNY Ohio 3



CSNY Ohio lbl A


If you have better quality images for the insert and one for the label B-side, please leave a comment.

USA: 1971/2

Source: Big Sur, CA music festival staged by the Esalen institute the weekend of September 13 & 14, 1969 (plus one pirated track), as detailed in this extensive previous post found by clicking here

A straight copy of the Snoopy Records release with the same name, easily recognizable by the track list WCF added. The WCF version is not that common.


CSNY Ohio lbl


Are there really two versions of “Find The Cost Of Freedom” on this version?


This insert was used by WCF and Contraband. Both bootleggers used almost identical numbers. The Contraband release comes (at least) with pirate or blank labels (shown below):

** back to WCF:

USA: 1971

Source: Second show at the L.A. Forum, 26 June 1970. Part of this show was released on the official live album 4 Way Street

This material had appeared first on this 1970 Rubber Dubber release:

It took CSNY and Atlantic Records nine months to compile and finish a live album from the shows they had recorded in June and early July of 1970. I bet Rubber Dubber’s much faster to market release did cause some ripples. Rolling Stone specifically mentioned it in a October 14th 1971 article titled “Feds Are Leaning On Bootleggers”: “CSN&Y’s 4 Way Street followed on the heels of a highly successful bootleg, which many argue was of better quality than the company released product.”

HOTWACKS were a bit sloppy when listing the different versions. Rubber Dubber’s has no quality rating but the CBM copy is rated ‘Vgm’ without any reference to it being a copy of the former. WCF’s version was not listed. I do believe that WCF’s copy came before CBM’s.


Other versions:

  • LID Records, which may also have been a WCF product:

  • the ABSTRACT RECORDS version:

  • the Japan JL series copy JL 506 with a printed cover:

I don’t think I have posted these yet. First released by Dub on TMOQ in February of 1973 late 1971 – as a companion piece to Crosby Nash’s “A VERY STONEY EVENING” – and subsequently copied by CBM on the East Coast after that.

The original:

Led Zep G T Cali 1stCrosby-Nash Stoney Evening 2

The copies:

Led Zep GTC 2

Led Zep G 2 Cali CBM 3713

Led Zep GTC



Side 1: Immigrant Song (3:53)/ Heartbreaker medley incl. Bouree (7:38)/ Since I’ve Been Loving You (6:46)/ Out On The Tiles Intro-Black Dog (5:29)
Side 2: Dazed And Confused medley (20:58) incl. Back In The USA
Side 3: Stairway To Heaven (8:59)/ That’s The Way (6:06)/ Going To California (5:09)
Side 4: Whole Lotta Love medley (24:13) incl. Just A Little Bit, Boogie Chillun, Hello Mary Lou, My Baby Left Me, Mess O’ Blues, You Shook Me, The Lemon Song

Recording: Very good stereo audience. Source: Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, California Sept. 14 ’71. Comments: US bootleg. Not from LA Forum. Available on colored vinyl with numbered labels. Also available on following US labels: Contraband Music CBM 3713, Raring and Mammary Productions. At last there are also another two TMOQ pressings. One with deluxe cover with depicting band on a flying pig and another with insert and colored vinyl. Rereleased on US label Box Top on colored vinyl. Part of THE FINAL OPTION and TRADE MARK OF QUALITY YEARS box sets.


We will revisit this recording when the blog takes on the TMOQ output – I have excellent images for the variations of this title.


ZAP 7885: Archipelago / SIN CITY SOCIAL : K&S 001 – Updated ZAP image

Vicky Vinyl’s Mushroom Records Reissue Series – Part 1 – 3 images added for Led Zep’s Blueberry Hill + 1 for Neil Young

ZAP 7867: LED ZEPPELIN  ‘On Stage In Europe 1975’ / ‘EARLS COURT’ :LZL 19775 + I.M.P. 1107 – 3 images added

Following their appearance at Woodstock, a week long residency at the Greek Theater in L.A. and before four nights at the Fillmore East in New York, the band played another festival, the annual Big Sur, CA music festival staged by the Esalen institute the weekend of September 13 & 14, 1969. This year, the proceedings were filmed for a documentary, which had its premiere on April 9th 1971 in New York.


CSNY performed on both days:

September 13:  Suite: Judy Blue Eyes / Blackbird / Helplessly Hoping / Guinnevere / Lady Of The Island / Birds / 4 + 20 / You Don’t Have To Cry / Pre-Road Downs / Long Time Gone / Bluebird Revisited / Sea Of Madness / Wooden Ships / Down By The River

CSNY Big Sur 69

September 14:  Suite: Judy Blue Eyes / Pre-Road Downs / Long Time Gone / Bluebird Revisited / Sea Of Madness / Wooden Ships / Down By The River

The movie soundtrack contained the following CSNY selections:

“Sea of Madness”
“4 + 20” – Stills solo performance
“Down By the River” [incomplete]


As the bootlegs have significantly more, and in the case of “Down By The River”, complete performances and the audio quality is pretty good, the source was likely a pre-production soundboard tape for the documentary; although also mentions a tape “possibly from a radio broadcast”.

Looking at the vinyl bootlegs that appeared ca. 1971, we can find two distinct versions – those that include the officially released version of “Ohio” – TMOQ’s 71013 Ohio Wooden Nickel [which also adds a live version of “Find The Cost Of Freedom” from an unknown source] and Ohio on Snoopy Records [which also added the studio version of “Teach Your Children”]  – and those that do not: Bluebird Live on Dittolino, Wooden Nickel on Canyon Records and the CBM copy. states that out of these, TMOQ’s Ohio Wooden Nickel was the first release.


CSNY Ohio Wooden Nickel brown

CSNY Ohio Wooden Nickel insert

This is the best image I could find of the insert, which, unless I’m mistaken, came only  with later re-issues. Anyone have a better and complete one?

TMOQ track list: Side 1:  Ohio (Studio) / Guinevere (September 13) / Birds (Sept. 13) / 4 & 20 (Sept 13) / You Don’t Have To Cry (Sept. 13) / Suite To Judy Blue Eyes (Sept. 14)     
Side 2:   Find The Cost Of Freedom (?) / Listen Once Again To My Bluebird [Bluebird Revisited] (Sept. 14) /  Sea Of Madness (Sept. 14) / Down By The River… (not studio, Sept .13)



CSNY Bluebird

The album was listed as “0003” in Hot Wacks. While not shown on this insert more numbers following the same format exist (I do have a close up of ‘0004’ for the next release) and I have decided to use it. I just wish I knew the other numbers as well.

CSNY Bluebird lbl

Dittolini Discs track list:  Side 1: Guinevere (September 13; 4:33) / Birds (Sept. 13; 2:54) / 4 & 20 (Sept 13; 1:58) / You Don’t Have To Cry (Sept. 13; 3:13) / Suite To Judy Blue Eyes (Sept. 14; 7:44)                                                                                                                         Side 2:   Listen Once Again To My Bluebird [Bluebird Revisited] (Sept. 14; 3:11) /  Sea Of Madness (Sept. 14; 3:28) / Down By The River… (not studio, Sept .13; 13:50)

Rare praise for the Dittolino version comes from this collector comment:

“A PA soundboard tape from the gig became an early classic bootleg under the clever moniker “Wooden Nickel” pressed up by Canyon Records (and a later better re-master by So Cal’s Dittolino Discs). Side 1 was a very nice acoustic set featuring Guinnevere and and Birds. Side 2 featured Sea Of Madness and Down By The River. The problem was, being a PA mix, the mix featured only vocals (and screechy harmonies), drums, bass, and organ; the only guitar sound (amped separately), only bled into the mix via the vocal mics. The album gave them some “street cred”, but was also quite flawed (the opening track Side 2 lurched to a start well into the first verse). For a while the only CSNY live tracks available were either this album, or the few paltry tracks available on albums Woodstock and Woodstock 2 (and Sea Of Madness is allegedly NOT from the Woodstock gig!).

I believe Dallas Taylor and Greg Reeves were let go at the end of touring in 1969 as they “were asking equal billing” or pay(?), and a 1970 CSNY tour was launched with replacements Johnny Barbata and Calvin Samuels. Dates were taped on multi-track specifically for a live album. “Wooden Nickel” was clearly weighing on their minds. On one of the multi-track tapes for “4 Way Street” (Chicago?), Crosby is either prompted or simply starts a rap to the audience about “Wooden Nickel” on “Bogus Records”,…”steal your money”. He clearly tries to downplay the audience cheers for the bootleg, and seems particularly embarrassed by the electric side. Neil also lets the audience know that Bill Halverson is downstairs recording the gig for a live album, and bumps mics and chairs for comic effect.
The impact of the official “4 Way Street” was almost lost by the release by heavy-hitter Rubber-Dubber Records’ “Live At The L.A. Forum” with red, white and blue American flag cover, as several of the tracks were to be included on “4 Way Street”. Rubber Dubber’s tape was a very inferior audience tape, however, so THAT bootleg quickly died on the vine. In later years, some of Bill Halverson’s tapes started circulating, but Atlantic was cluey enough to include some of these “outtakes”, particularly a Neil Young acoustic medley, as bonus tracks on their extended cd re-release of “4 Way Street”. ”  [from ]



CSNY Wooden Nickel D




CSNY Ohio lbl

As noted, “Teach Your Children”, closing side 1 here, was pirated from the official LP.

Side 2:  Guinevere (September 13) / Birds (Sept. 13) / 4 & 20 (Sept 13) / You Don’t Have To Cry (Sept. 13) / Suite To Judy Blue Eyes (Sept. 14)


Below, the Canyon Records version.

CSNY Wooden Nickel Can or lbl

Track list is identical to Dittolini Discs release. I have previously included this release with a green label.

CSNY Wooden Nickel Canyon

The version shown above made the papers, as Atlantic Records and the group were not amused:


CSNY files suit

Source: Billboard, July 4 1970 edition


Contraband copy: I was not able to find an image for this.


csny.1969 G Reeves

Jamming in their drive way with Greg Reeves, ca. 1969.

Great interview here:


I see images like these and I want to get a time machine and transport myself there.




“150 pressed on MCV from TMOQ plates (of 71013). Exs.” 

Reissue of one of the earliest CSNY bootlegs. As this adds two more tracks (the studio version of “Ohio” and a live take of “Find the cost of freedom”), I would guess that it was released after Dittolino Disc’s # 0003: Bluebird Live / Wooden Nickel on Canyon Records:

CSNY Wooden Nickel Can or lbl




ELP Celestial Doggie 2ELP Celestial Doggie detail

ELP Celestial Doggie disc 1

ELP Celestial Doggie disc 2

ELP Celestial Doggie K&S colored

Reissue of the Phonygraf double album. Only 150 copies made.




Pink Floyd Floyds of London 3Pink Floyd Floyds of London K&S lg

A now hard to find reissue of the Contraband original previously reviewed under this link.

Pink Floyd Floyds of London v1

Back copied William Stout’s die-cut generic cover design:

Rolling Stones London Roundhouse green



Supertramp 1978 TourSupertramp 1978 Tour b

A couple of mistakes here:

Supertramp toured in 1977 and ’79 only, so this is likely from 1977 (they played Maple Leaf Gardens on 1st and 2nd of June that year). The final song is likely “Asylum” and not “Poor Boy”.  Rated “Exs” in Hot Wacks, described as “very good aud. recording” by a different rater.

If the location is correct, this would be a K&S exclusive release – somewhat of a rarity.




Roxy Music Hammersmith 79 b


Correct venue listed on sleeve. Source: BBC broadcast from 18 May 1979, making it the latest and youngest concert recording to be released on K&S and helping us to pinpoint  the release date for this and the following titles as from summer of ’79 onwards. Another K&S original release.

Original set list:

01 Manifesto
02 Trash
03 Out Of The Blue
04 A Song For Europe
05 Still Falls The Rain
06 Mother Of Pearl
07 Ain’t That So
08 Angel Eyes
— Ladytron (missing)
09 In Every Dream Home A Heartache
10 Casanova
11 Love Is The Drug
12 Re-make/Re-model
13 Do The Strand
14 Editions Of You


While researching this title I found that the great Roxy Music site has now been taken offline – too bad, it was the best.

The inspiration for the Mushroom logo came from William Stout’s cover drawing for TMoQ’s Winter Tour 1973 / All Meat Music:

Logo inspiration MR

I would place most of the original multi-color releases from 1976 onwards, with re-pressings on Ruthless Rhymes following later.

Volume 1:

Young N w. CH Mushr

Re-issue of Phonygraf 1105, original review is linked here.

The first one in the series seems to say “with Wizardo” in the lower right, pointing at a Vicki Vinyl/Wizardo co-production.

These are most of the known variations:

Young with Crazy Horse red

Young with Crazy Horse blu

Young with Crazy Horse orange

Young with Crazy Horse pizza

Young with Crazy Horse RR


Volume 02:


Rolling Stones AMMusic MR mcvRolling Stones AMMusic MR mcv discs

Rolling Stones AMMusic MR mcv mat 2Rolling Stones AMMusic MR mcv mat 1

Rolling Stones AMM MR

Rolling Stones AMM MR blu gre

The Mushroom label designation was added to the bottom of the insert. Compare with original:

Rolling Stones A M M bot


Volume 03: Led Zeppelin Blueberry Hill

PVC variations:

Led Zep Blueberry Hill Mush red disc 1Led Zep Blueberry Hill Mush red disc 2

Led Zep Blueberry H mcv d1Led Zep Blueberry H mcv d2

Led Zep Blueberry H Mshroom disc 1

Led Zep Blueberry H Mshroom disc 2

Led Zep Blueberry H w lbl

Led Zep Blueberry H w. RR lbl

I wonder when the stamp was introduced (to let prospective buyers know that inside the shrink wrap was not a boring all black piece of PVC).

Cover variations:

Led Zep Blueberry Hill Mush red

Led Zep B H cv



Volume 04:

TGRnRCircus red

TGRnRCircus red 2

TGRnRCircus green

Shades of mcv-green

TGRnRCircus green 2

TGRnRCircus mcv

TGRnRCircus orange

TGRnRCircus RR lbl


Volume 05:

Matrix: 1826 A/B

Led Zep Mudslide

Led Zep Mudslide 2

Led Zep Mudslide blue


Volume 06:

Hendrix LA Forum 3

Hendrix LA Forum 2



I discovered this previously unlisted reissue of CSNY’s WOODEN NICKEL, which I would add to the Mushroom series as well. Both confirmed sightings were on blue m.c. wax:

CSNY Wooden Nickel 1833 II

Matrix reported as 1833 A/B.

Taken from the previous Canyon Records issue, also found with Dittolino labels and under the (earlier?) title BLUEBIRD LIVE

CSNY Wooden Nickel CanyonCSNY Wooden Nickel D

Also found with blank orange or green labels.

CSNY Bluebird Live

After first finding the Dylan boot Let me Die in My Footsteps, he discovers the Crosby & Nash title A Very Stoney Evening (plainly visible from 4:00 onwards, does not look like the TMoQ version though) and a CSN&Y bootleg, which I have not been able to identify. A tense situation ensues between Neil and the store clerk, who seems to have no idea who this ‘hippie’ is.

The issue of Rolling stone magazine in the rack is Issue #97 with a cover date of December 9,1971. A Very Stoney Evening was recorded in October of that year and shows how fast some bootleggers could be in bringing shows to market.


The line up as presented by detective N.Young:


Dylan Let Me Die In My Footsteps


2. “A Very Stony Evening”

Crosby Nash Very Stoney Evening

Seems to be rare today. First version of the much more common classic TMOQ version and issued together with the folder type version of Led Zeppelin’s Going To California. eBay seller mentioned that it came on blue vinyl.

Crosby-Nash Stoney Evening 2

Led Zep G T Cali 1st


3. Busted! CSN&Y “Live At The Forum”

CSNY LID Records

CSNY Reunion Concert

CSNY Reunion Concert 2

With Instant Analysis logo

CSNY Reunion Concert 3

CSNY Denver 74 ticket

Another Contraband exclusive. All CD/R and internet digital file copies originate from this vinyl album. Quality seems to be listenable but not great (“Gm” rating in HW).

Side 1 Only Love Can Break Your Heart (2:23) (not listed on cover)/ Sugar Mountain (8:05)/ Ambulance Blues (10:12)/ Change Partners (3:52)
Side 2: You Can’t Catch Me / Word Game (3:34) (“Untitled” on cover)/ Suite Judy Blue Eyes/ Long Time Gone (5:47)
Side 3:  Don’t Be Denied (7:32)/ First Things First (4:00)/ Deja Vu (6:06)
Side 4:  Revolution Blues (3:59)/ Pushed It Over The End (8:18)/ Military Madness (4:35)/ Ohio (4:42)


CSN&Y will release a 3 CD/DVD box set from the tour in late 2013, compiled from eight full shows that were recorded on multi-track tapes. Just in time before those that could have attended the tour or wanted to have either paid the grim reaper or lost their hearing. I wish more bands would realize that time is running out.

CSNY Traces

[Although it has an IMP number, this may only be available with Excitable Recordworks labels.]



CSNY Ww3yft 3CSNY Ww3yft 3 b

Original version with 1970’s GLC labels, confirmed by the matrix number: GLC415A / B / C / D


A mono-reduced reissue of this release on the Excitable Recordworks label (same matrix #):

CSNY we waited 3 years

CSNY we waited 3 years b


Source: The Oakland Coliseum, July 13th 1974, only the third show of their long awaited reunion tour. Billed as “Days On The Green N. 2″ and organized by Bill Graham, of course.

CSNY Oakland 74 ticket

Side 1: Suite Judy Blue Eyes (1:06)/ Wooden Ships (8:22)/ Immigration Man (2:15)/ Traces (2:45)/ Grave Concern (3:30)/ Black Queen (5:20)/ Ohio (4:33)
Side 2: Black Bird (2:45)/ Human Highway (4:09)/ Carry Me (4:45)/ For Free (4:55)/ Prison Song (4:00)/ It’s Alright (2:43)/ Our House (3:27)
Side 3: Long May You Run (5:04)/ Only Love Will Break Your Heart (4:41)/ Ambulance Blues; Pissing In The Wind (7:00)/ On The Beach (8:45)
Side 4: Can’t Catch Me (8:00)/ Long Time Gone (6:09)/ Revolution Blues (3:00)/ Falling Down (8:35)

“The Song “Falling Down”, the other unreleased Neil Young song here besides “Traces”, might be better known as “Pushed It Over The Edge” [“Pushed It Over The End” is the correct title].”


Original set list was:

01. Love The One You’re With
02. Wooden Ships
03. Immigration Man
04. Traces
05. Cowgirl In The Sand
06. Grave Concern
07. Black Queen
08. Ohio
09. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
10. Blackbird
11. Human Highway
12. Carry Me
13. For Free
14. The Lee Shore
15. Prison Song
16. It’s All Right
17. Our House
18. Long May You Run
19. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
20. Ambulance Blues
21. Sugar Mountain
22. Know You Got To Run
23. You Can’t Catch Me / Word Game
24. Don’t Be Denied
25. Deja Vu
26. Pre-Road Downs
27. First Things First
28. Long Time Gone
29. Revolution Blues
29. Pushed It Over The End
30. Carry On
00. band introduction / encore announcement
31. On The Beach
32. Chicago

“…Neil Young would enter the dressing room in a foul mood, saying the show, now trimmed by ten minutes, was still too long…” [I can certainly see that]

*** writes: “A tape featuring part of this show was released in the seventies titled Traces on vinyl.  A condensed version of this tape was issued on two discs called We Waited 3 Years For This…” [this is incorrect, both vinyl releases contain the same tracks] “It is a very good to almost excellent sounding tape that is a bit thin on the lower end.  The first couple of seconds of “Love The One You With” are missing…”

From a torrent of this material: “c. On all known DAT/CDR copies of this show, about 10 seconds are missing from Pushed It Over The End. However, there is a bootleg double LP called ‘Traces’ from part of this show, where that part is curiously NOT missing.”

CSNY Oakland Stadium

Source: Winterland in San Francisco, CA on March 26 in 1972 – “Exs” according to Hot Wacks

wolfgangsvault writes in the description of this gig: ”

By early 1972, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young were enjoying massive success, both as a group with tremendous album sales, and as a touring band in high demand. Individually, they had recently recorded career-defining solo albums, but had not toured together in well over a year, which heightened the frenzy for any public appearance.

This Sheriff’s Benefit concert to help raise awareness of prisoner issues featured local groups Earth Rise and Stoneground opening for Elvin Bishop and headliners Crosby-Nash, who had recently recorded their first self-titled duo album. Neil Young was a very welcome surprise guest during the Crosby-Nash set. He had also been off the road, recording the now legendary Harvest album; the most popular and commercially successful of his entire career. To say the three of them together was a momentous occasion in March of 1972 is not overstating it, as these guys were at the peak of their popularity. They were international superstars and the press was touting them as everything from “the second coming” to “the new Beatles.”

Unlike later Crosby-Nash performances, when they had a full band supporting them, this is a very relaxed, totally acoustic affair. A few CSNY favorites, such as the set opener, “Wooden Ships,” and two tracks from Deja vu, Nash’s “Teach Your Children” and Crosby’s “Almost Cut My Hair” (a rarity in acoustic form) are featured, but the set primarily focuses on newer material from their solo albums.

This was a particularly prolific era for Graham Nash, who had released some of his most memorable songs over the previous two years. From his excellent Songs For Beginners LP are the politically charged “Military Madness” and “Chicago,” in addition to “I Used To Be A King,” one of his most beautiful songs (which featured backing by the Grateful Dead on the album version.) Three of his best songs from the debut Crosby-Nash album are also included; “Southbound Train,” “And So It Goes” and “Immigration Man.” Crosby’s acoustic guitar playing and harmony vocals greatly enhance much of Nash’s material. In addition to the aforementioned Crosby numbers, the pair performs a lovely acoustic rendition of “All Along The Lee Shore” and Crosby debut’s “Page 43.”

As one might expect, the crowd is very appreciative when they invite Neil Young to the stage, who begins with the title track from Harvest, followed by a lovely version of “Only Love Can Break Your Heart.” When he returns later in the set, one more classic Harvest tracks is performed; “The Needle And The Damage Done,” and he remains for the rest of the killer set.”

Set list (bold titles are on the LP):

Wooden Ships 5:20
I Used To Be A King 5:09
Lee Shore 4:35
Harvest 3:26
Only Love Can Break Your Heart 4:32
Southbound Train 4:34
Almost Cut My Hair 5:38
Page 43 3:57
And So It Goes 3:38
Immigration Man 3:32
Heart of Gold 3:21
The Needle and The Damage Done 4:23
Teach Your Children 3:58
Military Madness 4:31
Chicago 3:11


Re released ca. 1978 as part of the 900 series (# 906):