Mink de Ville



Source: Supposedly from the Bottom Line – New York, NY –  14 April 1981. Probably the first ever Mink de Ville bootleg released with a pressing run of around 300. Released in 1982 in Italy.

Side 1: Overture/ Slow Drain/ Desperate Days/ Steady Driving Man/ Love Song/ Just About Love                                                                                                                                             Side 2: Mixed Up Shook Up Girl/ Just Your Friends/ Spanish Stroll/ Maybe Tomorrow/ This World Outside/ Mazurka/ One Way Street/ Just To Walk That Little Girl Home

Research is not made easier by the fact that The Swingin’ Pig label released a vinyl double LP and CD under the same title in 1992/3 (containing a different recording: Live at the Hot Point Festival, Lausanne/Switzerland, September 3, 1988).