Phonygraf Label

Source: FM recording based on this Columbia Records radio station promo double album (Side 1 contained material by David Bromberg):


Recording date: March 25, 1972 at the CBS 30th Street Studio in New York City, attended by “400 college radio programmers and D.J.’s.” 

Notes from a vinyl to digital restoration project:

“Loggins And Messina – Mega-rare Restored Vinyl – “Your Mama Don’t Dance” –
[…] – FM Great recording and performance!

This is a fabulous sounding set from the early days of Loggins and Messina. This
is a brand-new transfer from an upgraded pressing of this show, and there is a
significant increase in the sound quality. The instrumentation is now sparkling
clear and up-front, and the reverb on the solo section is more in the forefront.
Please remember this is an FM recording from 35 years ago, and adjust your
sights accordingly!

Whenever I see another copy of a very rare album such as this one, I try to pick
it up. To my surprise, this pressing on R.S. Records (Highway-HiFi) turned out
to be the original, and the Phonygraf version used previously was a copy. There
is a sharp drop in surface noise, the insert glued to the front is a bit bigger,
and this pressing has the original labels.


Bootleg Versions:

  1. R.S. Records version made by the HH label (matrix: HH – LM  SIDE I / 2  – or –  #1111 LM Side A / B):

Loggins&M vers 1




2. The Phonygraf version with a slightly smaller insert (matrix: P – 1386 A / B):

Loggins&M vers 2

Loggins&M Phony lbl

3. The WCF/pre-Berkeley label version in a folder-style cover with artist image on the back (matrix: 1975 – A / B):



In terms of release dates, working backwards, I still have the ‘WCF in folders’ releases dated 1973/4, possibly as late as early 1975. Phonygraf’s mainly in 1974, which would place the R.S. version in ’73.

The original bootleg obviously wanted to ride the coat tails of the hit single off of Loggins and Messina’s 2nd album – a # 4 on Billboard Pop Charts. The 45 was released in November of 1972 and reached its peak in early 1973.



Bob Dylan re-releases that have been spotted with Phonygraf labels:

Dylan DLB

Originally released in 1973 on the classic TMOQ label (Matrix: BD 524 / 1862), it’s re-release didn’t just limit itself to one label but went the whole hog. “There was a new insert with pics of 13 CBS LPs Vinyl was clear yellow, orange, or red. LP labels were blank, Phonygraf, original pig, or smoking pig. Jackets were white or yellow. Several combinations of the above exist, as well as combinations from the original packages. Matrix: 1862 A/B”

Dylan VD Waltz

Dylan VD Waltz 2

Re-release of this 1971 TMOQ title: Smoking pig or Phonygraf labels; Black or color vinyl; White or yellow jacket. 
Several colored inserts with various logo combinations. a live ’74 photo, S-108 or 1854 catalog #’s. Matrix: #BD 508 or #1854

Who LA Forum Phonygraf

Who Lat LA F


Venue: The Forum, Los Angeles, California, USA, Thursday, November 22, *1973*

“This was recorded on Thanksgiving Day, the 1st of 2 nights at The Forum and the 2nd night in the U.S. premiering Quadrophenia to North American audiences on the 1973 tour. Interesting to hear a performance of the short-lived “Helpless Dancer” which was one of the songs the band later abandoned because of the many problems with out-of-sync backing tapes and frequent guitar changes.”

Side 1

1. Mary Ann With The Shakey Hand (Studio)
2. Real Me
3. Punk Meets The Godfather
4. I Am One
5. Helpless Dancer

Side 2

1. Sea & Sand
2. Drowned
3. Can’t Explain
4. Summertime Blues
5. My Generation


Matrix:  W-1881 A / B

This recording was released under several different titles: Live At LA Forum (No label info available) [double album with more studio tracks on side 3 & 4]

The WHo Live At LA Forum TG D 73 2LP
Live At The Forum ’73 (PIG’S EYE 9) [no image available]
Live At The Forum ’73 (K&S 048) Reissue from orig. plates

Who LatForum mcv

Rock And Roll Who-Chee-Koo (PIG’S EYE); Matrix numbers PE-11 A/B:

Who RnR Who-Chee-Koo

If Hot Wacks is correct, the Pigs Eye/K&S versions have superior sound compared to Phonygraf. I believe that one of these boots was used for the soundtrack for this silent Super 8 movie (until 8 minutes and 28 seconds):

Complete Concert Set list:
I Can’t Explain, Summertime Blues, My Wife, My Generation, I Am The Sea, The Real Me, The Punk And The Godfather, I’m One, Helpless Dancer, 5.15, Sea And Sand, Drowned, Bell Boy, Doctor Jimmy, Love Reign O’er Me, Won’t Get Fooled Again, Pinball Wizard, See Me Feel Me, My Generation, Let’s See Action, Magic Bus, Naked Eye, Baby Don’t You Do It


“L.A. Forum, 22 November 1973, 9th row. The concerts were on a Thursday and Friday. Thursday was Thanksgiving, and my friend and I went to this concert. It was pouring rain outside. Opening act was Lynyrd Skynyrd. There was an encore – Baby Don’t You Do It. At the end, Townsend smashed his guitar. L.A. Forum, 23 November 1973, front row. I recall the concert was virtually the same as the preceding night, but no encore.” 

Keith was in better form for the LA shows and the group treated the first-night crowd to a rare event at a Who concert when they came back for an encore of ‘Baby Don’t You Do It’. Pete also smashed one of his numbered Gibson Les Paul Deluxe guitars. Chris Charlesworth reported in Melody Maker (December 8): “19,500 fans had stomped and cheered for over 15 minutes in the Forum, refusing to leave even though the house lights had been raised and probably well aware that The Who rarely do encores. But tonight their enthusiasm was rewarded with just that. The group came back and did an encore – actually ‘Baby Don’t You Do It’ – only the second time I’ve seen this happen in watching The Who around 20 times… they blasted through the song, climaxing with Townshend unstrapping the Gibson and, gripping the fretboard as if it were an axe, bringing it down on to the stage with a resounding crash time and time again until it cracked around the 12th fret.”

Read another longer report here:

From the only John Denver vinyl bootleg to the only Seals and Crofts vinyl bootleg ever produced:

Seals and Crofts LAAT

Side 1: Humming Bird/ Down The Road/ Earth/ Summer Breeze/ 8th January/ Arkansas Traveler
Side 2: Sally Johnson/ Year Sunday/ Robin/ Baby Won’t You Go On Home

Hot Wacks wrote: “R: ‘Gs’  S: ’73 FM  C: Song order wrong on cover [where it says SIDE 2 – YEAR SUNDAY 5:00   SQUARE DANCIN 5:00   8th JANUARY 5:00; SIDE 2    DOWN THE ROAD 3:00  SUMMER BREEZE 4:00   ROBIN 5:00   HYMING [SIC] BIRD 5:00   EARTH 3:00   SALLY JOHNSON 3:00] and for the corrected version:  R: ‘Exs’  C: 100 numbered copies with color xerox insert which gives the correct song order.” Number # 88 is shown here:

Seals and Crofts LAAT col insert 1

Seals and Crofts LAAT col insert 2

I wonder what “FIRST IN A NEW SERIES” was referring to.

The source of this recording is harder to pin down. This is not the KBFH recording from Carnegie Hall from November 23rd 1973, which had: 1 Summer Breeze 4:16; 2 Not To Be Found 3:07
3 We May Never Pass This Way Again 4:29; 4 Diamond Girl 4:49; 5 Unborn Child 4:17
6 High On A Mountain 6:09; 7 The Gate 6:10; 8 Standin’ On A Mountaintop 3:24; 9 Baha’i monologue 1:58; 10 Hummingbird 5:13; 11 Foot Stompin’, Hand Clappin’, Hog Callin’ … 7:24; 12 Summer Breeze (Reprise outro) 0:26

It also does not appear to originate from an ‘ABC In Concert’ TV show that was simulcast over the radio for the various national markets (original broadcast date: 1972-11-24): 01. [3:38] Summer Breeze; 02. [4:59] Hummingbird; 03. [4:38] Hog Calling Music

Not Warner Bros Studios Live 1973: 1. Intro/Summer Breeze ; 2. Eighth Of January (instrumental)
3. Hummingbird; 4. I Threw My Drink Across The Law (Martin Mull); 5. Dueling Tubas (Martin Mull); 6. Hummingbird (show closer)

And not Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert 1973 (November 16, 1973) either: 1. We May Never Pass This Way (Again); 2. audience; 3. Summer Breeze; 4. Standin’ On The Mountain Top; 5. Hummingbird; 6. Ruby Jean And Bille Lee; 7. Paper Airplanes; 8. Diamond Girl; 9. Unborn Child; 10. talk; 11. instrumental

From the faq page at “Then there is the so-called Peace Concert, circa early 1972 at an unknown location. This bootleg is a copy of the only 70’s vinyl bootleg of S&C, which features the silhouette of a child holding a flower on the cover.

Denver John Carolina In My Mind

Matrix numbers: 1382 a/b- a rare title that has so far sold for way above average prices.
side 1: Starwood in Aspen (3:00)
Carolina in My Mind (3:05) (James Taylor cover)
Readjustment Blues (4:41)
Today (4:27) (The New Christy Minstrels cover)
Saturday Night In Toledo, Ohio (4:00)
side 2: Goodbye Again (3:37)
Blow Up Your TV (Spanish Pipe Dream) (John Prine cover) (2:30)
Prisoners (2:00)
You Done Stomped on My Heart (11:00)

Audience recording from Chapman College Memorial Hall, Orange Ca  Nov 16 1972 that in its acoustic glory is no match for the noisy vinyl.

Date is confirmed: “Document Signed (“John Denver”) in red ink, on printed William Morris Agency printed blue form, Beverly Hills, October 27, 1972. Also signed by Ron Kurtz (as “employer”) and two Morris representatives. Folio, 1 page (file holes at top). Fine, fresh example. Contract between the William Morris Agency and Denver Enterprises for Denver’s performance at Chapman College, Orange, California, on November 16, 1972, for which he received $5,000.00.”


Phonygraf numbers: 1112: Mahavishnu Orchestra ‘Dance Of The Maya’; 1113: Elton John ‘In Disguise’; 1115: The Beatles ‘EMI Outtakes’ and 2101: ELP ‘Celestial Doggie’ have all been featured before under their respective artist sections.

Harrison US Tour 74

1. Hari’s On Tour (Express) (Harrison) 3:50
2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Harrison) 5:38
3. Something (Harrison) 3:41
4. Sue Me Sue You Blues (Harrison) 4:18
5. For You Blue (Harrison) 6:22
6. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) (Harrison) 3:39
7. In My Life (Lennon/McCartney) 5:58
8. Maya Love (Harrison) 5:10
9. Nothing From Nothing (Preston/Fisher) 3:43
10. My Sweet Lord (Harrison) 7:51

Total time 50:16

This is an audience recording in great stereo. Recorded at Long Beach, CA Nov. 10, 1974. The 1st & 5th song on side one are slightly clipped. Tracks 1-5 make up side one and the rest is side 2. You can also read an interview with the guy who taped this show in the book “Black Market Beatles”.

Most importantly, the source for this decent recording never appeared and all CD versions were taken from a vinyl copy of this LP.

Harrison G US Tour 1974

There are at least two cover variations. Most have the number “1373” surrounded by a black print block to the immediate left of the side one track listing, while this is absent in the first image.

Ten Years After Fingers and Lips

Source & Venue: Unknown but based on my research this could be from a radio broadcast from the Fillmore East on February 27, 1970 as available on wolfgangsvault:

Side 1: Love Like A Man 6:45, Good Morning Little School Girl 7:20, No Title 12:05

Side 2: Hobbit 11:57, I Can’t Keep From Cryin’ Sometimes (cut)

Quality rated as ‘Exs’ or ‘A-‘

Mark-Almond Band CMF

Notes from the needledropper ‘Doinker’ [and many thanks for his audio preservation work]:

The Mark-Almond Band (John Mark/Jonny Almond) Mega-Rare Restored Vinyl “City Mourning Freedom” Live in Ohio 1970-xx-xx from FM *an incredible show*

“If there ever was a bootleg show that I could take to the grave with me, it would be this one. Musically, it’s that important to me.

This music is perfect for listening to at 3am when you don’t know where or what you are anymore. Complex, inward harmonies blend with haunting sax and striking vocals. And, don’t forget the social consciousness thrown in for good measure!

The sides were reversed and blended for this torrent as it’s out of sequence on the vinyl. The setlist listed on the vinyl goes like this:

The City

In fact there are a couple of mistakes here. “The City” was played at this show as an encore, “Mourning” is in fact “The Sausalito Bay Suite”, and there is another track after “The City” that I can’t identify. The fact that “TSBS” is cut at the point where it is, is a wound deep enough that I can’t heal it. You just have to take the fact that there’s almost 12 minutes of this piece, and leave it like that. I can’t tell you how much it would mean to me if you have this song in its entirety from this show.

After retracking and properly identifying these songs, I come up with this set list.

    Freedom 11:10
    Mourning (The Sausalito Bay Suite) 11:44
    The City 19:01
    Love (Pickup) 7:18 

R n R Circus PhonygWith a little help from John Wizardo, I am guessing.


A1     John Lennon –     Yer Blues         
A2     Led Zeppelin –     Riverside Blues         
A3     Cream –     Instrumental         
B1     The Who –     A Quick One While He’s Away         
B2     Cream  –     Everybody         
B3     Buffalo Springfield –     We Will See         
B4     Buffalo Springfield –     Down To The Wire         
B5     Buffalo Springfield –     Come On

Quality rating: ‘Gs’ and a notch below that for the King Kong/CBM release shown here:

R&R Circus

Mushroom reissues on colored vinyl – better artwork but why show the Rolling Stones, when they are not even featured on the album?

TGRnRCircus mcv

TGRnRCircus red

TGRnRCircus RR lbl