OG label Japan

Led Zep Live@Budokan NOG 72Led Zep Live@Budokan NOG 72 lbl

Japan, discogs has this listed as 1976 but I have a feeling this was made later, maybe as late as 1979.

I am not claiming that this was produced by the same people that produced the original OG releases, as this seems to have been made several years after OG decided to call it quits in 1975, this may just be a homage.


NEW OG 1149-50 A-B
Recording: Very good stereo audience. Comments: Same material as LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN (Remember N5518) but in a different order plus “The Rain Song”. Comes with an article about the concert from a Japanese magazine.

Led Zep Live@Budokan 72 ins
Matrix: (Side A machine stamped): OG 1149 A 〄 a 19223 (A) 1H
            (Side B machine stamped): OG 1149 B 〄 a 19224 (B) 1H
            (Side C machine stamped): OG 1150 A 〄 a 19225 (A) 1H
            (Side D machine stamped): OG 1150 B 〄 a 19226 (B) 2J


Monday, 2nd of October 1972 – Tokyo Budokan

Source # 1: “Band Announcements, Rock And Roll [ 3:37 ], Over The Hills And Far Away [ 5:22 ], Out On The Tiles Intro [ 0:12 ] >> Black Dog [ 4:41 ], [ cut ], Misty Mountain Hop [ 4:32 ] >> Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 7:07 ], Dancing Days [ 3:20 ], Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp [ 4:23 ], The Song Remains The Same [ 5:14 ] >> The Rain Song [ 7:11 ], [ cut ], Dazed And Confused (<< The Crunge..) [ 20:55 ], [ cut ], Stairway To Heaven [ 8:59 ], [ cut ], Whole Lotta Love (<< Just A Little Bit, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Boogie Chillun, My Baby Left Me, Killing Floor, I Can’t Quit You Baby..) [ 21:17 ], [ cut ], Heartbreaker (<< Bouree..) [ 6:00 ], [ cut ], Immigrant Song [ 3:46 ] >> Communication Breakdown [ 4:17 ], [ cut ], Band Announcements [ cut ].
Source: Almost complete very good to excellent 1st audience recording. 126 minutes.
Details: The tape contains rather little hiss and is recorded very close to the stage with all the instruments well balanced and with genuine clarity. The only drawback of this source is the bass line, which sounds a bit mushed.”

Bootleg LP Reference(s) source 1: The Final Option (Rock Solid Records & The Swingin’ Pig Records), Live At The Budokan (Remember), Live At Budokan 72 (New OG), Live In Tokyo 10/2/72 (Amazing Stork & Toasted Records), & Live In Tokyo Oct. 2-3 1972 Budokan Big Hall (LLX 1233-4-5-6)


Remember version (Japan):

Led Zep Budokan RemLed Zep Budokan Rem bLed Zep Budokan Rem lbl

Also exists with red labels.


LLX version (Japan – supposedly, every copy had its own unique cover):

Led Zep Live in Tokyo LLXLed Zep Live in Tokyo LLX b


 Toasted Records & Amazing Stork versions:

Led Zep Tokyo white backLed Zep Tokyo

Led Zep Tokyo Amaz StLed Zep Tokyo Amaz St b


The Final Option (mother of all bootleg 70 LP) box:

Led Zep TFO



And this was our visit of Japan’s first identifiable bootleg label. Hats off to the Japanese pioneers. Next up is Marc Records.

Led Zeppelin LIVE Osaka IILed Zeppelin LIVE Osaka bside.oneLZ live lbl 1side.twoLZ live lbl 2

Japan: 1975. Listed as an OG release by the Japanese collector I had quoted under the LZ OG double album and I do agree with this, despite no OG – or any other number – being used on the label or cover.

The majority of this release comes from the second Osaka concert on Monday, the 9th of October 1972

Source # 1: Recording Includes: [ supposed to be not recorded: Band Announcements ] Rock And Roll [ 3:38 ], Out On The Tiles Intro [ 0:13 ] >> Black Dog [ 5:01 ], Over The Hills And Far Away [ 5:49 ], Misty Mountain Hop [ 4:35 ] >> Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 7:23 ], Dancing Days [ 3:26 ], The Song Remains The Same [ 5:15 ] >> The Rain Song [ 7:24 ], [ cut ], Dazed And Confused (<< Down By The River, The Crunge..) [ 26:57 ], Stairway To Heaven [ 9:23 ], Moby Dick [ 15:43 ], [ cut ], Whole Lotta Love (<< Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Something’s Got A Hold On Me, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Leave My Woman Alone, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, Heartbreak Hotel, Wear My Ring Around Your Neck, Going Down Slow, The Shape I’m In..) [ 28:57 – cut ], [ cut ], Stand By Me [ 6:14 ], Immigrant Song [ 3:36 ].
Source: Incomplete very good 1st audience recording. 143 minutes.
Details: Clear recording. Page’s guitar is fairly prominent in this source but it doesn’t overwhelm the other instruments. There is some hiss though. [all detailed comments taken from]

Bootleg LP Reference(s) source 1: Dedicated To John Henry Bonham (no label), LIVE (no label), & My Brain Hurts (Idle Mind Productions, Jester Productions & LXXXIV Series)

“Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” was taken from the first Osaka concert on the 4th, I suspect the following might apply here: “1st source, taped by Yoshiaki Sumitomo (speed issues in few places – he also recorded Osaka October 4th, 1972 1st source)”


This release was copied by Vicky Vinyl ca. ’76/’77 as MY BRAIN HURTS (with a wrong month in the sub-title):

Led Zep My Brain Hurts red

More information and images can be found here.


Led Zep Crunge pic sleeve

1973 Japan 45

Queen ABA LQueen Aprilfool OG 860Queen Now I'm here OG-877

49 mins and 41 seconds of Queen’s very first concert in Japan

Side 1 has: Procession; Now I’m Here / White Queen / Doing All Right / In The Lap Of The Gods / Killer Queen / The March Of The Black Queen / Bring Back That Leroy Brown

Side 2: Stone Cold Crazy / In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited / Big Spender / Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll / Jailhouse Rock / See What A Fool I’ve Been / God Save The Queen

I assume “Modern Times Rock’n Roll” was omitted due to an oversight on the side 2 label of the reissue but is actually present on the LP.

From, confirming the micro-quantities pressed by OG: “This was released in 1975 not long after the show. It was the first Queen bootleg released in Japan, and is one of the most valuable Queen bootlegs of them all.

Less than 100 copies of the “Aprilfool” version exist, and under 30 copies of the “Now I’m Here” version exist.

This recording captures a fair chunk of the show, with a few seamless edits between songs. The quality improves on side B, beginning with Stone Cold Crazy.”


Two audio sources for this concert exist and they have been merged by collectors to create the best-sounding recording possible.

 * Source 1 – “A Beautiful Album” > WAV (GoldWave pitch/speed correction on side A)
** Source 2 -: AUD -> Master cassette (Columbia C120SP low noise cassette tape)

Set list:

01. Procession [cut] **/*
02. Now I’m Here *
03. Ogre Battle **
04. Father To Son **/*
05. White Queen */**
06. Flick Of The Wrist **/*
07. Doing All Right *
08. In The Lap Of The Gods *
09. Killer Queen *
10. The March Of The Black Queen *
11. Bring Back That Leroy Brown */**
12. Son And Daughter [tape flip] **
13. Band Introduction **
14. Keep Yourself Alive **
15. Seven Seas Of Rhye **
16. Stone Cold Crazy *
17. Liar **
18. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited *
19. Call for an encore **
20. Big Spender *
21. Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll *
21. Jailhouse Rock *
22. Call for an encore **
23. See What A Fool I’ve Been *
24. God Save The Queen *


1975-04-19 TokyoQueen75tix11975 Japan Tour program



Clapton Live In Japan 818Clapton Live In Japan B lblClapton Live In Japan D lblClapton Live In Japan scratched             Scratched out matrix markings.

Japan: 1975

Source: Budokan, Tokyo – 2 November 1974, minus two songs

01. Smile (acoustic)
02. Let It Grow (acoustic)
03. Can’t Find My Way Home (acoustic)
04. Better Make It Through Today
05. I Shot The Sheriff
06. Key To The Highway
07. Willie And The Hand Jive
08. Get Ready
09. Badge
10. Presence Of The Lord
11. Singing The Blues
12. Layla
13. All I Have To Do Is Dream
14. Blues Power

The Band:
Eric Clapton guitar, vocals
Jamie Oldaker drums
Dick Sims keyboards
Carl Radle bass
George Terry guitar
Yvonne Elliman backing vocals
Marcy Levy backing vocals




I do wonder if ERIC CLAPTON ON TOUR ’74 OG-824/825 was a re-pressing of this same album, similar to Queen’s A BEAUTIFUL ALBUM / QUEEN NOW I’M HERE.


Led Zeppelin Live Japan 1971 c

This is probably the one release OG will be remembered for, the first release of the famous Osaka ’71 second show “soundboard/on stage mic” tape, released in 1974.

Discussion regarding its origins found here:

Side 1: Immigrant Song / Heartbreaker medley incl. Feelin’ Groovy, Bouree / Since I’ve Been Loving You
Side 2: Tangerine / Moby Dick
Side 3: Stairway To Heaven / Celebration Day
Side 4: You Shook Me / Whole Lotta Love / Communication Breakdown medley incl. Just A Little Bit / Organ Solo / Thank You


Recording Includes: [ supposed to be not recorded: Band Announcements ] Immigrant Song [ 4:40 ] >> Heartbreaker (<< Feelin’ Groovy, Bouree..) [ 8:14 ], Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 7:43 ], Out On The Tiles Intro [ 0:13 ] >> Black Dog [ 5:09 – cut ], Dazed And Confused (<< Pennies From Heaven [ cut ].. ) [ 30:29 – cut ], Stairway To Heaven [ 9:35 ], Celebration Day [ 4:45 ], That’s The Way [ 6:17 – cut ], Going To California [ 8:41 ], Tangerine [ 3:19 ], Friends [ 3:45 ], What Is And What Should Never Be [ 4:12 – cut ], Moby Dick [ 15:05 – cut ], Instrumental Intro [ 0:46 ] >> Whole Lotta Love (<< Boogie Chillun, Tossin’ And Turnin’, Twist And Shout, Fortune Teller, Good Times Bad Times, Instrumental Improvisation [ cut ], You Shook Me..) [ 31:05 – cut ], [ cut ], Communication Breakdown (<< Just A Little Bit..) [ 7:37 ], [ cut ], Organ Solo [ 4:26 ] >> Thank You [ 7:39 ], Rock And Roll [ 3:38 ].
Source: Incomplete excellent soundboard recording. Near 185 minutes.
Details: With the exception of acoustic set it is overloaded by the drums. The vocals are also partially inaudible for most of the show. The story goes that two tape machines in synch were used to record 16 tracks simultaneously because Japanese company didn’t have 16-track machine, then secretly taped to 1/4-inch recorder (probably 2-track machine) using separated line. The reason why there are so many cuts and bad balance between the instruments is most likely taper was very careful of group’s control during the show and this caused of tape edits throughout. The person who taped this is not responsible for leaking, however. Someone else did it and spread several copies over the world and thus we have so much different circulating versions that differs in timings and cuts.


Contemporary ‘eye witness’ account:

“I bought this bootleg directly from manufacture when I was sixteen about 35 years ago. Now, I remember that one and only way to get this first press was mail order only, and then I have memorized 50 sets were pressed.

I have been to the manufacturer’s house located near my house several times.
There were many OG records in his house Eric Clapton, YES, and so on.
Almost all of LIVE IN JAPAN which were released by OG Record remained unsold at that time.
This is why I think there is a possibility that records which has been known as second press were not produced by OG Record.”


I have found the following versions, not sure about which came first. Someone in Japan knows for sure, so feel free to leave a comment 🙂

1. Red label version (I believe this to be the original):

Led Zeppelin Live Japan 1971 a d1Led Zeppelin Live Japan 1971 a d2Led Zeppelin Live Japan 1971 a d3Led Zeppelin Live Japan 1971 a d4


2. Black label version (with insert):

Led Zeppelin Live Japan 1971 extrasLed Zep Life  Japan 1971Led Zep Life in Japan 1971 discsLed Zeppelin Live Japan 1971 2 LPLed Zeppelin Live Japan 1971 3

Matrix: LZL1 – 4

Auction text for this version:

“This is original second and best pressing from ’76, first issue from ’74 are pressed in wrong speed(too slow), 3rd, or later pressing are inferior sounds.
This second issue pressed in correct speed, and best sounding ever! Heavy, dynamic live set and without doubt, their best performance…..
Original insert is still loose. Thick vinyl and beautiful black & sliver deep groove label.
Also this copy come with some special photo copy inserts.”



3. Orange label version (with photocopied inserts – front of tour program and newspaper concert review):

Led Zep J 71 red lbl IILed Zep J 71 red lbl II bLed Zep J 71 red lbl II 1Led Zep J 71 red lbl II 2Led Zep J 71 red lbl II 3Led Zep J 71 red lbl II 4

Led Zep J 71 red lbl II p3Led Zep J 71 red lbl II p2Led Zep J 71 red lbl II p1


4. UFO 1001 version

Led Zep Osaka UFOLed Zep Osaka UFO lbl 1Led Zep Osaka UFO lbl 2

Quality reduced to “Very good mono soundboard“. I would guess that this is the later pressing with inferior sound mentioned in the auction text above.


Rolling Stones Comeback tE V 1Image from a 2005 auction, in which the final result reached almost $600

Japan: 1974the same year Contraband released From the empire pool wembley stadium – LONDON NOVEMBER 1973 although this is not a copy of that album

Audience recording from Wembley, Empire Pool – 8 (2nd show) & 9 September 1973 – is this correct?

What throws me a little bit is the information found under this link (looking at the two top entries), where “Dancing with Mr, D”, which is supposed to be on this LP is not listed under the CD version:

Your help is appreciated.


MATRIX: OG 787 A 1D // OG 787 B 1D

Side One: Brown Sugar / Gimme Shelter / Happy / Tumbling Dice (Ain’t Security Version!)
Side Two: Dancing With Mr. D (Complete!) / Heartbreaker / Midnight Rambler


Rolling Stones Wembley 73the-rolling-stones-8-9-1973



I was not able to find an image or detailed information on this release. All I can find is the European bootleg of the same name on Altintas Records.

Santana Live Rotterdam

Thanks also to the Tatsu-Chin Japanese blog [], we can add this to the OG label discography. The above cover slick is clearly a copy of the original, lacing it’s metallic three tone print, with the elephant really standing out. The matrix has been confirmed as OG-723. While the European original is not hard to find, this Japanese copy definitely is.

The Dutch original on the maf label dates from 1971; the Japanese copy from 1974. “maf” is a Dutch word and means “stark raving mad” in English.


Santana Live Rotterdam orig. pink 2Santana Live Rotterdam orig. pink 3SONY DSCSantana Live Rotterdam lblSantana Rotterdam b

Label states “MADE IN … Formosa”

Santana on their second European Tour and second visit to the Netherlands, following their appearance at the Kralingen Pop Festival, the previous year. Audience recording from 18 April 1971 at the just three months old Ahoy in Rotterdam,

Track list: Toussaint L’Overture/Evil Ways – Samba Pa Ti – Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen – Oye Como Va – Gumbo – Everything’s Coming Our Way – Conquistadore Rides Again

No matrix number known.


santana 19710418



maf’s only other release (apparently), a double LP recorded at the Ahoy as well just two weeks before the Santana show:


Pink Floyd Live in Rotterdam

Pink Floyd OG 719-720

Japan: 1974

The only image I could find of this extremely rare release, shows the single cover with the copied front slick glued to it; the same was done for the back. Plain blue labels for disc one and plain red ones for disc two.

The original version and its copies have previously been reviewed here.



Pink Floyd BoT 72 3Pink Floyd BoT 72 3 bPink Floyd BoT 72 3 discs

Pink Floyd the best of Tour72 73 lbl aPink Floyd the best of Tour72 73 lbl bPink Floyd the best of Tour72 73

Japan: 1974

Just as rare as 719/20 and same cover style with slicks glued to a single cover. Reportedly, also exists separately.

Offered for auction in Japan in December of 2014 by an Osaka based seller and seems to have attracted an ending bid of $2,500+.


For the material on the best of Tour 72 you may visit this older post.



Pink Floyd EJ B3

Many months ago, I had created a post about a TAKRL Yes release that was based on this popular 1972 Dutch bootleg:

YES WYA 2Yes WYA lbl

As time went by, I had forgotten that this was on the Offshore label (A LION PRODUCTION). When collecting the OG Japan master list, I found several Offshore releases and logically assumed that it must be a sub label they had created, like they did with Ado Records and their Beatles titles.

I still believe that this Beatles title shown here was made in Japan by OG:

Beatles Shea OG 802

And the issues on white labels with the wrap-around insert and the printed covers, as well.

However, I now believe that the above Yes title was never copied by OG in Japan and have since removed it from the OG master list of releases.  So, how did OG get the idea to use that name for this Beatles album? And what a coincidence that the Dutch bootleggers in 1972 used a release number that fit perfectly into the three digit numbers (AND follows their first use of the Offshore name in BEATLES – LIVE AT SHEA STADIUM OG-718 – the Yes LP has 722) used by OG later? Not questions, I am expecting to find answers to anytime soon or perhaps even ever.

I would like to introduce the third Offshore LP I have listed at this point:

Yardbirds Offshore bYardbirds Offshore lbl

Coincidentally, # 732 also fits in nicely with all the other OG releases. This is the material I first reviewed as Ken had pirated it for his  LAST HURRAH IN THE BIG APPLE (TAKRL 1914). This Offshore version of the official-but-withhdrawn-right-away LIVE! FEATURING JIMMY PAGE Epic LP from 1971 is also considered to be a pirate copy. Likely made ca. 1972 perhaps? Which would bring us back to the WHITE YES ALBUM – is there a connection between the two?

And here’s another interesting connection. One rare version for the above Yardbirds pirate LP has this label:

Yardbirds bl lbl

Now, to me, that looks like it was done by the same folks who had produced the CCR bootleg copy, I am still listing as an OG release:

CCR Cosmo OG label 1

So, how does this all fit together?

There are three different versions of this copy of the 1973 European (Dutch? / UK?) Benbecula Records release with the same name, containing the incomplete ’64 Hollywood Bowl recording:

OG 718 A / B  1H 

OG 718 A / B  1L

OG 802 A / B  1J

All of these are made in Japan, from 1974 onwards.


OG 718 A / B  1H – the fold-out insert cover:

Beatles OG 718 fold outBeatles OG 718 detailBeatles OG 719 bBeatles 718 H

Blank labels only


OG 718 A / B  1L – the printed cover version:

beatles OG 718 bBeatles OG 718 L bBeatles OG 718 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeatles OG 718 L

Blank labels only


OG 802 A / B  1J:


Beatles Shea OG 802Beatles Shea OG 802 b

Cover-wise, the one difference I can see is that the top right fold over seems to be cut straight, while the back of the earlier version OG 718 A / B  1L shows it cut at an angle, as shown here.

Beatles OG 718 L b d


The original:

Matrix: NTT10 A / B   Number on cover: P24 2813ST

One of the first bootlegs with a laminated cover, looking far more professional than what was produced in the US in 1972 (but also hard to take a good picture off. All the ones I have seen have a hazy & fuzzy quality to it).


Beatles Benbecula bBeatles Benbecula

Reissues had a matte cover finish, as this copy shown here for the logo detail:

Beatles Benbecula logo

Beatles Benbecula 1Beatles Benbecula 2

“If I Fell” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand” had been removed, presumably to create space for the three extra tracks. The first two came from the Beatles’ 1966 Christmas Fan Club flexi. “What’s The New Mary Jane” was the first true stereo issue of this outtake.

And in the early 70’s, the Capitol Records acetate made its way East across the Atlantic.This is the continuation of the story I had summarized in this blog post . Was this the first European release of the Hollywood Bowl material? I believe it was.



The name Benbecula Records would appear on another popular European bootleg later in the decade:

Wish the Animals Were Here ca. 1977, presented 40 minutes of the ‘recorder 2’ source from the first night of the Animals Tour at Dortmund’s Westfalen Hall on 23 January 1977:

Pink Floyd WTAWHPink Floyd WTAWH bPink Floyd WTAWH lbl 1Pink Floyd WTAWH lbl 2