Little Feat

Little Feat Beak Positive

“Beak Positive – On Tour In The Mother Country” The album notes say “Recorded on stage September 1975 at Wembly [sic] Stadium”.

[ While CSN&Y together with Joni Mitchell & The Band played Wembley Stadium in September of 1974 and Rufus, Joe Walsh, the Eagles, the Beach Boys and Elton John did so on June 21 ’75, I’m pretty sure Little Feat never did. Also, isn’t there a bit of a difference between “Mother Country” – which would be the USA and Wembley Stadium, London, UK? They did tour Europe in January of ’75 as part of the ‘Warner Brothers Tour 1975’ though, so who knows where this is really from. The performance quality is quite high apparently. ]

A1 Skin It Back/Fat Man In The Bathtub 9:08
A2 Oh Atlanta 3:40
A3 Teenage Nervous Breakdown 3:10
B1 Cold Cold Cold/Dixie Chicken 16:03
B2 Willin 3:17

Listen and download here:

TAKRL says: “Underneath it is, of course, 1962.”

Source: KSAN FM broadcast from the Winterland in San Francisco on February 14th, 1976

Side 1:  Skin It Back; Fat Man In The Bathtub (10:45) / One Love Stand; Rock & Roll Doctor (9:1 / All That You Dream (5:00)

Side 2:  Cold Cold Cold; Dixie Chicken; Tripe Face Boogie (21:50) / Teenage Nervous Breakdown (3:10) writes: “This concert, when Little Feat was opening for Electric Light Orchestra, remains one of their most legendary performances. Broadcast live on KSAN radio, parts of this performance were immediately bootlegged to vinyl and rapidly began circulating under various titles, the most common being “Rampant Syncopatio” and “Chinese Bejeezus,” titles rumored to have been supplied by Lowell George himself.”

You can listen to the complete broadcast here:


Side 1: Eldorado Slim (13:40), Ain’t got no shadow/the fan (9:57)

Side 2: Cold cold cold>Dixie Chicken>Trip face boogie (12:47), Apolitical blues (4:47), Chevy ’39 (3:10)

Source: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on March 20, 1973

Booted on the “Wheeling and Dealing” boot LP by Excitable Recordworks, which is a copy of TAKRL’s “Aurora Backseat” (the LP sounds better than Gold Standard’s “Icepick Eldorado” boot CD). “Chineeze Beejezus” got it all mixed up with other stuff.

Little Feat Wheeling and Dealing

TAKRL says: “This was the first Little Feat underground.”

Date: September 19, 1974
Venue: Ultrasonic Studios  Location: Hempstead, NY, as broadcast on WLIR-FM

1 Rock n’ Roll Doctor 04:10
    2 Two Trains 06:18
    3 The Fan 06:29
    4 On Your Way Down 04:12
    5 Spanish Moon 05:28
    6 Skin It Back 04:50
    7 Fat Man In The Bath Tub 03:39
    8 Oh Atlanta 03:36
    9 Willin’ 03:35

From a review: “For a Little Feat fan, this is paradise. First the sound quality on this is top of the line. Perfect soundboard quality with a small audience for ambience. The band was playing much tighter in ’74 than they were by ’77 and Waiting for Columbus. Lowell George is especially on fire here. And the setlist couldn’t be more “classic” Feat. The entire B side is 10/10 with amazing versions of Fat Man and Willin’ to close. One of the best half-dozen bootlegs in my extensive boot collection.”