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Pink Floyd Wall Show NY 80

Pink Floyd Wall Show NY 80 title

Pink Floyd Wall Show NY 80 b

The rare second pressing using the official concert program as cover art:

Pink Floyd TWALLPerfLive

Seller’s comments:



The U.S. original (do not believe what the back cover or folks on discogs say) on the infamous White Knight label – Beatles collectors will remember it for the Rarer Than Rare double, Who collectors for Such A Knight and The Keith Moon Memorial Concert. While I found something to like about any bootleg label reviewed so far, I really don’t like White Knight. Terrible art work choices and miserable high generation masters for their exclusive material.

Pink Floyd Wall Comes AliveIf anyone has a nice scan of the back cover and the label, let me know.

Source: Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY – Tuesday, 26 February 1980; audience recording. There is some confusion in some of the online resources regarding the correct dates. For example, assigns The Wall Show In New York ’80 to the 28th but the White Knight original correctly.

Quality rating: “Gs” in HOTWACKS






There are three different sources for Pink Floyd’s third Wall performance at the Long Island, NY Nassau Coliseum:

1st source: Equipment: Nakamichi 550 / 3 Nak CM-300 mics / Generation: Master – Length: 101:52m

Comment: 2 tracks filled from 6-8-80 [really? Are they on the master like that? I believe that this is the source acquired by White Knight in 1980 but from a high generation transfer, leading to a very modest quality rating].

2nd source: Taper Location: Mid right side / Equipment: Nakamichi 550 using (2) nak 700 shotguns w/nak700 omni blend / Generation: 1st Gen / Length: 111:11m 

Comment: “This show at times you think you’re getting hit on the head. You can hear the sound effects moving around like no other wall recording, beautiful and capturing, I also did the transfer myself. This without question is one of the better sounding shows. For some unknown reason, the master disappeared in the early 80s but a 1st gen cass survived, the reason that this show never made it out was He felt it didn’t compare to the last night. Years later, Feb 2004, I did the transfer . WE WERE SHOCKED!!

“It picks up all the detail from the stage and with a gorgeous mix with the audience reaction producing a beautiful live sound. “

3rd source:  TDK SA C-60 cassettes x 2 (low) / Length: 113:27m


Concert identification –

Intro by Gary Yudman:

“Believe me, there’ll be enough explosions in your mind.
           Also when the concert’s over we have to leave safely and,
           ah, a number of people felt up (by Joe’s Peach) our
           show’s peach and gone over, it’s too cold for that. Please,
           if you hit the highway go safely and nicely. Well, I think
           the band is about ready to go …”

PF Nassau 80


General concert review from

“The band are tight and the audience are even more loud and demonstrative than the previous.  In “Another Brick In The Wall Part I” Wright really tickles the ivory on the piano and plays the same spacey keyboard interlude found in “Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 6-9.”  The psychedelia soundscape is rudely interrupted by the helicopter and the Scottish school teacher.  

It builds up nicely to “Another Brick In The Wall Part 2,” motivating the audience to dance in the aisle (so it seems).  The audience are particularly vocal during the performance of “Mother.”  Waters’ line about “Mother, should I run for president?” draws cheers since February 1980 was the start of the presidential primaries.  (New Hampshire held their elections this night with incumbent president Jimmy Carter beating Edward Kennedy for the Democratic vote and Ronald Reagan beating George H.W. Bush for the Republican).

The next line “Mother, should I trust the government” draws an even louder response, as loud as Bob Dylan received for the line “Sometimes even the president of America must sometimes stand naked” in “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” during his 1974 tour with The Band.  The cheering, and the elections in November, illustrate the frustration with Carter’s presidency.  

After “What Shall We Do Now?” Waters give a curt “This is called ‘Young Lust.’”  The rest of the first half continues without incident.

“Hey You” draws a big cheer, as does the glimpse of New York television in “Nobody Home.”  The highlight of the show, and perhaps of the entire box, is this performance of “Comfortably Numb.”  Everything sounds very strong in the mix including an additional, faint guitar melody.  Waters’ vocals are biting and Gilmour’s sound very sweet and convincing.     

Before “Run Like Hell” Waters asks, “Do you like our pig? We like him.  He hasn’t got a lot of class but there’s a lot of him.”  He gives his dedication to “all the paranoids in the audience” and yells at the pig “Home, piggy, go home.  Raus!!  Schnell! (German for “OUT!  QUICKLY!”)

There is a malfunction with the backing tape on “The Trial.”  It takes a few embarrassing seconds to correct (seconds which feel like hours). “


Which brings us to the question: Which one was the first vinyl release following the L.A. and New York Wall shows? Or maybe the Italian bootleggers beat them to it with their London recording from June: The Wall Performed Live (E.M.K.A. Productions)? At the moment, my money is still on the black triple set from the last Nassau Coliseum show – Pink Floyd (BH 410), clearly I shouldn’t have sold Andreas Kraska’s PF vinyl bootleg bible The Records.

Do leave a comment, if you know or remember or just would like to speculate?

And what can be said about the studio opus “The Wall”? Some brilliant music that burned itself into the collective hard drives of millions as the 70’s closed up shop but also the reflection of its lacking-in-humor creator who found himself hating performing at a dangerous level leading to all kinds of fascist imagery and symbols. “Lighten up, Roger, it’s not that bad”, I’ve been meaning to say for decades – “Roger used to laugh once a year” – was it Nick who said it? Still, this piece/concept album is made for being performed live as obviously nobody will come to your house and build that wall while you listen to the LP/CD.

It is reported that back in late ’79/ early 1980, Roger rejected his band mates attempts to be talked into doing a proper and longer tour. Fast forward to our time and he has toured The Wall Live! all over the place. How times have changed! Well, it was now or never as nobody’s getting any younger. When the circus stopped at our Olympic Stadium I would have gone despite finding it ridiculous to pay the high ticket price for a stadium show (not that that stopped me from seeing the Floyd at Oakland Stadium in ’94) but I was out of the country then.


Interesting background report about these shows:


PF Wall arena

Queen Crazy Tour of London

Queen Crazy Tour of London b

Japan: 1980

Somebody in Japan decided to end the drought of Queen bootlegs (see below) and manufacture this double album out of a tape they managed to acquire – unfortunately, a tape many generations removed from the master.  The finished product received a “vgs” rating in HOTWACKS.

Source: Hammersmith Odeon, London, 26 December 1979 as part of the Concert For Kampuchea benefit concert series

For space reasons, the segment between ‘ ’39’ and ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ containing ‘Keep Yourself Alive / Guitar Solo (with Silent Night)’ and ‘Brighton Rock’ was not included.

Complete set list:

00 – Intro
01 – Jailhouse Rock
02 – We Will Rock You (fast)
03 – Let Me Entertain You
04 – Somebody To Love
05 – If You can’t Beat Them
06 – Mustapha
07 – Death On Two Legs
08 – Killer Queen
09 – I’m In Love With My Car
10 – Get Down Make Love
11 – You’re My Best Friend
12 – Save Me
13 – Now I’m Here
14 – Don’t Stop me Now
15 – Spread Your Wings
16 – Love Of My Life
17 – ’39
18 – Keep Yourself Alive
19 – Guitar Solo (with Silent Night)
20 – Brighton Rock
21 – Crazy Little Thing Called Love
00 – Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Audience singing)
22 – Bohemian Rhapsody
23 – Tie Your Mother Down
24 – Sheer Heart Attack
25 – We Will Rock You
26 – We Are The Champions
27 – God Save The Queen

Fan comment regarding the master tape: “There are 2 existing sources for the Queen gig from December 26. The first one is this audience recording. It has really excellent sound quality and it’s virtually complete (there are a few cuts between songs, but musically it’s complete)
The main problem is that it was recorded from a distance, so most of the time you can hear the audience much louder than the band. The speed is also fluctuating, it’s nothing major as 99.99% of the people wouldn’t notice it. The only reason why “I” noticed the speed issues is that I synced it to the “other” source 🙂 . “

The second source is the video source.


1978 – 1982: Just Press Copy – Drought Years for Queen Bootlegs

Queen ABA L

If the comment on is correct – and I have no reason to doubt it – this was the first ever Queen bootleg, released around May of 1975 on Japan’s OG label (OG-860, Aprilfool label version).

Queen The Royal American Tour 1975

Wizardo 307 was the first U.S. manufactured Queen bootleg, released around June/July of 1975.


Another Japanese bootleg, the black/white label pressing of LIVE IN KOVE (sic) was probably the third.

Queen Live Kove RE


Queen Sheet 3

This TAKRL release (“1957) was the second U.S. release and sold from early 1976 onwards. An analysis of the other TAKRL titles and the dates of the material they featured indicates that this probably did not come out in 1975, TAKRL 1951: Bad Company’s SCRAPBOOK featured tracks from their March ’75 Japan tour, which likely came out in mid-1975. Then, there were six more TAKRL titles until SHEETKICKERS. Further clues are provided by the recording dates of two immediately following titles: 10 CC’s GOING PINK ON PURPOSE (late November 1975) and Steve Miller THE MIDNIGHT TOKER (7 May 1976).

The rest of 1976 and 1977 then saw a lot of activity. In Japan, MARC records and an unknown producer put out four titles from their second Japan Tour, with two of them getting copied several times in the U.S. and Europe.

FREE IN THE PARK came out in the last quarter of 1976 in Japan.

Queen Free In The Park


COMMAND PERFORMANCE, containing the London Christmas Eve 1975 broadcast, ended up being one of the final regular TAKRL titles (#1997) in 1977.

Queen Command Perf

1978 saw the release of CROWNING GLORY, a copy of LAZING ON A SUNDAY EVENING

Queen Crowning Glory

Queen Lazing On A Sunday Evening Marc


In 1979 Vicky Vinyl released several copies of earlier Japan titles: MERCURY POISONING, a copy of the Japanese MARC title INVITE YOU TO A NIGHT AT THE BUDO KAN and GEISHA BOYS, yet another copy of LAZING ON A SUNDAY EVENING

Queen Merc Poison full

Queen invite BK b

Queen Geisha Boys IMP


U.S. bootleggers had skipped Queen’s North American leg of their ’76 A Night At The Opera tour. After the next U.S. tour, an excellent quality tape of the first night in Seattle, recorded on a Tandberg Model 11 R2R deck with a Sony ECM-22P mic made it’s way into the hands of those responsible for the ODD label (John Wizardo and Vicky Vinyl). The taper had previously recorded a number of other artists in the Seattle area from the summer of 1972 – 1979. 

Tandberg model-11

The first part of this concert was released as P.N.W.  {odd-3} slightly mis-identified as coming from the second night on the 14th of March and listing titles that weren’t even on the record.

Queen P.N.W.

Side A:  Ogre Battle / White Queen / Medley: Killer Queen – The Millionaire Waltz – You’re My Best Friend – Bring Back That Leroy Brown
Side B:  Brighton Rock / White Man / The Prophet’s Song

A second part was issued in 1978 as Duck Soup – continuing the Marx Brothers movie titles series started with Queen’s official albums – on Vicky Vinyl’s Rodan Records.

Queen Duck Soup

Side A:  Somebody To Love / ’39 / You Take My Breath Away /  [cut] Bohemian Rhapsody / [cut] In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
Side B:  Now I’m Here / Big Spender / Medley: Jailhouse Rock – Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting / Liar

The first four tracks run too slow on this release. In anyway, combining both releases would not result in the complete show.

Setlist from the 13th:
01. Tie Your Mother Down
02. Ogre Battle
03. White Queen
04. Somebody To Love
05. Killer Queen ->
06. The Millionaire Waltz ->
07. You’re My Best Friend ->
08. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
09. Brighton Rock ->
10. Guitar Solo ->
11. Brighton Rock (Reprise)
12. ’39
13. You Take My Breath Away
14. White Man ->
15. The Prophet’s Song
16. Bohemian Rhapsody
17. Stone Cold Crazy
18. Keep Yourself Alive
19. Liar
20. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
21. Now I’m Here (cuts in)
22. Big Spender
23. Jailhouse Rock Medley*
* includes Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting, Stupid Cupid and Be Bop A Lula


And that was it – although in a way, Queen were just getting started and toured North America again in 1878, 1980 and 1982, this was the last U.S. produced bootleg of a North American Queen concert performance. The early 1980’s would see European and Japanese releases fill the void.

One major contributing factor is certainly that the first generation bootleggers who would either record shows themselves like Dub from TMOQ and Contraband had already gone out of business and the second were about to (Wizardo, Vickie Vinyl, Hoffman Avenue Records). The second reason might have been that none of these operators were big fans of the band and they were content re-issuing older titles well into 1979.

The situation was even more dramatic in Japan when, unlike their first two tours, their extensive third tour in April of 1979 and their fourth tour in February of 1981 did not produce a single vinyl title. As stated elsewhere on this blog, I suspect that Japan having signed the Phonogram Protection Convention in 1978, which made bootlegs finally illegal in Japan, was too blame and led to a generally quiet period until the third wave of bootleggers started from around 1982. Queen’s 1982 fall Japanese tour enjoyed pre-1977 “bootleg attention” again with three releases in total; as if a switch had been flipped.

Even in Europe, as far as Queen were concerned, there seems to have been a gap following the famous Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse double and 1981/2 releases, such as Flash Alive (London, 8 December ’80) and The Falklands Are Rocking.

Sex Pistols 100 Club 1

Sex Pistols 100 Club b 1

Sex Pistols 100 Club

Sex Pistols 100 Club b 2

Source: Audience recording from the 100 Club in London’s Oxford Street taped on 31 August 1976 (the flyer shown on the cover is misleading but perhaps it was the only one the person designing the cover art had access to).

Japan: ? – if I had to submit my best educated guess, I would say 1980 +/- 2 years on either side. seems to say that this Japan release was the first ever release of this material, which is surprising. They also state this also exists with a b&w cover. If it does, it must be very rare as I could not find a trace of this anywhere else.

Side A: No Feelings / Substitute / Flowers of Romance / Pretty Vacant / Problems / No Fun / Anarchy In The UK (encore)
Side B: Seventeen / New York/ No Lip / Stepping Stone / Satellite / Submission

Sound: “Fair mono” according to HOTWACKS

Set List:

Anarchy In The U.K.
I Wanna Be Me
No Feelings
Flowers of Romance
Pretty Vacant
No Fun
New York
No Lip
Stepping Stone

Anarchy In The UK (encore)
I Wanna Be Me (encore & final song)


It appears that this material was later copied on the (UK?) release 100 Club (Acid Speed 4 SP2) with the same cover art but with better sound and later several more times, perhaps due to the new legendary status the September 20th date had acquired.

Anarchy In The UK Punk Special 100 Club (Acid Speed 4 & 5)

Sex Pistols 100 Club acid

Sex Pistols Anarchy itUK100C 2


The Sex Pistols started to mature as a band in the hot summer of ’76, thanks to their regular gigs at the 100 club and elsewhere.

Sex P 100 Club fly

Sex P 100 C 6Photo taken on 20 September ’76



Sex Pistols ToScanSex Pistols ToScan bSex Pistols ToScan SP lbl ASex Pistols ToScan SP lbl B

Sex Pistols ToScan ZAP lbl ASex Pistols ToScan ZAP lbl B

Source: Audience recording from the Diskotek Stranden (Beach Disco) in Halmstad, Sweden on 15 July 1977. Halmstad was the first gig in Sweden on their Scandinavian tour. Likely a copy of the Swedish bootleg Anarchy In Sweden

Side A:  Anarchy In The UK / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / EMI / No Feelings
Side B:  Pretty Vacant / Problems / God Save The Queen
Plus 4 UK B-sides: I Wanna Be Me (EMI 2566B)/ Did You No Wrong (VS181B) / No Fun (VS 184B)/ Satellite (VS 191B)

Quality is listed as “Fair mono” for the Swedish concert (“Exs” for the official B-sides), however it’s “Vgm” for the Swedish original and I doubt the Japanese copy sounds that much worse.


These 9 songs were the complete concert, lasting just over 30 minutes. This material was first released on the Swedish bootleg Anarchy In Sweden GUN 001

“Songs from Halmstad are also available on a number of other bootlegs and semi official records. TOUR OF SCANDINAVIA (SEX PISTOLS RECORDS cat no:SP3117) is another classic bootleg from Sweden. It’s the exact same recordings but with an added bonus of the 4 7” b-side tracks in their normal studio versions. The bootleg double LP SWEDEN [on the UD label, which will make an appearance on this blog soon] includes both HALMSTAD and STOCKHOLM SECOND NIGHT.
POWER OF THE PISTOLS (77 RECORDS cat no:772) has the first six numbers on side A, but the sound quality is not as good as on the original bootlegs. “

1st pressing (300 copies): Fold-out white cover with red rubber stamp. A metal enforced hole + safety pin in the top right corner. Songs stamped on the inside left partial panel. “Holidays in the Sun” is listed instead of “New York” and “I’m A Lazy Sod” instead of “Seventeen”.

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden II

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden close up

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden inside xlSex Pistols Anarchy Sweden lblSex Pistols Anarchy Sweden lbl B

2nd pressing: Same as above with “New York” listed instead of “Holidays in the Sun” and “Seventeen” instead of “I’m A Lazy Sod”.

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden 2nd  inner

3rd pressing: Same fold-out cover with “SEX PISTOLZ” & “GUN001″stamped in purple ink on front. Hole on top right corner. Some copies came with a safety pins but not all. “This version is said to have been made in 500 copies but it’s much harder to find than the first one, so I don’t know?” This seems to be due to the fact that the first and second printing look identical, except for the corrected track list on the inside panel, so there are more with the red rubber stamp.

There are further variations among these 3rd pressings: “There are also different versions of the cover for the 3rd pressing. One has a safety pin going through the metal rings on both sides of the cover as on the first pressing. But the rubber stamps are not just the two, this one’s got 10 or 12 of them on the front of the cover. No track listing on the inside.”

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden 3rd  4th

4th pressing: Plain white cover, no safety pin, “SEX PISTOLZ” and “GUN001” stamped in purple ink.


Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden 3rd  front

5th pressing: Plain white cover and no stamp. Green paper insert with “Sex Pistols” in large letters (same logo as the 1st pressing) + date, venue, track listing.

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden 5th

Each pressings was limited to 300 – 500 copies each. An eBay seller wrote “…near all had warp on vinyl some bad some better,,.”.

Few bootlegs make it into the world of fiction but this one did: “In Unni Drougge’S Swedish novel JAG JAG JAG (Forum 1994, Månpocket 1995) there are stories about the making of this LP and her bringing a copy of it to Malcolm McLaren in London.”



Sex P Halmstad 77
The Halmstad performance “The bouncers were hitting people for no reason.”

“Diskotek Stranden (Beach Disco), located on Badvägen 38, was a very small place, just the restaurant of the hotel Östra Stranden. Sold out with 125 people in the audience. The band was escorted by both uniformed and plain clothes cops. There were no advance tickets available for any of the Scandinavian 1977 gigs, as that’s what the band wanted.” [Source for this and all other quotes:]

Roxy Music Angel Eyes 2

Another post-1978 Japan bootleg masquerading as a promo release.

The cover art was simply lifted off Roxy’s official maxi single, title and all. Release date for the 12″was August of 1979

Roxy Music Angel Eyes 12i

Japan: Late summer/fall of 1979

Source: Supposedly from one of Roxy’s Japan dates, either from Osaka or Tokyo, 27 or 28 April 1979

SIDE A: Manifesto / Trash / Stronger Through The Years / Ladytron
SIDE B: Re-make Re-model / Love Is The Drug / Do The Strand / Editions Of You / In Every Dream Home A Heartache


Roxy Music 1979 Japan Tour:

26 April 1979 Nagoya City Hall Nagoya Japan
27 April 1979 Festival Hall Osaka Japan
28 April 1979 Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan

Set list (from Osaka):

00: Introduction
01: Manifesto
02: Trash
03: Out Of The Blue
04: Angel Eyes
05: A Song For Europe
06: Still Falls The Rain
07: Mother Of Pearl
08: Ain’t That So
09: Stronger Through The Years
10: Ladytron
11: In Every Dream Home A Heartache
12: Love Is Drug
13: Edition Of You
14: Do The Strand
15: Re-Make Re-Model

Roxy Music Japan 1979 TB

Roxy Music Japan 1979 TB b

Stewart R ALFN

Rod Stewart 78_tourlogo

Tour logo and program

Rod Stewart 78program

Stewart R ALFN b

Stewart R ALFN detail

Japan; 1979 (?) I’m guessing the “Demo Copy” banner was added to hide the fact that this was an illegal unauthorized item.

Source: Audience recording from the Olympia Theater in London, supposedly from the last night on December 30th ’78. Rod and the band performed there as part of the British leg of his ‘Blondes Have More Fun Tour’ on December 21, 22, 23 and 28, 29 and 30th (the first three nights were recorded by KBFH and are available on

set list:

The Stripper intro music / Hot Legs / Born Loose / Tonight’s The Night (Gonna Be Alright) / The Wild Side Of Life / Get Back / You’re In My Heart (The Final Acclaim) / I Don’t Want To Talk About It / Blondes (Have More Fun) /Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? / (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right / The Killing Of Georgie / Maggie May / (I Know) I’m Losing You / Sweet Little Rock N Roller / Sailing / Twistin’ The Night Away / You Wear It Well

The master tape for this release got chopped and mixed up quite a bit:

Side A:  Do You Think I’m Sexy?/ Sailing/ Twistin’ The Night Away/ You Wear It Well
Side B:  Hot Legs/ Tonight’s The Night/ Get Back/ You Broke My Heart (cover states ‘Blondes Have More Fun’ )/ Sweet Little Rock ‘N’ Roller

Matrix: K 318 A/B (machine stamped)

Rod Stewart London 78