Copied from the official cover of the 12″single:



Japan: Late 1983/early 1984 – Marillion would tour Japan in December of 1985

Source: Audience recording from Norwich, University of East Anglia on 15 March 1983

Quality rating: Gs (from HOTWACKS)

Side A: Script for a Jester’s Tear / Garden Party     
Side B: Three Boats down from the Candy / The Web
Side C: Charting the Single / Chelsea Monday / He Knows You Know
Side D: Forgotten Sons / Market Square Heroes




On stage in Bournemouth on March 27th ’83


I will be happy to admit that a. I do not miss Fish’s voice – Peter Gabriel is my first love and ‘King of the Hill’ on this musical turf and that won’t ever change b. I did not expect a Japanese bootleg for Marillion. Bootleggers in Europe would release no shortage of titles, especially around 1985/6 when the band were at their peak in terms of popularity.