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Sex Pistols 100 Club 1

Sex Pistols 100 Club b 1

Sex Pistols 100 Club

Sex Pistols 100 Club b 2

Source: Audience recording from the 100 Club in London’s Oxford Street taped on 31 August 1976 (the flyer shown on the cover is misleading but perhaps it was the only one the person designing the cover art had access to).

Japan: ? – if I had to submit my best educated guess, I would say 1980 +/- 2 years on either side. seems to say that this Japan release was the first ever release of this material, which is surprising. They also state this also exists with a b&w cover. If it does, it must be very rare as I could not find a trace of this anywhere else.

Side A: No Feelings / Substitute / Flowers of Romance / Pretty Vacant / Problems / No Fun / Anarchy In The UK (encore)
Side B: Seventeen / New York/ No Lip / Stepping Stone / Satellite / Submission

Sound: “Fair mono” according to HOTWACKS

Set List:

Anarchy In The U.K.
I Wanna Be Me
No Feelings
Flowers of Romance
Pretty Vacant
No Fun
New York
No Lip
Stepping Stone

Anarchy In The UK (encore)
I Wanna Be Me (encore & final song)


It appears that this material was later copied on the (UK?) release 100 Club (Acid Speed 4 SP2) with the same cover art but with better sound and later several more times, perhaps due to the new legendary status the September 20th date had acquired.

Anarchy In The UK Punk Special 100 Club (Acid Speed 4 & 5)

Sex Pistols 100 Club acid

Sex Pistols Anarchy itUK100C 2


The Sex Pistols started to mature as a band in the hot summer of ’76, thanks to their regular gigs at the 100 club and elsewhere.

Sex P 100 Club fly

Sex P 100 C 6Photo taken on 20 September ’76



Sex Pistols ToScanSex Pistols ToScan bSex Pistols ToScan SP lbl ASex Pistols ToScan SP lbl B

Sex Pistols ToScan ZAP lbl ASex Pistols ToScan ZAP lbl B

Source: Audience recording from the Diskotek Stranden (Beach Disco) in Halmstad, Sweden on 15 July 1977. Halmstad was the first gig in Sweden on their Scandinavian tour. Likely a copy of the Swedish bootleg Anarchy In Sweden

Side A:  Anarchy In The UK / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / EMI / No Feelings
Side B:  Pretty Vacant / Problems / God Save The Queen
Plus 4 UK B-sides: I Wanna Be Me (EMI 2566B)/ Did You No Wrong (VS181B) / No Fun (VS 184B)/ Satellite (VS 191B)

Quality is listed as “Fair mono” for the Swedish concert (“Exs” for the official B-sides), however it’s “Vgm” for the Swedish original and I doubt the Japanese copy sounds that much worse.


These 9 songs were the complete concert, lasting just over 30 minutes. This material was first released on the Swedish bootleg Anarchy In Sweden GUN 001

“Songs from Halmstad are also available on a number of other bootlegs and semi official records. TOUR OF SCANDINAVIA (SEX PISTOLS RECORDS cat no:SP3117) is another classic bootleg from Sweden. It’s the exact same recordings but with an added bonus of the 4 7” b-side tracks in their normal studio versions. The bootleg double LP SWEDEN [on the UD label, which will make an appearance on this blog soon] includes both HALMSTAD and STOCKHOLM SECOND NIGHT.
POWER OF THE PISTOLS (77 RECORDS cat no:772) has the first six numbers on side A, but the sound quality is not as good as on the original bootlegs. “

1st pressing (300 copies): Fold-out white cover with red rubber stamp. A metal enforced hole + safety pin in the top right corner. Songs stamped on the inside left partial panel. “Holidays in the Sun” is listed instead of “New York” and “I’m A Lazy Sod” instead of “Seventeen”.

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden II

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden close up

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden inside xlSex Pistols Anarchy Sweden lblSex Pistols Anarchy Sweden lbl B

2nd pressing: Same as above with “New York” listed instead of “Holidays in the Sun” and “Seventeen” instead of “I’m A Lazy Sod”.

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden 2nd  inner

3rd pressing: Same fold-out cover with “SEX PISTOLZ” & “GUN001″stamped in purple ink on front. Hole on top right corner. Some copies came with a safety pins but not all. “This version is said to have been made in 500 copies but it’s much harder to find than the first one, so I don’t know?” This seems to be due to the fact that the first and second printing look identical, except for the corrected track list on the inside panel, so there are more with the red rubber stamp.

There are further variations among these 3rd pressings: “There are also different versions of the cover for the 3rd pressing. One has a safety pin going through the metal rings on both sides of the cover as on the first pressing. But the rubber stamps are not just the two, this one’s got 10 or 12 of them on the front of the cover. No track listing on the inside.”

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden 3rd  4th

4th pressing: Plain white cover, no safety pin, “SEX PISTOLZ” and “GUN001” stamped in purple ink.


Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden 3rd  front

5th pressing: Plain white cover and no stamp. Green paper insert with “Sex Pistols” in large letters (same logo as the 1st pressing) + date, venue, track listing.

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden 5th

Each pressings was limited to 300 – 500 copies each. An eBay seller wrote “…near all had warp on vinyl some bad some better,,.”.

Few bootlegs make it into the world of fiction but this one did: “In Unni Drougge’S Swedish novel JAG JAG JAG (Forum 1994, Månpocket 1995) there are stories about the making of this LP and her bringing a copy of it to Malcolm McLaren in London.”



Sex P Halmstad 77
The Halmstad performance “The bouncers were hitting people for no reason.”

“Diskotek Stranden (Beach Disco), located on Badvägen 38, was a very small place, just the restaurant of the hotel Östra Stranden. Sold out with 125 people in the audience. The band was escorted by both uniformed and plain clothes cops. There were no advance tickets available for any of the Scandinavian 1977 gigs, as that’s what the band wanted.” [Source for this and all other quotes:]