Bruford, Bill

Bruford Fainting in Coils

Source: Audience recording from the Roxy, LA. Recorded August 7th 1979. Quality rated as B+ / Vgm

Side 1: Hell’s Bells (5:06); Sample and Hold (8:50)
Side 2:  Fainting in Coils/Back to the Beginning/Fainting in Coils (11:23); Forever Until Sunday (7:56); Joe Frazier (4:34)
Side 3: Travels with Myself …and Someone Else (10:09); The Sahara of Snow (pt I) (9:03); The Sahara of Snow (pt II) (4:17)
Side 4:  Beelzebub (4:09); Encore Applause (0:43); Adios al a Pasada (Goodbye to the past) (2:43); 5G (5:40); Drum Solo/5G (4:20)

Bruford Fainting b



Tour itinerary:

[11] Albany, NY (USA), J.B. Scott’s Club
[12] Roslyn, NY (USA), My Father’s Place
[13-14] New York City, NY (USA), Bottom Line [also: Rich Hall]
[16] Boston, MA (USA), Paradise Club (two shows)
[17] Providence, RI (USA), Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
[18] New Haven, CT (USA), Toad’s Place
[19] Fairfax, VA (USA), Louie’s Rock City
[23?] Montréal, QC (Canada), Le Pretzel Enchaîné
[23?] Cincinnati, OH (USA), Bogarts
[27] Chicago, IL (USA), Park West (broadcast on KXIT, Aug 26)

[07] Los Angeles, CA (USA), Roxy Theater
[10] Palo Alto, CA (USA), Keystone [also: Dirty Legs]
[14] Austin, TX (USA), Armadillo World Headquarters
[15] Dallas, TX (USA), Palladium
[16] Houston, TX (USA), Opry House
[17] Avondale, LA (USA), Ole Man Rivers
[18] Atlanta, GA (USA), Agora Ballroom