Hunter, Ian

Hunter Ian DoWaW

Another KSAN broadcast. The pattern is clear, any of their broadcasts Ken would press into hard copy within weeks and available to the buying public who would know that the quality would be at least decent.

“For many years, the LP of the same name was the only Ian Hunter bootleg album in circulation. Its source is a 1979 FM radio show recorded at the Berkley Community Theatre early in the Schizophrenic tour. The performance is strong, and the playing is top-notch. The band work well together, and are clearly enjoying themselves. By the time this was recorded, the Schizophrenic album was selling strongly, beyond everyone’s expectations, which of course helps enormously.

Sound quality is very good, although a bit muddy in places. This is probably the fault of the mix engineer – it sounds as though the show was recorded straight onto quarter-inch (two-track) for broadcast, with no re-mixing/cleaning up otherwise done.”  []

The bill on this night was “Ian Hunter Band, Nick Gilder, John Hiatt”

A1         Once Bitten Twice Shy         
A2         Life After Death         
A3         Long For Me         
A4         Letter To Brittania From The Union Jack         
A5         Just Another Night         
B1         Angeline         
B2         Standin’ In My Light         
B3         Bastard         
B4         Cleveland Rocks

Notes from a digitized analog tape {I guess we have some song title conflicts]:

The Ian Hunter Band with Mick Ronson
July 7, 1979
Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA
KSAN-FM broadcast

1. KSAN announcer intro > crowd > stage intro 0:46
2. FBI [instrumental] 4:51
3. Once Bitten Twice Shy 5:13
4. Life After Death 4:54
5. Laugh At Me 4:15
6. Ships 3:59
7. Just Another Night 6:45
8. Angeline 4:58
9. Standing In My Light 5:42
10. Love Story Part Two 6:38
11. KSAN announcer 0:09
12. Cleveland Rock [cuts in] 4:34
13. final thanks, crowd + KSAN announcer outro 0:40
Total: 53:24

Significant upgrade over the other upload of this show. Very good to excellent sound quality. Mostly a combination of 2 low gen. reels but also has KSAN DJ bits spliced in from the previous seeded copy in a few spots. Monophonic recording up to end of track 9. Stereo for the remainder except for the announcer splices from the previous seed.

Source & transfer info: low gen. off-air reels

4513-1     Rolling Stones, The     Live’r Than You’ll Ever Be     [I’m taking the liberty of skipping this one as I don’t think I can offer anything new to this well known release]
Rolling Stones LTYEB
4514-1     Little Feat     Wheeling And Dealing [has been added to the TAKRL entry for Aurora Backseat]
4515-1     Fleetwood Mac     Albatross But Not Around My Neck [already listed under it’s parent entry ZAP 7858:  The Rockhoppers Live 1976]