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Wizardo’s 400 series was a short series of 7 to 8 releases containing a mix of straight copies of bootlegs released by other labels and pirated official tracks, that focused on Beatles and solo-Beatles recordings.


Beatles KO 400 detail

Beatles KO 400

With the insert – and perhaps the music too – lifted straight from Contraband.

Beatles KO 400 lbl

WRMB / KO- 400: The Beatles ‘Complete Christmas Collection’


Beatles Renaiisance Minstrels volume I

WRMB / KO-401: The Beatles ‘Renaissance Minstrels volume 1’ – The Beatles on ed Sullivan, as originally released by TMoQ


WRMB / KO-402: The Beatles ‘Renaissance Minstrels volume 2’ – – image needed, leave a comment if you can supply this.


WRMB / KO-403: unknown


Beatles Bottom Apples 404

Beatles Bottom Apples 404 2

Beatles Bottom Apples 404 details

WRMB / KO-404: A collection of Apple single B-sides 1970 – 1975

Beatles Bottom Apples VON

with ‘Trade Mark of Quantity’ logo and “von Grossenshush/Teufel Folk Songs” green labels found on Wizardo and Ken titles.


Paul Mccartney HH CC 405

McCartney KO 405 detail

McCartney KO 405 detail 2

McCartney KO 405 lbl

The first sighting of this special “400 Series” label.

Paul McCartney HH CC 405 lbl

Also seen with “Old Glory” labels and probably blank ones as well.

WRMB / KO-405: Mccartney Hot Hits and Cold Cuts – Renaissance Minstrels 4

Pirate LP compiling the single A & B sides for:

Apple 1847 Give Ireland Back To The Irish / Give Ireland Back To The Irish (version)                      Apple 1851 Mary Had A Little Lamb / Little Woman Love                                                                        Apple 1857 Hi Hi Hi / C Moon                                                                                                                         Apple 1861 B-side ‘The Mess’ (to ‘My Love’)                                                                                                 Apple 1863 B-side ‘I Lie Around’ (to ‘Live And Let Die’)                                                                             Apple 1869 B-side ‘Country Dreamer’ (to ‘Helen Wheels’)                                                                             Apple 1876 Junior’s Farm / Sally G.


WRMB / KO -406: Beatles ‘Sweet Apple Trax’ 3 LP

I believe the entry on the fantastic vinylegs reference website for this bootleg – # 1295 – is incorrect in two ways: 1. “Date: e70s * Format: 3LP-CV” (I do not believe this was ever available in colored vinyl; the WRMB 343 double set, however was). 2. The images show a WRMB 343 double set and not the KO-406 version, as clearly visible on the cover scan (I used this for my Sweet Apple Trax entry found here).


Beatles More Get Back Sessions KO-407

WRMB / KO-407: The Beatles ‘More Get Back Sessions’

Beatles More Get Back Sessions KO-407 detail


Beatles As Sweet As You Are 408

Confirmed sightings on Dog & Cat and Old Glory labels.

WRMB / KO-408, a straight copy of the 1972 Dittolino Disc release with the original D-1 matrix number still  visible in the copy’s inner groove – and as luck would have it, so it is in the below image of an original.

Beatles ASAYA

Ken ‘cannibalizing’ some of his Beatles titles from his ZAP label, creating these new “Frankenboots”:

Beatles More ft Fab Four 390

Beatles MftFF 390 detail

Side 1 is a copy of the master used for side 2 of Liverpool Flash ‘A Collection’ Sixth Amendment – a hodgepodge of Get Back, BBC and live tracks:

Beatles Liverpool Flash detail

Side 1 is a reissue of the master for side 1 of Back Upon Us All ‘A Collection’ Fourth Amendment:

Beatles Back Upon Us All detail


Beatles Wizardo's Greatest Hits

9 tracks from Hollywood Bowl ’64 on side 1 and the same number from the Budokan ’66 on side 2.


Beatles Power Brokers 392

Side 1: Re-use of the master of side 1 of the ZAP title No Obvious Title                                           Side 2: Same from side 2 of the already used Back Upon Us All (3rd image from the top)

Beatles No Obvious title detail


WRMB 393 ‘THE LAST BEETLE RECORD’ has previously been listed in this post.

Grateful Dead Moonmadness

Side 1: China Cat Sunflower/ I Know You Rider/ Casey Jones/ Uncle John’s Band                             Side 2: Sugar Magnolia/ Good Lovin (extended with solos, takes up most of side 2)

Quality rating: “Exs” in HW; “pretty solid throughout so it must have came off the board” wrote an eBay seller.

There is no information available online or in bootleg books where and when this was recorded but if I had to make an educated guess, I would say this was from the KSFX/KSAN/KMET radio broadcast from the Fillmore West from 2 July 1971

Another guess has come in for the historic “quadrophonic simulcast” 4 October 1970 show at the Winterland, which went out over KQED and KSAN.

Fillmore West inside

Inside the Fillmore West back in the day.


Hot Wacks lists a WRMB 388 by Rod Stewart, titled ‘Mr. Personality Steps Out’ in the back. I do not believe this was ever produced.

Rolling Stones 2nd Incarnation Source: San Diego Sports Arena, 10 November 1969 – Ken’s fake Wizardo copy is dated ca. 1977 Side 1:  intro by Sam Cutler – Carol/ Sympathy for the Devil/ Prodigal Son/ You Gotta Move/ Under My Thumb Side 2:  Live with Me/ Little Queenie/ Satisfaction/ Honky Tonk Women/ Street Fighting Man Quality rating: VG-EX mono, recorded on the same equipment used for Liver… and Blueberry Hill. Complete concert set list: 01. intro [00:40] 01. Jumping Jack Flash [03:30] 02. Carol [03:49] 03. Sympathy For The Devil [05:43] 04. Stray Cat Blues [04:26] 05. Prodigal Son [03:57] 06. You Gotta Move [03:16] 07. Love In Vain [05:23] 08. I’m Free [05:48] 09. Under My Thumb [02:56] 10. Midnight Rambler [06:39] 11. Live With Me [03:02] 12. LittleQueenie [04:11] 13. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [06:05] 14. Street Fighting Man [04:06] 15. Honky Tonk Women [04:30]

*** A copy of Dub’s SAN DIEGO ’69 / Stoneaged , which, if things had worked out slightly differently could have been the recording that became famous as THE archetypical live bootleg. Rolling Stones San Diego '69 green Released in 1973. Some collectors say that the CD releases containing the complete version of the concert come from a tape that is several generations away from the master pressed on the original LP, while Swingin’Pig claims “20 bit digital mastering from the original analog tapes”. *** Ken re-used his copied master also for disc 1 of the following double album:

Rolling Stones Midnight Ramblers Rolling Stones Midnight Ramblers b

Kiss First Kiss 385

Slip sheets exists in the following colors: Vanilla/Black; Mint Green/Black A4 insert paper and Pink/Black A4.

Found on either blank labels of different colors or World Records labels, pointing all fingers at Ken.

Kiss FKILI World

A copy of Vicky Vinyl’s Fried Alive! release on her own Idle Mind Productions label. First releases came in a number of PVC colors, just as Wizardo’s did:

Kiss Fried_Alive all colors

Kiss Fried Alive

Source: Long Beach Auditorium, 31 May, 1974 KNAC Broadcast (KISS opened for Savoy Brown and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band at this show):  Intro & Deuce, Nothing To Lose, She & Ace Frehley Solo, Firehouse, Strutter, 100,000 Years, Black Diamond. The last track on side 2 is supposedly from the Hammersmith Odeon in London, 16 May 1976 and not San Diego ’76.

The WRMB copy sounds noticeably inferior due to introduced distortion. Nevertheless, copies still fetch remarkable prices up to this day (a copy rated “acceptable” selling for 71 Euros after attracting more than 20 bids just in May of 2013). Similarly, Fried Alive! is still re-issued and in print (by other enterprising bootleggers) as a vinyl bootleg in 2013 as well. Vicky Vinyl had created not only one of the earliest (if not the earliest) Kiss bootlegs but also a landmark title that has held up 40 years later.

Release dates: Obviously mid-/second half of 1976 for Fried Alive! and my guess would be 1977 for Ken’s copy job.


Kiss Second Kiss in LB


Also on blank labels, as usual.

Source: Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead, New York, NY – 23 August 1975 (“This is one of the best shows to circulate from the late stage of the tour.”). Probably a copy of well known New England taper Joe Maloney’s master.

01 – DEUCE
06 – SHE
AUGUST 23,1975

Wings Laser Beams 2

These two images are from my personal collection. The insert was produced in different shades of blue plus at least in tan as well.

Wings Laser Beams lbl

Wings Laser Beams OG

Definitely a real Wizardo product but also the end of the ‘300’ series. Every release from # 383 to 408 either never happened or was a fake Wizardo.

Source: LA/Inglewood Form, 21 June 1976 (not the 23rd as stated in Hot Wacks). Wings’ first of three nights on their last tour stop on their triumphant 1976 North American Tour.

Side 1: Live And Let Die (4:42)/ Picasso’s Last Words (2:17)/ Richard Corey/ Bluebird (4:31)/ I’ve Just Seen A Face (2:34)/ Blackbird (2:57) / Star Spangled Banner (0:25) – Yesterday (1:58)       
Side 2:  Magneto And Titanium Man (4:06)/ Go Now/ Band On The Run (5:40)/ Hi Hi Hi (3:29)/ Sollie (5:29)

Quality rating: “Exm” (HW);”good audience recording” (Eight Arms To Hold You book); “Nice sound quality!” (collector review)


WRMB 383: Paul McCartney ‘US Tour 1976’ – as listed in the back of Hot Wacks, does not seem to exist.


Almost all of the rest of the tracks from the first night were released on Ken’s TKRWM label. The two missing tracks are ‘You Gave Me The Answer’ and ‘My Love’. Unfortunately, space was wasted where these songs could have been included by duplicating four tracks found here on Laser Beams (I do understand that Ken & John were probably not holding meetings to coordinate their efforts) but at least the Wizardo LP provides a slight quality upgrade for those shared tracks. All of these tracks are still core as no track from June 21st was selected for inclusion on the official triple live album.

Wings LA Forum detail

Wings LA Forum

Wings LA Forum pink


This footage includes backstage footage of Wings hanging out with Ringo, John Bonham and Harry Nilsson:


Beatles How Do You Do It 2

So, what is this? A “real fake” or a “fake fake” with Wizardo pretending to be Contraband for some reason?

Side 1:  Money/ How Do You Do It (1:55, RM from take 2 – 4 September 1962) / Misery/ Love Of The Loved/ Instrumental/ Slow Down/ Dizzy Miss Lizzy/ I Got A Woman

Side 2: Interviews (Seattle 1964)/ Revolution

The LP was mainly a vehicle to blow up just three new/upgraded tracks into a full album: The upgrade of ‘Love Of The Loved’ that had appeared in 1975 as a bootleg 45 (featuring the same track on both sides)  and the ‘How Do You Do It / Revolution’ bootleg 45 produced by Joe Pope (who ran Strawberry Fields Forever magazine) and sold at the 1976 Boston Beatles convention. The rest of side 1 was filled out with BBC performances.

The theory that the cheesy ‘How Do You Do It’ may have simply been taped off the air when it was played as part of the 15 hour RKO radio special From Liverpool To Legend – where it appears at the start of hour 3 – can be laid to rest as that series was only broadcast in 1977.


Beatles LotLoved 45

Beatles LotLoved 45 lbl


beatles-how-do-you-do-it 76 insert