STONES NIGHTCLUB ’78 78-156 M / 157 M

Rolling Stones Nightclub '78

Found with at least two different stamps:

Rolling Stones Nightclub '78 II

Rolling Stones Nightclub '78 disc

This font and minimal design is found on all their releases that had a label.

Rolling Stones Nightclub 78 RE

Cover of a black vinyl re-pressing.

USA: ca. 2nd half of 1978/beginning of ’79

Source: One of several copies of the then sensational OUT ON BAIL LP + 7″ release on LURCH records. Except, there was no added 45 and “Jumping Jack Flash”, the next to last track on OUT ON BAIL seems to have been cut and “Sweet Little 16” from the A-side of the 45 added. Sensational, as soundboard recordings were still a rarity in these days. Soundboard recording from the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ, recorded 14 June 1978 – only the third gig of the tour.

It should be no surprise that the Stones were bootlegged at the Capitol Theater – everyone else playing there was too after all – the venue’s wikipedia page specifically mentions this. The audio feed of their video system producing rather thin sounding recordings with the vocals pushed up high in the mix, which is what we can hear on these releases as well.

More information on this original release and it’s second part IN AGAIN OUT AGAIN can be found in this earlier post.



  1. YesDays said:

    According to Hoffmann and the Stones Bootleg Bible (“At the Rarest, Book II”, 1984), there were also copies on black vinyl. Thanks

  2. Erik T said:

    I haven’t read much about this show but Garden State was one of the best selling bootlegs of the seventies, I think. I used to see copies for twenty bucks all the time. Never did buy one. I heard the maker or someone close to the actually grabbed the tape out of a deck at the soundboard and ran out with it, hence the missing encore…
    The Capitol Theatre has since yielded tons, or shall I say miles, of video tapes of live shows. There are so many Grateful Dead shows from multiple nights on the same tours, and I read the place was (re?)-opened by a Deadhead in the early seventies, I can’t help but think there is a video of the 78 Stones show in black and white, likely recorded on Umatic, perhaps?
    Funkadelic, Brothers Johnson, Prince, the Clash, a string of punk bands, Bruce at his best, a Monty’s worth of Dead shows and so much more, have me proposing a toast to the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, and the archive- minded people who recorded so many different styles of live music when things were perhaps more pigeonholed…(?)

    • That sometimes quoted story that the soundboard tape was stolen right out of the deck and that is why the last song is incomplete just sounds like an urban myth to me and since everyone playing at the Capitol Theater got video taped and recorded as you stated and I wrote in the main article, I don’t believe it.

      There are several bands performing there with only a surviving soundboard, unfortunately the Stones are one of them.

      John Scher opened the Capitol Theater as a rock venue in December of 1971 and ran it for 18 years. It’s true that he was particularly close with the Dead and Springsteen:

      I have to wonder, of course, if all this taping was done without being in the contracts and/or being mentioned to the artist’s management? I am also glad that this was done, as the true music history value of having these recordings would only emerge decades later.

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