Seals and Crofts

From the only John Denver vinyl bootleg to the only Seals and Crofts vinyl bootleg ever produced:

Seals and Crofts LAAT

Side 1: Humming Bird/ Down The Road/ Earth/ Summer Breeze/ 8th January/ Arkansas Traveler
Side 2: Sally Johnson/ Year Sunday/ Robin/ Baby Won’t You Go On Home

Hot Wacks wrote: “R: ‘Gs’  S: ’73 FM  C: Song order wrong on cover [where it says SIDE 2 – YEAR SUNDAY 5:00   SQUARE DANCIN 5:00   8th JANUARY 5:00; SIDE 2    DOWN THE ROAD 3:00  SUMMER BREEZE 4:00   ROBIN 5:00   HYMING [SIC] BIRD 5:00   EARTH 3:00   SALLY JOHNSON 3:00] and for the corrected version:  R: ‘Exs’  C: 100 numbered copies with color xerox insert which gives the correct song order.” Number # 88 is shown here:

Seals and Crofts LAAT col insert 1

Seals and Crofts LAAT col insert 2

I wonder what “FIRST IN A NEW SERIES” was referring to.

The source of this recording is harder to pin down. This is not the KBFH recording from Carnegie Hall from November 23rd 1973, which had: 1 Summer Breeze 4:16; 2 Not To Be Found 3:07
3 We May Never Pass This Way Again 4:29; 4 Diamond Girl 4:49; 5 Unborn Child 4:17
6 High On A Mountain 6:09; 7 The Gate 6:10; 8 Standin’ On A Mountaintop 3:24; 9 Baha’i monologue 1:58; 10 Hummingbird 5:13; 11 Foot Stompin’, Hand Clappin’, Hog Callin’ … 7:24; 12 Summer Breeze (Reprise outro) 0:26

It also does not appear to originate from an ‘ABC In Concert’ TV show that was simulcast over the radio for the various national markets (original broadcast date: 1972-11-24): 01. [3:38] Summer Breeze; 02. [4:59] Hummingbird; 03. [4:38] Hog Calling Music

Not Warner Bros Studios Live 1973: 1. Intro/Summer Breeze ; 2. Eighth Of January (instrumental)
3. Hummingbird; 4. I Threw My Drink Across The Law (Martin Mull); 5. Dueling Tubas (Martin Mull); 6. Hummingbird (show closer)

And not Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert 1973 (November 16, 1973) either: 1. We May Never Pass This Way (Again); 2. audience; 3. Summer Breeze; 4. Standin’ On The Mountain Top; 5. Hummingbird; 6. Ruby Jean And Bille Lee; 7. Paper Airplanes; 8. Diamond Girl; 9. Unborn Child; 10. talk; 11. instrumental

From the faq page at “Then there is the so-called Peace Concert, circa early 1972 at an unknown location. This bootleg is a copy of the only 70’s vinyl bootleg of S&C, which features the silhouette of a child holding a flower on the cover.