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My life has changed so much in the last two years that I simply don’t have time for the blog anymore and there are more changes coming. Also, truth be told I’ve lost some of the enthusiasm & motivation that have pushed me to keep looking for better images and spend yet another hour doing research. While I wanted to continue with WCF 2001/2 – 2058, which is not the most exciting bootleg label in the first place, I can see from the blog stats that hardly anyone’s interested in Grateful Dead boots in 2018 (and WCF happens to be the Dead bootleg label: Another 5 Dead titles would have been in that next batch), I can clearly feel I just don’t have it in me. So, this is the honest moment where I say it’s curtain time.

A deep heartfelt thanks to those who have supported the blog and all who enjoyed reading the posts.

I considered asking if anyone wanted to continue it but they are probably better served starting from scratch and 100% according to their own vision.

In the words of John Lennon: I hope I passed the audition.



There are still some gaps in the WCF discography and thanks to Doinker, we have managed to fill one of them. For example, there used to be this gap here:

JJ-713 Janis JOPLIN – Wicked Woman

717 Rolling Stones – Stoned Again (pirate)

Well, not anymore:

B&G b&w

The font used for the track list should look familiar.

B&G BG-716 B

If not, the label clinches the deal: Clearly, this was issued by WCF and fits right into the gap above, right down to starting the number with a two letter pre-fix derived from the artist(s)’ name.

An alternate blank label below, similar to what we have seen on other WCF releases:

B&G or bl lbl

And alternate inserts:


Obviously, this is not a bootleg but what is it? It’s a pirate of this 1962 novelty record (plus four additional tracks), making a lot of use of a technique later known as “sampling”, here using snippets of popular 50’s pop tunes spliced together and interspersed with dialog in the form of a radio show or an interview.

B&G orig

This seems to be an updated version of “War Of The Worlds”, with the back cover making some interesting claims:

B&G orig b2

Apparently, the original 1956 45 did reach # 3 on Billboard.

An interesting, if not coincidental connection is a CD compilation of 50’s and 60’s “novelty” hits compiled by one of Goodman’s sons, Jon, and includes a couple of Dickie Goodman’s hits, including the The Flying Saucer song. The CD is available on the Varese Sarabande music label, a record company founded by (TMOQ’s) Dub Taylor and Chris Kuchler.” Thanks to YesDays for providing this piece of background information.


Since the folks behind WCF were partial to pirating, it seems possible that other gaps in the WCF 700 series (719 -22; 729, 737; 745 – 749) were originally filled by similar non-bootleg releases.


That’s what I love about researching this topic: There are still so many details that we don’t know.

In this case, we knew the that Contraband had released four titles on colored PVC and they were all blue:

Stevens Cat Catnip 2 cv

British Blue Jam

Dylan B Seventy DR blu

Young N YMFancy blue


So, today, I come across this eBay auction (still active for another 5 days at the time I’m writing this):

Stewart R Plynth red 2

I thought maybe it’s a trick of the light (to quote The Who)…

Stewart R Plynth red d

… but no, there’s no doubt, that record is RED!

What else may be out there?




Pink Floyd Pompeii FT

USA: 1985 (don’t mind the label, it always said the same, just like the old “Duck Records” and Ruthless Rhymes labels). The copy shown here sold at auction last month for a healthy $157.50

Repressing from the original plates of the fairly rare single LP CBM release (matrix: 1036 A/B), a straight copy of the Pompeii movie soundtrack, released ca. 1975 on the King Kong sub-label (using Instant Analysis or dragon paper labels). CBM stopped operating ca. 1977.

Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii yb

Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii disc 1

Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii disc 2

To the best of my knowledge this is the only time that the mid 1980’s reissue label Full Tilt re-pressed a CBM title.

That raises a few questions:

  • How did Full Tilt acquire the plates?
  • Where were they in the meantime?
  • Where are the remaining CBM pressing plates?

There might be a story in here somewhere.

Usually, one could expect only $20 – $40+ for this title but this copy was different in that it shows a previously unseen insert:

Beatles LS BB alt 3626

Definitely not a fan made insert (except for the stickers), I would say. The label isn’t mentioned but this can also be seen on other inserts of the Contraband “umbrella label group” (for example super tracks 1, BEFORE THEIR TIMECinelogue LET IT BE, LIVE IN VANCOUVER CANADA & LIVE In Melbourne, Australia – July 16, 1964, , Paris SPORTS PALAIS, RARE BEATLES, SWEDEN 1963, Cream – ’67 – ’68, CSNY – Reunion Concert – July 25, 1974, Dylan: BLOOD TAKES and SEVENTY DOLLAR ROBBERY, Harrison: chicago 11 30 74 and EXCERPTS FROM THREE MAJOR CONCERTS, etc.).

Beatles LS BB alt 3626 d