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Black Sabbath Doomsday Recitation

Black Sabbath Doomsday Recitation b

A copy of this mega-rare Euro bootleg on the Stoned Records label:

Black Sabbath KYTD

Above: First pressing, wrong spelling. I guess bootleggers tend to be dyslexic.

Black Sabbath KYTD 2nd

Second pressing with corrected spelling.

Black Sabbath KYTD outer

Black Sabbath KYTD inner

Black Sabbath KYTD lbls

Source: Audience recording from April 21, 1977 recorded at The Olympen in Lund, Sweden

A1         Symptom Of The Universe         
A2         Snowblind         
A3         War Pigs         
B1         Black Sabbath         
B2         Dirty Women / Rock ‘N Roll Doctor (Medley)         
C1         Electric Funeral / N. I. B. (Medley)         
D1         Gypsy         
D2         Paranoid         
D3         Children Of The Grave       

Black Sabbath Lund 77 ad

AC/DC opened, until they were reportedly kicked off the tour, however they did play in Lund and there was only one more show after that, so it was not a premature departure by any means: “On April 5th 1977, AC/DC would begin a tour of Europe in support of Black Sabbath, taking them through France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Sweden.

While in Sweden, Malcolm was involved in an altercation with Black Sabbath’s bass player, which led to AC/DC’s expulsion from the tour. Malcolm recalled the incident during an interview with UK music magazine Q in 2003 “We were staying in the same hotel, and Geezer was in the bar, crying in his beer, ’10 years I’ve been in this band, 10 years–wait till you guys have been around 10 years, you’ll feel like us.’ I said ‘I don’t think so.’ I was giving him no sympathy. He’d had many too many [drinks] and he pulled out this silly flick knife.” The last concert of the tour took place on April 22nd at the Scandinavium in Goteborg.”

05 April 1977 : Paris, France (Pavillon de Paris)
06 April 1977 : Colmar, France (Parc des Expositions)
07 April 1977 : Offenbach, Germany (Stadthalle)
09 April 1977 : Köln, Germany (Sporthalle)
10 April 1977 : Nurnberg, Germany (Messezentrum Halle)
11 April 1977 : Ludwigshafen, Germany (Friedrich-Ebert-Halle)
13 April 1977 : Geneva, Switzerland (Salle Des Fetes de Thonex)
14 April 1977 : Zurich, Switzerland (Volkshaus)
15 April 1977 : Odense, Denmark
16 April 1977 : Brussels, Belgium (Cirque Royal)
17 April 1977 : Amsterdam, Holland (De Nieuwe Rai Congrescentrum)
18 April 1977 : Hamburg, Germany (Ernst Merck Halle)
19 April 1977 : Copenhagen, Denmark (Falkoner Centret)
20 April 1977 : Stockholm, Sweden (Konserthuset)
21 April 1977 : Lund, Sweden (Olympen)
22 April 1977 : Göteborg, Sweden (Scandinavium)
23 April 1977 : Oslo, Norway (Njardhalle) [canceled]
24 April 1977 : Helsinki, Finland (Kulttuuritalo) [canceled]

A few comments from Sabbath collectors sites and an eBay listing, where this item usually goes for $100 – $200:

“The quality of this is good to very good the show it self is EX Ozzy and Sabbath at there best…”
“Sound: 9/10 (IMO)”

“Company and/or Label: Stoned Records, Schweden Catalogue-Number: STD 4 Comentarios: Excelente stereo in deluxe colour gatefold sleeve. Group shots, autographed on back by band. Available in two versions. First one has misprinting on front cover ‘Killing Yorself To Die’ while the second one is showing the correct title. One of the best Sabbath boots and also one of the most expensives. I did receive an e-mail from a guy who was involved in that bootleg. He said that the number of all bootleg-lps printed by Stone Records including Sabbath and Hendrix as well as others were 16.000! The ladder [sic] were the best selling. So you can judge yo(u)rself how many copies of “Killing Yo(u)rself To Die” were made!” [As they only ever produced six titles – and reportedly just under 1000 were pressed of the Queen title Invite You For A Night At The Warehouse – that still leaves more than 2500 copies per release on average. Not that rare really.]

“Black Sabbath: “Killing Yourself To Die” (2 LP) 1977, Sweden/Stoned 4.  Holy grail of Black Sabbath LPs, when this turns up it’s always a counterfeit edition with blurry label art or a colored vinyl re-press, this is a genuine first edition. Killer sounding document of the band’s appearance at The Olympen in Lund, Sweden in 1977. Long considered the best Sabbath live LP and the hardest one to get, this is the sh*t!

Yes Periphet

Yes Periphet b

Yes played at the Inglewood Forum on October 5 & 6th ’78, however, claims “The vinyl release Periphet (or Peripet) on Impossible Recordworks released in 1979 claimed to be from this show, but is really sourced from the evening show at Wembley, London on October 28th and broadcast on KBFH.  “.

If that were really the case though, why would rate this much less favorable, calling it a “mediocre-sounding [audience recording]” when comparing it with a vinyl set that was definitely sourced from the KBFH broadcast from the Wembley Arena in London [The “In The Round” bootleg (YS 1600), which was erroneously attributed to the LA Forum (in a repeat of the Police Vinyl Villains scenario, where a UK radio broadcast was claimed to have come from a local concert)]?

Yes In The Round

I believe that is wrong here.

From a list: Yes – Periphet [Impossible Recordworks 2CD] live at the Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, Oct 5 1978. Ex AUD. A Mike Millard recording? [According to my compiled Mike Millard taped shows list, he did tape both shows, so it is possible that one of his traded tapes ended up on here.]

Pink Floyd Knobs

Pink Floyd Knobs b

Even though the date and venue are correct, the last track “Us And Them” must come from a different source as it had not been performed on the 15th and it’s a Frankenstein creation to boot, with the first verse repeated several times. More information on these Pink Floyd shows can be found here:

Pink Floyd Knobs

Although listed as a Toasted release, the reissue is commonly found with Beacon Island labels.


The extended IMP 2LP re-releases of older TAKRL titles:

2-08  Mott The Hoople – Rest In Peace
2-14  Jackson Browne – Live At The Main Point

were added to the original entries for these recordings and can be found by clicking on the artist’s name on the rignt.

Hamill P Modern

From an ebay ad:

“Peter Hammill / Graham Smith – “Modern” Impossible Recordworks Records IMP 2-12. Super Hard to find Collector’s Private press Sealed Double Live Album from Van Der Graaf Generator main man Peter Hammill and former String Driven Thing and later Van Der Graaf violinist Graham Smith. According to the cover info, recorded at The Roxy Theatre in L.A., CA in February 1979. Most sources say March 14, 1979. Either way great stuff!”

A1         My Room (Waiting ForWonderland)         
A2         Condor         
A3         Faculty X         
A4         The Second Hand         
B1         Cat’s Eye / Yellow Fever (Running)         
B2         Last Frame         
B3         Mirror Images         
C1         Time Heals         
C2         Energy Vampires         
C3         Modern         
D1         A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers         
D2         The Sleepwalkers         
D3         Refugees

Fripp Eno London 1975

Source: Audience recording from the London Palladium, June 8, 1975

A1         Transcendental Music Corporation     6:59     
A2         Wind On Water     3:51     
A3         Swastika Girls     5:52     
A4         Wind On Wind I     2:02     
B1         Wind On Ice     8:11     
B2         Wind On Wind II     0:26     
B3         Wind On Fire     3:46     
B4         Evening Star     8:51     
C1         An Index Of Mammals     4:20     
C2         An Index Of Minerals     7:18     
D1         An Index Of Metals     14:37

More information can be found here:

From a reviewer: “OK audience recording, rather hissy in places.”

Young N Rust NS

Young N Rust NS b

The influential Rust Never Sleeps Tour ended with two shows at the LA Forum on October 23rd and 24th 1978 right after the show at the Cow Palace in Daly City outside of San Francisco that had been filmed for the concert documentary.

SIDE 1 : Sugar Mountain / I Am A Child / Comes A Time / Already One / After The Goldrush / Out Of The Blue
SIDE 2 : When You Dance I Can Really Love / The Loner / Love Is Green / Downtown / The Needle And The Damage Done / Lotta Love
SIDE 3 : Hard To Find A Job / One-Way Ticket / Cortez The Killer / Cinnamon Girl
SIDE 4 : Like A Hurricane / Tonight’s The Night / Out Of The Blue

“Exm” audience recording

Neil played an identical set each night at the Inglewood Forum, except that the source tape for the 23rd is 93 minutes long and that for the last night 100 minutes:

01.    Sugar Mountain
02.    I Am A Child
03.    Comes A Time
04.    Already One
05.    After The Gold Rush
06.    Thrasher
07.    My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
08.    When You Dance I Can Really Love
09.    The Loner
10.    Welfare Mothers
11.    Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown
12.    The Needle And The Damage Done
13.    Lotta Love
14.    Sedan Delivery
15.    Powderfinger
16.    Cortez The Killer
17.    Cinnamon Girl
18.    Like A Hurricane
19.    Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
20.    Tonight’s The Night


Young N American Tour

Young N American Tour b

Re-release on Phoenix Records.

When this material started being torrented in the last decade, American Tour was said to be from the 23rd and Rust Never Sleeps from the 24th but that cannot be right as it is the same recording.

This is still reflected in the reviews on “American Tour is a double-disc bootleg drawn from an audience tape probably made on October 23, 1978, at the Los Angeles Forum as part of the Rust Never Sleeps Tour. As such, it is essentially similar to Live Rust, the legitimate album culled from the same tour. It does, however, contain a few extra songs: “Already One,” from the then newly released Comes a Time; “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown,” the Danny Whitten song that appears on Tonight’s the Night; and “Welfare Mothers” (mistitled “Love Is Green”), which is on Rust Never Sleeps. It also features, between the set closer, “Like a Hurricane,” and the encore, “Tonight’s the Night,” a cheesy MC who rouses the crowd in a blatantly insincere manner. Since American Tour probably was released before Live Rust, it served initially to provide a recording of one of Young & Crazy Horse’s more impressive tours, but with the release of the Reprise album, it became largely redundant. (By the way, don’t be fooled by the incorrect titles into thinking this album contains unreleased material. “Hard to Find a Job” is really “Sedan Delivery,” and “One-Way Ticket” is “Powderfinger.”)”

vs.: “Not to be confused with the legitimate Neil Young album Rust Never Sleeps (Reprise 2295), the bootleg album of the same name is a two-disc live recording drawn from the last performance of the Rust Never Sleeps Tour, October 24, 1978, at the Forum in Los Angeles. Either a soundboard or a good quality audience recording, the album contains 18 songs and is essentially similar to the legitimate release Live Rust. The differences are that the bootleg contains versions of “Already One” and “Welfare Mothers” not found on Live Rust, while Live Rust contains a version of “When You Dance I Can Really Love” not found on the bootleg. Nevertheless, Live Rust makes this bootleg largely redundant, which it may in fact have been intended to do.”

Young N RNS sticker

This seller seemed to have more information. “2nd show” would point to the 24th. Only 1000 made – could this be true or just a selling argument to justify the hefty asking price of $145 [it ended up selling for $100 on eBay]?

Young Neil Live LA lbls

Young N Rust NS b

This second version with Slipped Disc labels and a different track list is generally credited to the 24th. Comparing the overlapping tracks would bring final clarity.

Side A: Sugar Mountain, I Am A Child, Comes A Time, Already One, After The Gold Rush
Side B: The Thrashers, Out Of The Blue And Into The Black, Rock And Roll Will Never Die, The Loner, Welfare Mothers, The Needle And The Damage Done, Cinnamon Girl
Side C: Lotta Love, Gotta Get Away, Powder Finger, LIke A Hurricane
Side D: Cortez The Killer (reggae version), Out Of The Blue And Into The Black, Tonight’s The Night

Listed as “Exs” in Hot Wacks.

Young N LA Forum RE

Young N LA Forum RE bl

on Unmitigated Audacity Records # NY 201

CSNY Traces

[Although it has an IMP number, this may only be available with Excitable Recordworks labels.]



CSNY Ww3yft 3CSNY Ww3yft 3 b

Original version with 1970’s GLC labels, confirmed by the matrix number: GLC415A / B / C / D


A mono-reduced reissue of this release on the Excitable Recordworks label (same matrix #):

CSNY we waited 3 years

CSNY we waited 3 years b


Source: The Oakland Coliseum, July 13th 1974, only the third show of their long awaited reunion tour. Billed as “Days On The Green N. 2″ and organized by Bill Graham, of course.

CSNY Oakland 74 ticket

Side 1: Suite Judy Blue Eyes (1:06)/ Wooden Ships (8:22)/ Immigration Man (2:15)/ Traces (2:45)/ Grave Concern (3:30)/ Black Queen (5:20)/ Ohio (4:33)
Side 2: Black Bird (2:45)/ Human Highway (4:09)/ Carry Me (4:45)/ For Free (4:55)/ Prison Song (4:00)/ It’s Alright (2:43)/ Our House (3:27)
Side 3: Long May You Run (5:04)/ Only Love Will Break Your Heart (4:41)/ Ambulance Blues; Pissing In The Wind (7:00)/ On The Beach (8:45)
Side 4: Can’t Catch Me (8:00)/ Long Time Gone (6:09)/ Revolution Blues (3:00)/ Falling Down (8:35)

“The Song “Falling Down”, the other unreleased Neil Young song here besides “Traces”, might be better known as “Pushed It Over The Edge” [“Pushed It Over The End” is the correct title].”


Original set list was:

01. Love The One You’re With
02. Wooden Ships
03. Immigration Man
04. Traces
05. Cowgirl In The Sand
06. Grave Concern
07. Black Queen
08. Ohio
09. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
10. Blackbird
11. Human Highway
12. Carry Me
13. For Free
14. The Lee Shore
15. Prison Song
16. It’s All Right
17. Our House
18. Long May You Run
19. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
20. Ambulance Blues
21. Sugar Mountain
22. Know You Got To Run
23. You Can’t Catch Me / Word Game
24. Don’t Be Denied
25. Deja Vu
26. Pre-Road Downs
27. First Things First
28. Long Time Gone
29. Revolution Blues
29. Pushed It Over The End
30. Carry On
00. band introduction / encore announcement
31. On The Beach
32. Chicago

“…Neil Young would enter the dressing room in a foul mood, saying the show, now trimmed by ten minutes, was still too long…” [I can certainly see that]

*** writes: “A tape featuring part of this show was released in the seventies titled Traces on vinyl.  A condensed version of this tape was issued on two discs called We Waited 3 Years For This…” [this is incorrect, both vinyl releases contain the same tracks] “It is a very good to almost excellent sounding tape that is a bit thin on the lower end.  The first couple of seconds of “Love The One You With” are missing…”

From a torrent of this material: “c. On all known DAT/CDR copies of this show, about 10 seconds are missing from Pushed It Over The End. However, there is a bootleg double LP called ‘Traces’ from part of this show, where that part is curiously NOT missing.”

CSNY Oakland Stadium