Lennon, Julian



Japan: 1985 – Julian and his band toured Japan for the first time in May & June of ’85

Source: 9 April 1985 – the second show of three – at NYC’s Beacon Theater. So, the date on the cover is close.

Quality: Very good stereo



There are only four Julian Lennon vinyl bootlegs. Number two is Now I Know What You Meant To Me on RSR, supposedly a recording of the Houston ’85 concert. If correct, this would have occurred on or around the 27th of March ’85 soon after the tour start.


  • Number 3: The single red vinyl LP LIVE AT L.A. (CSR Records, JB-721), which squeezes a complete first US tour set – likely one of the shows performed at LA’s Universal Amphitheater on May 1 – 3 – onto a single disc:



What is it with bootleggers and painful spelling errors? Not a US release then?

  • And the European single LP Stand By Me (Diamond Sound DS001 – 200 numbered copies, first 100 on red vinyl) from his 1986 tour, likely a straight copy of the Westwood One radio show recorded at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Laguna Hills, CA on July 25, ’86.


This shows how some artists end up being “hot” for bootleggers for a rather short time only, despite them still touring and perhaps even improving the quality of their official releases.