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Talking Heads Art School

Talking Heads Art School b

I have only found this on colored vinyl and stamp-less. Do other variations exist?

USA: 1979

Source: Incomplete FM broadcast of the Warner brothers promo album TALKING HEADS LIVE ON TOUR, which had been recorded at the Agora in Cleveland, OH on 18 December 1978. The promo album, needless to say beats the boots hands down.

More information regarding the legitimate first and second pressing and the counterfeit version can be found here:

Talking Heads Agora 78

The original master tapes can be viewed in this article:


The same recording was also released with all tracks present in 1979 as ELECTRICITY , the double album on Ken’s EXCITABLE RECORDWORKS label (# 2R-69, also known by the fake pseudo-German label name KÜNSTLER RECORDS created just for this release), spread over the first three sides.

Talking Heads Electricity

Talking Heads Electricity b

Talking Heads Electricity lbl


A final bootleg vinyl issue came in the 80’s on what may have been an Italian release:

Talking Heads Live Heads

Talking heads Live Heads d

Talking Heads Live Heads b





CSNY Traces

[Although it has an IMP number, this may only be available with Excitable Recordworks labels.]



CSNY Ww3yft 3CSNY Ww3yft 3 b

Original version with 1970’s GLC labels, confirmed by the matrix number: GLC415A / B / C / D


A mono-reduced reissue of this release on the Excitable Recordworks label (same matrix #):

CSNY we waited 3 years

CSNY we waited 3 years b


Source: The Oakland Coliseum, July 13th 1974, only the third show of their long awaited reunion tour. Billed as “Days On The Green N. 2″ and organized by Bill Graham, of course.

CSNY Oakland 74 ticket

Side 1: Suite Judy Blue Eyes (1:06)/ Wooden Ships (8:22)/ Immigration Man (2:15)/ Traces (2:45)/ Grave Concern (3:30)/ Black Queen (5:20)/ Ohio (4:33)
Side 2: Black Bird (2:45)/ Human Highway (4:09)/ Carry Me (4:45)/ For Free (4:55)/ Prison Song (4:00)/ It’s Alright (2:43)/ Our House (3:27)
Side 3: Long May You Run (5:04)/ Only Love Will Break Your Heart (4:41)/ Ambulance Blues; Pissing In The Wind (7:00)/ On The Beach (8:45)
Side 4: Can’t Catch Me (8:00)/ Long Time Gone (6:09)/ Revolution Blues (3:00)/ Falling Down (8:35)

“The Song “Falling Down”, the other unreleased Neil Young song here besides “Traces”, might be better known as “Pushed It Over The Edge” [“Pushed It Over The End” is the correct title].”


Original set list was:

01. Love The One You’re With
02. Wooden Ships
03. Immigration Man
04. Traces
05. Cowgirl In The Sand
06. Grave Concern
07. Black Queen
08. Ohio
09. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
10. Blackbird
11. Human Highway
12. Carry Me
13. For Free
14. The Lee Shore
15. Prison Song
16. It’s All Right
17. Our House
18. Long May You Run
19. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
20. Ambulance Blues
21. Sugar Mountain
22. Know You Got To Run
23. You Can’t Catch Me / Word Game
24. Don’t Be Denied
25. Deja Vu
26. Pre-Road Downs
27. First Things First
28. Long Time Gone
29. Revolution Blues
29. Pushed It Over The End
30. Carry On
00. band introduction / encore announcement
31. On The Beach
32. Chicago

“…Neil Young would enter the dressing room in a foul mood, saying the show, now trimmed by ten minutes, was still too long…” [I can certainly see that]

*** writes: “A tape featuring part of this show was released in the seventies titled Traces on vinyl.  A condensed version of this tape was issued on two discs called We Waited 3 Years For This…” [this is incorrect, both vinyl releases contain the same tracks] “It is a very good to almost excellent sounding tape that is a bit thin on the lower end.  The first couple of seconds of “Love The One You With” are missing…”

From a torrent of this material: “c. On all known DAT/CDR copies of this show, about 10 seconds are missing from Pushed It Over The End. However, there is a bootleg double LP called ‘Traces’ from part of this show, where that part is curiously NOT missing.”

CSNY Oakland Stadium

Reed Liquid Air

Source: The Bottom Line, NYC – June 3, 1979; with Don Cherry on trumpet.

Find more info here:

A1         Sweet Jane Medley         
A2         I’m Waiting For The Man Medley (Work With Me Annie/Sexy Ways/I Wanna Be Black)         
B1         I’ll Be Your Mirror         
B2         Perfect Day         
B3         Men Of Good Fortune

Quality listed as “Exm” – audience recording

Side 2 mangled on the cover to: 1) Eyes, 2) Perfect Day, 3) Your Going To Reap Just What You Sow, 4) Men Of Good Fortune

Notes.- “Sexy Ways” was written by Henry Ballard and was released as a 45 on Federal 45-12185, perfomed by The Midnighters. “Work With Me Annie” is probably from a similar source
This show was reviewed in Rolling Stone, 23 August 1979. Lou climbed up on to a table in the audience to sing the “Waiting For The Man” medley.

Reed Liquid Air b

Lou Reed did a number of shows at the Bottom Line as part of “The Bells” US Tour. More information can be found here:


The question is, which release was # 4519?

Costello E Saturated

Source: CHUM-FM had recorded Elvis’ gig at the El Mocambo in Toronto on March 6th 1978 (and Columbia Records Canada pressed it into the radio station promo Live at the El Mocambo). As “Heart of the City”is not on the LP, this probably comes from the original radio broadcast.

Costello El Mocambo back


A1         Mystery Dance
A2         Waiting For The End Of The World
A3         Welcome To The Working Week
A4         Less Than Zero
A5         The Beat     [not listed]
A6         Lip Service
A7         (I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea [not listed]
B1         Little Triggers
B2         Radio, Radio
B3         Vogue
B4         Wathin’ The Detectives
B5         Heart Of The City     [w. Nick Lowe]
B6         Miracle Man

“Heart Of The City is one of the 4 songs performed as encores with Nick Lowe, and is clumsily inserted after the opening chord to Miracle Man.”

Also, and probably first, released as TAKRL 901 – The Kornyfone Radio Hour:

Costello Kornyfone Radio Hour

and finally as LP 1 of this double set on Toasted:

Costello Exit

Costello Exit b

Cars 59 Stude

Source: KBFH recording from the New York Palladium on September 22nd, 1978. The Cars opening for Cheap Trick. The headliner was recorded as well and this ended up as the hi-fidelity side 4 of the California Man ’78 double set on Audifon records.

A1         My Best Friends Girl         
A2         Moving In Stereo         
A3         Since I Held You         
A4         Just What I Needed         
B1         Candy-O         
B2         Don’t Cha Stop         
B3         Take What You Want [this is either “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” or “Misfit Kid“]

Cars 59 Stude b

Hunter Ian DoWaW

Another KSAN broadcast. The pattern is clear, any of their broadcasts Ken would press into hard copy within weeks and available to the buying public who would know that the quality would be at least decent.

“For many years, the LP of the same name was the only Ian Hunter bootleg album in circulation. Its source is a 1979 FM radio show recorded at the Berkley Community Theatre early in the Schizophrenic tour. The performance is strong, and the playing is top-notch. The band work well together, and are clearly enjoying themselves. By the time this was recorded, the Schizophrenic album was selling strongly, beyond everyone’s expectations, which of course helps enormously.

Sound quality is very good, although a bit muddy in places. This is probably the fault of the mix engineer – it sounds as though the show was recorded straight onto quarter-inch (two-track) for broadcast, with no re-mixing/cleaning up otherwise done.”  []

The bill on this night was “Ian Hunter Band, Nick Gilder, John Hiatt”

A1         Once Bitten Twice Shy         
A2         Life After Death         
A3         Long For Me         
A4         Letter To Brittania From The Union Jack         
A5         Just Another Night         
B1         Angeline         
B2         Standin’ In My Light         
B3         Bastard         
B4         Cleveland Rocks

Notes from a digitized analog tape {I guess we have some song title conflicts]:

The Ian Hunter Band with Mick Ronson
July 7, 1979
Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA
KSAN-FM broadcast

1. KSAN announcer intro > crowd > stage intro 0:46
2. FBI [instrumental] 4:51
3. Once Bitten Twice Shy 5:13
4. Life After Death 4:54
5. Laugh At Me 4:15
6. Ships 3:59
7. Just Another Night 6:45
8. Angeline 4:58
9. Standing In My Light 5:42
10. Love Story Part Two 6:38
11. KSAN announcer 0:09
12. Cleveland Rock [cuts in] 4:34
13. final thanks, crowd + KSAN announcer outro 0:40
Total: 53:24

Significant upgrade over the other upload of this show. Very good to excellent sound quality. Mostly a combination of 2 low gen. reels but also has KSAN DJ bits spliced in from the previous seeded copy in a few spots. Monophonic recording up to end of track 9. Stereo for the remainder except for the announcer splices from the previous seed.

Source & transfer info: low gen. off-air reels

4513-1     Rolling Stones, The     Live’r Than You’ll Ever Be     [I’m taking the liberty of skipping this one as I don’t think I can offer anything new to this well known release]
Rolling Stones LTYEB
4514-1     Little Feat     Wheeling And Dealing [has been added to the TAKRL entry for Aurora Backseat]
4515-1     Fleetwood Mac     Albatross But Not Around My Neck [already listed under it’s parent entry ZAP 7858:  The Rockhoppers Live 1976]

Parker Graham Best Kep Girl ITW

Source: The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA – April 9, 1979

Side 1: Local Girls / Soul On Ice / Passion Is No Ordinary Word / Protection / Mercury Poisoning     Side2: Stick To Me / You Can’t B Too Strong / Watch The Moon Come Down / Tear Your Playhouse Down / Saturday Night Is Dead / I Want You Back

wolfgangvault has the show – I’m assuming from the KSAN tapes:

Rolling Stones GYLeeds Lungs Out

Source: University of Leeds, March 13th 1971, as recorded by the Rolling Stones crew and later given to the BBC. writes: “This tape was broadcast as a BBC Radio special on April 13th and again on May 30th on “Sunday Music” hosted by John Peel.  The show was played a month before the release of Sticky Fingers (with the radio broadcast a month after to benefit from the LP’s release), and their playing in these live shows has the same dark, cut throat nihilism. “

A1 Dead Flowers [04:37]
A2 Stray Cat Blues [03:42]
A3 Love In Vain [06:28]
A4 Midnight Rambler [12:46]
B1 Bitch [05:53]
B2 Honky Tonk Women [03:14]
B3 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [05:22]
B4 Little Queenie [04:18]  

Q: Excellent mono

Original set list: Jumping Jack Flash (unavailable), Dead Flowers, Stray Cat Blues, Love In Vain, Midnight Rambler, Bitch, band introduction, Honky Tonk Women, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Little Queenie, Brown Sugar, Street Fighting Man, Let It Rock “… and presumably ”Live With Me.”  The tape cuts in with Mick Jagger introducing the new song “Dead Flowers” and what follows is a brilliant performance all around.

“Midnight Rambler” has a strange sounding, happy introduction before the song gets started.  Jagger is very animated during “Midnight Rambler” as he repeats his smut with “go down on me baby.”  The new song “Bitch” is referred to as an “uptempo ditty.”

But the arrangement of “Satisfaction” is very strange.  The ending has two Chuck Berry covers and one of the most aggressive performances of “Brown Sugar” on tape.”

Rolling Stones GYLeedsLO b

I believe Ken’s TMOQ ‘smokin’ pig’ version was the first release of this material in 1974:

Rolling Stones GY Leeds Lungs TMOQ

ERW 4511 was not a straight copy of this earlier LP as the master was a different one. Hot Wacks feels this first version sounds less good than the 1979 one but makes no difference between the two, rating them both “Excellent mono”.

A1 Dead Flowers [03:44]
A2 Stray Cat Blues [04:04]
A3 Love In Vain [06:27]
A4 Bitch [04:00]
A5 Brown Sugar [04:41]
B1 Band intro [00:51]
B2 Honky Tonk Women [03:07]
B3 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [05:01]
B4 Midnight Rambler [12:25] 

Tom Petty & TH IORnR

Source: KBFH recording from the Paradise in Boston, MA on July 16th 1978

A1         Fooled Again         
A2         I Need To Know         
A3         Don’t Bring Me Down         
A4         Break Down         
B1         American Girl         
B2         Strangered In The Night         
B3         Too Much Ain’t Enough         
B4         Shout!


Listen to the complete recording here:


4508-1 The Rolling Stones East and West was added to the TAKRL entry for the Bedspring Symphony album

Rolling Stones Slick

Source: Soundboard recording from the Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ – 14 June 1978, except B6: audience recording from John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, PA – June 17 1978

A1 Let It Rock [02:45]
A2 All Down The Line [05:03]
A3 When The Whip Comes Down [05:13]
A4 Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) [06:16]
A5 Beast of Burden [06:30]
A6 Sweet Little Sixteen [03:05]
B1 Respectable [04:06]
B2 Far Away Eyes [06:32]
B3 Love In Vain [05:49]
B4 Happy [03:24]
B5 Jumping Jack Flash [04:18]
B6 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [03:36] 

Rolling Stones Slick b

According to Hot Wacks, this is a re-release of this previous album:

ON TOUR 1978

Rolling Stones On Tour 1978 Circle lbl

Rolling Stones On Tour 1978 Circle b

which was a copy of this fine bootleg, earning a good reputation due to its excellent quality:


Rolling Stones Out On Bail

Rolling Stones Out on Bail b

Rolling Stones Out on Bail sm

Rolling Stones Out On Bail set

Design-wise, clearly a homage to the very first Rolling Stones bootleg LIVEr Than You’ll Ever Be by what would become the TMOQ label. This release and it’s second part IN AGAIN OUT AGAIN (see below) has been attributed to Vicky Vinyl.

Rolling Stones I A O A OT 78

Rolling Stones I A O A OT 78 det



Another copy of the Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ recording, this time on SMILIN DORK Records:

Rolling Stones Garden State 78

Rolling Stones Garden State 78 b


StonesTicket CT P NJ 78

Ah, the Stones ’78 tour, it’s either loathed or quite well liked, depending on where you approach it from. A fan of the Mick Taylor years will probably not rate it highly but I think this tour had a certain something beyond the erratic state of many of the performances that none of the other tours did – and it was in promotion for one of their best albums.

“The 1978 US tour was put together very quickly, in light of the fact that Keith Richards was facing a lengthy prison sentence in Toronto on heroin trafficking charges. At the start of the tour, only twelve dates were actually booked. On this tour, the Rolling Stones intended to go back to their roots, back to rock and roll basics, and back to the simplicity of club and theater shows (as opposed to the large sports arenas and huge football stadiums that they had been playing in since 1969). Because major tour announcements and their name itself caused sell-out ticket runs, general panic and hysteria, and much of the ensuing craziness, paranoia and pandemonium (Stonesmania) that surrounds them during a Stones tour, for the small venue shows, it would be necessary to employ both secrecy and pseudonyms; in effect, some dates were unannounced, and, for some club shows, the band played under a variety of different names.”

“Following rehearsals in Woodstock, New York, the Stones launched their trek in Lakeland (Florida) on June 10, billing themselves as the “Great Southeast Stoned Out Wrestling Champions.” It was the first indication of how sneaky the Stones would be that summer. Two days later, they played the 4,000-seat Fox Theatre in Atlanta, where they billed themselves as the “Cockroaches.”

The Stones did not announce any concerts for New York City. Instead, there were rumors they would play a small nightclub or theatre. At the Bottom Line, a concert by the Roches, a folk-singing sister act, sold out within minutes, due to hysteria and speculation. (WNEW-FM had to break format and play Roches records, just to prove that the Roches were not the Cockroaches.)

On June 14, the Stones played the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey, where the marquee deceptively stated, “Closed for Repairs.” Tickets for the concert were sold without warning at a handful of record stores and head shops. (An announcement suddenly came over the stores’ PA systems: “Tickets for the Stones are on sale now.”)” [source: Bill German]

Stones CT P NJ 78 progr b

Above: Back of that night’s program, the usual front page had to be shifted to the last page as the Stones insisted on using their logo for the tour – the Chinese propaganda girl – on the front.

Stones 78

capitol passaic.inside

Inside view and below, ca. ’78:

Capitol Theater 78

Link to NY Times concert review: