Excitable Recordworks 4520: LOU REED ‘LIQUID AIR’

Reed Liquid Air

Source: The Bottom Line, NYC – June 3, 1979; with Don Cherry on trumpet.

Find more info here: http://thereisasite.blogspot.de/2010/08/lou-reed-liquid-air-bootleg.html

A1         Sweet Jane Medley         
A2         I’m Waiting For The Man Medley (Work With Me Annie/Sexy Ways/I Wanna Be Black)         
B1         I’ll Be Your Mirror         
B2         Perfect Day         
B3         Men Of Good Fortune

Quality listed as “Exm” – audience recording

Side 2 mangled on the cover to: 1) Eyes, 2) Perfect Day, 3) Your Going To Reap Just What You Sow, 4) Men Of Good Fortune

Notes.- “Sexy Ways” was written by Henry Ballard and was released as a 45 on Federal 45-12185, perfomed by The Midnighters. “Work With Me Annie” is probably from a similar source
This show was reviewed in Rolling Stone, 23 August 1979. Lou climbed up on to a table in the audience to sing the “Waiting For The Man” medley.

Reed Liquid Air b

Lou Reed did a number of shows at the Bottom Line as part of “The Bells” US Tour. More information can be found here:



The question is, which release was # 4519?

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