King Crimson

King Crimson Discipline 4

King crimson Discipline b

King Crimson Discipline detKing Crimson Discipline lbl 2

The label artwork was copied from the paper ads.

Discipline London 81 ad

Japan: 1982

Matrix (stamped): UD 6567A 111 / UD 6567B 111 / UD 6568A 111 / UD 6568B 111


6567 A: Discipline / Dangerous City / Red
6567 B: Plain Vaseline / I Take To The South / Mirage
6568 A: I Like It / Talk Talk
6568 B: Lark’s Tongue In Aspic Pt. 2 / Discipline


Collector evaluations:

Great set at the beginning of the ‘new’ King Crimson era in 1981. And a great quality recording too-probably audience but top quality audience.Interesting to hear the band, who played this show under the name Discipline,coming back after a 7 year break and with 2 new members.

As all the Japanese releases, this comes with a superb (color) cover, this time coupled with a really excellent sound quality, cover reproducing a cloudy earth with overprinted a strange machine topped with Fripp’s head, with wires writing “Fripp sound”. Back cover has the same picture, with songs list: about this, I will underline that at that time all the tracks are not in their definitive shape, still evolving and this is one of the aspects that made this a really interesting piece. Labels are very accurate, showing concert flyers and tracks and company infos.
LATE ADDICTIONS: this comes from UD records company, one of the most famous Japanese company that has a complete catalogue to refer; they span their releases from rock to prog, from metal to new wave to punk. It was made in the second half of the ’80, probably 1986/87. [I still believe it was much earlier than that]


The band’s short European tour – the album Discipline would not be released until September 1981:

 Apr. 30, 1981     Bath     Moles     
May. 01, 1981     Bath     Moles     
May. 02, 1981     Weymouth     Dorset Institute Of Higher Education        
May. 05, 1981     Bristol     The Granary    
May. 06, 1981     Keele     University      
May. 07, 1981     Manchester     Polytechnic    
May. 08, 1981     Liverpool     University       
May. 09, 1981     Norwich     University of East Anglia       
May. 10, 1981     London     Her Majesty’s Theatre    
May. 12, 1981     Paris     Captain Video    
May. 13, 1981     Paris     Captain Video     
May. 14, 1981     Lille     Roubaix Colisee       
May. 15, 1981     Amsterdam     Paradiso        
May. 16, 1981     Brussels     University Of Brussels


dgmlive block certain vinyl bootlegs for sale on discogs and this is one of them. eBay auctions 2010-13 achieved $26 to $70.

King Crimson Get Thy Bearings

King Crimson Get Thy Bearings b

King Crimson Get Thy Bearings disc

King Crimson Get Thy Bearings black lblFirst time I have seen any Cartoon label product with a blank black label.


Japan: 1978

Side 1: The Court Of The Crimson King / Epitaph / Get Thy Bearings     
Side 2: Picture Of A City / The Letters / The Devil’s Triangle     

side A: Recorded live 19 August 1969 by BBC Radio‘TOP GEAR’, hosted by John Peel (usually misidentified as 6 May ’69).
side B: Recorded live at Weeley Festival Clacton on 28 August 1971



Side B info, sound samples and purchase option found here:

It is easy to determine the start of this series based on the first title copied: Led zeppelin’s DETROIT JUST ABOUT BACK on Contraband, recorded 31 January 1975 and released around spring 1975 as CBM 1046 (sandwiched between the two George Harrison titles CHICAGO and MORE FROM THE TOUR ).

This would place this copy into the second half of 1975 or even early 1976.


501 Led Zeppelin Detroit Just About Back
502 Led Zeppelin Live On Blueberry Hill
503 Santana Singing Winds Crying Beasts
504 King Crimson Texas Hall Arlington
505 Led Zeppelin Going to California
506 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Live At L.A. Forum 2 LP
507 Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven

510 Beatles Sunday Night At The Palladium 


JL 501:

Led Zep Detroit 501

Led Zep Detroit 501 II

Led Zep Detroit 501 detail

The original had previously been featured in this post.


JL 502:

Led Zep Blueberry Hill 502 lg

Led Zep Blueberry Hill 502 detail

Led Zep Blueberry Hill 502


JL 503:

Santana LiveSantana Live bSantana Live b 2Santana Live J detailSantana Live innerSantana Live JL 503

It should be noted that the duo-colored insert version of this album is also a Japanese copy. You can see it, and the original, here.


JL 504:

King Crimson Texas Hall JL504

Copied labels were not common as part of the Jl-5XX series.

King Crimson Texas Hall JL504 2

King Crimson Texas Hall JL504 detail

This title and all its variations was previously discussed in this post.


JL 505:

Led Zep Going To California 505


JL 506:

CSNY Live At L.A. Forum 506


JL 507:

Led Zep Stairway TH 507

The ca. 1974 TMOQ ‘smoking pig’ original can be found here.


JL 510:

Beatles SN LP 2The number is faintly visible bottom right.



It looks like we are missing numbers 508 – 509 – does anyone know what they are?

We remember the following from the description of the Flat LP Senabular:

From “This one from the University Of Texas is among the very best Crimson audience tapes in existence. The producer of the tape was sitting very close to the stage and used an ECM-19B Sony external microphone with a Realistic-7 recorder. The atmosphere and detail present is simply astonishing.”


Contraband released this material in the following versions:

  • Arlington Texas – single LP on CBM, first pressing with best audio quality

Side 1: Intro: Lark’s Tongues in Aspic Pt.1 / Easy Money
Side 2: Book of Saturday / Lament / Improvisation / Exiles

  • Re-pressings of Arlington Texas with King Kong and Instant Analysis labels
  • A single LP containing the same tracks and disc titled Live In Texas

King Crimson Live in Texas

Also supposedly with the following cover, although this does not look like a CBM release to me:

King Crimson Live in Texas photo

“…wrapped-around insert, a collage of photos taken from official tour program. The record is the same as above, with the CBM Red Dragon label”

  • A 2 LP release called Texas Hall on Instant Analysis and Shalom labels.

Side 1: Intro: Lark’s tongues in Aspic Pt.1 / Easy Money
Side 2: Book of Saturday / Lament / Improvisation / Exiles
Side 3: The Night Watch / Fracture
Side 4: The Talking Drum / Lark’s Tongues in Aspic Pt.2 / 21st Century Schizoid Man

King Crimson Texas Hall JL504

King Crimson Texas Hall JL504 2

King Crimson Texas Hall JL504 detail

INSTANT ANALYSYS 3010/4240 – as a Japanese copy (JL-5XX series)

King Crimson Texas Hall SH

SHALOM 3010/4240

Generic white cover, with an insert printed in a variety of colors. Sometimes found with the generic “classic of jazz radio” back. Disc one has song separation. Matrixes are on disc one: SH 3010-4240 A/B, on disc two: SH 4240 A1/B1

King Krimson Texas Hall KK

  • An extremely rare single LP release called Sympho Session – same song line up as Arlington Texas – CBM 4240, King Kong logo on cover & red dragon labels

King Crimson Sympho Session 2

  • An equally rare 2 LP version – same songs as Texas Hall – CBM 3010/4240

King Crimson Sympho Session 3

Generic “classic of jazz radio” CBM cover back and red dragon labels.


Wizardo issued this material as the single LP Groon with the title track added from the B-side of the official 45 “cat food / groon”.

King Crimson Groon

Side 1: Intro:Lark’s tongues in Aspic Pt.1 / Easy Money
Side 2: Book of Saturday / Lament / Improvisation / Exiles / Groon (studio)

The detailed King Crimson bootleg comparison website states that the Wizardo LP rates a notch below the CBM versions in terms of audio fidelity and that the Flat LP sounds the best.

King Crimson Senabular


The official release material of this recording on the dgmlive website in March of 2006 has really put more than just a dent into the value of these hard to find vinyl bootlegs. It is nice to see that the material can be enjoyed by all now for a modest price, with the money going to the artists.

King Crimson Senabular 2

Recorded at: University Of Texas, Arlington, TX – October 6th, 1973

  • 1. Lark’s Tongue In Aspic
  • 2. Easy Money
  • 3. Fracture
  • 4. Book Of Saturday

From “this one from the University Of Texas is among the very best Crimson audience tapes in existence. The producer of the tape was sitting very close to the stage and used an ECM-19B Sony external microphone with a Realistic-7 recorder. The atmosphere and detail present is simply astonishing. […] Previous […] releases of this tape include […] Senabular Flat (8221).

The ferocious performance by the band easily eliminates any trifling concerns. This has to be one of the best concerts caught on tape. In the autumn ’73 tour Crimson were in the transition phase to Starless And Bible Black which would reach its culmination in November.”


This very bootleg source has been available for purchase from for some years now. One of the few instances of an artist making a bootleg source available for purchase.

Soundbites from KC collectors:

“A thoroughly exciting show with an energy which comes through despite the limitiations of listening to an audience tape, albeit a very good one for the age and DGM post production.  Good balance and clarity.  “Fracture” is great listening for the ’new’ section, the improv is a monster, and the “Talking Drum/Larks II” is firery. ”

“The 10/6/73 performance is phenomenal, and the recording is excellent.  Sure, it’s a boot but the sound is warm and full.  This could be the best boot recording I’ve heard – particularly from 30 plus years ago.  In my opinion, the sound quality is MUCH better than the Central Park ’74 show available through the KCCC.  As for the performance, it is wonderful in the established repertoire and the improvs are spectacular.  In my opinion, again.  This performance is every bit the equal of the Concertgebouw ’73 released as The Nightwatch and I’d say even more powerful.  And you get RF’s “happy hippies” announcement.  Don’t hesitate, grab this one. ”

“This is the most impecable version of Larks’ to my knowledge. ”

“I’ve got a copy of the vinyl LP Senabular and it always was one of favourite bootlegs. The Improvised track (which I dubbed Senabular (not original I know)) was my favourite piece of improvisation from my bootleg collection. It really is a first rate concert, as always the RF Announcement is very amusing, typical English humour.”

“Absolutely intense.  One of the best perfomances I have heard from any line up.  David’s Viola/Violin is much more promenant than any other recording I have heard.”

“This is an awesome concert. Yeah it’s a bootleg , but what you have here is , undoubtably , the best quality version of this concert available. Without the inclusion of such bootlegs gems like this are not available to be heard. IMO the sound quality is very listenable and the vibe of this concert is fantastic.”

Best naked female depiction: 1934: Santana – FLAKO DE ’57 SPORTSHIRT
Best spiritual cover: 1933: PINK FLOYD – OHM SWEET OHM
Best comic cover: 2924: ELP THE 1972 AMERICAN TOUR
Best “weird” cover: 1922: BONZO DOG BAND – LOOSE CABOOSE
Best use of an illustration: 1910 MOODY BLUES – GRANDE TOURE
Best group shot: Tie: 1902 BLIND FAITH & 1951: BAD COMPANY – SCRAPBOOK
Cutest cover: 1975 GENESIS – AWED MAN OUT

Best ‘title = cover’: 1968 KING CRIMSON – HERETIC
Best drawing & back cover: 2956 THE WHO -TOMMY LIVE AT THE RAINBOW


Honorable mentions:



Please add your own nominees in the comments.

A1         The Night Watch     4:26     
A2         Starless     11:38     
A3         Easy Money     5:55     
B1         The Great Deceiver     4:08     
B2         Lament     4:01     
B4         Exiles     5:48     
B5         21st Century Shizoid Man     9:10

From a King Crimson bootleg site: “One of the best and famous K.C. bootlegs, another high standard release from Takrl label. Hot Wacks credits the concert as Pennsylvania State University, 06/29/1974, but probably the correct recording date is 04/29/1974 at Stanley Warner Theatre in Pittsburgh. Sound quality excellent and higly emotional. We have to say that Book of Saturday and Schizoid Man are the same from UN REVE as many times it has happen used as tape filling. As a cover we have a classical insert, showing a deep forest and overimpressed an electric box from L.A. city named “Time Switch”. As any Takrl release there are differente labels, white or yellow with side one/two on it, white or black with World Records on it, yellow and black with the Oh Boy guy. Matrix number is Takrl 1968 A/B. Printed in the mid of the ’70.”

From, where the complete show can be purchased:

April 29, 1974  Stanley Warner Theatre    Pittsburgh, PA
A cracking, take-no-prisoners version of The Great Deceiver opens this defining, much bootlegged performance from 1974. For those who prefer a pastoral Crim, look no further than the sublime improv Daniel Dust that quells a boisterous crowd (including yelled requests for Ladies of the Road) and elegantly sets up a reflective Night Watch. This is desert island stuff indeed.

TAKRL says: “The popularity of this collection helped English DECCA reissue the original.”

Track Listing:

The Saga of Rodney Toady:

    2’29 Northmeadow (Peter Giles)
    2’07 Newly-weds (Peter Giles)
    2’25 One in a Million (Michael Giles)
    2’31 Call Tomorrow (Peter Giles)
    1’50 Digging My Lawn (Peter Giles)
    2’48 Little Children (Fripp)
    1’35 The Crukster (Michael Giles)
    2’50 Thursday Morning (Michael Giles)

Just George:

    2’14 How Do They Know (Michael Giles)
    3’15 Elephant Song (Michael Giles)
    3’06 The Sun is Shining (Michael Giles)
    5’33 Suite No. 1 (Fripp) => Reviews
    5’05 Erudite Eyes (Fripp)

From a reviewer:

“In the Jan. of 1975 I came by this album on a TAKRL bootleg LP. With Exploding Head coversheet! and Brand New in a plastic wrap! It contains two pieces that even my boss would listen to at work: Suite No.1 and Erudite Eyes. In the seventies the record seemed dated and somewhat pretentious, because the seventies was so far away from the sixties, but it has become a period piece that demonstrates Mr Fripp’s musical dexterity and potential of direction. Late in the 90’s I saw Cheerful on CD for the first time (albeit secondhand), and realised that I think I do prefer KC on vynal, scratch and hiss and warts and all. It’s a friendlier sound, more personal. I recommend also two other bootlegs: HERETIC:Long Lost at last… and Un Reve Sans Consequence Speciale.” 


TAKRL says:

“First Crimso underground. We recently saw an import by another band using this title. We thought of it three years before they did. Front and back cover.”

The concert was performed on 23 November 1973 at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Holland. Most of the concert was also broadcast live by the BBC and taped by listeners; bootlegs of the broadcast circulated among fans.

A1                   Medley : The Mincer / The Talking Drum / Lark’S Tongue In Aspic       17:03

A2                   Exiles     5:45

B1                    Easy Money     5:52

B2                    Lament             3:55

B3                    Book Of Saturday        2:30

B4                    21st Century Schizoid Man       9:10

This one is from “not so often bootlegged” 23.11.1973 Amsterdam [probably 1974] concert. Possibly from radio broadcast.

According the album cover, “recorded in early 1974 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Thanks once again to the doctor for his time and trouble… We are sorry that the studio version of Groon was not available for this album (maybe next time). This album should be played as loud as possible.”

This release has two covers. To my impression the title is “Un Rêve Sans Conséquence Spéciale” with a subtitle “(Après Cosmic Était)” printed on the credits list at the back cover.


“Derrière les ombres quotidiennes que nous appelons notre demeure, trois musiciens (et un quatrieme) s’apprêttent à présenter le sourire sournois de l’univers à nos oreilles dans l’espoir fervent que notre réaction à leur improvisation sera tout simplement le premier acte de beaucoup, beacoup à venir…. pas fou… pau fou…

Recorded in early 1974 in Amsterdam, Netherlands / Thanks once again to the doctor for his time and trouble / Cover art from our man stationed with the 84th squadron of The Anytown Live Oak Rangers / Appreciation to Dore / Snailscript from miss Shell / We are sorry that the studio version of “Groon” was not available for this album (maybe next time) / Rubber Cement courtesy Savgomo / This album should be played as loud as possible /Stereo”

Released in 1997 as a 2 CD set called The Nightwatch. It was one of the first releases of archival recordings by Discipline Global Mobile, the music company founded by Robert Fripp.


The first issue may not have had any text on the front as shown here: