Ronstadt, Linda

Ronstadt Take 2 before bedtime

The source is a bit of a mystery. This matches what was uploaded to EZT in 2006 as:

Linda Ronstadt
The Filmore
Sept. 21,1975

As promised here is another Linda Ronstadt torrent. The info I have with this is
that it was recorded at the Filmore West. I know someone will tell me that the
Filmore West closed in 1971 I have checked with several data bases and they all
refer to the venue as the Fimore West so thats what I will go with. This is an
audience recording and I would rate it as a “B” as far as quality goes, if you
want a studio quality show don’t waste your time downloading this. If on the
other hand you enjoy just listening to the Lindas’ music this is for you.

1) Colorado
2) Silver Threads and Golden Needles
3) I Can’t Help it if I’m Still in Love With You
4) Desperado
5) When Will I Be Loved
6) Long Long Time
7) You’re No Good
8) Heatwave
9) Heart Like A Wheel
10) It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
11) Hey Good Looking

On the other hand, wolfgangsvault lists a show at the Greek on that day but the tracks do not match:

01 That’ll Be The Day (Partial) 0:59
02 Love Has No Pride 4:26
03 Silver Threads And Golden Needles 2:36
04 Willin’ 3:36
05 It Doesn’t Matter Anymore 5:15
06 Hey Mister, That’s Me Up On the Jukebox 4:21
07 When Will I Be Loved? 2:53
08 Lose Again 3:51
09 Faithless Love 3:31
10 I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With… 3:41
11 Desperado 3:29
12Love Is A Rose 3:16

I have also seen this listed as Linda Ronstadt-1975-04-13-Berkeley Community Theater but the tracks do not match either:

01-03 KBFH intro & commercials
05-Silver Threads & Golden Needles
06-I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You
08-When Will I Be Loved
09-Long Long Time
Scotch tapes commercial
10-You’re No Good
12-Heart Like A Wheel

A collector rates this LP as having “excellent sound quality”, so that would point towards the source being a radio broadcast.


I can’t help but think that one of Ken’s kids designed this cover.

[What a cover!]

I tried to pinpoint the date for this show but that proved impossible. As you can check below, it is a rather good audience recording and it may even be from the Roxy.

Side 1: That’ll Be The Day / Silver Threads And Golden Needles / Willin’ / Someone To Lay Down Beside Me / When Will I Be Loved (19:50)

Side 2: I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You / Desperado / Love Is A Rose / You’re No Good / Heat Wave / Rivers Of Babylon / Heart Like A Wheel (23:35)