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Beatles 66 Spines

Beatles 66 TM red lblBeatles 66 TM note

Interesting note – written by whom? Only the EP was produced by Tobe Milo, not the Smilin’ Ears LP(s). I wonder if “6th Nite” refers to the 1975 LP Five Nights In A Judo Arena ? Contained here is the first concert from 30 June ’66 not the second show broadcast on TV right after the concert. “Never before available” is completely untrue, which we will see later.

Beatles 66 wh lblBeatles 66 bl lblBeatles 66 blue lbl

SE-7704 A/B – released in 1978. Also exists with blank labels.

Beatles 66 b

A copy of the this Tobe Milo double EP, first available in May of 1977 (minus the interview, included here), even the typeset was used on the back of the Smilin’ Ears LP:

Beatles 66 EP

Beatles 66 EP bBeatles 66 EP lbl 1Beatles 66 EP postcard

The postcard that came with each set. Only 1,000 numbered copies were pressed. Not a title that held up well in value. The fact that this material has been issued so many times probably has an impact on an otherwise beautifully designed bootleg EP set.

Beatles 66 EP stamperThe metal stamper for side 4

Side A: 1. Rock and Roll Music 2. She’s A Woman 3. If I Needed Someone
Side B: 1. Day Tripper 2. Baby’s In Black 3. I Feel Fine
Side C: 1. Yesterday 2. I Wanna Be Your Man 3. Nowhere Man
Side D: 1. Paperback Writer 2. I’m Down 3. interview

30 June 1966 – 6:30 PM their first concert in Tokyo and also their worst in terms of stage set up – those swinging microphones! – as well as video direction and perhaps also for their performance, which falls woefully short when not “enhanced” by the incessant screaming that appeared at every other concert but the Tokyo shows. This is the ‘green suits’ concert that was later released in Japan on VHS and laser disc.
” June 30th 1996

This concert recorded on Video by NTV, used 3 color TV-cam and 3 monochrome-TV-cam. But, Brian Epstain [sic] didn’t allow this take.

July 1st 1996

21:00 (JST) — TV program, “BEATLES JAPAN CONCERT” aired on NTV.
               This program contains Documentary part (black and white),
               Japanese support bands part (color, recorded on June 30th),
               and full-length of Beatles July 1st afternoon concert.”    []

Despite Brian Epstein’s insistence that the Beatles performance from 30 June not be shown, it ended up being that concert that survived predominantly on video until 1976 and was even selected for the official VHS release by VAP Video. In fact, the 1 July concert remained available on bootleg video even in Japan for a long time. It seems that a copy leaked from the archive in the early 1970’s and the first bootleg containing this concert was sourced from that, as it seems that the official release occurred only in 1993. (somebody please add if they know more).

Beatles Budokan VAP

1. 1973 – The first Japan releases:


Beatles LiTokyo OG 545 whiteBefore Tobe Milo had a free postcard, OG’s release came with a free photo (taken at one of the later concerts though). The concert goers were strictly forbidden from taking pictures with fierce guards ripping film out of cameras if such action was suspected, according to an eye witness report in issue # 2 of the Tokyo Beatles Fan Club magazine.

Beatles OG 545 lblBeatles OG 545 lbl xl

“Ultra rare original “Live In Tokyo” LP pressed in  early~mid ’70s by legendary Japanese OG label. This is real original, first pressing, red/silver label and OG 545, originally released with plain white flipback cover. Second press (OG569) and third press (OG640) has insert cover, but original first press issued with white cover. Fantastic sound quality, far superior than various later issue… ”

“The front has two different versions, with the pic a little bit better in one than the other. The back has two different versions”

Beatles OG 545 insert 1

Front cover, version 1

This title would later be reissued twice with a new and higher number (569, 640 & 733) and with changed packaging.

Beatles OG 640


A Japanese blog quoted a release date of 1973 and I would agree with that. Not only does this align with the fact that the first Japanese bootleg was probably pressed in 1972 but this also lines up with the OG release numbers, which run from 504 (ROLLING STONES – LIVE AT HIDEPARK) to the following four:

ERIC CLAPTON – ON TOUR ’74  OG-824/825 rec. 2 November ’74
BAD COMPANY – LIVE 1975 MARCH  OG-859  rec. 3 March ’75
QUEEN – A BEAUTIFUL ALBUM  OG-860  rec. 19 April ’75
QUEEN – NOW I’M HERE  OG-877 (reissue of above)

Believing that these titles appeared relatively soon after these performances and not years later would place these into early to mid 1975 and counting back through the release numbers would bring us to 1973.


2. Beat Beatle Beatles Tokyo Live (ASA-002)

Beatles beat beatle beatles lbl

Beatles beat beatle beatles

A very rare release, rarely found on any list. I have no idea when this came out but it has the same material as the above OG LP and, according to a Japanese bootleg blog, the sound quality is identical. In the end, this may just be another (pre?) OG release.


3. The first US release, ca. 1974

1900 lg

This took part in the quality comparison with the Japanese titles and was noted for sounding worse.

Contraband reissued TAKRL’s stamper ca. 1975 (identical matrix #):

Beatles Tokyo SS


5.  Five Nights In A Judo Arena – 1975

From the Tanks For The Mammaries insert, page 2:


Beatles 5 Nights

Beatles 5 Nights b

Beatles 5 Nights DW logoBeatles 5 Nights track list b

Beatles 5 Nights lbl

Several pressings were made distinguishable by the matrices (front & back color cover, except for c.):


Side 1: something in Japanese? ending with A * 19? C A scratched * DW-426-A * TOKYO-A
Side 2: something in Japanese? ending with B * 19? C B scratched * DW-426-B * TOKYO-B


b.1)  After checking in one of the biggest collections in Europe, I can confirm that all black & white cover versions have the Berkley matrix # 2043 A/B and have to be considered Berkley copies (like the one below with copied labels).

Coincidentally, this is one of the missing Berkly Records release #s (it slots between Joni Mitchell Spring Songs and Berkley’s copy of The Who Decidedly Belated Response).

Beatles 5 Nights DW 426


b.2) same matrix but called Yesterday And Today crudely copied from the Butcher cover image. Comes with a blank label. Possibly the first version released by Berkley.

Beatles Y&T

Beatles Y&T b

c.)  JAPAN 1900 A/B matrix


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeatles 5 Nights TAKRL 2Even came with a TAKRL insert.

d.)  Japan copy on ZAP:


Not shown will be the European combination with Spicy Beatles Songs, the Back Gold, picture disc and Swingin’ Pig versions.


Welcome The Beatles – Japan bootleg on Marc Records TB-76057, released ca. spring/summer 1976:

First ed.\ition matrix: FAB FOR TB-78057 SIDE A/B

Second ed. matrix: ZB TB 76057 A 111   VC    /     Z TB 76057B (S) 111  

Third ed. matrix: TB-78057 side one/two

Beatles Welcome TB

Beatles Welcome TB b 3

This first issue of the TV broadcast from 1 July 1966, 2 PM show and the Wizardo copy were featured in detail in this earlier post.

Beatles 502 Takeover 2Beatles 502 Takeover detail

Beatles Budokan 1 July


And we have caught up with the Tobe Milo EP in February of 1977 and the Smilin’ Ears copy. Both concerts would continue to be reissued and -packaged countless times on vinyl but we will stop here.

A later reincarnation combining the TAKRL label logo and copied De Weintraub labels:


Mitchell J Taylor J In Perfect Harmony 4

Mitchell J Taylor J In Perfect Harmony 3I cannot see any spine writing but copies exist where it says: SE-7703 James Taylor & Joni Mitchell: Takes Two To Tango   1977 Smilin’ Ears Switzerland

HOTWACKS separates this release into IN PERFECT HARMONY on Escargot Records and TAKES TWO TO TANGO on Smilin’ Ears. I assume they went by the spine writing for the Smilin’ Ears version. It does seem as if several producers might have had their finger in the pie here and produced several different versions, based on the variations I managed to locate (with help, t.y, Karl), I am still looking for more images (printed spine, back, label variations, upgrades).

Released late 1977 / early 1978


Mitchell J Taylor J In Perfect Harmony 4 one lblMitchell J Taylor J In Perfect Harmony 4 two lbl


Reissues / copies:

Mitchell J Taylor J In Perfect Harmony

Mitchell J Taylor In P Har BerkelyMitchell J Taylor In P Har Berkely b


Mitchell Taylor IPH alt. cover


This recording is usually attributed as having been recorded at the Royal Albert Hall but is a John Peel session recorded live in front of a studio audience at the BBC’s Paris Theater in London.

Comments from

This one is a bit of a mystery to me. I have a DVD of James Taylor‘s appearance on BBC TV and I can tell you that the songs he sings solo on this recording are from the same recording as that DVD…exact same spoken intros, same improvised lyrics, etc. However, the DVD looks like it was recorded in a TV studio in front of a small audience, not in a venue the size of the Royal Albert Hall…

The title of this bootleg is misleading. While Joni Mitchell did indeed perform at the Royal Festival Hall, London in 1970 the tracks on this bootleg were actually recorded by the BBC at the Paris Theatre shortly after her appearance at The Isle Of Wight Music Festival. The concert, including James Taylor’s solo songs, was broadcast in December 1970 as John Peel’s Sunday Concert on BBC’s Radio One.

[BBC Broadcast Portion]
01. John Peel Intro > That Song About the Midway
02. The Gallery
03. Rainy Day Man
04. Steamroller
05. The Priest
06 Dialog (spoken)
07. Carey
08. Carolina On My Mind
09. California
10. For Free
11. Circle Game Intro (spoken)
12. The Cirlce Game
13. You Can Close Your Eyes

[Air-Check rehearsal tape, Not broadcast and not on the album]
14. The Good Samaritan
15. The River
16. My Old Man
17. A Case Of You
18. Dialog (un-edited)
19. Carey


Excerpts from this broadcast were first bootlegged ca. 1976 on the TAKRL (1949) release (Kept On) By Her Own Devices

Mitchell J BHOD

Beatles Tw Jams LPBeatles Tw Jams LP bBeatles Tw Jams LP red lblOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeatles Tw Jams LP white lbl

Also exists with blue labels.

Matrix: SE 7702 A / B – Released ca. late 1977

Another LP created by copying another label’s bootleg 7″ releases; in this case the Tobe Milo limited edition EP’s Twickenham Jams [released February 1977] (its 13 minutes filling all of side 1 here):

– Honey Hush
– Stand By Me
– Hare Krishna Mantra
– All Things Must Pass
– Fools Like Me
– You Win Again

[excerpts from the Get Back sessions at Twickenham Film Studios, 8 January 1969]

Beatles Twickenham Jams EP

and on side 2 excerpts from TELEVISION OUT-TAKES [released November 1976]

Beatles Television Outtakes

and Get Together [released March 1977]

Beatles Get Together EP

Side 2 of the Smilin’ Ears LP:

– Slippin’ And Slidin’  [from Saute to Sir Lew – The Master Showman, taped 18 April 1975]
– All My Loving/She Loves You/I Want To Hold Your Hand/Yesterday medley [from the Ed Sullivan Memorial TV Special, called “And The Roof Almost Came Down When…”]
– Kenny Everett interview (Including “Cottonfields”) [rec. 6 June 1968 at Abbey Road, later that year pressed in Italy as the promo 7″ Una Sensazionale Intervista Dei Beatles]
– Nowhere To Go [rec. late November 1969 with Bob Dylan in Woodstock; called “When Everybody Comes To Town” on the early vinyl bootlegs]

The last track was not listed on the cover. On the other hand, the Ringo track from The Smothers Brothers Show that aired on 28 April 1975 (and opens the TELEVISION OUT-TAKES EP) is not found on the Smilin’ Ears.


Beatles una sensazionale 3

All in all, an LP with a rather short running time and stingy banding. The best sounding bits were the first three tracks on side 1 and the Kenny Everett interview, everything else was “good mono” i.e. pretty bad, at best.

Beatles DeccagoneBeatles Deccagone bBeatles Deccagone lblBeatles Deccagone red wr

Side 1: Searchin’ (03:03) / Like Dreamers Do (02:38) / Three Cool Cats (02:25) / Hello Little Girl (01:46) / How Do You Do It? (02:00) / White Power (Get Off)  (00:37) [January 1969 Get Back sessions; not listed on the sleeve] / Crying, Waiting, Hoping (02:06) [rec. 16 July 1963 for “Pop Go the Beatles # 8”, aired on 6 August 1963] / The Honeymoon Song  (01:43) [rec. on 16 July ’63 for PGTB # 8] Listed on the sleeve as “Bound By Love” / Nothin’ Shakin’ (But The Leaves On The Trees) (02:58) [rec. 10 July 1963 for “PGTB” # 6, aired on 23 July 1963. Listed on the sleeve as “There’s Nothing Shaking”]
Side 2: Love Of The Loved (01:56) / Memphis, Tennessee (02:22) / September In The Rain (02:04) / The Sheik Of Araby (01:50) / Revolution! (03:32) [from David Frost Show 4 September 1968] / Some Other Guy (02:04) [live at the Cavern, rec. 22 Aug 1962 for Granada TV “People and Places”] / So How Come (No One Loves Me) (02:02) [rec. 10 July 1963 for “PGTB # 6”, aired on 23 July 1963; Listed as “Everyone Wants Someone”] / I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) (02:00) [rec. 16 July 1963  for “PGTB # 8”, aired on 6 August 1963] / A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (02:20) [rec. 1 Aug 1963 for “PGTB # 11”, aired on 27 August 1963]

Sources: Copying the first four Joe Pope’s  “Deccagone” colored PVC 45s (plus his very first 1976 release ‘How Do You Do It / Revolution!’) made for a good business sense. They were released between April and November 1977, which dates the LP to December 1977 at the earliest. Padded out with a few BBC recordings, copied from TMOQs Yellow Matter Custard to help suggest that all of these recordings might have come from the same recording sessions, when they were really recorded over 18 months apart. The inclusion of the excerpt from the ’69 Get Back sessions is quite puzzling. Perhaps, whoever compiled the master tape got it on there by accident or as an inside joke.

Matrix: S.E. 7804  Re-10-17  BeAtles A  /  S.E. 7804  BeAtles A  Re-10-17 



SFF mag adSSF31SSF32

Deccagone 45s

The story goes that Joe paid $5,000 for the tape containing the 15 Decca audition tracks. Had the tape professionally mastered and sold seven singles for $5 each.

Joe Pope 76Joe Pope in 1976

For almost a decade SFF defined Beatle fandom. We were the first to hold a convention… the first to offer… the Decca Auditions… We even had what amounted to the world premieres of “Magical Mystery Tour” in its uncut form and “The Beatles in Tokyo.” If you were an SFF subscriber you were among the first people in the world to hear the “Royal Command Variety Show” in sound quality so crystal clear you felt you were on the front row! The list goes on and on….and on!… ” [Joe Pope in a letter dated Sept. 26th, 1987]


After the last Deccagone 45 “To Know Him Is To Love Him / Besame Mucho” was released in February of 1979, it took another nine months for an LP compilation of all the single tracks plus track # 15 “Take Good Care Of My Baby” to appear.

Beatles Decca Tapes Circ

Circuit Records LK4438-1 – available with red, green, blank white and the labels shown above and of course, as a picture disc.

These tracks were sourced from the second copy of the tapes that originated from Brian Epstein’s personal ten-inch reels, which were sold after his death. “Unfortunately, some of the tracks suffered from tape dropouts. Circuit chose to release the recordings in fake stereo and with the audio running too fast.” [ – from the link given above]

Joe Pope released his own LP version in a blank white cover probably shortly after the Circuit LP came out, ca. December of 1979:

Beatles Deccagones red lblBeatles Deccagones red lbl 2Matrix:

CX369A      PTS
CX369B      PTS states: “Several songs are clipped and the recording is dry, without the reverb present on latter versions.”

Beatles Deccagones LP

An owner ‘enhanced’ copy, using the title of the Smilin’ Ears bootleg but correctly noting the source of the recordings.



BootleggingBootlegging 2

Rolling Stones SingTATogetherRolling Stones SingTATogether bRolling Stones SingTATogether lblRolling Stones STAT wlRolling Stones STAT cvBeatles RS STATG cv

In the 1980s repressed in Germany with white labels and on colored PVC. A European version with the matrix R 55/66 was also produced (I am guessing there is a relation here). The U.S. original has ‘ SE 7700-2 ‘.

Original release country & date: USA, ca. late 1977

I think out of all the bootlegs I ever bought, this was in the top 3 of greatest disappointments – because I had approached this from the ‘Beatles side’ and not the ‘Stones side’. To label this 1977 premier release on the Smilin’ Ears label “The Beatles And The Rolling Stones” based on hearsay and ‘hearing things – as in “I think I hear Ringo on drums”‘ was a bit much.

None of the Beatles are on “Sing This All Together”, nor are they on “Shades of Orange”:


Finally, Ringo is not the drummer on “Too Many Cooks” (it’s Jim Keltner) and “We Love You” is the instrumental version, if I remember correctly.

Plenty of side 3 had been released years before by TMOQ already. “Too Many Cooks” was first released on Vicky Vinyl’s Gravestones around late 1975. I am not enough of a Stones connoisseur to comment on when the tracks on side 4 were first released.


Who produced the Smilin’ Ears titles? Was it another of Vicky Vinyl’s stable of bootleg labels (Idle Mind, RSVP, Rodan/Blue Ribbon/Big Thumb Records …) or some one else?

See the comments for a lively discussion on this topic.

Actually, the $3,000+ club in this case. An auction I was watching for a while for these two Japanese Led Zeppelin bootleg acetates:

Led Zep Hiroshima LiJapan IILed Zep Hiroshima LiJapan II b

This extremely rare acetate, probably never offered outside of Japan before, achieved an astounding high bid of GBP 2,130.00 and more than quadrupled its asking price with only four bids. I would date these as 1980’s releases and as with many of these acetates keep expectations regarding the sound quality low. Moreover, according to, this is just a worse sounding copy of another super rare Led Zeppelin acetate: “[…] first […] surfaced on vinyl on the very rare acetate Hiroshima Parts 1 & 2 (Gell) and and copied on Hiroshima Live In Japan 1971 1&2 (Trade Mark Of Quality UFO) in poor quality. “


The companion piece, part 1, which had been listed in HOTWACKS, achieved only half of that at GBP 1,020.

Led Zep Hiroshima LiJapanLed Zep Hiroshima LiJapan bLed Zep Hiroshima LiJapan lbl

The following was adapted from


Source 1: Stairway To Heaven [ 9:11 – cut ], Celebration Day [4:50], That’s The Way [6:42], Going To California [7:51], Tangerine [3:51], What Is And What Should Never Be [4:22], Moby Dick [1:29 – cut].
Description: Incomplete good to very good 1st audience recording. 43 minutes.
Details: This source has been recorded closer to the stage and is more upfront and clear when compared with other two tapes. It suffers from some overloading and distortion though, especially during the louder songs. There’s also some fumbling going on with the recorder here and there too.

Found on bootleg vinyl: Led Zeppelin 71-72 (Digger)

After looking and looking, I finally realized that this is the famous set with the rubber stamped panties (also a very rare piece):

Led Zep Panties 2

Led Zep PantyLed Zep Panty inserts

“The first one hundred copies of [the CD] Love & Peace In Hiroshima come with two bonus cdrs in a clear plastic case. This is a copy of the rare vinyl boot 71-72 Digest on Digger records released in the mid eighties. This title is infamous for coming with a poster and rubber stamped panties with each copy. This contains the first incomplete thirty-seven minute audience recording from Hiroshima which has never appeared on compact disc before.

The recording is distant and disturbing and the loud vinyl surface noise makes it even more difficult to listen to. 71-72 Digest also contains selections from the October 2nd, 1972 Tokyo show and October 4th, 1972 Osaka concert. Again the tape sources are very poor sound quality and the vinyl is very noisy.”

Source 2: [supposedly not recorded: Announcements ] Immigrant Song [ 3:51 ] >> Heartbreaker (<< Bouree..) [ 7:30 ] , Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 7:30 ], [ cut ], Dazed And Confused [ 24:23 – cut ], [ cut ], Stairway To Heaven [ 10:03 ], Celebration Day [ 4:49 ], [ cut ], That’s The Way [ 6:42 ], Going To California [ 7:42 ], Tangerine [ 3:51 ], [ cut ], What Is And What Should Never Be [ 4:24 ], Moby Dick [ 19:07 – <i>cut</i> ], [ cut ], The Lady Is A Tramp Intro [ 0:38 – cut ] >> Whole Lotta Love (<< In The Light, Boogie Chillun, Let’s Have Fun, Be-Bop-A-Lula..) [ 18:13 ].
Description: Incomplete good to very good 2nd audience recording. Near 127 minutes.
Details: Fairly balanced recording but taped with some distance, lacking high end also. In quieter moments it rates clearer quality but for many parts there is noticeable overloading/distortion too.

Source 3: [supposedly not recorded: Announcements ] Immigrant Song [ 3:48 ] >> Heartbreaker (<< Bouree..) [ 7:29 ], Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 7:33 ], Out On The Tiles Intro [ 0:12 ] >> Black Dog [ 5:40 ], Dazed And Confused [ 18:24 – cut ], [ cut ], Stairway To Heaven [ 9:47 ], Celebration Day [ 4:49 ], That’s The Way [ 6:45 ], Going To California [ 7:39 ], Tangerine [ 3:48 ], What Is And What Should Never Be [ 4:30 ].
Description: Incomplete good 3rd audience recording. 87 minutes.
Details:  The tape is very hissy if not a bit overloaded at times and muffled, with minor tape issues here and there. It is also more distant than the previous source.

Found on bootleg LP’s/acetates: Hiroshima Part 1&2 (Geil) & Hiroshima Live In Japan (Trade Mark Of UFO)

Source 4: Band Announcements, Immigrant Song [ 3:48 ] >> Heartbreaker (<< Bouree..) [ 7:29 ], Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 1:39 – cut ], [ cut ], Stairway To Heaven [ 9:48 ], [ cut ], Tangerine [ 3:46 ], [ cut ], Instrumental Improvisation [ 0:48 ] >> Communication Breakdown [ 5:49 ].
Description: Incomplete poor to good 4th audience recording. 47 minutes.
Details: This could be a good source … but the level of overloading is so devastating that for the most part we can hear the wall of sound, with all the instruments mushed into a roar. Only the chatter is fairly listenable.

Description: Incomplete very good 5th audience recording. 147 minutes.
Details: Surprisingly, a very clear tape with only some amount of hiss and with small bass overloading. The band is captured in fair distance and recording is very enjoyable, best sounding in terms of quality and most complete of all five sources available.

“The band performed a charity concert benefit for the victims of the atomic bomb.  They presented the mayor of Hiroshima with a check for 7,000,000 yen – their earnings from the show – and in return received a peace medal.

Once again, the band were very well received by the appreciative audience and delivered another typically stellar performance.  The Whole Lotta Love medley was the shortest of the tour so far (18 minutes), but the band continued to incorporate rarities into the feature.  They performed Cliff Richard and The Shadow’s ‘Nine Times Out of Ten’ (the only known performance of this track) and Gene Vincent’s ‘Be-Bop-a-Lula’ (performed only once before – in Helsinki on February 23, 1970).

Led Zep Hiroshima 71 JPLed Zep Love & Peace72_jap10Led Zep Hiroshima s i


You cannot help but notice that Jimmy must have felt so much love for his knitted top, he wore it at Hiroshima Peace Park, throughout the actual concert and at the reception in the mayor’s office too. Of course, one cannot rule out that maybe he brought a suitcase full of identical tops on tour.


Coming up soon, coincidentally: My long prepared series on Japanese bootlegs

Coming up next: Smilin’Ears releases

Lynyrd Skynyrd ILMoaFB

Italian LP, released ca. 1982, hard to find

Supposedly from the Hammersmith Odeon in London on 20 December 1976, but the set list given for the corresponding tour, the One More from the Road Tour does not match (I also wonder if that single European tour date entry on wikipedia was based on this bootleg alone) and I would bet that this is the KBFH recording from Cardiff, Wales from their short European tour in November of 1975, previously bootlegged on TKRWM 1814:  cardiff peaches .

Side 1: Double Trouble / I Ain’t the One / The Needle and the Spoon / Saturday Night Special / Gimme Three Steps                                                                                                                                                             Side 2: Woman in Mind (listed as “WND Studios 11-5-1973, Memphis, TN with Al Kooper on piano) correct information: Woman of Mine (their first ever radio performance, recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis & broadcast on WMC FM, produced by Al Kooper – 30 October 1973 (since officially released on their Collectybles compilation released in 2000)) / Sweet Home Alabama / Free Bird



And that must have been the end of Flying Horses Records, no further releases were ever found that used this name and corresponding FC numbering system.

Springsteen Bosswashere 1

Springsteen Bosswashere 2Springsteen Bosswashere insideSpringsteen Bosswashere 3

1/1    Summertime Blues     Cleveland,OH The Agora  09-Aug-1978
1/2    Spirit in the night                ”    –    –
1/3    Because the night               ”    –    –
1/4    Ramrod     Paris, Palais des Sports  18-Apr-1981
2/1    The river                          ”    –    –
2/2    Independence day           ”    –    –
2/3    Who’ll stop the rain?        ”    –    –
3/1    She’s the one     Cleveland,OH The Agora  09-Aug-1978
3/2    Raise your hand                            ”    –    –
3/3    Darkness on the edge of town       ”    –    –
4/1    Can’t help falling in love     Paris, Palais des Sports  18-Apr-1981
4/2    Born to run                                     ”    –    –
4/3    Detroit Medley                                ”    –    –
4/4    Twist and shout     Cleveland,OH The Agora  09-Aug-1978


There is the typical Flying Horses mis-attribution of sources and venues; sides 1 & 2 are listed as being from the Royal Albert Hall in April of 1981. This was the first release of any material from the Paris 1981 concert.


Rodding Stones SNL SpRodding Stones-back

Rodding Stones-back detailItalian release, ca 1982

Do not judge a boot by its cover – this certainly applies here. True, Rod Stewart, Ron Wood and Keith Richards are on this recording, that much is true.

The date and venue given as 15 March 1975 and the Royal Albert Hall is really 13 or 14 July 1974 at the Kilburn Gaumont State Theatre in London.

Bill Wyman did not perform, it’s Willie Weeks (just a few months prior to being drafted into George Harrison’s North American Tour back up band). Charlie Watts did not play drums either, Andy Newmark did (hired to play drums for John Lennon’s final album sessions six years later). Kenny Jones did not participate and it’s not Ian Stewart nor Billy Preston nor Nicky Hopkins on piano but Ian McLagan.


13th July: RON WOOD & BAND. London, Kilburn Gaumont State Theatre
(Instrumental / Am I Grooving You / Cancel Everything / If You Gotta Make A Fool Of
Somebody / Mystifies Me /Take A Look At The Guy / Act Together / Shirley/Forever /
Sure The One You Need / I Can’t Stand The Rain / Crotch Music / I Can Feel The Fire)
Note: The whole show was professionally filmed.

14th July: RON WOOD & BAND. London, Kilburn Gaumont State Theatre
(Instrumental /Am I Grooving You / Cancel Everything / If You Gotta Make A Fool Of
Somebody / Mystifies Me / Take A Look At The Guy / Act Together / Shirley-Monkey
Man / Forever / Sure The One You Need / I Can’t Stand The Rain / Crotch Music / I Can
Feel The Fire)
Line-up: KR (gtr, voc, p)/RW (gtr, voc)/Ian McLagan (p, org)/Willie Weeks (bass)/
Andy Newmark (dr)/Rod Stewart (voc, tamb)
Notes: Rod Stewart shares lead vocals on If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody,
Mystifies Me and Take A Look At The Guy.
The whole show was professionally filmed.


Another Euro boot, Look At The Guy released in the late 1980’s delivered seven tracks with correct liner notes:

Richards Wood LatGuy

Richards Wood TALatG detailRichards Wood TALatG stickerRichards Wood TALatG lbl

200 numbered copies on brown PVC and 33 on mcv. Came with a Ron Wood drawing. Issued as a picture disc as well.

Richards Wood LatGuy mcv

Richards Wood LatGuy pic d


12 tracks were released officially on CD & DVD in 2007 as The First Barbarians: Live from Kilburn

Plenty of videos found on Youtube.

Spirit LiBoston

Source: Back cover states: Live at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, 15 May, 1970. The correct date is from a series of shows played on the 9/10/11th October 1969.
Venue: Boston Tea Party (at their new location on 15 Lansdowne Street – open since 12 July ’69), Boston, MA

Side 1: Fresh Garbage / Jealous / It Shall Be                                                                                                      Side 2: Ground Hog / I’m Truckin’ / New Dope In Town / Mechanical World

Total Length: 41:00 – Side One (18:00); Side Two (23:00)


Notes on the master tape:

“This is a typical club recording, only the mics are plugged into the soundboard. One channel is missing some highs but this is how I got the tape. The singing is a bit rough, but it is Spirit!!

Around 1979, I finally tracked down one of the guys who ran the soundboard at the Boston Tea Party (after running ads in local papers and getting various responses). After about 10 months and a few dozen phone calls he finally said ‘common over’. Very nice guy still living in the Boston Area. He told me later that he was afraid I was the IRS looking for back taxes from when he worked at the Tea Party. He gave me a few soundboards he had kept and some names to look up. This show is one of them.”

From master Soundboard Reel 7 1/2ips 1/2 track

1. It’s All The Same >
2. Fresh Garbage
3. Jealous
4. It Shall Be
5. Poor Richard
6. Groundhog
7. I’m Truckin’
8. New Dope In Town
9. Ed’s Drum Solo > Mechanical World
10. I Got A Line On You (fragments, cut after few seconds)

There are a few level fluctuations as well as a little over modulation.”


A copy of the soundboard recording must have made its way over to Italy prior to 1982.



Jay Ferguson – Vocals
Randy California – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Ed “Cass” Cassidy – Drums
John Locke – Keyboards
Mark Andes – Bass

Collector’s comments:

“The performance is strong but sound quality is poor.”

“I have heard a bootleg of the “Spirit”, October 1969 show, and it is awesome. Unfortunately, the sound quality of the tape was bad, but you could tell that it was a rocking night. “

This bootleg earned an ‘Exm’ rating in HW.



Boston TP

Just an average month at the BTP in 1969.