Deep Purple

J. Geils Band LFG

Matrix: 777 X A / B

A straight copy of their official live album, which was recorded in Detroit in late April of 1972 BTW and not in Germany:

J. Geils FH

It was officially released 26 September, 1972, peaked at # 54 on the album charts.


Deep Purple MIJ

Deep Purple MIJ lbl

Matrix : 804 – A / B & 805 – A / B

Officially released ca. December of 1972.

I did not expect any bootlegger to be so brazen and copy this famous live album but here is the proof. This release did much better than “LIVE” FULL HOUSE,  reaching # 6 in the US and eventually going platinum. I would place both WCF pirates at the start of 1973.






Japan: 1985 – The Perfect Strangers Tour visited Japan in May of ’85

Matrix: V (Z)(B) ETS-2575A 121+ E
                Z ETS-2575B 111+
                Z V (Z)(B) ETS-2576A 111+ E
                Z ETS-2576B 111+

Auctioned no less than 23 times already this decade, which did not help the achieved final prices.

Source: Audience recording from Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford, NJ, 9 March 1985

2575 A: Intro / Highway Star / Nobody’s Home / Strange Kind Of Woman / Who Do You Think You Are / Blues / A Gypsy’s Kiss
2575 B: Perfect Strangers / Under The Gun / Lazy / Ian Paice / Child In Time Part 1
2576 A: Child In Time Part 2 / Knockin’ At Your Back Door / Difficult To Cure / Jon Lord / Space Truckin’
2576 B: Woman From Tokyo / Speed King / Burn / Smoke On The Water





Japan: 2nd half of 1985

The Perfect Stranger Tour, heavily mined by bootleggers in Europe, US and Japan stopped in Japan in May of 1985

Matrix (Side A): Z G V 〄Ⓑ XL-1609A 111+D – (Side B): Z XL-1609B 111+
(Side C): Z V 〄Ⓑ XL-1610A 111+D – (Side D): Z XL-1610B 111+

Source: I have found no website refuting that this is in fact not as stated on the back cover, the first night at Long Beach Arena on 01 February 1985. The only mystery here being mystery track “Who Do We Think We Are” on side one. So, until we have proof that this is incorrect, we are going with that.

1609 A: Highway Star / Nobody’s Home / Strange Kind Of Woman / Who Do We Think We Are / Blues / A Gypsy’s Kiss     
1609 B: Perfect Strangers / Under The Gun / Lazy / Child In Time Pt. 1     
1610 A: Child In Time Pt. 2 / Knocking At Your Back Door / Difficult To Cure / Space Truckin’ Pt. 1     
1610 B: Space Truckin’ Pt. 2 / Woman From Tokyo / Speed King / Smoke On The Water

Quality ratings: “Although the sound is distant feeling, it lacks a little force” – Ëxs” in HOTWACKS


Deep Purple
February 1, 1985
Long Beach Arena
Long Beach, California, USA
Tour: Perfect Strangers

Recording type: Audience
Total running time: 116:49

Track listing:
Highway Star
Nobody’s Home
Strange Kind Of Woman
A Gypsy’s Kiss
Perfect Strangers
Under The Gun
Lazy (w/Ian Paice Drum Solo)
Child In Time
Knocking At Your Back Door
Difficult To Cure (w/Jon Lord Keyboard Solo)
Space Truckin’
Woman From Tokyo
Speed King
Smoke On The Water

Show comments:
Great show and recording from the Perfect Strangers tour. The recording is excellent but it does have a few flaws but nothing major.


Deep Purple California Jam

Deep Purple California Jam b

Japan: 1981



The only previous (bootleg) release of Deep Purple’s appearance at the California Jam Festival in 1974 had been the inclusion of one song – “Space Trucking” – on the first release on Contraband’s King Kong sub label, 1974/5 (KK001-A/B):

VA California Jammin 2


“Lenny Stogel, former Music manager & ABC Television executive
Sandy Feldman decided to sponsor two huge outdoor Rock n Roll
Festivals, one in 1974 and the next in 1978 and both Festivals were
held at Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, California just outside
of Los Angeles. The Festivals became known as CAL JAM and
CAL JAM II. Both Festivals were Televised on ABC Television on
its “In Concert” series. CAL JAM I in 1974 generated the largest gross income of its time $2,000,000 and drew in 200,000 fans.”

“Most of this concert was broadcast over 4 weekends in April 1974 on KLOS-FM ABC-TV Stereo Simulcast, along with other California Jam artists.” [wikipedia]

The first official release of this performance was on video in several countries from 1981 onward.

Deep Purple Cali Jam VHS


The California Jam part of the UD bootleg featured the missing track “Lay Down Stay Down” for the first time, which was not included on any of the later official releases until the remastered version of the official California Jamming CD in 2003. As the complete concert runs over 80 minutes, I suspect that UD made some cuts, most probably in the originally 25 minutes long “Space Trucking”. They also did some reshuffling, as the show started with “Burn”. 

6555 A: Space Trucking / Burn / Might Just Take Your Life / Lay Down Stay Down
6555 B: Smoke On The Water / Mistreated / Space Trucking (Reprise)


The California Jam material was bootlegged on vinyl at least one more time on this four track LP (H-300 A/B) on the European Laughing Clown label, ca. 1983, most likely taken from the video soundtrack (I am not sure I trust the source description given on the back and this label appears to have had a tendency to utilize available video soundtracks).

Deep Purple Flasback

Deep Purple Flasback b


Deep Purple Cali Jam fire

Ritchie playing with fire “The fire Marshall said it’s OK – really”


The second disc featured a copy of the TAKRL bootleg PERKS AND TIT (1930 A/B), featuring four tracks from the final show on the U.S. leg of the tour ‘three days after’ but also repeating “Smoke On The Water” from California Jam. Still, it makes a nice companion piece and shows an above average effort by UD.

Dep Purple Perks & Tit detail

This double LP appeared more frequently in past eBay auctions than other UD titles. A recently recorded auction in August of 2014 ended at $100.

Deep Purple BiaBedsit 2

Deep Purple Bedlam

Deep Purple Bedlam in a Bedsit signed

Japan: 1980

Source: Audience recording from the Budokan in Tokyo on 25 June 1973

Side 1:   Lazy / Child In Time / Highway Star  – Length: 31’42” 

Side 2:   Space Truckin’   – Length: 26’35” 

Notes: ‘Lazy’ edited onto the ending of ‘The Mule’. very good quality recording.

“Well, whatever energy and inspiration the band displayed in Europe and North America was fading fast when they reached Japan. Unlike the show in Osaka on the 27th, where the band is just going through the motions, they seem to tap into that magical resevoir for the last time here. This is a very professional sounding show, with everyone doing exactly what they need to do, when they need to do it. There’s just not as much passion or emotion in the songs as the earlier legs of the tour. It’s almost a “paint-by-number” performance. Apparently the audience felt the same way, because when the band didn’t re-appear after Space Truckin’, the crowd went berserk. The title is an apt description of what transpired. For whatever reasons, the band played a very short show, then refused to return for an encore. Chaos ensued and the rest is history. Probably the best sounding of the 1973 tour boots. “

Set list:
01 Introduction
02 Highway Star
03 Smoke On The Water
04 Strange Kind Of Woman
05 Child In Time
06 Lazy (Intro: America)
07 The Mule
08 Space Truckin’ (Intro: Also Sprach Zarathustra)
09 End of concert announcement


The crowd was rather unhappy not to get an encore and photographer Didi Zill documented the aftermath of the audience’s reaction:

Deep Purple Budokan 73 II

Didi_Zill-Deep_Purple 2

Deep Purple Abschied 73

This article talks from German Bravo magazine about DP Mark II’s last gig in Osaka using an image from the Budokan aftermath.

Deep Purple Chaos

The band has since used this incident to boost their legendary status. The “Woman From Tokyo” video uses quite a bit of the existing footage and their now out of print LISTEN LEARN READ ON CD box set takes its cover image from one of Zill’s photos.

Deep Purple LLRO


DP – Japan Tour 1973:

23 June 1973 Hiroshima, Shiei Taikukan  [Shi Kokaido (City Hall), was a tiny venue, with a capacity of less than 1,500.]
24 June 1973 Nagoya, Shikokaido
25 June 1973 Tokyo, Budokan

Deep Purple 25 june 73 ticket

26 June 1973 Tokyo, Budokan  *** forced cancellation ***

27 June 1973 Osaka, Koseinenkin Hall

29 June 1973 Osaka, Koseinenkin Hall   (some sources claim two shows were played on the 29th)]





Any bootleg collector seeing the labels of this release would wonder who really produced this, due to the labels, which are not the ones used by Ken’s ZAP releases. These fake Idle Mind labels were found with the above blue insert version. And below one can find the same title, also with a blue insert with Cartoon labels as well:


Deep Purple Never Before

More variations:



Japan: ca. 1977/8

So, did the fake Idle Mind label re-issue this title or were the producers of the Cartoon and the’ fake Idle Mind’ label (which will be presented in the next post) plus the fake ZAP label titles the same people?

Side 1:  Highway Star / Speed King / Wring That Neck
Side 2:  Never Before / Child In Time / Free Form Part 1 (Wring That Neck) / Free Form Part 2 (Mandrake Root) / Lucille  (30:42)

Side A-1, Side B-1,5:  London, BBC Paris Theater, 9 March 1972, Sounds Of The Seventies
Side A-2,3:  London, BBC Studio, 19 February 1970, The Sunday Show
Side B-2 to 4: Granada TV, 14 July 1970

Total play time of 58 minutes. All of this material, except B-2 to 4 would be officially released in 1980 as the DEEP PURPLE IN CONCERT double album.



526  LIVE Paris Olympia

528  Deep Purple SONIC ZOOM

529  Led Zeppelin MUDSLIDE



JL 526: The BEATLES – LIVE Paris Olympia

Beatles Live Paris Olympia Japan copy JL 526



Deep Purple SZ JL 528

Deep Purple SZ JL 528 detail

More reading on this most classic of DP bootlegs can be found here.


Led Zep Mudslide 529

Led Zep Mudslide 529 detail

Return of the Holy Grail Records labels after encountering them first on JL 1004: Beatles – ON STAGE IN JAPAN – The 1966 TOUR.    

Google has never heard of an official record with this title and if it ever existed it has either remained in total obscurity or was shelved at the last minute and the labels were lying around at an L.A. pressing plant. The third and most favored theory is that this is an invention/meant as a smoke screen and deterrent for closer scrutiny by the bootleggers (Ken?) who reissued (mostly double) TMOQ titles in California around the second half of 1976 / early 1977, reminiscent of the Von Grossenschuss paper label used on Wizardo re-issues I have blogged about before. 

It seems that the JL crew liked this label so much, they decided to copy and use it as well. This allows us to date JL 1004 and JL 529 to 1977.


Confirmed sightings so far:

Led Zeppelin: On Blueberry Hill

Matrix: EV-666-A-1
Matrix: EV-666-B-2
Matrix: EV-664-A-3
Matrix: EV-664-B-4


Rolling Stones: GIMME SHELTER / AMERICAN TOUR 75 VOLUME 1, 2 (single volumes of the last bootleg Dub ever released: L.A. FOG (TMOQ 8207/8 – ca. 2nd half of 1976)) / EUROPEAN TOUR 1973

The Beatles: LAST LIVE SHOW       


[There are probably more out there]


Above: White version of the label found on the Zep Blueberry Hill double

Hendrix Good Vibes DUL

Hendrix LAF-L DUL


Rolling Stones American Tour DUCHoly Grail lblRolling Stones European Tour 1973 DUC

Were there any brown U.S. originals? I have yet to see one.



Beatles Abbey Road Rev

Beatles Abbey Road Rev lbl

Quite a change from the original: The copied version of a WIZARDO REKORDS [sic] label.

This 1976 original (based on a 1973 CBM title) can be revisited here.

Deep Purple Get It While It Tastes

Deep Purple Get It While It Tastes b

I have also found these picture labels on a Japanese blog. Does that mean there was a first pressing perhaps that used these?

Deep Purple Get It While It Tastes lbl a

Deep Purple Get It While It Tastes lbl b

Deep Purple’s last night of their AustralAsia tour live at the Budokan, 15 December 1975

The official multi-track recorder was running backstage to capture material for yet another Japan only live album (to be released March 1977 as Last Concert In Japan, the 1985 31 minute video compilation Rises Over Japan and finally upgraded and including the full show in 2001 as This Time Around: Live in Tokyo ) while recorders were running in the audience as well. Apart from the person taping the source that ended up on GET IT WHILE IT TASTES, Mr. Peach also attended this show and his much better recording was released by Tarantura in 2010 as Made In Tokyo (making it the second recording of an already officially released concert among his tapes, his Cheap Trick capture being the other one).

It looks like Marc released this LP around the early summer of 1976, beating the official album comfortably, although lacking in the fidelity department.

“In a 1995 interview, Glenn Hughes calls Last Concert in Japan an “awful record,” and says that it “should never have been released” because “Tommy couldn’t play.” “

Side 1:  Burn / Lady Luck / Love Child / Smoke On The Water / Wild Dogs                                                  Side 2:  I Need Love-Soldier Of Fortune / You Keep On Moving / Stormbringer / Highway Star

The set list:

Lady Luck
Love Child
Gettin’ Tighter
Smoke On The Water
Wild Dogs
I Need Love
Soldier Of Fortune
Keyboard Solo
Lazy (incl. Drum Solo)
Owed To ‘G’
This Time Around
Guiter Solo
You Keep On Moving

Highway Star


Vicky Vinyl must have gotten hold of this title around the same time as MARC’s Suzi Quatro release – 1977, I would guess:


Deep Purple Made For Japan redDeep Purple Made For Japan red bDeep Purple Made for Japan blueDeep Purple Made for Japan yelDeep Purple Made for Japan SM Pig

Apart from “Stormbringer”, the bootleg and the official LP selected the same tracks.

Deep Purple-Lyrics-Jap Pressing


Deep P 75 Budokan



Deep Purple fans must be among the least shy to stick a bootleg under an original member’s nose and ask to have it signed:

Deep Purple Get It While It Tastes signed

Deep Purple GiwiT signed

Deep Purple Live In Concert II

Deep Purple Live In Concert

Likely the first Japanese Deep Purple bootleg and one of the first Japanese bootlegs made.

From the auction texts:


“Without doubt, rarest Deep Purple live LP from Japan. Released in early ”70s

 in very limited edition, this is first Deep Purple private pressing live LP from Japan (older than Back To Rock OG press)…Plain white cover, small title/song listing sticker on front. Black fake “Kustom Rekords” label. Matrix number: machine typing ASC001.

Ultra rare vintage Japanese original pressing live LP. Released in early ’70s in micro quantity (100 or less) , very obscure LP even in here.  

Plain white cover + small title sticker paste on. Black/silver printed KUSTOM REKORDS/H BOMB on label.

Machine typing ASC-001 matrix on dead wax.
Sold over $200 in the past, […].”



About the original – the very first release on the Kustom Records label:
– DEEP PURPLE H-BOMB – # ASC-001; matrix numbers on vinyl: side1: 2001-A/B

“This is the original LP pressing from 1970-1971. It has a picture sleeve which has a plain white back. It comes with its original plain paper inner sleeve. The record is pressed on thick vinyl & has grooved labels.”

“The second pressing [of the European bootleg Space Vol. 1/2] was called “H-Bomb”, which a more professionally produced single album which lacked “Mandrake Root” and also had slight edits to the other songs. “

Side 1: Black Night / Paint it Black

Side 2: Wring That Neck (edited)

Source: Live in Aachen, 11 July 1970, soundboard


deep-purple h-bombdeep-purple h-bomb b

DeepPurple H Bomb KDeep Purple HB stamp Kust

More info on the different Aachen vinyl releases can be found here.

Deep Purple HB DittoliniDeep Purple HB Dittolini 2

This rare version of the much copied Aachen 1970 soundboard tape was previously featured in this blog in this post* and likely taken from the Kustom Records title with the same name:

DeepPurple H Bomb K


Other stamped Dittolino covers I found are:


Beatles 14 Unreleased BC


Dylan Talking Bear Picnic

Talkin’ Bear Picnic – more about this rare Bob Dylan title in the next post.


Hendrix Live Experiences

Jimi Hendrix – Live Experiences


Jethro Tull Flute Cake st

It’s Jethro Tull


Led Zep LoBH stamped


Pink Floyd Live stamp 3

I am pretty sure these were never meant to come with an insert. The majority of these can also be found with insert (and then without a stamp). Were they early runs for each title? Were they made to copy TMOQ or late ones after the inserts had run out? It’s hard to say.