LXXXIV Re-releases


Genesis Lftmotm

Well, this has a ‘deluxe’ blue cover but the original release on Atlantic was reissued with one as well, so I doubt this is the K&S version. If anyone has an image of that, please leave a comment.

Previuously reviewed in its own entry under this link here



Cars El Mocambo 062

Cars El Mocambo 062 b

Side 1  Good Times Roll / Bye Bye Love  / Nightspots / My Best Friend’s Girl / Moving In Stereo    
Side 2  Since I Held You / They Won’t See You  / Don’t Cha Stop  / Just What I Needed  / Candy-O

Complete set list had two more songs:

01 – Good Times Roll
02 – Bye Bye Love
03 – Nightspots
04 – My Best Friends Girl
05 – Moving in Stereo
06 – Since I Held You
07 – Take What You Want
08 – They Won’t See You
09 – Don’t Cha Stop
10 – Just What I Needed
11 – Candy-O
12 – You’re All I ‘Ve Got Tonight

There were several versions of this album, taken from a radio broadcast on 14 September 1978 (shortly before KBFH taped the band and headliner Cheap Trick at the Palladium in NYC, as released on the Audifön label/Vicky Vinyl boots THE CARS 78 and 78 CALIFORNIA MAN)

Cars El Mocambo 2

Mostly found as a stamped white LP:

Cars El Mocambo 3

Interesting text added by an eBay seller in May of 2013: “The Cars doing what they do best on stage at the El Mocambo in Toronto on Sept. 14, 1978. Stereo pro recording. If I recollect, some of these were on multi-colored vinyl, but I don’t know if this is one [ I doubt any of these exist on mcv. ]. This is a sealed, never-opened, brand spanking new copy from the Beggar’s Banquet collection, Anaheim’s long-gone “Underground” record store, boxed away for decades.”



I am aware of the YS 1600 double album with a deluxe b&w and later re-issued with a green & white cover (mostly found with yellow & tan but also with Slipped Disc labels):


Yes In The Round


and then sides 1&2 only on the 80’s style GLC label and limited to 100 orange copies as part of the LXXXIV series (# 57)


Yes ITR # 57Yes ITR disc

but I have never seen a K&S version of this. If you have, please leave a comment.


Numbers 064 to 069 do not seem to have been assigned.


070: 7 LP Elvis box set that fell victim to the February 1980 raid. No further information available.


071: The Sex Pistols vinyl bootlegs page does not list a K&S version for this release:



Rolling Stones The Trident Mixes

Rolling Stones The Trident Mixes b

A beautifully done double album with a full color cover. I would put the release date at late 1979, as it was mentioned in Innersleeve # 20, January 1980 (see below). The first issue was on black PVC.

Rolling Stones TM January 1980

Matrix: MCG/K&S 072

LP 1, side 1:
1. Jiving Sister Fanny    [03:24]
2. I’m Going Down    [03:02]
3. I Don’t Know Why    [02:08]
4. Give Me A Hamburger To Go (aka Stuck Out Alone)    [03:20]
5. Downtown Suzie    [03:49]
6. Blood Red Wine    [05:19]

Side 2:
7. Travelling Man    [06:03]
8. Family    [03:44]
9. Still A Fool    [09:59]
LP 2, side 1:
10. Family    [04:15]
11. Leather Jacket    [03:31]
12 Dancing In The Light    [02:50]
13. Potted Shrimps    [04:12]
14. So Divine (Aladdin Story)    [05:29]

Side 2:
15. And I Was A Country Boy    [04:26]
16. Who Am I?    [03:52]
17. Trident Jam    [03:43] 


“Jiving Sister Fanny” was recorded on July 2nd, 1969 at Olympic Studio, the day before Brian Jones died.  Two versions with different lyrics were recorded that day.  This is the rarer of the two, having appeared on some pressings of Metamorphosis while the second take appears on most pressings of the album and on the London Years.  

“I’m Going Down” was initially worked on between April 17th to July 1969 at Olympic Studio and later right before the US tour from October and November, 1969 in Los Angeles.  This take, which was also used for Metamorphosis in 1975, dates from July 14th and July 15th, 1970 at Olympic.  This track differs from the commercial version by having a false start.  This track features Bobby Keys on sax, Rocky Dijon on percussion, Stephen Stills on guitar, and Bill Plummer on upright bass.  

“Hamburger To Go” (aka “Give Me A Hamburger To Go” and “Stuck Out Alone”) dates from sessions at Olympic from March and April, 1968 and remains unreleased.  ”Downtown Susie” is a Bill Wyman tune recorded on April 23rd, 1969 at Olympic Studio and is the same as the version on Metamorphosis except is shorter at the fade by five seconds.  

“Blood Red Wine”  was recorded May, 1968 at Olympic Studio.  Jagger sings the vocals, Nicky Hopkins plays piano, and no other information is available.  It has never been released which is a shame because it is the most intriguing song in this collection.  “Travelin’ Man” is another unreleased song recorded at Olympic in October, 1970.

The first version of “Family” dates from May, 1968 in Olympic and it the arrangement with the electric guitar.  The acoustic guitar arrangement which would appear on Metamorphosis would be recorded the following month.  “Still A Fool” was recorded at the same sessions and is a ten minute jam on the Muddy Waters tune.  Jagger tries his best to sing like the blues singer too.

Six out of the last seven tracks are instrumentals.  “Leather Jacket,” recorded on June 22nd, 1970 at Olympic Studio in London, is a lighthearted and infectious pop instrumental whose sunniness is outside the pale of the Stones.  “Dancing In the Light,” dating from the spring of 1970, is another upbeat instrumental but with some recognizable Stones raunch.  “Potted Shrimp” and “Aladdin Story” come from the same time period as “Leather Jacket” but recorded at Stargroves.  “And I Was A  Country Boy” comes from the Feb.18-Mar.31 1969 sessions.

“Who Am I?” (aka “See I Love You”) is a true mystery.  It is listed on this release as being from Olympic Studio in March to May 1970.  Others sources say late 1969 and even others from Jamaica 1972 and still others claim it comes from 1963 because of its simplicity.  The best sources say it was recorded on July 14th – 15th, 1970.

The final Trident jam is another mystery.  There is no name associated with it and was never used by the band.  […] Although there are no hidden gems on this (there is a reason why many of them still reside in the vaults) but this is an interesting collection. ” []


A few years later copied in Europe on colored wax (5 different colors – green, blue, red, yellow, mcv), easily identifiable by the shorter matrix number K&S 072

Rolling Stones The Trident Mixes disc



Ferry B ANO

Ferry B ANO b

Ferry B ANO lbl

Source: 23 June 1977 (early show) – Bottom Line, New York – KBF radio broadcast. The full recording of the early and late show is on wolfgangsvault:

Side One
1 Let’s Stick Together
2 Shame, Shame, Shame
3 Road Runner
4 All Night Operator
5 Party Doll
6 You Go To My Head
7 In Your Mind

Side Two
1 Love Me Madly Again
2 Love Is The Drug
3 Tokyo Joe
4 This Is Tomorrow
5 The ‘In’ Crowd


Bryan Ferry vocals
Chris Spedding guitar
John Wetton bass
Phil Manzanera guitar
Paul Thompson drums

Chris Mercer tenor sax
Martin Drover trumpet
Mel Collins soprano sax
Ann Odell keyboards



Led Zeppelin 074

And the final words on the insert of the last ever K&S release are: “…in closing” – how fitting.

Side 1: Operator* / I Can’t Quit You Baby** / I Gotta Move** / Dazed & Confused**
Side 2: How Many More Times** / Travelling Riverside Blues*** / Communication Breakdown*** / Whole Lotta Love***
Recording: (*)Excellent mono soundboard; (**) (***)Excellent mono professional pre-FM soundboard radio recording.

Sources: (*)Alexis Korner and Steve Miller with Robert Plant ’68; (**)Stockholm Konserthuset, 14 March  ’69; (***)Maida Vale Studio 4 (BBC – Top Gear with John Peel), London, 24 June ’69

This master was given a second lease on life when it appeared as disc 2 of the double album release SPARE PARTS on Ken’s Phoenix Records:

Led Zep Spare Parts lbl 3

Led Zep Spare Parts lbl 4

And surprisingly as side 2 of the very rare Japanese acetate BLOW ONE’S COOL (GRASSHOPPER GH-104 A-B) (impossible to find an image of this), to pad out the partial audience recording from the infamous Milan 1971 riot show.

Pink Floyd Eclipsed XLPink Floyd Eclipsed 2Pink Floyd Eclipsed disc 2Pink Floyd Eclipsed disc 1

Matrix: 404 A – D

My friend and main go-to person for bootleg research pointed out that this number looked like the 4xx series the 70s GLC label was using (GLC 411: Rolling Stones – All Meat Music ?; GLC 412: Neil Young – Young & Old; GLC 413: Elton John – B-B-B-Benny – Live in London; GLC 415: Crosby Stills Nash and Young “we waited 3 years for this”).

Sides A+B live at the London Rainbow on 20 February 1972 and sides C+D BBC Paris Theater 30 September 1971 states that the above was the first issue of this double LP with just 200 copies made on orange and light blue PVC, however not everyone agrees, see the list below.

A Vicki Vinyl/Ken co-production? The sub title hints that this might be a new pressing of TAKRL’s 1903 IN CELEBRATION OF THE COMET master, which was a copy of the German bootleg Best Of Tour 72

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72 combi

It should be noted that reissues of the TAKRL release and ECLIPSED both exist with Dessie Records and Verzyl paper labels. Two of the three tracks on the second disc had previously been available on yet another early TAKRL release: # 1913: NOCTURNAL SUBMISSION : ROBOT LOVE but Hot Wacks claims this was a copy of Contraband’s Floyds Of London

Pink Floyd Floyds of London v1 3

floydboots states that this does exist with a deluxe cover in a rare variation. If anyone has a good image of this, do leave a comment. The matrix number changed later to ECL 1-4:

Pink Floyd Eclipsed gre blu

I found the following list during my research but it clearly has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Unless you were there or one of the associates kept notes and they are available, it is very hard to say. which insert color was the genuine first issue.

1) 404 A-D. First pressing, big yellow insert cover, original yellow/white “Ruthless Rhymes” labels.

2) 404 A-D. First pressing, green (record 1) & blue (record 2) vinyl, 100 made, big red insert cover with stamp imprint, original yellow/white “Ruthless Rhymes” labels.

3) 404 A-D. First pressing, blue (record 1) and orange (record 2) vinyl, 200 made, big red insert cover with stamp imprint, original yellow/white “Ruthless Rhymes” labels.

4) 404 A-D. First pressing, big white/brown insert cover, record 1 with white label, record 2 with green label.

Pink Floyd Eclipsed whi

5) ECL 1-4. Second pressing, little yellow insert cover, white label.

6) ECL 1-4. Multicoloured vinyl, 50 made, little yellow insert cover with sticker, black/white cartoon labels. This also exists on black PVC.

Pink Floyd EclipsedPink Floyd Eclipsed blPink Floyd Eclipsed dark

7) RUTHLESS RHYMES GLC 404 A-D. Third pressing, green/blue vinyl, 100 numbered edition, big brown insert cover, silver/red “GLC” labels.

8) RUTHLESS RHYMES GLC 404 A-D. “Raring Record” labels.

9) LXXXIV Series #54, reissue of the “Ruthless Rhymes” edition, green/blue vinyl, 100 numbered edition copies.


Missing from the above list are pressings made with Slipped Disc, yellow RECORD 1/2 and Dessie Records labels – “RE-ISSUED AGAIN ON THE ‘DESSIE RECORDS’ LABEL USING NEW PLATES (MATRIX NUMBER – DESSIE A/D GR L-29708).”:

Pink Floyd Eclipsed SD

Pink Floyd Eclipsed yel lblPink Floyd Eclipsed Dessie


Auction results for this title vary quite a bit, with the colored Ruthless Rhymes and LXXXIV versions selling for as much as $500 and the MCV/Verzyl versions even close to $1200 but all other versions hovering around the $50+ mark.

This release has been copied in Europe several times with deluxe covers (copying the tree lady art work on the back) and box sets referred to by a color.


Jimi Hendrix ‘BROADCASTS – Maui

Hendrix Broadcasts Maui red blu

Reissue of this classic TMoQ combo 7502 and about the third incarnation and also the third on colored wax. Also exists in red & green and with blank labels.


ditto ‘LIVE AT THE L.A. FORUM 4-26-70‘ “SCUSE ME…” version

Hendrix Live LA Forum blu gree

Back in the day, many bootleggers issued this title, Rubber Dubber, Munia, TMoQ, … it was even available as a series of four 7″ records. The insert originally showed an image of Jimi’s head but a dark spot appeared on the Hen and TMOQ versions and more rounds of copying the copy transformed it into something looking like an expressionist art piece.


Hendrix Live LA Forum clear insertHendrix Live LA Forum mcvThe splatter/mcv discs are usually found with Mushroom label designated packages but not in this case.

Hendrix LatLAFo mcv 2


Jethro Tull ‘MESS

Jethro Tull Flute Cake mcvJethro Tull MessTwo different reissues of this early TMoQ title recorded by Dub Taylor shortly after Led Zeppelin’s Blueberry Hill performance.



Rolling Stones Honolulu RR lblRolling Stones Honolulu cvRolling Stones Honolulu cv 2

A reissue of Pig’s Eye # 09



Rolling Stones Summer Reruns red blu RRRolling Stones Summer Reruns red blu RR 1Rolling Stones Summer Reruns red blu RR 2

Rolling Stones Summer Reruns red blu RR CECV

Originally out as TMoQ 72011



Originally on Wizardo Records – WRMB 365

Zappa MMHHW yellowZappa MMHHW yellow 2


And two example of stamps with different fonts (the second example may not even be a stamp and may have been produced significantly later):


Zappa 200 Motels stamp


I’m probably missing a few. If you know of any others, do leave a comment.

Zappa Wax Flags pbZappa Wax Flags bFold over insert, reminiscing of the Dragonfly/Duck releases, perhaps one of the last bootlegs to feature this style of insert produced in early 1978. I did not find a good enough image of this on Ruthless Rhymes but you can take my word for it. Credited to a Danish Fan Club on the spine, which was of course meant to throw the FBI off.

Zappa Wax Flags blankAlso with red & orange blank labels.

Zappa Wax Flags Raring 2Later reissue with Raring labels

Zappa Wax Flags yel100 numbered copies only on yellow PVC reissued as part of the LXXXIV series, # 59

Zappa Wax Flags Raring 3With an alternate cover around 1984

Zappa Wax Flags RE


Zappa Wax Flags RE 2Yet another version – can you tell that this sold well?

Zappa Wax Flags RE 2 b


One more super rare reissue – supposedly as few as 75 copies were made:

Zappa Martian Love SecretsZappa Martian Love Secrets bZappa Martian Love Secrets detail(“Martian Love Secrets” was the working title of the Sheik Yerbouti album).

Issued with blank blue and red labels. Below, side C matrix:

Zappa Martian Love Secrets matrix

Pauley Pavillion, University of Californa, Los Angeles, 31-Dec-1977

Length: ~90 min
Sound quality: Audience B+
Label: Ruthless Rhymes FZ500 / Raring Records Rarities

Musicians: Frank Zappa, Adrian Belew, Patrick O’Hearn, Tommy Mars, Peter Wolf, Ed Mann, Terry Bozio and Roy Estrada

1. Instrumental [mislisted as “Envelopes”]
2. Is This Guy Kidding or What? / I Have Been in You
3. Flakes [the last part only, listed as “Tom Snyder vs the Red Spiders from NBC]
4. Flakes [the last part continues] / Broken Hearts Are for Assholes
5. Wild Love (part 1) [listed as “Stinky Finger”]
6. Wild Love (part 2) [listed as “Fancy Stinky Part 1”]

7. Wild Love (part 3) [listed as “Fancy Stinky Part 2”]
8. Punky’s Whips

9. “Stink-Foot” Solo
10. The Black Page #2
11. Jones Crusher [listed as “Deadly Jaws”]
12. Disco Boy
13. Dinah-Moe Humm
14. Bobby Brown

15. Conehead [different, instrumental version]
16. Camarillo Brillo
17. Muffin Man
18. San Ber’dino
19. Black Napkins
20. Auld Lang Syne


“This show was around 3 hours long, so this is edited down. The sound is not too good, audience-recorded in a boomy hall, with some instruments not always audible, but the performance is good. The track list on the cover is not at all correct (the above is much better).

Track 1 is listed as “Envelopes” but is really a jam, probably a solo section from “A Pound for a Brown on the Bus”.
Track 2 is “I Have Been in You” with an intro like the one on Stage #6, “Is This Guy Kidding or What”.
Track 3 is just the end part, with Adrian Belew’s e-bow solo.
Track 4 has 30 more seconds of “Flakes”.
“Wild Love”, including improvisations, is split up over three tracks, listed as “Stinky Finger” and “Fancy Stinky Parts 1-2”. At 01:21 in track 6, a wild solo section ensues, with Tommy Mars and Peter Wolf doing keyboard improvisations. Then the first 01:57 of track 7 is Adrian Belew on guitar, 01:58-08:23 a “Yo’ Mama” type Zappa solo, and the remaining 08:24-09:09 the last part of “Wild Love”.
Track 15 is a different, instrumental “Conehead” (and may belong last on vinyl side 3 instead).

A variant cover of Wax Flags has been reported. It has a live picture of Zappa with a microphone, a picture of Zappa holding a picture of himself playing guitar while “shooting the finger”. The vinyl is multi-coloured, and the label of one disc has a drawing of a gargoyle with two heads in front of a tombstone with “Verzyl” inscribed on it, while the other label has what “appears to be a Chinese-style drawing of a warrior with a spear and a sword attacking a serpent in front of a pyramid”. (This cover and these labels don’t list any tracks at all.)” [I guess, I’m missing that variation] \


Notes from a needle drop/remastering project:   
” …this show was horribly panned to the left, … The show, recording or equipment in use then, was over driven and clipped, so the high end is rough, real rough.  It is listenable, the FZ solos are awesome, Tommy Mars is good. The show or the taper or someone lost it as it goes on, so it degrades towards the end. “

Led Zep72 Osaka

“The Japanese tour of 1972 is one of their most important and under appreciated tours.  Throughout these concerts the band are testing the new set list.  This is the transformation from the “Immigrant Song” era to the “Rock and Roll” era.”

Led Zeppelin’s second and last visit to Japan occurred soon after the band had finished recording Houses Of The Holy and the band premieres “The Song Remains The Same” And “The Rain Song”. Further additions were John Paul Jones using a mellotron for the first time and unfortunately, Robert Plant’s voice showing signs of straining, which affected the first show in Osaka on October 4th the most. Although, as a reviewer noted “Considering the high pitch he usually sings at it is nothing near as dire as some of those ’75 shows!”

When the band returned to Osaka’s Festival Hall on the 9th after a short trip to Hongkong for a “look around”, Robert’s voice had improved considerably. The second Osaka concert is regarded as the best of the six of the 1972 Japan Tour. There were some changes to the set list on this second night, Bron-yr-Aur Stomp was dropped and Moby Dick was played for the only time.

“Two audience source tapes were used for the previously released (CD) boots of this show. One is used in very famous LP called “Live”(LP), its reissued title called “My Brain Hurts” (LP), “Stand By Me” (2CD), “Tapes from the Darkside” (3CD), and its reissued title from the same bootlegger, called “Let Me Get Back To 1972” (3CD). And the other is the one once used for the most part of “Live” (2CD, Tarantura). Among these boots, “Live” (LP) is the best in terms of the sound quality, but contains only 7 tracks.”

The first release of this material happened in 1975 on the very scarce Japanese single LP ‘Live’ mentioned above and pictured here:

Led Zeppelin LIVE Osaka II

The matrix is unmarked and despite the label being very similar to the Japanese OG bootleg label of the mid 70’s – compare here – this may have been a one off release produced by a different bootlegger.

Ca. 1976/7 Vicky Vinyl came across a copy, liked what she heard and released it as MY BRAIN HURTS:

Led Zep My Brain Hurts green

First edition on green wax.

Led Zep My Brain Hurts fold

Led Zep My Brain Hurts white lbl
Side 1: Over The Hills And Far Away (5:50)/ Misty Mountain Hop (4:26)/ Since I’ve Been Loving You (7:09)/ Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp (3:31)
Side 2: Dancing Days (3:26)/ The Song Remains The Same (5:05)/ The Rain Song (7:08)/ Stand By Me (6:11)
Recording: Very good mono audience. Source: Osaka Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 9 October ’72. Comments: US bootleg. First pressing on green vinyl. Limited edition of 100 numbered copies with T-shirt reissued on US label Jester Productions from IMP plates. Incorrectly listed as Bron-Yr-Aur. Not from Dec. 1972 as cover claims.

Their rendition of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” is famous from this show, however, I remain unimpressed being used in the light of the original as well as covers by John and Julian Lennon


Led Zep My Brain Hurts Jester b

Reissue on Jester Records mentioning the numbered box set with T-Shirt as quoted in Hot Wacks.


Led Zep My Brain Hurts

Comments: US bootleg. A rerelease of MY BRAIN HURTS (Idle Mind Productions IMP 1115) on multi-colored vinyl. Approximately 100 numbered copies on multicolored wax.


Complete set list:

01 Rock And Roll
02 Out On The Tiles (intro) Black Dog
03 Over The Hills And Far Away
04 Misty Mountain Hop
05 Since I’ve Been Loving You
06 Dancing Days
07 The Song Remains The Same
08 The Rain Song
09 Dazed And Confused (With Down By The River The Crunge Hendrix Jam Mars The Bringer Of War)
10 Stairway To Heaven
11 Moby Dick
12 Whole Lotta Love (With Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Something’s Got A Hold On Me /
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction / Leave My Woman Alone / Lawdy Miss Clawdy / Heartbreak Hotel / Wear My Ring Around Your Neck / Going Down Slow)
13 Stand By Me
14 Immigrant Song states that there are up to three sources for this show.

Led Zep Osaka 72

on stage at Festival Hall

Led Zep Osaka 72 II

Led Zep Osaka 72 III

Led Zep Osaka 72 IV

I would like to continue by presenting some rarer releases. First up, a look at the ‘Cream of the Crop’ label.

Cream o t Crop lbl

Cream_of_the_Crop_Records 2

Cream of the Crop Records were run out of Chapel Hill, NC, also home of the Pied Piper catalogue many of us remember:

Pied Piper logo

I only found three bootleg releases for Cream of the Crop, I differentiate between bootleg and official releases here, as they released at least one official album as well, an album called Store Bought by The Blazers that came out in 1977 (# 7956).


Dylan Nashville Sunset + pbl

Dylan Nashville Sunset 2

Image shot at 1974 Chicago Stadium show

Dylan Nashville Sunset b

Year of release: 1975  – Matrix:   BD #1 / BD #2  340

Source: Dylan/Cash sessions from 16 & 17 February 1969 at CBS studios, Nashville. This was the first release of this material. LP is rated as “a very rare piece” on, as well as “7 stars” for quality.

However, it would be improved upon by the better sounding Dutch bootleg The Dylan Cash Session just a few weeks later (“pressed from a very clean sounding tape source. It includes the track ‘Blue Yodel # 4’ not found on the former, but deletes ‘T for Texas’ “).

Dylan Cash Session 3

Originals have a laminated cover and blank labels.

In 1977, Vicki Vinyl copied the Cream of the Crop LP and reissued it on her Dragonfly label, with the cover of the Dutch original (causing a track list/LP content mismatch due to the two track difference described above). It also exists with Ruthless Rhymes labels, as many Dragonfly labeled releases do.

Dylan Cash Session 2 comments on the Dragonfly version: “The sound quality is inferior to the original. It uses the same basic cover, however, as the original Dutch version of the same name. The only cover difference is that the image on this front cover is slightly larger and much darker than the original.”

When this title was reissued again “from the press of GLC and TMOQ” the Dutch LP was used again as the original “pressed on all new master plates.”:

1979: On black and white floral design labels with a ‘I’ & ‘II’ designating each corresponding side.

1983: With a 10×12 insert and a purple smoking pig label.

Dylan Cash Session GLC

Dylan Cash Session GLC 2

1984: As LXXXIV Series # 34. The cover is a plain white jacket with a 10×12 insert of a photo of Dylan backstage in 1964 and the smoking pig logo. The back is stamped “ltd-100” with an individual number 1-100. The virgin vinyl is translucent green, pink, or splatter vinyl.

Dylan Cash Session


From wikipedia: “Sometime during that session, country legend Johnny Cash stopped by to visit. A friend and label-mate of Dylan’s as well as an early supporter of his music, Cash had been recording next door with his own band. The two wound up recording a series of duets, covering Dylan’s “One Too Many Mornings” and “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” as well as Cash’s own “I Still Miss Someone”. None of these were deemed usable, but Cash returned the following day to record more duets.

The session on February 18 was devoted exclusively to duet covers with Cash. “One Too Many Mornings” and “I Still Miss Someone” were revisited, and rejected yet again. “Matchbox”, “That’s All Right Mama”, “Mystery Train”, “Big River”, “I Walk the Line”, and “Guess Things Happen That Way” — all made famous by celebrated Sun recordings performed by Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, and Cash himself — were all attempted on February 18, but none of these were deemed usable. Covers of Jimmie Rodgers’ “Blue Yodel #1” and “#5” [missing on the Cream of The Crop LP], Cash’s “Ring of Fire” (written by his wife, June Carter, as well as Merle Kilgore), “You Are My Sunshine”, “Good Old Mountain Dew”, the traditional ballad “Careless Love”, the traditional hymn “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”, “Five Feet High and Rising”, and “Wanted Man” (a song written by Dylan specifically for Cash) were also attempted, but all were rejected. There was little enthusiasm for any of these tracks, but one duet of Dylan’s, “Girl from the North Country” (which originally appeared on The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan), was ultimately sequenced as the album’s opener.”

Lennon ROOTS

Pirate of the unauthorized release on the Adam VIII label: “Roots: John Lennon Sings the Great Rock & Roll Hits is a rare mail-order album issued by Adam VIII consisting of rough mixes of Lennon’s Rock ‘n’ Roll album. It was available through television sale for three days in January 1975 before Lennon and Apple/EMI pulled it off the market.”

Lennon Roots lp

Shown here is an original with inner sleeve and mail order sheet that sold for $427 in 2008.

Listen To this Book gives an official release date of February 8th for the Roots:JLStGR&RH album and through court documents we know that only 1,270 LPs and 175 8-track copies were sold via the ads before Adam VIII received a cease and desist order. John’s own product Rock’n Roll had a rushed official US release date of February 18th ’75 as a countermeasure, dropping plans for a gatefold cover in the process. Surprisingly, Listen To this Book states that Capitol’s first pressing run was only 2,444 LPs and 500 8-tracks. CBM did not fail to notice that Roots:JLStGR&RH included two songs that were left of Rock’n Roll : Angel Baby and Be My Baby, and this pirate was produced to fill the gap.

This was how I learned what a bootleg looks like when I got the book The Beatles: An Illustrated Record by Roy Carr and Tony Tyler, where this cover featured prominently on the “Bootlegs” page – 122 it was. I spent many hours immersed in this LP-sized softcover book . The release date was This is cover version # 1.

Lennon ROOTS vers 2

And # 2.


Beatles Complete Christmas

Released ca. 1973, either copied from the 1972 TMOQ LP or Apple’s Christmas Album (although HW claims this was copied from The Best of the Beatles & Jethro Tull, also on CBM – no cover image found). CBM’s version runs noticeably slower and sound worse. The album exists with a number of different labels, blank, King Kong and Pirate logo on different background colors. Usually, the there was a red and green two-color insert but “poorer” mono-tone or copied looking inserts exist as well. It’s hard to believe that this inferior product made it into the LXXXIV re-issue color vinyl series in the early 80’s, but it did as # 58.


Led Zep Blueberry H 30 31

LZ Blueberry H

CBM and King Kong versions of Dub’s classic recording of LZ at the LA Forum on September 4th, 1970.


I would have loved to have included another early one, CBM 003: Bob Dylan Talkin’Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues but not even has an image of it.

Pink Floyd Knobs

Pink Floyd Knobs b

Even though the date and venue are correct, the last track “Us And Them” must come from a different source as it had not been performed on the 15th and it’s a Frankenstein creation to boot, with the first verse repeated several times. More information on these Pink Floyd shows can be found here:

Pink Floyd Knobs

Although listed as a Toasted release, the reissue is commonly found with Beacon Island labels.


The extended IMP 2LP re-releases of older TAKRL titles:

2-08  Mott The Hoople – Rest In Peace
2-14  Jackson Browne – Live At The Main Point

were added to the original entries for these recordings and can be found by clicking on the artist’s name on the rignt.

ELP Calif Jam

April 6th, 1974, Ontario Motor Speedway

Cali Jam

“ELP’s California Jam performance was broadcast nationwide in the US and is often seen as the summit of the band’s career. It was at this festival that the famous footage of Keith Emerson playing a grand piano spinning end-over-end 50 feet above the ground was taken. The audio portion of the show was also broadcast in stereo on FM radio stations, an early example of simulcasting.”

Re-issued ca. 1983 as part of the LXXXIV series, # 11. 100 copies on colored vinyl:

ELP Calif Jam RE

44 minutes worth of this performance were officially released on the ELP DVD Beyond the Beginning in 2005:

01 Tocatta
02 Still You Turn Me On
03 Lucky Man
04 Piano improvisations
05 Take A Pebble
06 Karn Evil 9 1st impression part 2
07 Karn Evil 9 3rd impression
08 Spinning Piano
09 Great Gates of Kiev

Dylan Ceremonies ot Horseman

Highway Hi Fi’s first own creation! calls it “a fairly simple package, but great material. Source: Witmark demos – 8 stars. The title was created due to spelling errors. It was mistaken from the original working title of  “Planet Waves”

Re-issued from the same plates in 1983 and with GLC labels (probably w. smoking pig labels as well):

Dylan CotHmen

In 1984, 100 numbered copies were made as issue number 48 of the LXXXIV limited edition series. 

Dylan CotHm CVstamp # 48


Dylan CotHmen disc

Dylan CotHm CVstamp 2


Side 1:
1) Here Comes The Flood (piano version) (2:08)
2) On The Air (4:06)
3) Moribund The Burgermeister (4:44)
4) Waiting For The Big One (7:31)
5) A Song Without Words (early “Indigo”) (4:17)

Side 2:
6) Excuse Me (3:48)
7) Solsbury Hill (4:48)
8) Ain’t That Peculiar (5:14)
9) Humdrum (4:16)
10) Slowburn (6:59)
11) All Day And All Of The Night (4:33)

Source: KMET FM broacast of the early show from The Roxy in Los Angeles on April 10, 1977

A new master was created that added more tracks but also dropped a couple and released on Ken’s IMP label around 1979 as “Submerge” in combination with the Bottom Line 1978 KBFH recording. 



Around 1983, a limited run of 100 numbered copies on colored vinyl run was made.These can be found with  the LXXXIV stamp on the back. Copies on black PVC with the GLC labels exist as well.

Gabriel P Submerge CVGabriel P Submerge CV dLXXXIV stamp

The complete set list was:

01  Here Comes The Flood/On The Air 6:19
02  Moribund The Burgermeister 4:36
03  Waiting For The Big One     05:56
04  A Song Without Words     03:33
05  Excuse Me     03:41
06  Solsbury Hill     05:04
07  Ain’t That Peculiar    05:03                                                                                                                           08  Humdrum     05:32
09  Slowburn    05:35
10  All Day And All Night    04:33
11  Here Comes The Flood    06:10
12  Modern Love    06:21
13  Down The Dolce Vita    08:45
14  Back In N.Y.C.    05:37

Vicky Vinyl’s Big Thumb Records version of the full show (if “On The Air” is included in the first track):