Doobie Brothers

Although the Doobie’s played in Japan in January of ’76:

DATE           VENUE           LOCATION
January 11           Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan           Osaka, Japan
January 12           Kyoto Kaikan Grand Hall           Kyoto, Japan
January 13           Festival Hall           Osaka, Japan
January 14           Kyuden Memorial Gym           Fukuoka, Japan
January 16, 17    Nippon Budokan           Tokyo, Japan

Here is the set list of the opening night in Osaka:

2.Jesus Is Just Alright
3.Rockin’ Down The Highway
4.Road Angel
5.I Cheat The Hangman
7.Slat Key Soquel Rag
8.South City Midnight Lady
9.Double Dealin’ Four Flusher
10.Nobody 11.New Orleans
12.Neal’s Fandango
13.Eyes Of Silver
14.Take Me In Your Arms
15.Takin’ It To The Streets
16.Black Water
17.Sweet Maxine
18.Long Train Runnin’
19.China Grove
20.Without You
21.Listen To The Music

I doubt that this album is really from any of those shows.

SIDE 1: (24:25)
Eyes Of Silver / Black Water / Long Train Running / Jesus Is Just Alright
SIDE 2: (18:30)
China Grove / Rockin’ Down The Highway / Road Angel / South City Midnight Lady

I suspect this is just a re-release of the Memphis ’75 KBFH recording from SODD 004: The Doobie Brothers What A Long Strained Trip It’s Been

Side 1: Jesus Is Alright / Rocking Down The Highway/ Road Angel/ South City Midnight Lady
Side 2: Eyes Of Silver / Black Water/ Long Train Running
Side 3: China Grove / Without You
Side 4: Listen To The Music / Jesus Is Just Alright #2 / Low Down Homey & Funked

One Japanese blog gives the common venue and date of “Live At The Showboat, Memphis, October 31 1975” for sides 1 – 3 but this is incorrect. At this time, I do not know the source for the tracks on side 4.

The Doobie Brothers
Mid-South Coliseum
Memphis, TN
Oct. 8, 1975

Soundboard recording (quite possibly pre-FM)

Note:  This show is commonly mislabeled as coming from The Showboat (Memphis, TN), Oct. 31, 1975.  (See additional discussion below regarding this error.)

TheCommish notes:
This is perhaps the ULTIMATE Doobies show to have in one’s collection.  In fact, many of us already have this show and can vouch for the QUALITY of both the sound and performance.

Taken from KBFH broadcast recording. Inspired by the huge commercial success of WHAT WERE ONCE VICES ARE NOW HABITS album, the band delivered such a powerful and tight performance throughout the states. It’s a tremendous loss for them (and US!) not to release the live album from this period officially… Enjoy!

01. Jesus Is Just Alright
02. Rockin’ Down The Highway
03. Road Angel
04. South City Midnight Lady
05. Eyes Of Silver
06. Black Water
07. Long Train Runnin’
08. China Grove
09. Without You

Patrick Simmons – Guitars, Vocals
Jeff “Skunk” Baxter – Guitars, Pedal steel, Vocals
Tiran Porter – Bass
Michael McDonald – Keyboards, Vocals
John Hartman – Drums
Keith Knudsen – Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Special Guest – The Memphis Horns
Wayne Jackson, Andrew Love, James Mitchell, Lewis Collins, Jack Hale

Additional notes regarding the venue/date/band:

#1851796 by raksharoo at 2007-06-10 03:26:42 GMT
I have this as 10-08-75 and there is a picture of the poster for this show in the ART of ROCK book, 10-31-75 was most likely the air date

#1851808 by gv0000 at 2007-06-10 03:33:15 GMT
You are correct raksharoo. The date of this show was 10/8/75 at the Memphis Mid-South Coliseum. After the show they had a tour celebration party for invited guests at The Showboat. The KBFH air date of the 10/8/75 Mid-South show was 10/26/75. The Doobies played New York Madison Square Garden on 10/31/75 with Poco & The Outlaws.

#1851935 by granjefe at 2007-06-10 05:49:53 GMT
Tom Johnston (who IS the Doobie Brothers) was NOT participating at this show. Listen to China Grove on the mp3. Pat Simmons is singing lead. Tom had personal issues and had left the tour to go home and recuperate. Michael McDonald was brought in to bolster the line up during the 75 tour of the ‘Stampede’.

However, wolfgangsvault lists this show as having been recorded on October 26th ’75 at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL: