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Supertramp Bits&Pieces cv discs

Supertramp B+P

in red & gold (or yellow – HOTWACKS says ‘orange’) or in black. They must have come with stamps as well but none of the images I found show them.

Supertramp Bits&Pieces

USA: 1979

Source: Audience recording from one of the two concerts played at Seattle Coliseum on either April 16 or 18, 1979 during their Breakfast In America tour. It does not appear that this label mixed up concerts if a band played two shows at Seattle Coliseum.

This was the second time the band had been bootlegged inside a two week period, resulting in a double album – see From Lunch To Ecstasy on Ken’s IMP label – and the second time on two consecutive tours that they had been bootlegged in Seattle – see Supertramp LIVE on the Wizardo sub label death records

Quality: Described as a “nice recording” by one of the eBay sellers.

Looking at the set list and comparing it with the other existing audience tapes, it becomes clear that this is not the complete show. All BIA shows on this leg started with “School”. On the other hand, not every concert saw “Take the long way home” being performed, the first track here, so Seattle got lucky that night. So, the first five songs are missing:

1 School
2 Ain’t Nobody But Me
3 The Logical Song
4 Goodbye Stranger
5 Sister Moonshine

then we get the concert in sequence until “Breakfast…” and then missing the rest and finale with “Fool’s Overture” and “Crime Of The Century” unfortunately, just like From Lunch To Ecstasy


Supertramp, Milwaukee Mecca Arena March 22 1979
10th row right center main floor

01 School
02 Ain’t Nobody But Me
03 The Logical Song
04 Goodbye Stranger
05 Sister Moonshine
06 Oh Darling
07 Hide In Your Shell
08 From Now On
09 Child Of Vision
10 Even In The Quietest Moments
11 A Soapbox Opera
12 Asylum
13 Give A Little Bit
14 Bloody Well Right
15 Breakfast In America
16 Dreamer
17 Rudy
18 If Everyone Was Listening
19 Another Man’s Woman
20 Fool’s Overture (cuts at start)
21 Two Of Us
22 Crime Of The Century

LA Forum, Inglewood, CA 4/4/79

01. School
02. Ain’t Nobody But Me
03. The Logical Song
04. Goodbye Stranger
05. Sister Moonshine
06. Oh Darling
07. Hide In Your Shell
08. Child Of Vision
09. Even In The Quietest Moments
10. Soapbox Opera
11. Asylum
12. Give A Little Bit
13. Bloody Well Right
14 Breakfast In America
15 Downstream
16 Another Man’s Woman (fade out)

Venue: Coliseum, Houston, USA
Date: 5 May 1979

01 School
02 Ain’t Nobody But Me
03 Take The Long Way Home
04 Goodbye Stranger
05 Breakfast In America
06 Oh Darling
07 Hide In Your Shell
08 From Now On
09 Child Of Vision
10 Even In The Quietest Moments
11 A Soapbox Opera
12 Asylum
13 Downstream
14 Give A Little Bit
15 Bloody Well Right
16 Dreamer
17 Rudy
18 The Logical Song
19 Another Man’s Woman/band intro
20 Fool’s Overture
21 Two Of Us/Crime Of The Century
22 Sister Moonshine




“150 pressed on MCV from TMOQ plates (of 71013). Exs.” 

Reissue of one of the earliest CSNY bootlegs. As this adds two more tracks (the studio version of “Ohio” and a live take of “Find the cost of freedom”), I would guess that it was released after Dittolino Disc’s # 0003: Bluebird Live / Wooden Nickel on Canyon Records:

CSNY Wooden Nickel Can or lbl




ELP Celestial Doggie 2ELP Celestial Doggie detail

ELP Celestial Doggie disc 1

ELP Celestial Doggie disc 2

ELP Celestial Doggie K&S colored

Reissue of the Phonygraf double album. Only 150 copies made.




Pink Floyd Floyds of London 3Pink Floyd Floyds of London K&S lg

A now hard to find reissue of the Contraband original previously reviewed under this link.

Pink Floyd Floyds of London v1

Back copied William Stout’s die-cut generic cover design:

Rolling Stones London Roundhouse green



Supertramp 1978 TourSupertramp 1978 Tour b

A couple of mistakes here:

Supertramp toured in 1977 and ’79 only, so this is likely from 1977 (they played Maple Leaf Gardens on 1st and 2nd of June that year). The final song is likely “Asylum” and not “Poor Boy”.  Rated “Exs” in Hot Wacks, described as “very good aud. recording” by a different rater.

If the location is correct, this would be a K&S exclusive release – somewhat of a rarity.




Roxy Music Hammersmith 79 b


Correct venue listed on sleeve. Source: BBC broadcast from 18 May 1979, making it the latest and youngest concert recording to be released on K&S and helping us to pinpoint  the release date for this and the following titles as from summer of ’79 onwards. Another K&S original release.

Original set list:

01 Manifesto
02 Trash
03 Out Of The Blue
04 A Song For Europe
05 Still Falls The Rain
06 Mother Of Pearl
07 Ain’t That So
08 Angel Eyes
— Ladytron (missing)
09 In Every Dream Home A Heartache
10 Casanova
11 Love Is The Drug
12 Re-make/Re-model
13 Do The Strand
14 Editions Of You


While researching this title I found that the great Roxy Music site has now been taken offline – too bad, it was the best.

Some Death/Wizardo releases containing more recent recordings getting reissued. Based on # 23, the date was 1978 or 79 for this batch of K&S titles.


Supertramp Live K&S 2Supertramp Live K&S

150 pressed on blue PVC.

Topic of an earlier post found under this link




Tangerine Dream Fo sleTangerine Dream K&S LP

Only 100 pressed on mcv.

As reviewed here



Sex Pistols Rot n Roll cvSex Pistols Rot n Roll insert

150 pressed? Hot Wacks does not say.

More information to be found in this post.




Peter Frampton In London

And then we come to this LP, only mentioned in the HW appendix. Was there an original release on death records that was missed in HW? Or was this just handed over to K&S as a planned but never finished death records release? # 521 was still available and I have added it to my original death records listing found here.

I am not sure what is actually on this album as there only seems to be one broadcast performance, “Show Me The Way”, live from the Pavilion in Hemel Hempstead, 26 October 1976 (see the link). In addition, there was a BBC recording from 1975, which had been previously booted on TKRWM 1810 gemini

If anyone knows more, please leave a comment.



Lofgren N In London 2Lofgren N In London 1

Side 1:  Cry Tough / Keith Don’t You Go / It’s Not A Crime                                                                        Side 2:  Why Don’t You Share A Little /  Won’t You Listen To My Heart / Back It Up                           

HW quality rating: Exm

Live on Old Grey Whistle Test BBC TV – May 25, 1976

100 copies on orange vinyl




I am not 100% sure – again another “HW appendix only” title but based on the cover design, it might be this one:

Who Collector's Item v. 3

The Dayton, Ohio ’71 Who bootlegs post can be found here.




Rolling Stones StoneagedRolling Stones Stoneaged detailRolling Stones Stoneaged disc 1Rolling Stones Stoneaged disc 2

150 copies from TMOQ plates for # 71078:

Rolling Stones Stoneaged red


More about this 1969 recording found here




Santana Hot & AliveSantana Hot & Alive 2

Limited to 100 copies, reissue of TMOQ # 71073

<Needless to say, the owner of this blog does not agree with the inappropriateness of the cover image. The whole blog is for documentary purposes anyway.>




Copy shown here sold for $543 in November of 2013.

Led Zep BBParty 029

Hot Wacks states: “200 on blue & black and orange & black discs”.

Copying the cover off of TAKRL 2960 THE 1975 WORLD TOUR , reissue of TMOQ 72007:

Led Zep BBParty gree



Young N 030

This time the cover was nicked from this Phonygraf/Wizardo release:

Young Neil wCH 2

A reissue of TMOQ 71063:

Young N Boulder Co 3

The same material as on this Contraband release (click link)

Supertramp Live 2

Reversing the name listed for production yields john w., with the ‘w’ likely representing ‘Wizardo’.

About 50 copies were pressed on blue PVC (100 on black):

supertramp live blu

Made in Southern California, 1977

Matrix variations: 75321-A / – B  or  WRMB 532-A / WRMB 532-B


Date & Venue: April 20 ’77 – Seattle Arena [is this the same venue as the Seattle Center Coliseum, now known as KeyArena?]

Two photos of the band on stage two days later in Vancouver can be seen here:

Supertramp 77

The above poster was for the Portland, OR show at the Paramount Theater on April 17 ’77. Now the insert below for what is supposed to be the Seattle recording says “Paramount” also, someone must have gotten confused.

Supertramp Live Death

A few copies got out undetected that have a different matrix on side 2: W 532B and play four Who songs: A Quick One, Easy Goin’ Guy, Shakin All Over and Boris The Spider

Also the usual limited run on K&S:

Supertramp Live K&S 2

The Death/K&S LP has:

Side 1: Dreamer / Rudy (Gs) / Fools Overture
Side 2: Lady / Crime Of The Century


Described as “Vgs”. My issue is that I have looked at every surviving recorded fragment from this tour and “Rudy” was never played or captured at any other time and it is singled out here for worse quality. Could it be from a different source and year (it was part of their 1976 shows)?

Set lists for 1977 “Even In The Quietest Moments” Supertramp shows: (a. Dan Lampinski ‘Boston June 12’ recording):

01 School
02 Ain’t Nobody But Me
03 Give A Little Bit
04 Bloody Well Right
05 Sister Moonshine
06 From Now On
07 Hide In Your Shell
08 Poor Boy (cut)
09 Babaji
10 Asylum
11 Dreamer
12 Another Man’s Woman
13 Fool’s Overture
14 E: Two Of Us
15 Crime Of the Century

b.) Jaap Eden Hall, Amsterdam, Holland, 11 Oct 1977

1 School
2 Ain’t Nobody But Me
3 Give A Little Bit
4 Bloody Well Right
5 Sister Moonshine
6 From Now On
7 Hide In Your Shell
8 Asylum
9 Poor Boy
10  Babaji
11  Dreamer
12  Another Man’s Woman
13  Fool’s Overture


procol harum sap

procol harum sap lbl

Set list for Procol Harum (identical with LP track list):

Simple Sister
Grand Hotel
Whaling Stories
The Mark of the Claw
Pandora’s Box (listed as “The Spanish Maine”)
The Unquiet Zone (listed as “No Wings”)
A Salty Dog

Listed as “Gm” in HW.

Supertramp From Lunch to Ecstasy

Interesting how bootleg labels can give accurate information regarding the date and venue when they want to, as in this case.

Supertramp LA 79

Side 1:                                                                                                                                                                      1. School
2. Ain’t Nobody But Me
3. The Logical Song
4. Goodbye Stranger

Side 2:
5. Sister Moonshine
6. Oh Darling
7. Hide In Your Shell

Side 3:
8. Child Of Vision
9. Even In The Quietest Moments
10. Soapbox Opera
11. Asylum

Side 4:
12. Give A Little Bit
13. Bloody Well Right
14. Breakfast In America
15. Downstream
16. Another Man’s Woman (fades out)

Supertramp FLtE b


All tour dates can be found here:

[A bit of a low point for ZAP cover design imho.]

It was then reissued as part of the 900 series (omitting the last track on side 1 on the cover list):

And one more time on Saturated Recordworks under this new title:

From a torrent description:

1976-03-20 [see comment below]
Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA
liberated bootleg “Alien”, Saturated Recordworks

02-Bloody Well Right
03-Sister Moonshine
04-Ain’t Nobody But Me
07-A Soap Box Opera

VG+/EX sound on this. Sounds like soundboard to me. Nothing was done to edit,
equalize, or else tamper with this sound. It comes directly from the vinyl LP
“Alien”. Some clicks and surface vinyl noise remain. The cover says “recorded
on the 1976 tour of the United States”, but I did some searching and found the
above date listed for this bootleg and I assume it’s correct.

Regarding the date, March 20 ’76 is usually quoted, even on the breakfastinspain Supertramp aficionados website, however, I believe that this date is wrong and I present exhibit A:

Either March 31 or April 1 1976 seems to be the correct date. This is not from a KBFH broadcast.

I would often see this European LP in the summer of 1978 when I started to develop a keen interest in the bootleg vinyl dealer that showed up at the local Saturday flea market. Hot Wacks states that this was copied from the ZAP title (in a poetic justice reversal of the usual events):