Jethro Tull

Jethro Tull Flute Cake WCFJethro Tull Flute Cake lbl

Released around 1972 – 73

Source: Anaheim Convention Center, 19 October 1970 (often mis-dated to 1972, despite this being a 1970 set list, due to an error on the insert of a reissue – see below)

Track list:

A1 Nothing is Easy  (07:44)
A2 My God  (10:30)
A3 We Used to Know   (03:07)
B1 With You There to Help Me / By Kind Permission Of  (12:20)
B2 Song for Jeffrey  (04:56)
B3 Sossity, You’re a Woman  (05:20)

Typical Set list on this leg of the tour:

Nothing Is Easy
My God
With You There To Help Me/By Kind Permission Of…
A Song For Jeffrey
Sossity: You’re A Woman/Reasons For Waiting
Dharma For One

We Used To Know
Guitar Solo
For A Thousand Mothers


A copy of this release:



Matrix: S-2585/S-2586


Two further releases that seem to be linked are the Freebooter and the TMOQ versions:


Silk-screened cover art.

The letter/number combination on the label is KW 215344, which happens to be the matrix for the TMOQ release. Based on TMOQ’s habit in ’71/’72 of giving their original releases a matrix consisting of initials identifying the artist and a 3-digit number, I tend to believe that this is a copy made by TMOQ. Their version dates to July of 1972.


And later editions:


Some of these copies with (smoking) pig labels have the new matrix 1828-A / B

Ruthless Rhymes/Vicky Vinyl re-issued this album from the TMOQ plates (Matrix KW-215344-A / B) in two different versions:

  • on mcv but using the “plant & cake” insert of the FC-888 version but with an added stamp
  • re-titled as JETHRO TULL MESS on black PVC with Ruthless Rhymes labels



In 1983, someone in Italy produced 300 red vinyl copies and about 50 in green with blank white labels, claiming TMOQ’s original pressing plate. The concert date was incorrectly stated as 1972.


Finally, in the late 1980’s, there was this rather tacky reissue:

From an auction description: “Cover is a black with xerox copies attached to front and back. The back of it has a xerox of Lady Di when her top fell down during some event, it doesn’t show anything, but the shock and horror of her expression says it all. The front has Ian backstage with 5 lovelies in female tuxedos with a plastic breast piece on each of them, one of the ladies appears to be Pamela Debarres (of 60’s rock groupie fame), but not positive on that. One of the back pics on the back is of Ian in make-up with the words “Jethro Tull Might Do Something Weird” on the bottom. Above that pic on the back is of 2 women where one is licking the others breast(whoever put this record out liked breasts apparently). I believe this is a reboot of the TMOQ release of Flute Cake. I like this one better personally.

Jethro Tull Di, Di, My Lovely 2


If you know the matrix number for this version or have any further info on any of the other versions, please leave a comment.





I would date this version to 1972/early 1973. However, there is another version with this matrix; it does not really look like a WCF product though:



The origin of this album is well known. Following the success of LiveR Than You’ll Ever Be, Dub recorded Jethro Tull at the Long Beach Arena on 19 April 1970 and the performances of Sossity, You’re A Woman / Reasons For Waiting / My God (no exclamation mark) were mastered into the pressing plate for one side of Dub & Ken’s fifth ever production.

Tull Long Beach 1970
APRIL 19, 1970

3 – TALK
4 – MY GOD

Side two was filled with five pirated UK 45 B-sides. It was released around May of 1970 using colored vinyl and square labels with stamped covers.

At this pre-TMOQ stage, they still invented a new label name for each release and this was going to be Athapascan Records (the term originally refers to “a large family of indigenous languages of North America, located in western North America in three groups of contiguous languages: Northern, Pacific Coast and Southern (or Apachean)”. The matrix number was 20 1 / 2

The release was very successful and there were many copies, including on 8-Track. For some reason, most copies moved the live tracks to the second side.

Jethro Tull MY GOD!

Early CBM copy with matrix MG1

Dittolino renamed the album.

Here we have copies with matrix markings: MY GOD SIDE A / B

There are copies with Rutgers University labels adorned with a large stamp:

and a printed covers version with yellow labels bearing the number 63 122 (matrix markings: EL-A / B), which manages to misspell the name of the band:


Back to TMOQ versions:

Ken reissued the album ca. 1973/4 with the matrix numbers  1819-1 70-246-M / 1819-B 1/2-2 70-247-M

Jethro Tull My God ins

These can be found with farm or smoking pig symbols. This is one instance where Ken’s claim that that ‘farm pig = not always a Dub made LP’ and ‘smoking pig = not always a Ken made album’ holds true, as the 4-digit prefix gives it away as a later Ken pressing. This title can be found as part of the generic cartoon reissue series as well.

When Dub reissued this album together with his other Tull release Nothing Is Easy, the matrix numbers were ATHAPASCAN RECORDS IN CONCERT 20½ A / B  -or- 20½ – 1 70-246 M / 20½ – 1 70-247 M

Jethro Tull MG NIE red blu





I was not able to find an image for # 2235 JIM HENDRIX – ‘SCUSE ME WHILE I KISS THE SKY so that one will have to be skipped for now.


Three Tull copies, likely released by WCF in the 2nd half of 1972 – early 1973.

  1. U.S. TOUR  APRIL  1972   VOLUME II

Jethro Tull US Tour April 1972


The cover art “borrowed” from CBM down to a ‘T’.

WCF’s detailed album track list:

A1 Wind Up / instrumental by Martin Barre
A2 Locomotive Breath / Hard-Headed English General / Wind-Up Reprise
B1 Thick As A Brick pt. 1
B2 Thick AS A Brick pt. 1 (cont.)

Source: The Scope in Norfolk, VA on April 22, 1972.

Below, the CBM original with matrix markings 3426 for Side 1, which is identical to Á1+2 on the WCF album above but Side 2 is different, playing Cross-Eyed Mary / A New Day Yesterday / Aqualung – and the matrix is ‘3436-B JTB Scope’.



The two segments of “Thick As A Brick” on WCF’s Side 2 appear to be identical to plate ‘3436-A JTA Scope’ as released on CBM’s ticketron.

Jethro Tull ticketron RE

CBM created two plates for “Cross-Eyed Mary / A New Day Yesterday / Aqualung”: ‘3436-B JTB Scope’ – used for the titles ticketron & U.S. TOUR APRIL 1972 VOLUME II and ‘JTB 3420 3436B’ also used on Side 2 of BALTIMORE AND AROUND NOVEMBER 1972

Jethro Tull Baltimore And Around detail
Around 1975, CBM created yet another master plate as they needed to pair down the Norfolk material to two album sides for the rare double album RETROROC, combining it with LIVE MAY 1973. Just over six minutes of “Wind Up” were extracted and tacked on to “Thick As A Brick” and issued with the matrix number 3436 A (side 2 had the usual C-E M/A N D Y/AQ).

Jethro Tull RTRC


This is one of the most popular recordings from the “Thick as a Brick” tour and deservedly so: it’s a blistering and highly energetic performance captured on a great sounding audience tape.”Ticketron” was first issued with an edited version of part one of “Thick as a Brick” on side A and the “Wind-Up” encore section on side B. After a while, a second version of the LP with the same side A but with “Cross-Eyed Mary”, “A New Day Yesterday” and “Aqualung” on side B was pressed, liberating 25 minutes more from the show. ” (notes from a restoration project)

Track list:

01 Introduction
02 Thick as a Brick, Pt. 1 [cut during organ solo]
03 Jeffrey speaks
04 Cross-Eyed Mary
05 A New Day Yesterday
06 Aqualung
07 Ian speaks
08 Wind-Up [cuts in, piano intro edited out]
09 Instrumental by Martin Barre
10 Locomotive Breath
11 Hard Headed English General
12 Wind-Up (reprise)


The Norfolk concert and the Baltimore concert were both recorded by one of the earliest practitioners: R (who was from Baltimore).  Somehow he fell in with the people from the CBM (Contraband Music) label, which was the original issue of this material.  Sadly and most unfortunately R sent the master tape of Norfolk to them and did not make a copy.  He also sent them other shows.  He never got any of those tapes back.  Word has it they destroyed the masters when done, presumably to keep them “rare” or exclusive, which was misguided since other labels with better distribution soon repressed the material and sold a lot more records than they did.  TMOQ got to this one very quickly but it wasn’t their source and is unlikely they actually had a tape as labels did not cooperate with each other (if they do have tape someone should rescue the Norfolk one).  CBM unfortunately used cheaper noisier vinyl than some of the others so the only remaining sources of some of R’s material are those records (hopefully a lightly played one).  

R did keep the master of the Baltimore show and sent CBM a copy (that hometown show was much closer to his heart).

Other early Baltimore shows that hit vinyl (and some that didn’t) were his recordings as well.  He did get good sound for the day but he was just using built in mics on an old semi-portable cassette deck. “



While I believe that the WCF version with the blue title/number labels comes in a single sleeve with a slip sheet, there was also this ca. 1973 reissue in a folder but without an artist image on the back yet, likely a transitional phase between the insert and the deluxe folder covers.

























Jethro Tull DarkHaiti

Below, a copy without a stamp, or perhaps it’s on the back.

Jethro Tull DarkHaiti n st

And a black vinyl copy, so they do exist:

Jethro Tuull Dark Haiti bl

USA: 1979 – this was the start of a trilogy where they released three double albums recorded at the same venue within six or eight days; this one, Van Halen and Supertramp; the only bootleg label I have come across to have done this.

Source: Audience recording from the Seattle Coliseum, April 10th 1979. One of the last concerts featuring bass player John Glascock, who would take his final bow at the end of this leg on 1 May 1979, in San Antonio, TX.

Regarding the album’s title, was it an insider joke or an honest mistake? When introducing “Dark Ages” from the then still unreleased new Tull album STORMWATCH, Ian Anderson would draw out the pronunciation, so that it did sound like “Dark Haiti” but when listening to the song, it becomes clear that it’s “ages” (by the way, does Ian have the best on stage pronunciation or what? I could listen to him all day long). I do not suppose that the person(s) behind the 78/79-1XX label were Tull fans.At least, as all the first second generation bootleg labels had been put out of business and could no longer cover the latest Tull tour, as they had done so well in ’72, ’73 and after, at least these guys filled that gap quite nicely.

This used to be one of the most sought after & valuable titles by this label in the last decade, reaching a staggering $670 in 2008 for a lucky seller. Prices have more than halved since then though.

Side 1: One Brown Mouse / Heavy Horses / My God (including God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Kelpie and Bourée)
Side 2: Dark Ages  
Side 3: Cross-eyed Mary / Thick As A Brick  
Side 4: Quatrain, Aqualung (medley) / Locomotive Breath, The Dambusters’ March and Aqualung (medley)



Jethro Tull otra

Jethro Tull Seattle 79

Jethro Tull 79 Tour poster

1979 tour poster

Well, it had to happen. Lost a saved draft on Saturday and had to rebuild it from scratch – but life goes on.

Led Zep White Summer

Led Zep White Summer b

Led Zep White Summer detail

Led Zep White Summer lbl

Led Zep White Summer mat

Led Zep White Summer lbl B

Led Zep White Summer mat B

Listen to the full album here:

Japan, ca. mid-1976

Side 1: 

Train Kept A Rollin’  [Winterland, San Francisco – 25 April 1969]

Since I’ve Been Loving You  [Düsseldorf, Rheinhalle – 13 March 1970]

White Summer / Black Mountainside  [Düsseldorf, Rheinhalle – 13 March 1970]

Side 2:

Dazed And Confused  [Düsseldorf, Rheinhalle – 13 March 1970]

Communication Breakdown  [Winterland, San Francisco – 25 April 1969]

ABC Song  [Robert Plant & daughter Carmen at Headley Grange Studios, January – February 1974]

This appears to be a combination of the German release Life plus two (filler) tracks from Wizardo’s 1975 CAUTION EXPLOSIVE (# 329):

Led Zeppelin Caution Explosive

The rare German bootleg  (1017 M)- about 200 pressed – was also released in 1975.

Led Zep Life

Above, first version of the cover before the misspelling was discovered?

Led Zeppelin Live Best 1017 300

Led Zep Life lbl

Matrix: M 1013 A/B

Pressing quality is supposed to be mediocre at best. Despite its status as a rare item, there are five copies offered on discogs as I am writing this.

White Summer (<< Black Mountain Side..) [ 10:59 – cut ], [ cut ], Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 7:05 ], [ cut ], Dazed And Confused [ 19:37 – cut ].

“Source: Incomplete good 1st audience recording. 39 minutes.
Details: The source is quite distant but still enjoyable. The guitar is the most prominent in the mix with guitar and vocals somewhere in the middle and drums as the most distant and echoey. Since I’ve Been Loving You has some minor speed issues in places and Dazed And Confused is distorted. []

Bootleg LP Reference(s) source 1: The Final Option (Rock Solid Records & The Swingin’ Pig Records), Germany 1971 (no label), Led Zeppelin Film Can (Rock Solid Records), Life (Best), & White Summer (Acid, Box Top Records, Marc & Rock Solid Records both issues)”


vienna 70

Led Zep Mar 11 70 HH


Düsseldorf set list:

Communication Breakdown
I Can’t Quit You Baby
Dazed and Confused
White Summer / Black Mountainside
Since I’ve Been Loving You
Organ solo / Thank You
Moby Dick
How Many More Times (medley incl. Move On Down the Line, Bottle Up ‘n Go, “Lemon Song”)
Whole Lotta Love


When led Zeppelin’s first German tour was originally scheduled, they were supposed to play in Frankfurt on March 10th before moving on to Hamburg. However the Frankfurt concert was cancelled and instead two nights were played at Hamburg’s Musikhalle (where early in 1971 Pink Floyd would get bootlegged resulting in the famous M-502/Take Linda Surfing/Miracle Muffler bootlegs).

Why was this concert cancelled?

Led Zep DE shows 70

Next stop: Vancouver, BC on the 21st, originating date of the famous Pb bootleg.


Jethro Tull started 1970 with a short Scandinavian tour in mid January before flying off to Los Angeles to film their contribution in 
The Switched-On Symphony, an NBC TV Special directed by Jack Good, featuring Tull, the Nice, Santana, Ray Charles, Jack Benny and the LA Philharmonic Orchestra. 

After filming a live-in-the-studio special for the German program Beat Club on the 19th, they were booked to perform their first ever concert appearance in Germany at the 4,000 seat Jahrhunderthalle. Only two further German dates were to follow in April in Nuremberg and Hamburg,

Jethro Tull FRA JHH 70 ticket

The concert promoters had underestimated the enthusiasm and demand for tickets and on concert day, an extra ticket-less 2,000 people showed up.


When it became apparent that the extra non-ticket holders were not going to be admitted, some took matters into their own hands and reportedly 11 of the hall’s large glass panes and four glass doors were shattered in a mini riot, causing 40,000 DM in damages {Pink Floyd’s fee for their 1971 Hamburg Musikhalle performance, to put it into perspective] and five hospital admissions.An audience recording of one of the shows has survived and was eventually pressed on CD as Fairytales From The Pawnshop .

The local citizens were not pleased  to learn about this destruction of public property, to say the least. There was going to be a fall out: No more rowdy destructive rock’n roll at the Jahrhunderthalle (a concert by Leonard Cohen the following May was allowed to go ahead).  An article appeared on February 28th claiming: Broken Glass Shakes Promoter’s Confidence: After The Fiasko At Jahrhunderthalle, Pop Soon At The Festhalle


The original (signed) concert poster showing both concert times.

The first victims were Led Zeppelin, whose scheduled concert at the same venue was nixed. Apparently, a suitable Frankfurt area venue could not be found and so they were the first band to ever play at the giant acoustically-challenged barn that is the Festhalle in July of the same year, when they returned to Germany.

Led Zep FRA July 70 review

Concert review of Led Zeppelin’s 18 July ’70 Frankfurt performance mentioning the circumstances of the March cancellation.


Jethro Tull RFW 3Jethro Tull RFW

Jethro Tull RFW 5

A copy of TMOQ’s MY GOD! – first released in May of 1970 with square Athapascan labels and 20 1/2 matrix markings. Later known as 71005.

The seller wrote about the album shown below: “Writing on the back cover leads me to believe this lp was purchased on 9/25/1970”. So this one came from one of the first pressing runs. Vinyl looks black but was described as purple. This was only the second ever Dub Taylor/TMOQ release to be issued on colored vinyl (after Donovan’s Reedy River).


Jethro Tull My God 9 70

Ken:While I was away Dub had mastered My God, by Jethro Tull which was mostly B sides added to a couple live songs he record in Long Beach with his shotgun mic.

Tull Long Beach 1970

April 19, 1970
Long Beach, CA. Long Beach Arena


A half-pirate release. Dub selected only two segments from his audience recording and filled  side two with UK singles and B-sides that had not been released in the U.S.:

Love Story / A Christmas Song    November 1968  WIP 6048  (reached # 29 in UK)  – 2nd ever Jethro Tull 45

Sweet Dream / 17    October 1969  WIP 6070  (# 9 in UK)    – 4th JT 45

The Witch’s Promise / The Teacher  January 1970    WIP 6077  (# 4 in UK)   – 5th JT 45


Jethro Tull Flute Cake st

For the famous FLUTE CAKE title, we are looking at four options, with the first two assuming that TMOQ’s 71044 release from July 1972 was the original and Dittolino copied it:

1. Dub bought a ticket to Tull’s next swing through So. Cal. at the Anaheim Convention Center on 19 October 1970 and recorded the show himself but did not ready it for a release it until 21 months later.

2. Someone else had recorded the performance and Dub received the tape only in 1972.

3. Dittolini were the first to release this album.

4. Another bootlegger was first, which would explain the time gap and the unusual matrix numbers of KW – 215344 A / B (also found on the Freebooter label).

Jethro Tull FC Freebooter

Jethro Tull Flute Cake FB lbl

Or perhaps, this was just a disguise used by Dub … or that sticker never belonged there:

Jethro Tull Flute Cake FB


Jethro Tull Flute Cake 1’s TMOQ wiki says the first version had this label type.


Jethro Tull
Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California
19 October 1970

01.  Nothing is Easy 7:40
02.  My God 11:41
03.  We Used to Know 3:20
04.  With You There to Help Me / By Kind Permission Of 13:06
05.  Song for Jeffrey 5:13
06.  Sossity, You’re a Woman 5:33

Total time: 46:37


034 assigned for the second time, someone lost track, it seems.

Ramones Roxy 034 2Ramones Roxy 034 disc 2

More information found under this link.




YES LiL 035YES LiL 035 bYES LiL 035 lbl 2YES LiL 035 lbl 3

Source: London, Empire Pool (not Wembley Arena as stated on ) – 28 October 1977, night # 5 of a six night run

Yes Oct 28 77

First 68 minutes of the concert only, very good quality audience recording. The rest of the tape unfortunately never saw a release. The missing songs are “Flight Jam”, “Awaken”, “Starship Trooper” and “Roundabout”.




Hendrix LBCHendrix LBC 3

Source: Isle of Wight Festival, East Afton Farm, Isle of Wight 30 August.1970

30:47 mins.


Polydor released Isle Of Wight  in November of 1971 initially in the UK only. The album contained a selection of the songs performed that day:

Side 1.  Midnight Lightning 7:21 / Foxy Lady 8:40 / Lover Man  3:18
Side 2:  Freedom 4:21 / All Along the Watchtower 4:27 / In From the Storm 

Hendrix LBC b 2

As we can see, the bootleg does not overlap with the official release.

Quality rated “Exs”



037 (79-037 used on cover) 79 referring to the year 1979 perhaps.

There is some confusion around this one in Hot Wacks as well. In the appendix, it is called BBC CONCERT. In the Led Zeppelin section, it is listed under its correct name but as K&S 007, which had already been assigned to the Kinks repressing of  TMOQ’s LONG TALL SALLY. I am pretty confident that BBC BROADCAST was never pressed on red wax in a limited edition of 200 as claimed there.


Led Zep BBC BroadcastLed Zep BBC Broadcast b

The same track list as Contraband’s BBC ZEP :

Led Zeppelin BBC Zep



Jethro Tull us tourJethro Tull us tour 2Another reissue of a Contraband title. Previously featured in this post

Notes from a JT bootleg discography:

Ticketron US Tour April 1972                  bootleg album  1972                                                                        
      Thick As A Brick                             
      Cross-Eyed Mary                              
      A New Day Yesterday                          

   LP     Instant Analysis Records 3436
   LP     CBM 3586 (re-release with a title misprinting of { “Ticketro  US Tour April 1972”}
   LP     ??? 79–038 (Canadian; re-released as { US Tour})
There are two covers of this one.  One mentions “ticketron” and one mentions “Volume II”.  
The last three songs are also on {Baltimore and Around}.



Young N The 1973 Tour 2Young N The 1973 Tour


A very rare double LP from K&S only listed in the HW appendix. Gatefold cover back shows recycled artwork from the old Phonygraf/Wizardo (later Mushroom) release NEIL YOUNG WITH CRAZY HORSE shown here, which had already been used on K&S 030 BOULDER COLORADO:

Young Neil wCH 2

Same grey-ish labels as on the previous Jethro Tull album. I have found no information regarding actual content. If you know (or can provide better images), please leave a comment – thank you.




Rolling Stones Bright L Big C

Rolling Stones BLBC 2

Rolling Stones BLBCity disc 2

“200 pressed on MCV from TMOQ plates.” HW


The Montreux 1972 rehearsal tracks making up half of side two here have already been discussed here

The Youtube link below will not only enable you to listen to side 1 right now but also list the correct sources, as far as I can tell.

Side 2:


Pink Floyd Eclipsed XLPink Floyd Eclipsed 2Pink Floyd Eclipsed disc 2Pink Floyd Eclipsed disc 1

Matrix: 404 A – D

My friend and main go-to person for bootleg research pointed out that this number looked like the 4xx series the 70s GLC label was using (GLC 411: Rolling Stones – All Meat Music ?; GLC 412: Neil Young – Young & Old; GLC 413: Elton John – B-B-B-Benny – Live in London; GLC 415: Crosby Stills Nash and Young “we waited 3 years for this”).

Sides A+B live at the London Rainbow on 20 February 1972 and sides C+D BBC Paris Theater 30 September 1971 states that the above was the first issue of this double LP with just 200 copies made on orange and light blue PVC, however not everyone agrees, see the list below.

A Vicki Vinyl/Ken co-production? The sub title hints that this might be a new pressing of TAKRL’s 1903 IN CELEBRATION OF THE COMET master, which was a copy of the German bootleg Best Of Tour 72

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72 combi

It should be noted that reissues of the TAKRL release and ECLIPSED both exist with Dessie Records and Verzyl paper labels. Two of the three tracks on the second disc had previously been available on yet another early TAKRL release: # 1913: NOCTURNAL SUBMISSION : ROBOT LOVE but Hot Wacks claims this was a copy of Contraband’s Floyds Of London

Pink Floyd Floyds of London v1 3

floydboots states that this does exist with a deluxe cover in a rare variation. If anyone has a good image of this, do leave a comment. The matrix number changed later to ECL 1-4:

Pink Floyd Eclipsed gre blu

I found the following list during my research but it clearly has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Unless you were there or one of the associates kept notes and they are available, it is very hard to say. which insert color was the genuine first issue.

1) 404 A-D. First pressing, big yellow insert cover, original yellow/white “Ruthless Rhymes” labels.

2) 404 A-D. First pressing, green (record 1) & blue (record 2) vinyl, 100 made, big red insert cover with stamp imprint, original yellow/white “Ruthless Rhymes” labels.

3) 404 A-D. First pressing, blue (record 1) and orange (record 2) vinyl, 200 made, big red insert cover with stamp imprint, original yellow/white “Ruthless Rhymes” labels.

4) 404 A-D. First pressing, big white/brown insert cover, record 1 with white label, record 2 with green label.

Pink Floyd Eclipsed whi

5) ECL 1-4. Second pressing, little yellow insert cover, white label.

6) ECL 1-4. Multicoloured vinyl, 50 made, little yellow insert cover with sticker, black/white cartoon labels. This also exists on black PVC.

Pink Floyd EclipsedPink Floyd Eclipsed blPink Floyd Eclipsed dark

7) RUTHLESS RHYMES GLC 404 A-D. Third pressing, green/blue vinyl, 100 numbered edition, big brown insert cover, silver/red “GLC” labels.

8) RUTHLESS RHYMES GLC 404 A-D. “Raring Record” labels.

9) LXXXIV Series #54, reissue of the “Ruthless Rhymes” edition, green/blue vinyl, 100 numbered edition copies.


Missing from the above list are pressings made with Slipped Disc, yellow RECORD 1/2 and Dessie Records labels – “RE-ISSUED AGAIN ON THE ‘DESSIE RECORDS’ LABEL USING NEW PLATES (MATRIX NUMBER – DESSIE A/D GR L-29708).”:

Pink Floyd Eclipsed SD

Pink Floyd Eclipsed yel lblPink Floyd Eclipsed Dessie


Auction results for this title vary quite a bit, with the colored Ruthless Rhymes and LXXXIV versions selling for as much as $500 and the MCV/Verzyl versions even close to $1200 but all other versions hovering around the $50+ mark.

This release has been copied in Europe several times with deluxe covers (copying the tree lady art work on the back) and box sets referred to by a color.


Jimi Hendrix ‘BROADCASTS – Maui

Hendrix Broadcasts Maui red blu

Reissue of this classic TMoQ combo 7502 and about the third incarnation and also the third on colored wax. Also exists in red & green and with blank labels.


ditto ‘LIVE AT THE L.A. FORUM 4-26-70‘ “SCUSE ME…” version

Hendrix Live LA Forum blu gree

Back in the day, many bootleggers issued this title, Rubber Dubber, Munia, TMoQ, … it was even available as a series of four 7″ records. The insert originally showed an image of Jimi’s head but a dark spot appeared on the Hen and TMOQ versions and more rounds of copying the copy transformed it into something looking like an expressionist art piece.


Hendrix Live LA Forum clear insertHendrix Live LA Forum mcvThe splatter/mcv discs are usually found with Mushroom label designated packages but not in this case.

Hendrix LatLAFo mcv 2


Jethro Tull ‘MESS

Jethro Tull Flute Cake mcvJethro Tull MessTwo different reissues of this early TMoQ title recorded by Dub Taylor shortly after Led Zeppelin’s Blueberry Hill performance.



Rolling Stones Honolulu RR lblRolling Stones Honolulu cvRolling Stones Honolulu cv 2

A reissue of Pig’s Eye # 09



Rolling Stones Summer Reruns red blu RRRolling Stones Summer Reruns red blu RR 1Rolling Stones Summer Reruns red blu RR 2

Rolling Stones Summer Reruns red blu RR CECV

Originally out as TMoQ 72011



Originally on Wizardo Records – WRMB 365

Zappa MMHHW yellowZappa MMHHW yellow 2


And two example of stamps with different fonts (the second example may not even be a stamp and may have been produced significantly later):


Zappa 200 Motels stamp


I’m probably missing a few. If you know of any others, do leave a comment.

A unique way of numbering found on on the covers and in the matrix of the following titles indicates that they were probably produced within the same time frame:

Al Stewart – The Tour Of The Cat – AS 1500

The Eagles – Motel Six – TE 300 (A/B)

Jethro Tull – A Sackful Of Trousersnakes – JT 200 (ABCD)

Stewart A TTotCat

Al Stewart touring behind his breakthrough album Year Of The Cat. I can still remember how huge it was as 1976 – that hot European summer! – crept along. Radio broadcast source, possibly recorded at the Paramount Theater. I believe the year might actually be 1976.

Some confirmed concert dates based on ticket stubs:

Al Stewart – Houston Music Hall (Houston, TX) – December 16, 1976
Al Stewart & Joan Armatrading – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (Santa Monica, CA) – January 13, 1977
Al Stewart with Wendy Waldman – Uptown Theatre (Kansas City, MO) – January 31, 1977
Al Stewart with Wendy Waldman? – Uptown Theatre (Kansas City, MO) – February 8, 1977
Al Stewart – Avery Fisher Hall (New York, NY) – February 11, 1977
Al Stewart with Wendy Waldman – Tower Theatre (Upper Darby, PA) – February 18, 1977
Al Stewart – Civic Center Auditorium (Atlanta, GA) – April 9, 1977
Al Stewart – DAR Constitution Hall (Washington, DC) – April 27, 1977

On this vinyl source there are speed problems found throughout all of the tracks. Notes from a remastering project done by ‘Doinker’: “I found out that the speed problems vary from track to track. Each track, while constant is off a differing amount from the track before and the track after it.  What a great show this is! Mr. Stewart was touring “Year Of The Cat”, and is in top form. The tracks on this LP are probably out of concert sequence.”

On The Border
Broadway Hotel
Roads To Moscow
Oh, Carol
Year Of The Cat
If It Doesn’t Come Naturally, Leave It


Jethro Tull ASFoTS large

Jethro Tull ASFoTS b

Jethro Tull ASFoTS Duck

Also with blank and Ruthless Rhymes labels.

Jethro Tull ASFoTS SL D

01 Wondring Aloud 2:45
02 (Intro) Skating 0:33
03 Skating Away 3:55
04 (Intro) Jack 0:42
05 Jack in the Green 3:10
06 (Intro) Thick 0:22
07 Thick as a Brick 13:13
08 (Intro) Songs 1:52
09 Songs From the Wood 5:16
10 (Intro) Velvet 1:21
11 Velvet Green 6:33
12 (Intro) A Hunting 0:45
13 A Hunting Girl 5:22
*****(there is an obvious cut here that is present on the vinyl)
14 (Intro) TOTRNR 0:24
15 Too Old to Rock to Rock and Roll 3:56

TIME 50:09

01 Beethovens Ninth 3:24
02 Minstrel in the Gallery 5:38
03 Cross Eyed Mary 3:42
04 Aqualung 8:09
05 Guitar Solo 3:18 06 Wind Up 4:54
07 Back Door Angels 5:04
08 Wind Up reprise 3:03
09 Locomotive Breath 7:31
10 Back Door Angels reprise 1:21

TIME 46:04

Comments from the needle drop creator and record owner (my comments in [])                “Ruthless Rhymes Records
1971 Made in Germany [This is meant to apply to the Ruthless Rhymes label not the actual disc/pressing but is still wrong, of course], An Original First Pressing  [This is probably not correct]
Matrix on the runoff track is JT-200

Hot Wacks lists this as being on Rodan Records with the same matrix number.
I did get this very soon after the show so I’m guessing that this MAY be the first release
and that the Rodan version is a subsequent release.

The Collecting Tull web site
has this to offer:
Rodan Records JT200 (Green coloured cover insert with All Black Label) Rodan Records JT200
(Blue/Red coloured cover insert with Yellow German Label)

My color insert is yellow and red with 1 LP having a b/w label, and the other a yellow and black label.
The Rodan version had a fold-over insert that listed song titles on the back.
The Ruthless Rhymes version had a single (non-fold-over) insert with NO song titles. [A clear sign that the Ruthless Rhymes version was a reissue]

A fan’s review plus another fan’s comment:

5. “A Sackful of Trousersnakes” April 1977 Anaheim Convention Center, LA.
This is by far the most off the hook recording of the Songs From the Wood tour. It was a beautifully crafted set of songs they ever did, starting off with 4 or 5 acoustic songs and the intensity just kept rising to another fantastic head splitting encore. This was BIG Tull at it’s most refined.They didn’t get much better.
As a matter of fact, because of this boot, Bursting Out was a disappointment!

Darin, could not agree more with you about Sackful. This was my very first Tull bootleg, which I purchased in a used record store on vinyl in the late 70’s. This has great Ian banter/jokes, and the audience is totally into the band! One of the “chill bumps” moments for me on this particular tour, has always been when Ian plays Thick as a Brick, and he gets to the flute part, which is the first time he’s played the flute during this show. The crowd goes nuts!! Martin’s solo is fantastic! I used to work third shift, and could bring in cassette tapes to play over the store’s loud speakers. One night I brought in Sackful. I started it with Martin’s solo, and someone asked me if it was Hendrix! True story.

Found these images in my GLC folder:

Beatles Have You Heard The Word green insert

Already looking at these side by side, it becomes obvious that they were made by the same producers and probably as part of a run of re-issues within a limited time frame.

Jethro Tull My God!


The Who’s Who Are You (aka Mods & Rockers), better known fort the reissue with Ruthless Rhymes labels (some on red & blue PVC), which is even cataloged under GLC 414 and containing 16 tracks from their Philadelphia Spectrum KBFH recording from 4 December 1973:


WHO GLC 414 d

Other releases with GLC numbers are (the last two releases previously reviewed on this blog):

GLC 411: Rolling Stones – All Meat Music ?

GLC 412: Neil Young – Young & Old

GLC 413: Elton John – B-B-B-Benny – Live in London

GLC 415: Crosby Stills Nash and Young “we waited 3 years for this”


If you have any further examples of this label with the same design and in any color (not the block lettering found from 1983 onwards, which is much more common). please let me know.