Wizardo 400 series

Wizardo’s 400 series was a short series of 7 to 8 releases containing a mix of straight copies of bootlegs released by other labels and pirated official tracks, that focused on Beatles and solo-Beatles recordings.


Beatles KO 400 detail

Beatles KO 400

With the insert – and perhaps the music too – lifted straight from Contraband.

Beatles KO 400 lbl

WRMB / KO- 400: The Beatles ‘Complete Christmas Collection’


Beatles Renaiisance Minstrels volume I

WRMB / KO-401: The Beatles ‘Renaissance Minstrels volume 1’ – The Beatles on ed Sullivan, as originally released by TMoQ


WRMB / KO-402: The Beatles ‘Renaissance Minstrels volume 2’ – – image needed, leave a comment if you can supply this.


WRMB / KO-403: unknown


Beatles Bottom Apples 404

Beatles Bottom Apples 404 2

Beatles Bottom Apples 404 details

WRMB / KO-404: A collection of Apple single B-sides 1970 – 1975

Beatles Bottom Apples VON

with ‘Trade Mark of Quantity’ logo and “von Grossenshush/Teufel Folk Songs” green labels found on Wizardo and Ken titles.


Paul Mccartney HH CC 405

McCartney KO 405 detail

McCartney KO 405 detail 2

McCartney KO 405 lbl

The first sighting of this special “400 Series” label.

Paul McCartney HH CC 405 lbl

Also seen with “Old Glory” labels and probably blank ones as well.

WRMB / KO-405: Mccartney Hot Hits and Cold Cuts – Renaissance Minstrels 4

Pirate LP compiling the single A & B sides for:

Apple 1847 Give Ireland Back To The Irish / Give Ireland Back To The Irish (version)                      Apple 1851 Mary Had A Little Lamb / Little Woman Love                                                                        Apple 1857 Hi Hi Hi / C Moon                                                                                                                         Apple 1861 B-side ‘The Mess’ (to ‘My Love’)                                                                                                 Apple 1863 B-side ‘I Lie Around’ (to ‘Live And Let Die’)                                                                             Apple 1869 B-side ‘Country Dreamer’ (to ‘Helen Wheels’)                                                                             Apple 1876 Junior’s Farm / Sally G.


WRMB / KO -406: Beatles ‘Sweet Apple Trax’ 3 LP

I believe the entry on the fantastic vinylegs reference website for this bootleg – # 1295 – is incorrect in two ways: 1. “Date: e70s * Format: 3LP-CV” (I do not believe this was ever available in colored vinyl; the WRMB 343 double set, however was). 2. The images show a WRMB 343 double set and not the KO-406 version, as clearly visible on the cover scan (I used this for my Sweet Apple Trax entry found here).


Beatles More Get Back Sessions KO-407

WRMB / KO-407: The Beatles ‘More Get Back Sessions’

Beatles More Get Back Sessions KO-407 detail


Beatles As Sweet As You Are 408

Confirmed sightings on Dog & Cat and Old Glory labels.

WRMB / KO-408, a straight copy of the 1972 Dittolino Disc release with the original D-1 matrix number still  visible in the copy’s inner groove – and as luck would have it, so it is in the below image of an original.

Beatles ASAYA