Autographed Bootlegs

Undeniably, it takes balls to stick a bootleg and a pen under the nose of the artist whose performance was basically stolen in order to put money into someone else’s pockets. Unless you know them well they are likely to start yelling and break the record over your head… you certainly don’t want to try it with Dylan or Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason.

[No claims made regarding the authenticity of these signatures.]

If you have any further examples, please leave a comment.

**** claims this is the word’s only signed copy of “Great White Wonder”, however, my search turned up another one:

It sold for 340 GBP in 2005 on eBay.

Another one from the early years:

One of the first SMiLE bootlegs signed by Brian Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine (many thanks to Glen, who contributed this one as well as the Moody Blues & Firesign Theatre images)

Moody Blues’ keyboard player Mike Pinder had a healthy sense of humor about it (high-res scan, click to inflate):

Deep Purple:

Comedy troupe The Firesign Theatre:

Firesign 2


And the holy grails:

From the description: “This comes from the collection of John Morgan, who has collected in-person signatures for more than forty years. It has been signed by all four Beatles on the front cover, all at different times in New York. John Lennon signed this in blue ballpoint or biro pen at the Hit Factory in 1980. Paul McCartney signed in blue Sharpie pen at the Plaza Athenee Hotel in 1989. George Harrison signed in black ballpoint or biro at the Pierre Hotel in the late ’80s. Ringo signed in blue Sharpie at the Carlyle Hotel in 1992. “

A Billy Preston signed Get Back boot: