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Roxy Music Chance meeting

Roxy Music Chance meeting b

Roxy Music Chance meeting discs

Japan: 1983 – Here’s something unusual: A triple set for playback at 45 rpm, certainly the way to go to raise the audiophile bar but not exactly cheap as another disc had to be included.

XL 1525 A: India / The main thing / Out of the blue / Both ends burning
XL 1525 B: Take a chance with me / Song for Europe / Can’t let go
XL 1526 A: While my heart is still beating / Impossible guitar / Tara
XL 1526 B: Avalon / My only love
XL 1527 A: Dance away / Love is the drug / Like a hurricane
XL 1527 B: Editions of you / Do the Strand / Jealous guy

Source: Audience recording taped at Wembley Arena, London, 22 September, 1983

HOTWACKS quality rating: “Ëxs”


Later copied onto CD from this vinyl source, using the same front cover art work:

Roxy Music CM cd

Roxy Music Oh YeahRoxy Music Oh Yeah b

The cover art is a straight copy of the official single, released in the UK in July of 1980:

Roxy Music Oh Yeah UK

The same copying of the official single was seen for the first Japanese RM vinyl bootleg ANGEL EYES (ZAP 1041). Is this more than just a coincidence?


Japan: Second half of 1981.

Roxy Music toured Japan during the Manifesto and their last tour promoting the Avalon album but the Flesh And Blood Tour never made it out of Europe.

Source: Audience recording from Wembley Arena, 2 August 1980 – the last night of the tour.

HOTWACKS rating: “Exs”

Roxy Music Oh Yeah detail


In 2007, a soundboard recording from a 3rd generation cassette was leaked on dime.

Roxy Music Angel Eyes 2

Another post-1978 Japan bootleg masquerading as a promo release.

The cover art was simply lifted off Roxy’s official maxi single, title and all. Release date for the 12″was August of 1979

Roxy Music Angel Eyes 12i

Japan: Late summer/fall of 1979

Source: Supposedly from one of Roxy’s Japan dates, either from Osaka or Tokyo, 27 or 28 April 1979

SIDE A: Manifesto / Trash / Stronger Through The Years / Ladytron
SIDE B: Re-make Re-model / Love Is The Drug / Do The Strand / Editions Of You / In Every Dream Home A Heartache


Roxy Music 1979 Japan Tour:

26 April 1979 Nagoya City Hall Nagoya Japan
27 April 1979 Festival Hall Osaka Japan
28 April 1979 Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan

Set list (from Osaka):

00: Introduction
01: Manifesto
02: Trash
03: Out Of The Blue
04: Angel Eyes
05: A Song For Europe
06: Still Falls The Rain
07: Mother Of Pearl
08: Ain’t That So
09: Stronger Through The Years
10: Ladytron
11: In Every Dream Home A Heartache
12: Love Is Drug
13: Edition Of You
14: Do The Strand
15: Re-Make Re-Model

Roxy Music Japan 1979 TB

Roxy Music Japan 1979 TB b

Roxy Music Bittersweet plain

Roxy Music Bittersweet mcv 1

Roxy Music Bittersweet mcv 2

Roxy Music Bittersweet

Source: Orpheum Theatre, Boston MA – 20 February 1975 on their Country Life Tour. While often called an extremely rare item, it is actually not that hard to find a copy. It’s more a case of ‘how much are you willing to pay for such a flawed recording?’ – with potential though – one mcv copy is currently for sale for $150.

Side 1:  Prairie Rose/ Mother Of Pearl/ Out Of The Blue/ A Song For Europe         
Side 2:  Three And Nine/ If It Takes All Night/ Bitter Sweet/ If There Is Something         
Side 3:  A Really Good Time/ Casanova/ All I Want Is You/ Virginia Plain         
Side 4:  Editions Of You/ The Thrill Of It All/ Do The Strand/ Baby’s On Fire (studio)/ I’ll Come Running (last 2 tracks: The Winkies w. Brian Eno, 26 February 1974, BBC Studio 4)

HW rating: “S 1 & 4 Gs; S2 & 3 Vgs”. Last two tracks on side 4 rated “poor stereo”.


For about 5 minutes while researching the source tape, I thought this was a bad transfer of famous New England taper’s Joe Malone recording but it turns out that is not the case, which I found out thanks to needle dropper ‘Doinker’s notes on his remastering project:

“Roxy Music – Mega-rare restored vinyl 2Lp set “Bitter Sweet” – Orpheum Theatre,
Boston MA 1975-02-20 AUD – speed-corrected and rejoined – nice show
With the Joe Maloney master already having been posted of this show, do you need another version? Here’s my take on this. This recording was made in a much closer setting to the stage than the Maloney master was, so overall it has the potential to be clearer. It’s not as well-balanced a mix, but the vocals and stage talk are much easier to hear.

That having been said, although distant the Maloney master is very clean sounding, while this recording is not always and never as much. The Maloney master has one more track “Bitter’s End”, which does not appear on this two-record set despite the fact that you can’t hear a cut. Where the tape flip occurs is also in a very different place. Also, the instrumental opening number is shorter as the very beginning is cut on the LP set.

All of this combined means that you probably do need both versions of this show.

This set ran incredibly slow. The pitch correction on my turntable was +5 out of 8 possible. That’s a whole lot. Additionally on the second LP there were ten minutes of Eno from the BBC in 1972. This has been removed as I did no research on the two tracks (Baby’s On Fire and I’ll Come Running) and the sound quality was dreadful.

And, there you have it!

Setlist (Runtime approx 76min)

Prairie Rose
Mother Of Pearl
Out Of The Blue
A Song For Europe
Three And Nine
If It Takes All Night
Bitter Sweet
If There Is Something
A Really Good Time
All I want Is You
Virginia Plain
Editions Of You
The Thrill Of It All
Do The Strand

Notes: This set was bought new many years ago and only played a couple of times. This is not the original issue, but the really rare “Old Glory Records” 300 Series with an alternate insert sheet.” [So, which one is the original issue?]


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Roxy Music Air Treatments

Side 1:  Street Life (fair)/ Amazona (poor)/ Psalm (poor)
Side 2:  Pyjamerama I (good)/ Mother Of Pearl (fair)/ The Numberer (very good)/ Pyjamerama II (very good)

“During the German leg of the tour Roxy return to the Musikladen studios in Bremen on 23rd January 1974 and perform ‘Street Life’, ‘Pyjamarama’, ‘Mother Of Pearl’, ‘Amazona’ & ‘Psalm’…” All of side 1 and the first two track on side 2 come from the Musikladen performance (which has since been officially released on DVD). The source seems to have been a tape recorder that was smuggled into the studio by an audience member, recording the event in real time, including parts edited out for the broadcast, like in-between-songs chat and tune ups, but also resulting in less than stellar audio quality compared to the actual broadcast. The last two tracks on side two are pirated from the B- and A-side of Roxy Music’s two first ever UK singles respectively. The bootleg plays too slow and the last two studio tracks have been described as “tinny” sounding.

Roxy Music Air Treatments 2

RM AMTHGFTAKRL says: “Only 1000 made. New live material surfaced shortly after this appeared so that material plus the live material on this album were edited together to make Roxy 1977.”

1.     Mother Of Pearl     6:03*  
2.     Out Of The Blue     4:23*
3.     Do The Strand     3:38*
4.     The Pride And The Pain     4:12     
5.     Hula-Kula     2:35     
6.     Re-Make, Re-Model     2:42     
7.     If It Takes All Night     3:20*  
8.     Virginia Plain     3:12*  
9.     Editions Of You     3:47*   
10.     Re-Make/Re-Model     4:12* 
11.     Your Application’s Failed     4:41     
12.     Pyjamarama II     3:02

1-3 & 7-10 Newcastle City Hall – October 28, 1974 [Roxy’s official live album VIVA! was compiled from this gig, the source here is a radio broadcast. Compare ”Out of the Blue” and “Do The Strand”, which are identical plus overdubs. comments: “(Eddie) Jobsons violin solo on Out of the Blue being an obvious example. The other songs from this show demonstrate that Roxy were the strongest they had ever been (or ever would be) as a live band.]
04 – Pyjamarama 45 b-side
05 – Street Life 45 b-side
06 – You go to my head b-side ( Re-Make/Re-Model (reworked) ) – Bryan Ferry b-side, 1975
11 – All I want is you 45 b-side
12 – BBC radio session, recorded March 5, 1973

roxyrama rating: 8 stars for sound, 10 for performance = overall 9.

Review from “The material on this bootleg LP falls into two categories: live performances in England in the mid-’70s and studio outtakes from 1972 and 1973. Unfortunately, TAKRL (one of the top bootleg labels of the ’70s) doesn’t provide any recording dates or tell us where in England the live performances were recorded. But they were probably recorded during Roxy Music‘s British tour of 1974, which was among the tours that resulted in the art rockers’ superb live album Viva!. “Superb” is also a word that describes the live portion of Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fondle — the sound quality is first-rate (by ’70s standards), and performances of “Virginia Plain,” “Do the Strand,” “Out of the Blue,” “If It Takes All Night,” and “Mother of Pearl” are as forceful as they are inspired. It’s interesting to hear how gritty and tough Bryan Ferry and his colleagues sound on these 1974 performances; as arty as these songs are, the band definitely rocks hard without apology. Meanwhile, “Pyjamarama” and “Re-make/Re-model” are among the studio outtakes, which are interesting if you’re a seasoned Roxy Music fan but wouldn’t be meaningful to more casual listeners. Of course, seasoned fans — not casual listeners — are who bootleggers target, and Absinthe is a record that seasoned Roxy Music fans were happy to get their hands on in the ’70s.”

TAKRL says: “This record replaced 1978 when the following album was deleted after one pressing.”

A1    Love Is the Drug         4:15
A2    She Sells         3:08
A3    Mother of Pearl         6:03
A4    Out of Blue         4:23
A5    Do the Strand         3:38
B1    The Thrill of It All         6:15
B2    Whirlwind         5:03
B3    If It Takes All Night         3:20
B4    Editions of You         3:47
B5    Re-Make/Re-Model         4:12

Source: A1, A2 & B1, B2: The Beacon Theater, NY – November 26 1975; A3 – A5 & B3 – B5: Newcastle, City Hall – October 28 1974

roxyrama rating: Same as for Absinthe…


Also see the following info from a torrent:

Roxy Music Britsh Biscuit + KBFH 1974-75

Roxy Music (Strawbs also on the show) – City Hall Newcastle, England, October 28th 1974
British Biscuit / WBCN-FM Broadcast; Total Time: 23:17

1. British Biscuit Intro
2. Mother of Pearl
Out of the Blue (Officially Released on Viva-not included)
3. If It Takes All Night
4. Virginia Plain
5. Editions of You
6. Re-make/Re-model
7. British Biscuit Commercial Break
Do the Strand (Officially Released on Viva-not included)

Roxy Music (Labelle also on the show) – The Beacon Theatre (New York, NY), November 26, 1975
King Biscuit Flour Hour / WBCN-FM Broadcast Total Time: 24:41

1. KBFH Intro
2. Love is the Drug
3. She sells
4. The Thrill of it All
5. KBFH Commercial Break
6. Out of the Blue
7. Eddie Jobson Solo
8. Whirlwind
9. KBFH Outro

The Newcastle show can be listened to in its entirety here:

TAKRL says: “The first Roxy Music underground.” [I guess they meant “in the US” as this was a copy job of the UK release “Better Than Food”.]

Track List:

Side A: 1. Bogus Man (aka Grey Lagoons); 2. Sea Breezes; 3. Virginia Plain; 4. The Numberer; 5. Pyjamerama

Side B: 6. Editions Of You; 7. A Song For Europe 8. Chance Meeting; 9. Re-Make Re-Model

Sources: 1. – 3. and 8. & 9. “BBC In Concert”, August 1972 copied from the Bootleg “Better Than Food” but they run too slow here.

4. and 5. are officially released tracks; 6. and 7. were taken from “In Concert From London” (live from the Rainbow in London in November 1973) as broadcast on US TV.