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Ultravox Live 82

Ultravox Live 82 b

Japan: 1982

Source: Unknown, perhaps recorded in 1981 on their Rage In Eden tour. If the year on the cover is correct it must have come from the Austral-Japan tour dates but a comparison with one of their Tokyo set lists (see below) does not show a match. However, I have not found a match among the 1981 European shows either, which started with The Thin Wall > New Europeans / Sleepwalk > I Remember …


Ultravox J Tour 82

XL 1501 A: Private Lives / I Remember / Herr X
XL 1501 B: Accent On Youth / Your Name Has Slipped My Mind Again     
XL 1502 A: Vienna / Passing Strangers / Passionate Reply / New Europeans     
XL 1502 B: Sleep Walk / All Stood Still / The Voice

HOTWACKS quality rating: “Vgs”


Tour set lists:

Palalido, Milano, Italy, December 6th 1981

1. Intro > The Thin Wall >
2. New Europeans
3. Sleepwalk >
4. I Remember
5. Stranger Within
6. Mr X
7. Rage in Eden
8. Accent On Youth > The Ascent > Your Name >
9. Vienna
10. Passionate Reply >
11. Passing Strangers >
12. We Stand Alone >
13. All Stood Still
Encore :
14. The Voice > Band Intro


Koseinenkin-Kaikan, Tokyo 24th February 1982

1. The thin wall
2. Private lives
3. We stand alone
4. I remember [(death in the afternoon)]
5. Mr. X
6. Accent on youth
– The ascent
– Your name
7. Vienna
8. Passionate reply
9. Passing strangers
10. New Europeans
11. Sleepwalk
12. All stood still
13. The voice

UD stopped in 1982 and seamlessly XL took its place and kept right on going, releasing almost twice as many releases over the next four years. The majority of the output was more homogenized, however. Punk and New Wave had come and gone  – prog rock as well to an extent – and hard rock emerged as the clear winner with Rainbow, Ozzy and (Ronnie James) Dio leading the pack (w. some old favorites and new flavors of the month sprinkled in). Color covers and labels slowly replaced UD’s b&w art. Most of their U.S. based recordings were sourced from the Long Beach Arena, suggesting a contact in that area.

These releases also seems to have been exclusively sold via certain ShinjuKu Tokyo record stores, such as Kinnie and perhaps DISCROAD and OM. Although these and later releases are often referred to as “Kinnie bootlegs” on Japanese blogs, they were not produced by Kinney or any of its employees (“due to valuable comments from former Kinnie’s clerk, I got a testimony that Kinnie himself did not make BOOT.” = translated quote from a blog) but have been attributed to a gentleman named as ‘Shiro’.

Kinnie store

Kinnie store ad

Finally, the name for the UD & XL label derives from the Maxell cassette tape brand, as previously pointed out by a reader.



XL 1501-2     ULTRAVOX – Live ’82  ?

XL 1503-5     SCORPIONS – THE TAIL OF THE SCORPION     Hammersmith Odeon, London, 23 April ’82 & Reading Festival, 25 August, ’79

XL 1506-7     OZZY OSBOURNE – DEATH OR GLORY 1982    ?

XL 1508-10    RAINBOW – A PARIS     Hammersmith Odeon, London, 26 July ’81

XL 1511-3     ASIA – ONLY TIME WILL TELL    Philadelphia Spectrum, 22 June 1982

XL 1514-6     ROLLING STONES – CHANTILLY LACE “In Berlin” 1982  Berlin, Waldbühne, 8 June ’82

XL 1517-9     RAINBOW – STONE COLD   MSG, NY, June 1982

XL 1523-4     OZZY OSBOURNE – L.A. 1981    shared w. UD 6581-2

XL 1525-7     ROXY MUSIC – CHANCE MEETING   Wembley Arena, 22 September 1982  45 RPM

XL 1528-30    JOURNEY – FRONTIERS TOUR 1983 World Premiere   ?

XL 1531-2     OZZY OSBOURNE – LONG BEACH AREANA 1981 (blue cover reissue)


XL 1535-7     RAINBOW – END OF A RAINBOW (Monsters Of Rock)

XL 1538-40    LED ZEPPELIN – COLOGNE 1980   18 June 1980

XL 1541-2     MARILLION – GARDEN PARTY   Norwich University, 15 March 1983

XL 1543-5     YARDBIRDS – THE YARDBIRDS REFORM FOR MARQUEE   Marquee, London 16 October 1983

XL 1546-48    RAINBOW – DORTMUND JANUARY 1983 – Tokyo, Budokan 22 October 1982

XL 1549-51    ERIC CLAPTON – THE SHAPE YOU’RE IN   Cologne Sporthalle, 26 April 1983 & Kyoto Kaikan Daiichi Hall, 4 December ’81

XL 1552-3     QUIET RIOT – THE LEGENDARY    Starwood, L.A., October 1979    45 RPM

XL 1554-5     OZZY OSBOURNE – LIVE FROM KBFH 1981    St. Denis Theater, Montreal, 28 July 1981

XL 1556/57/58    RAINBOW – SWEET SILENCE        Sobell Leisure Center, London, 18 September 1983

XL 1559/60    THE HONEYDRIPPERS – THE BLUE NOTE – Blue Note Club, 13 April 1981



XL 1566-8     ASIA – OPEN YOUR EYES    Japan December 1983

XL 1569-0     KISS – EGOS AT THE STAKE    Wembley Arena, London, 9 September 1980

XL 1571-3     TOTO  –  L.A. FORUM MAY 1982   (?)

XL 1574-5     ALCATRAZZ – ON PAROLE    ?

XL 1576-8     KISS – WORLD TOUR 1984    Long Beach Arena, 27 January 1984

XL 1579-0     OZZY OSBOURNE – THE RETURN OF BATMAN    Hammersmith Odeon, 29 November 1983

XL 1581-2     VAN HALEN – HALEN HEARTY – MSG, NY 31 March 1984

XL 1583-4     DIO – WANNA DANCE?    Hammersmith Odeon, London, 5 November, 1983

XL 1585-6     RAINBOW – STARGAZER   Sobell Leisure Center, London, 17 September 1983

XL 1587-8     YES WORLD TOUR 1984    Meadowlands Arena, NJ, 7 May 1984
XL 1589-0     WATERS vs. GILMOUR – MONEY    Earls Court, London, 21+22 June 1984 & 22 July 1984

XL 1591-2     DIO – AT IRVINE MEADOWS      20 July 1984

XL 1593/4     OZZY OSBOURNE – NEW YEAR’ EVE 1981/2    L.A. Sports Arena, 31 December 1981

XL 1595-6     JUDAS PRIEST – THE METALLION    Irvine Meadows, 29 July 1984

XL 1597-8     RUSH – PRESSURE RELEASE    Meadowlands Arena in New Jersey, 29 September 1984

XL 1599-0     ALCATRAZZ vs RISING FORCE – Unreleased Tracks    studio + live 1984

XL 1601/2     BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – BORN IN THE USA TOUR  – L.A. Sports Arena, 4 November 1984

XL 1603-4     NIGHT RANGER – WORLD TOUR 1984    ?



XL 1609-0     DEEP PURPLE – PURPLE REIGN    Long Beach Arena, 01 February 1985

XL 1611-2     KISS – KISSING IN THE PINK    Long Beach Arena, 17 February 1985

XL 1613-4     ACCEPT – NO SUBSTITUTE  / TEUTONIC HEART ATTACK        Hammersmith Odeon, London, 15 March, 1985

XL 1615-6     NIGHT RANGER – LIVE WISHES    Japan 1985 or Long Beach Arena, June 1985

XL 1617-8     BON JOVI – PLAYS WITH FIRE TOUR 1985    UK May ’85 ?

XL 1619-20    THE FIRM – FULL CIRCLE         Costa Mesa, CA 16 March 1985

XL 1621-2     ERIC CLAPTON – SAME OLD BLUES    Wembley Arena, 4 March ’85

XL 1623-4     OZZY OSBOURNE – BARK AT THE MOON WORLD TOUR – Long Beach Arena, 4 April 1984

XL 1625-6     IRON MAIDEN – WORLD SLAVERY TOUR 1985    Long Beach Arena, 16 March ’85

XL 1627-8     DIO – SACRD HEART WORLD TOUR 1985-1986    Manteca, CA, Oakwood Lake Amphitheatre, 13 August 1985

Bowie Neon PFr

Bowie Neon PFr stamp

The famous and elusive neon permafrost, Oslo 5 June 1978 – Scandinavian bootleg, originally released in 1979

The seller happened to be at the right place at the right time:

I used to go to record fairs all the time in the late seventies and eighties and pretty much bought all releases of this ilk from Stardust from the Seventies to Modern Feeling. I knew most of the dealers, in the South East back then, one of whom was particularly good at helping me out source titles. He had a stall, at a London fair, when a Scandinavian came in and wanted a heavy trade for two copies of Neon Permafrost….four double LP’s for the pair i.e 2 for 1. Normally it was 1.5 to 1 for Swedish titles such as caught in the act, one magical moment, etc. Fortunately he did the deal and I got one of those two copies. It could have been that in subsequent weeks there was a deluge of them and I would of felt I overpaid. However, I never got a sniff of another copy, even a Swedish dealer I frequently purchased from had not seen one but had merely heard of it.


The number that’s missing from the copy above:

Bowie neon perm #

Bowie neon permafrost coll

And here shown with the two single LP re-issues that contained the first part of the show only.


Duran Duran DecDics

Duran Duran DecDics b

Duran Duran IBeam 81

First U.S. tour 1981, San Francisco appearance poster

Japan 1982? White labels and no manufacturer stated. – The band toured Japan for the first time in late April of the same year.

Duran Duran J Tour 82

One of the first Duran Duran bootlegs and probably the most interesting of the early ones, as it apparently contains the earliest complete live recording of their career and features a couple of rarely captured live versions.

Source: As correctly listed on the cover, audience recording from the Hammersmith Odeon in London on 9 July, 1981 on their Faster Than Light tour.

Side 1: Tel Aviv (intro) / I Got My Own Way / Girls On Film / Late Bar / To The Shore     
Side 2: Faster Than Light / Khanada / Night Boat / Planet Earth     
Side 3: Is Anyone Out There / Angel / Friends Of Mine / Sound Of Thunder / Careless Memories     
Side 4: Tell Me It’s Just  A Rumor Baby (listed as “Just Got A Groove On”)* / Planet Earth (Night Version) / Girls On Film (Night Version)

*originally by the Isley Brothers

HOTWACKS quality rating: “Exs”



Duran Duran July 9 81 ad

Duran Duran July 9 81 stub


Foreigner Litt80s

Foreigner Litt80s b

Matrix: J-7 A/B

Japan: ? – I would guess 1980/1981, probably making TAKRL’s First Time Around (926) the first Foreigner bootleg. The band had toured Japan for the first time in early 1978 and returned as part of the Head Games tour in January of 1980.

Foreigner Japan 80


Side A: Long Long Way From Home / Blue Morning Blue Day / I’ll Get Even With You / Head Games / Dirty White Boy / Cold As Ice / The Modern Day
Side B: Starrider / Double Vision / Love On The Telephone / Hot Blooded

Source: ? Audience recording from a performance following their 1979 album Head Games, the actual location and date is unknown. The bootleg title and cover were ‘inspired’ by the official tour program seen here.

HOTWACKS quality rating: “Vgs

Foreigner Tot80s


A typical tour set list:
The Omni. Atlanta GA
15 November 1979

01. Long Long Way From Home
02. Blue Morning Blue Day
03. I’ll Get Even With You
04. Rev On The Red Line
05. Head Games
06. Dirty White Boys
07. Fool For You Anyway
08. Cold As Ice
09. Modern Day
10. Woman
11. Star Rider
12. Double Vision
13. Feels Like The First Time
14. Love On The Telephone
15. Headknocker/Hot Blooded

M'head -Girlsch St Val DM

M'head -Girlsch St Val DM b

Japan: 1982

Side A: Vanish the fire / Race with the devil / Demolition boys/ Emergency [Girlschool]
Side B: Overkill (listed as ‘Don’t swear it’) / Too late,too late / Shoot you in the back/ Step down / Jailbait [Motörhead]
Side C: Leaving here / Metropolis (listed as ‘the drug police’) / Train kept a rollin’ / Bomber / Motörhead
Side D: Please Don´t Touch / Emergency / Bomber / Ace Of Spades / Dirty Love [pirated tracks, studio versions]

Source (for the live tracks): The broadcast part of Girlschool’s opening set and Motörhead’s set at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal on 20 August 1980) taken from a TV program called Rockstage (see the N.M.E. clipping below).

Side D presents all the tracks from the following official 7 inch releases (ripping off the artwork in the process as well:

Motörhead St Val DMMotörhead St Val DM bSide D: Tracks 1 – 3; “The record was released on 14 February 1981, as St. Valentine’s Day Massacre EP and reaching No. 5 in the UK Singles Chart, it became the biggest hit either band ever had in the charts.”


Jo Kidd PDTThe 1959 original, somewhat tamer sounding.


Motörhead AoS DL

Side D: Tracks 4 + 5; released October 1980 … “Who are these Mexicans and how can they play so fast?”

As this material was also released in Japan in 1981 on the Motorschool 12″ EP, the producers of this bootleg (likely the same as those responsible for the UD titles) must have been really desperate to fill that fourth side.

The Motörhead part of the Rockstage broadcast was released officially for the first time on their 1992 Live Jailbait album. This relegates The Swinging Pig’s No Sleep Till Rockstage (TSP 500-43/1) to pirate status. Finally, the video was included on their 2009 Anthology DVD.



NME RockstageClipping from NME, 28 June 1980 edition


The first Motörhead bootleg was probably 1980’s very good sounding Fuck Off EP:


Motörhead e.f.ox EPMotörhead e.f.ox EP b

Motörhead e.f.ox EP lbl 1Motörhead e.f.ox EP lbl

Matrix (hand-etched): 107 A/B

Some copies are numbered and stamped

Motörhead e.f.ox EP #

and came with a (poor quality) T-shirt.

Motörhead e.f.ox EP Tee

Recording date may have been the 16th of May.

Sometimes it is said that the first 150 copies came with a free shirt (black with “surprise” print) and were individually numbered and stamped but as you can see on the pictures there are copies numbered higher than that. As the shirts had a bad quality (the print was hardly visible after it had been washed several times), it was repressed in the 80s in a small quantity (white shirt, black print).”

Released on the UK (?) e.f.ox556(7) label (referred to as Wolf production on but that was a (fake0 name used for the Motörhead release only) – the same people who produced the Joe Jackson EP box set with the Lausanne, Switzerland 1979 performance – THE WAVELENGTH’s (sic) WANDERING:

Jackson J TWW lbl




Motörhead were big among my hi-school classmates in the very early 80’s. References to their song and album titles peppered the conversations. I do remember a rumor that they were the loudest band at the time and concert goers tried to keep a distance to the PA. No Sleep Till Hammersmith was extremely popular to say the least. To be honest, I was never a big fan of the music, that “swarm of amplified angry bees sound” sound but since watching the Lemmy documentary and his funeral on YT, I am definitely in awe of Lemmy Kilmister, the genuine human being and well mannered gentleman, who lived his life on his own terms. Cheers, Lemmy!

Siouxsie atB Halloween

Siouxsie atB Halloween. b

Japan: 1981 ?

Source: Audience recording of the complete concert at London’s Hammersmith Palais, 30 December 1980

Side A: Israel / Clock Face / Into The Light / Tenant / Christine     
Side B: Paradise Place / Red Over White / Red Light / Voodoo Dolly (listed as ‘Soap’)
Side C: Trick Or Treat / Happy House / Eve White – Eve Black / Skin     
Side D: Congo Conga (listed as ‘Sister Kai’)/ Trophy / Jigsaw Feeling

HOTWACKS quality rating: “Ëxs”


Siouxsie atB Hammersm Pal ad

Iron Maiden Running Free

Iron Maiden Running Free 2

Japan: 1981 would be my best guess. I was not able to find an image of the back cover, so it’s hard to tell if this is another early/’undercover’ UD label title.

Source: audience recording from the London Rainbow, 20 June 1980

Side A : The Ides of March / Sanctuary / Wrathchild / Prowler / Remember Tomorrow
Side B : Killers / Running Free / Another World
Side C : Transylvania / Strange World / Charlotte the Harlot / Phantom of the Opera
Side D : Iron Maiden / Drifter

Reissued at least twice on vinyl in the mid to late 1980’s, for example on the Screaming Oiseau label as a fake-Japan release Revelation Live At The Rainbow with a misleading quote on the back (“Somewhere on tour 86/87) and on Mongkok Records (probably not made in Hongkong):



Irom Maiden RF 45

Cover art simply nicked from the official 45, released in February of 1980.

Iron Maiden Rainbow ad


Whitesnake RnWillingWhitesnake RnWilling detail

Whitesnake RnWilling b2

Japan: 1980/1 – it’s safe to say that this was issued by the same producers of the UD label.

Matrix: W Z53 A IG  (‘A’ changing to B/C/D for the other sides)

Side 1: Come On / You’n Me / Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues / Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City     
Side 2: Mickey’s Solo / Love Hunter / Mistreated / Soldier Of Fortune     
Side 3: Jon Lord’s Solo / Shuffle / Might Just Take Your Life / Lie Down     
Side 4: Take Me With You / Rock Me Baby / Breakdown / Whitesnake Boogie

No location mentioned but most likely recorded during Whitesnake’s first Japan Tour in April of 1980, most likely at one of the Tokyo dates on the 11th, 14th or 15th.

HOTWACKS quality rating: “Vgs”


Whitesnake J Tour 80

April 11 – Tokyo Yūbin Chokin Kaikan, 1582 seats. Other acts that played here: Judas Priest, Robert Plant, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Devo, Motörhead and Hall & Oates

April 14 + 15: Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo


Judas Priest United 2

Judas Priest United b

Japan: 1981 or ’82

Staying with the first Donington / Monsters of Rock festival on 16 August 1980, here are 10 of their 11 songs performed that day – the opener ‘Hellbent for Leather’ is missing – sourced from a decent audience recording.

The producers were either not well versed in Judas Priest song titles or there is another reason for all these errors: ‘Sailor’ = ‘Sinner’; ‘Beyond the Rouse’ = ‘Beyond the Realms of Death’; ‘Rockin’the Beast’ = ‘Grinder’; ‘Woman’= Victim of Changes’; ‘Take on the World’= ‘The Green Manalishi (with the two pronged crown)’; ‘Killing Machine’ = ‘Tyrant’).  The last three tracks are all identified correctly: ‘Breaking The Law’ and ‘Living After Midnight’ were taken from the second airing of a radio broadcast recorded at Amsterdam’s Jaap Eden Hall on Valentine’s day 1981 and the last track on side 4 ‘Hot Rockin’ is the studio version.


Priest Donington 80

Photo by Alan Perry