America  Eagles On The Road

Source: ABC “In Concert”

Side 1: America: A Horse With No Name, Lonely People, I Need You, Ventura Highway, Green Monkey, Sandman

Broadcast on August 2, 1974 as part of 3 part series, possibly recorded at the Rainbow Theater in London (show # 38)

Side 2: Tequila Sunrise, Early Bird, Witchy Woman, Take It Easy* (The first three tracks were broadcast on August 3rd, 1973 in show # 13). * maybe from California Jam, as it was broadcast as the only Eagles’ track on May 10th 1974 in show # 32 ‘California Jam part one’. 

This determines the late summer/fall of 1974 as the earliest start of the Phonygraf label.

Detailed matrix information: “Written on the margin of Side 1 between the last groove of the record and the label is the following: “MEL AMERICAN SIDE-1 AMERICA I 1385 TPRGL 1101-A”.

The following above words are scratched out: MEL AMERICAN AMERICA I 1385

Written on the margin of Side 2 is the following: “EAGLES SIDE II MEL AMERICAN SIDE-2 1385 1105 1101-B”.

The following above words are scratched out: “EAGLES SIDE II AMERICAN 1385 1105″.”


America Eagles OTR lg

Eagles America Live

I’m guessing that this insert and pressing came later.