I’m a long time fan of live recordings and bootlegs and appreciate all types of music. I love putting things in the right place and get to the bottom of what is really on these albums and this blog will attempt to do that for several of the bootleg labels. I hope you will find something you will like or didn’t know yet.

If anyone has some master / low generation tapes containing live recordings that have not circulated widely, please give me a shout.

  1. Bryan said:

    I’ve got a copy of CSNY Wooden Nickel that came in your typical white sleeve with black and white insert, has a brown label, with the RI-3047 on the matrix. So far I haven’t seen any info on this pressing.

  2. Zac said:

    Love the site, I am drooling on my keyboard!!! I had a question I thought I’d throw at you, since you seem to be in the know on this very Byzantine topic.

    I own a copy of Lemon Records 10069 and it came to me in a “Get Back Session” cover, exactly like the combo I see pictured on your website. Any idea why the track listing doesn’t match? I figured my copy had been put in the wrong cover but you have the EXACT same mismatched vinyl/cover on your site.

    • Loved the drool comment, Zac – that’s what a good website should do to us.

      Bootleggers were a pretty sloppy bunch in general. Some questions are just too hard or there is not enough information left out there and yours is one of them. “Get Back Sessions” was included in the excellent book Beatlegmania Vol. 1 (which is high on my list of wants but due to its limited printing it’s not available anywhere), perhaps there is a clue in that book.

  3. merday said:

    I have a strange one – a copy of K&S 050 Neil Young – BBC Broadcast on clear multicolour splash vinyl rather than the usual red with multicolour splash. Any idea of rarity compared to the red issue?

  4. Dave said:

    Amazing blog. Thanks for sharing and compiling fantastic information for collectors. One “label” that seems to have little to no information is the “Hangman” label that is found on early pressings of several Springsteen titles, including the box set Great White Boss (Bottom Line 8/15/75), Paid the Cost to Be the Boss (Audiofon production), and a slew of Springsteen singles. Was this another label used by Vicky Vinyl and Jim for their productions? Were there other releases besides Springsteen that had these Hangman labels? Represses of these titles (and others) contained blank labels and then some had labels for Blockhead Records. Any insight you could share would be most welcomed! Thanks!

  5. Daniel reynosa said:

    I was wondering if you sell a copy of the derringer from anaheim staduim. Thx

  6. allanwils said:

    Have you or will you do a blog on the UK Prog Rock band Family ?

    • A blog post? Well, this blog is bootleg-centered and I am not aware of a single vinyl bootleg by that band. Are you?

  7. nigel dodds said:

    i have a vinyl boot of Family, it’s BBC stuff (now all available on the HUX label) i’ll go and check on the details, looks
    like an 80’s product but that’s all i can recall. They also appear on the Kralingen/Wight lp ‘cocacola bullshit’

    • Thank you, Nigel. What a nice title (for the Kralingen LP) – I definitely approve 🙂

  8. allanwils said:

    I meant an article about Family — Trying to track down a recording of Their (1st) Farewell concert, I heard it once, but have never seen it again or remember the Label or name. , btw the HUX recordings are stunning quality

  9. Michael Reid said:

    Great to have you back.

  10. nigel dodds said:

    no problem! it’s on the ‘Dark Star’ label and is 006 on the matrix. let me know if cover/label scans are helpful

  11. Doinker said:

    Hi. I’d like to start sharing LPs and covers you don’t have. How do I do this? Thanks.

  12. John said:

    Hi. I also have a large number of boots which I can photograph and send info on – lots of Springsteen (including the rarest bootleg of them all !!) Drop me a line if you would like input. Cheers

  13. Joe said:

    I have a collection of tmoq lps and wonder if
    Other bootlegger have never tried to counterfeit tmoq with William stout and try to pass it off as original tmoq release? Also why is the pig logo gray on black instead of the pig being black with a white label?

  14. Steve Vincent said:

    Lynyrd Skynrd are the best there ever was and ever will be. The best band that was but the new guys are all there is now. Actually almost better than before. I play in a band and we totally worship Lynyrd Skynyrd. Every concert we get screamed for Free Bird!

  15. lesart2014lesart77 said:

    The Bolan Dandy Tshirt I recreated that

  16. Pat said:

    Just found your blog and it’s effin’ great! Thanks for doing this. If you’d like some extra pictures for some of your existing blogs, please get in touch. Cheers.

    • Well, thank you so effin’ much 😉 I hope it will be a good resource for many years to come.

    • I have never seen this particular release. What tracks are on it/what matrix markings (if any)?

  17. Doinker said:

    I think it would be fun if you could reproduce the entire story on FLAT records releases (RE DIM and friends) on their page.

    • Doinker said:

      it was sort of a takeoff on A Clockwork Orange.

    • You know that’s the first time I have actually noticed the story excerpts found on the inserts. I just don’t have these albums or clear enough images of all of them.

      • name known by the author of this blog. said:

        please Doinker and spinal…….little expl about this……thanks

  18. Katy said:

    Hi, I have what I think is a bootleg Beatles LP but can’t see it listed on your site. The album has a white plain cover and there is a green paper insert which shows Paul McCartney with a pig face holding a little pig in his arms. There is a code on it saying S-208 (the S could be a 5 and the 8 could be a B).It has an apple shape in the bottom left corner with a pig int he middle and trade mark of quality written around it. The songs it says are ‘Twist and Shout’, ‘You can’t do that’, ‘All my loving’ and more then it says Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1964. At the top it says Beatles, not The Beatles.
    On the actual album all it says is Pod records 1 and Pod records 2.
    Have you seen this one before?

    • Yes, that is a classic TMOQ bootleg. I am leaving this iconic bootleg label for last.

  19. Alex said:

    Hey, can you give me any info on this obscure pressing of “Going to california”? It appears to be made using spare parts (it has the matrix number of the original TMOQ going to california pressings, the record labels use the dittolino discs blueberry hill labels and the stamp on the cover appears to be in the dittolino font) but information on it is minimal and only two copies appear to have sold online (one for $190 and another for $35). http://www.popsike.com/Led-Zepp-Going-to-california-rare-rubber-stamped-cover-dittolino-style-tmoq/271699216762.html

  20. skrimp.danielson said:

    Not sure if you reply to these but, here goes nothing.

    I’ve got a copy of The Beatles Studio Sessions Volume One bootleg. I can’t find it on Discogs (my particular version), because I have the version with the yellow label on the record. The only reference I could find to it is a link to this blog, but the image (which is the exact same as the record I have) doesn’t appear to be on the blog anymore: https://www.google.com/search?q=beatles+bootleg+pirate&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwid7rPnxczRAhUC2WMKHTb0DHUQ_AUICCgB&biw=1280&bih=612#imgrc=PSlwrTToX48n4M%3A

    What version of the record is this?

  21. I just started a blog on the same topic. I have a couple of hundred bootlegs that I purchased back in the 1970s and put into storage. I just started cleaning them up and listening to them again. Love your site. http://bootleglps.com/

    • Bob said:

      Very nice, John ! Great reads.

      But just so you know – Bedspring Symphony, The Thin White Duke, and Sheetkeeckers have all been officially released, and they all have better sound quality and more songs now.

      • Thanks, I appreciate it. Obviously I don’t have the background information and history that you have, but I am trying instead to give potential purchasers some guidance on “good” product vs. “bad”. Hot Wacks was a great resource but they tend to default to “excellent stereo” even with some product that is not. I am adding reviews weekly. What a great site you have, a wealth of information on a very interesting topic.

  22. Paul said:

    How can I send you you a photo?
    Have a j fish pink Floyd bootleg with the jazz radio cartoon.

    • Hi Paul, that indicates the Contraband label. Have you already:
      – looked under that category on the right
      – or under Pink Floyd
      – or done a search on the bootleg title (the search fields all the way on top to the right are hard to see)

      My email address is guam10 at yahoo dot com

  23. name known by the author of this blog. said:

    is there anybody out there….who can help me?
    just bought the bob’s box St Valentines Massacre, though in this set there was not a TMOQ discocraphy, a folder that comes with some of the boxes. Is there anybody willing to help me out in copying suche folder for me? Afcourse i will pay all of the costs…
    Copy’s of orderforms as Pied Piper, and so on are highly preciated.
    Thank’s in advance!!

    • Bruno Fisson said:

      Hi “name known by the author of this blog”,

      I have several lists of TMOQ discs. Give me your email address and I send you the files.


  24. thegrapedotorg said:

    I have a couple of DEVO sealed boots I’m selling to a DEVO collector.
    Sing if You’re Glad to be DEVO on Rubber Robot records RR 003
    Clockwork Live in San Francisco 1977 DV 6147.
    Would you be able to venture a guess as to a fair price?

  25. James said:

    I have sing if your glad to be Devo and how to keep a Devotee busy Boots excellent condition if anyones interested

    • Others can’t see your email address (only I can), so such offers don’t work on this blog.

      • jim said:

        Well I didn’t pitch that out there in a major effort to try to sell the merchandise it’s just in my personal collection and if someone else collects such things they may be intrested to know there’s another album

        • jim said:

          Also have a devo live in Chicago (Riviera) 2004
          DVD HD I could burn copy If anyones looking to add this show to their collection.looks pro shot tripod from balcony with menus etc.

          • jim said:

            Takes courage and an ISP to be a Devo fan these days.

  26. Massimo said:

    HI EVERYBODY! We have just opened a web site devoted to the Beatles bootleg discography, where we will list all the know releases of eachtitle, with remarks and release dates as precise as possible. Only some records have already been published, but we will continue with more titles. Please feel free to contact us suggesting corrections and other comments! This is the site: http://www.beatleg.online

      • Massimo said:

        Thank you!!! We are really interested in your opinion!

      • Massimo said:

        Hello! what do you think of our website? Let us know!

  27. steven hussong said:

    Im the guy who recorded The Who show that was used to press the 79 Tour Gonna Rape You 3lp set. I have recorded every show I have gone to since 1977. My Who recording of this show has been damaged and would love to get a copy of it if you have it. I would be more than happy to give you copies of my master recordings in return. I have hundreds of show I have recorded to trade. If you can help me please let me know.

    • I’m not Erik, just the guy who put this blog together. Since I can see Erik’s email address I will send him a note for you.

      I’m just curious, have all your masters been traded or did you hold back a few?

      • Bob said:

        Hi Steven – by any chance, did you ever tape Queen ? Happy to trade with you if so.

  28. Vudutu said:

    I recently ran across a post on Mike Mik and really want to buy some , specifically la Friday at least. Googling the crap out of this And failing. I am not in the tape trade community so I’m lost.

    • Torrent sites like dime and the trader’s den are your best bet.

  29. tmoqguy said:

    Hey spinalcrackerbox – did you email me? Got a quick email this morning, and wanted to make sure it was you, and not spam.
    Got some news for you…

      • tmoqguy said:

        Emailed you back my friend. Take care, and THANK YOU for keeping the blog alive. Best site ever…

  30. Lance Peters said:

    I have a couple of photos that may interest you.
    I have 2 metal fathers and 2 metal mothers for TMOQ 33 – Disk 1 (the Rolling Stones)

    Matrix are TMOQ 33 A1/B1

    Let me know if you would like me to send you the pictures


    Great blog by the way !!!!!

    • Hi Lance,

      yes, I”m interested. Thanks for the offer.

      guam10 at yahoo dot com


  31. Hello – my name is Pash – from PashCo Posters. I purchase a collection of beatles records from a disc jockey that passed away and it contained over 50% bootlegs. Most of which I’ve never seen before. I stumbled across this site when researching the j.fish bottled cover of SOLDIER OF LOVE bootleg. First of all – please join us for our next poster auction – at pashco.com and then email us and we will add you if you want to bid on our album auction coming up. finally – how do I find out more about the artist J.fish and this unique album art ?

    • Hi Pash,
      I checked with someone who really knows everything there is to know about the Contraband label and there simply is no info on who J.Fish is or was.

  32. Pete Robinson said:

    hi just discovered this wonderful site, amazing information esp re jems. is it possible to d/l from this site or is it an info only site can be contacted at unclepet1@gmail.com. ps i live in sydney, australia and have several audio & video’s of shows that dont seem to have made their way into the public realm from others. ramones, the fall & pil just to whet someones appetite

    • Grape Minkoff said:

      Dimeadozen has thousands of shows available for download via torrent

  33. Bob said:

    Pete – I just tried to email you but it bounced back.

    I second the suggestion of Dimeadozen – it’s a great place to find and post old shows. Are all your recordings digitized? Do you have a list?

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