Scaggs, Boz

I believe that the following releases were made after TAKRL got busted and are therefore not listed in the catalog:

# 1961 – Bad Company – Boblingen [originally this was TMOQ-71085; the concert date was June 8, 1974 and it should be spelled “Boeblingen”, to be phonetically correct. I was unable to verify this as a true TAKRL release and have only found it as the original TMOQ cover.

… or this one with the Smoking Pig:]

Bad Co Boblingen tri-col

“It didn’t take bootleggers long to notice Bad Company. The British arena rockers only had one studio album out when, in 1974, Trademark of Quality released this bootleg LP, which documents a June 8, 1974, show in Boblingen, Germany. Boblingen is believed to be the first Bad Company bootleg, and even if it wasn’t really the very first, it was certainly among the first. Offering sound quality that is okay but not great, Boblingen boasts performances of mostly songs from Bad Company’s self-titled debut album, including “Rock Steady,” “Can’t Get Enough,” “Movin’ On,” and “Ready for Love.” Bad Company also performs Free’s “Easy on My Soul” and “Deal With the Preacher,” which wasn’t released commercially until Straight Shooter came out in 1975. So those who acquired this bootleg in 1974 had “Deal With the Preacher” on vinyl before the official studio version came out. Enjoyable but imperfect, Boblingen isn’t for casual listeners but is a bootleg that obsessive Bad Company aficionados were glad to obtain back in 1974.”

Boblingen was later re-issued on Ken’s Aftermath label, ca. 1975/6 as The Number One European Assault (Aftermath 5):

Bad Co The Nr 1 Euro Assault

Bad Co The Nr 1 Euro Assault detail

Bad Co The Nr 1 Euro Assault detail 3

# 1962 – Bob Dylan – Royal Albert Hall

#  1963 – Bob Dylan – Now your mouth cries wolf

# 2964 Led Zeppelin – Live in Seattle

“I have some questions on a Led Zeppelin double album “import or bootleg” I bought back in the early 1970s from a local record store here in Portland, Oregon.  It is titled Led Zeppelin Live in Seattle 73 Tour and it has the Trade Mark of Quality with the smoking pig and the numbers 2964.  The band is shown in black and white on the front cover with the Trade Mark of Quality and a number 2 is on the lower right. It has the songs from the 07/17/73 tour from Seattle and says Accept no imitations!! in the bottom right on the front cover.  It also has The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label who’s story takes up the whole back cover and says ask for it by name Accept no Substitute.  The records have white inserts and the albums only say which sides they are with one being white and the other yellow where it should have gave descriptions.  On the inside of side one it has the numbers 2820-A   TMQ 72019-A  2965-A  2964-A.  The numbers 2964 A-B-C-D are the only ones on each side that aren’t scratched over.  After doing some research I realize this is probably from the TMOQ 2 Label which re- issued many of the original TMOQ release when Dub and Ken had finally broken ties.  I can not seem to find any photos of this album or any other info but I still remember playing only the first song and it has been in storage with its plastic covering since the day I bought it.  Was Ken still using the TMOQ label and the smoking pig with his new TAKRL story on the back cover.”

# 1966 Led Zeppelin – Cellarful of noise ( with Live in Japan subtitle)

# 1967 Bad Company – Live in Japan


Now, on with our regular program:

This bootleg was known under two different titles, “The Live Silk Degrees”, which seems to be identical with the above image:

“Although this LP would be later known as “Jump Street Jive Drive”, my copy is an advance pressing with a totally different insert. Printed on blue paper, it has a collage of Playboy cartoons. It just says “only good Boz songs” on the insert. The pressing was probably better also, which is why it sounded so quiet. “

And it’s most common title “Jump Street Jive Drive”

Venue: Los Angeles, The Roxy on April 7, 1976

Source: Soundboard or local FM broadcast, anyway this is a fantastic recording all around.

Let’s not forget, future Toto members Steve and Jeff Porcaro, David Paige & David Hungate play on this recording.


You Make It So Hard
What Can I Say
This Time
Jump Street
Slow Dancer
It’s Over
Lido Shuffle
Dinah Flo
Band Introductions
I Got Your Number had this to say: “For serious collectors, it’s incredibly frustrating when a bootlegger fails to tell you when or where a recording was made. Unfortunately, TAKRL (one of the top bootleggers of the ’70s) doesn’t bother to provide that information for this Boz Scaggs LP. Perhaps the label didn’t know, but more than likely, TAKRL was simply being sloppy and careless. Nonetheless, Jump Street Jive Drive is probably the best Scaggs bootleg of the ’70s. The sound quality is excellent, and Scaggs is in fine form during a set that includes five gems from Silk Degrees (“Lowdown,” “Jump Street,” “Lido Shuffle,” “What Can I Say,” and “It’s Over”) as well as “Slow Dancer,” “You Make It So (Hard to Say No)” and “I Got Your Number.” We can safely assume that this bootleg was recorded sometime in 1976, although it would have been nice to know the venue, the city, and the exact recording date. Be that as it may, Jump Street Jive Drive is rewarding from start to finish.”

[Listen to the whole album via this YT link:]