Loggins and Messina

Loggins Messina YMDD

This is an album that is listed under “HH LM” in Hot Wacks and that I thought might have been an HH release as well but apparently that is not the case. Interesting that neither a Phonygraf nor a R.S. Records version is listed in HW.

Update: I have now located and purchased a copy on RS Records and hope to have more images available later this month.

Notes from a vinyl to digital restoration project:

“Loggins And Messina – Mega-rare Restored Vinyl – “Your Mama Don’t Dance” –
Troubadour Los Angeles 1972-07-xx [I believe the month is wrong, see my comments below] – FM Great recording and performance!

This is a fabulous sounding set from the early days of Loggins and Messina. This
is a brand-new transfer from an upgraded pressing of this show, and there is a
significant increase in the sound quality. The instrumentation is now sparkling
clear and up-front, and the reverb on the solo section is more in the forefront.
Please remember this is an FM recording from 35 years ago, and adjust your
sights accordingly!

Whenever I see another copy of a very rare album such as this one, I try to pick
it up. To my surprise, this pressing on R.S. Records (Highway-HiFi) turned out
to be the original, and the Phonygraf version used previously was a copy. There
is a sharp drop in surface noise, the insert glued to the front is a bit bigger,
and this pressing has the original labels.


Danny’s Song
Lady Of My Heart
House On Pooh Corner
Long Tail Cat
Listen To A Country Song
Back To Georgia
Your Mama Don’t Dance
Trilogy – Lovin’ Me
Trilogy – To Make A Woman Feel Wanted
Trilogy – Peace Of Mind

Lineage: LP ->Sound Forge -> both sides notch filters at 60, 129, and 172hz,
Side 2 – boost volume left channel 3db, both sides “dead space” NR – FLAC via
Flac Frontend level 6, sectors aligned and verified”

Loggins Messina In Concert

This website lists shows at the Troubadour in February of 1972 (10-13 and 24-27) and in January of 1973. My feeling tells me that the originally given year is still correct.