R.S. Records

Dylan Aspects

Side 1: [ & 2, all found elsewhere in superior quality]
It’s all over now, Baby Blue (‘Bringing’ outtake January ’65)
Just like Tom thumb’s blues  (RAH London, May ’66)
George Jackson (Columbia 45, released Nov. 12, 1971)
She belongs to me     (‘Bringing’ outtake January ’65)
Leopard skin pill box hat (RAH London, May ’66)

Side 2:
Talkin’ Bear Mt. picnic blues (Freewheelin’ outtake)
Can you please crawl out your window (Columbia 45)
It ain’t me, babe (Isle of Wight 8/69)
I shall be released (Basement tapes)
Just like a woman (Dublin 5/5/66)
Talkin’ John Birch paranoid blues (Freewheelin’ outtake)

Side 3: [live Charlotte North Carolina 1974-Jan. 17]
Most likely you go your way
Lay Lady lay
Forever young
Knockin’ on heaven’s door
The Times
Don’t think twice
Just like a woman

Side 4: [live Chicago 1974-Jan. 3]
Song to Woody
Lonesome death of Hattie Carroll
Nobody  ‘cept you
All along the watchtower
Something there is about you
Like a rolling stone
Most likely you go your way

Dylan Aspects back

Matrix: R.S

“The label is either blank white or white with “RS Records. Dylan on tour 1974”
The original cover is an insert with a black and white ‘New Morning’ look Dylan drawing. There is a back insert that has the track listings and venues & ‘eye’ logo.
The last 75 LP’s had a special green insert with a Dylan photo from the LA 1974 show, and a humorous explanation for the cover switch.
This was most likely released by the folks who would become TMQ-2 later that same year, although it could be an early TAKRL release as well.”

4-5 stars – R: “Satisfactory mono” – Released: 1974


Loggins Messina YMDD

This is an album that is listed under “HH LM” in Hot Wacks and that I thought might have been an HH release as well but apparently that is not the case. Interesting that neither a Phonygraf nor a R.S. Records version is listed in HW.

Update: I have now located and purchased a copy on RS Records and hope to have more images available later this month.

Notes from a vinyl to digital restoration project:

“Loggins And Messina – Mega-rare Restored Vinyl – “Your Mama Don’t Dance” –
Troubadour Los Angeles 1972-07-xx [I believe the month is wrong, see my comments below] – FM Great recording and performance!

This is a fabulous sounding set from the early days of Loggins and Messina. This
is a brand-new transfer from an upgraded pressing of this show, and there is a
significant increase in the sound quality. The instrumentation is now sparkling
clear and up-front, and the reverb on the solo section is more in the forefront.
Please remember this is an FM recording from 35 years ago, and adjust your
sights accordingly!

Whenever I see another copy of a very rare album such as this one, I try to pick
it up. To my surprise, this pressing on R.S. Records (Highway-HiFi) turned out
to be the original, and the Phonygraf version used previously was a copy. There
is a sharp drop in surface noise, the insert glued to the front is a bit bigger,
and this pressing has the original labels.


Danny’s Song
Lady Of My Heart
House On Pooh Corner
Long Tail Cat
Listen To A Country Song
Back To Georgia
Your Mama Don’t Dance
Trilogy – Lovin’ Me
Trilogy – To Make A Woman Feel Wanted
Trilogy – Peace Of Mind

Lineage: LP ->Sound Forge -> both sides notch filters at 60, 129, and 172hz,
Side 2 – boost volume left channel 3db, both sides “dead space” NR – FLAC via
Flac Frontend level 6, sectors aligned and verified”

Loggins Messina In Concert

This website lists shows at the Troubadour in February of 1972 (10-13 and 24-27) and in January of 1973. My feeling tells me that the originally given year is still correct.