Electric Light Orchestra

TAKRL says: “Groucho is hidden on the cover. Drawing by Roy N. Oak.” [Did anyone find Groucho yet? It’s hard to get find an image with good resolution for this.]

A1         King Of The Universe / Bluebird Is Dead / Oh No Not Susan / New World Rising     16:45     
A2         I Can’t Get It Out Of My Head     5:25     
B1         Roll Over Beethoven     5:32     
B2         Ma-Ma-Ma Belle     4:36     
B3         The Hall Of The Mountain King / Great Balls Of Fire     4:32     
B4         Do Ya     4:36

Tracks A1 + B1: Recorded live at the St. Sodium Glutamate Aquarium. [I guess they lost the source info]
Tracks A2: From the “Our Friend The Atom” television program.
Tracks B2 – B3: From Pauley Pavillion, UCLA
Tracks B4: From Massey Hall Toronto


ELO takrl 1994TAKRL says: “Big number fuck-up here. Should have been 1995 which would have made it the 1965 it really is.”[So, which album would have been 1994 then? I see no place holder for that number.]

This show, recorded on February 14th 1976 – the same night as the Little Feat title “Rampant Synchopatio” – was officially released in 1998 on the CD “Live at Winterland ’76”. The following set list is from the official release, which is more complete:

“Fire On High” – (5:28)
“Poker” – (4:02)
“Nightrider” – (4:37)
“Showdown” – (4:43)
“Eldorado Suite” – (13:14)
“Strange Magic” – (5:07)
“10538 Overture”/”Do Ya” – (5:27)
“Evil Woman” – (4:39)
“Ma-Ma-Ma Belle” – (6:37)
“Roll Over Beethoven” – (6:38)